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Imagine doing these in the middle of the night.. eeekkk it can be pretty monotonous and it makes u feel so so soooo tired... I couldnt sleep last night.. tks to a single shot of con panna! And when for some reason I had probs accessing blogspot.. I knew I had to do something.. reading a book will definitely make me sleepy but at the same time its good cos i need to finish up reading my long overdue book BUT nooooo Rima has to go to the kitchen and start baking.. smart move Rima :ox

Anyway I only went to bed after sahur and munching on this suji hehhe.. and yes of cos i can let u know the texture of this suji.. remember the bai suji?? yes this one tastes exactly like bai suji.. light, crunchy and hollow inside.. I likeeee.. so thank you kak fida of myresepi for sharing this recipe!

600-800g flour - sieve
500g powdered sugar / icing - sieve
500g ghee
1/2 tsp vanilli powder
1 tsp bicarbonate of soda - sieve
3 eggs yolks

Mix Sugar and ghee till well mixed.
Add egg yolks and mix again.. add the vanilli and b. soda and mix until well blended.
Add flour a little at a time.
Take a little dough and roll it into small balls.. place it on baking tray - I did what was recommended .. I used my measuring spoon (1/2 tsp) for every ball to get an even shape and size.
Bake at 150C for 10-12 min.
Let the cookies cool and keep in airtight container.

I decided to half this recipe simply cos it was too late when i started baking em plus u get lots out of this recipe since the size of each ball is 1/2 tsp :op

Oh bef I go.. besides suji.. I also managed to bake my almost famous amos cookies, vanilla cat's tongue for my sis and also pandan cats tongue for mom.. phewww.. almost done now :o)

Cat's tongue recipe u can get it fm my previous post except i used a tbsp of pandan paste instead of mocca paste.

Let me just finish up posting another cookie recipe which I managed to bake last weekend.. was curious on how this one wud turn out cos I hv never used lemon juice in making cookies bef.. very refreshing I must say.. and very addictive too cos u can never get tired of eating something that has a lemon tint in it - dont u just love new recipes?? not only u get to try out new stuff.. u get to taste new type of cookie too :o)

Oh if ur curious if this cookie is really a crunchy type or not.. All I can say is.. krup krup krup hehehe

275g Nestle Corn Flake - roughly mashed
200g butter
50g shortening
100g granulated sugar
150g flour
1 tbsp full cream milk powder
2 egg yolks
1 tsp emplex (optional) - I used
1 tsp lemon juice
1 tsp Baking Powder
1 tbsp grated lemon zest

Place Corn Flake in bowl, set aside.
Beat butter, shortening and sugar until smooth, add eggs, beat again for a while, add the emplex and baking powder, whisk for one minute. Pour lemon juice and grated lemon zest, mix well.
Add the flour, stir well. Place batter in a Piping bags, snip tip with scissors 1/2cm. Pipe batter onto Corn Flake, roll, lift and place in a greased baking pan
Bake in oven at 150C for 30 minutes..(mine was done within 20 mins)

Source: Fatma Bahalwan

We took everyone out for iftar to show our appreciation to them for being there when we needed them the most while we were in Jkt.. so ty everyone...

Anyway.. My son came home with his bike yesterday.... Theres not much I can say to u son except pls do take care of urself while riding.. seeing him riding off with his bike reminded me of the time I send him off to primary school.. how time flies.. hes all grown up now..

.... and no dear.. u cannot take motorbike licence! hehehe

Well ok.. I'm off to bed early... been yawning non stop.. so gut night!

No no no.. when I say Snow Princess.. I dont mean.. Dora the Explorer hehehhe.. this cookie is actually called Putri Salju.. direct translation wud be Snow Princess ahakkk... I'm planning to bake this gem again bef Eid cos after dividing it and munching on it non stop last night.. I dont think this cookie is gonna last till tmrw hahaha... I am crazy over this classic super melting moment cookie.. super easy to do and pls watch ur fingers when u roll ur hot cookies into the powdered sugar.. cos this cookie not only burns ur fingers.. it also burns ur dream of looking sexy for Eid muahahha

250g margarine - I used butter
2 tbsp milk powder
1/2 tsp baking powder
450g of low-protein flour - cake flour

200g powdered sugar
1/2 tsp vanilli powder - I used 1/2 tbsp

- Preheat oven to 160 deg C
- Grease a baking pan with margarine
- Beat margarine, milk powder, and baking powder until smooth
- Add flour, stir well until ur dough is good enough to shape
- Shape it like crescent
- Bake for 20 minutes, lift it immediately while its hot and roll it into ur powder sugar + vanilli (I sieved my sugar and pls be careful when ur roll em cos it break!)
- Store in airtight container

Source: Ningnong

Been three days since I last updated my blog.. too much stuff to do .. too little time to blog abt it.. Eid is coming and ohh I hv lots to bake.. so far so good.. I hv been on the roll and I dont wish to stop hehehe..

So ok now that I hv steamed 3 cake kukus.. I moved on to cookies today and oh boy I fell in love with these cookies bec of its "melt in ur mouth" texture.. so so glad I decided to try out both recipes.. not only do I get to try out a new recipes.. I also get to share these wonderful recipes with all my lovelies :op

Will try to update more often with lots of new recipes .. oh bef i forgot.. I only get abt 120pcs out of this recipe.. had to double the ingredients since I am baking for the family.. Enjoy!

250g Margarine
250g Butter - I decided to use all Butter (ie. 500g)
100g granulated sugar
4 egg yolks
700g flour
4 tbsp Full Cream milk powder

2 egg yolks
1 tsp cookie glaze- I used 1 tsp of milk

Whisk butter, sugar and eggs until blended. (Mixer speed no 1)
Add sifted flour and milk powder, stir gently until well blended.
Take a little, round shape, fill with pineapple jam. Place on a baking tray.
Bake tarts at 140C for 30 minutes, remove from oven, glaze it and place it in the oven again for abt 3mins or so
Remove, let cool, put in jars, cover tightly.

Pineapple jam

4 pcs pineapple, puree
200 gr sugar
1 tsp salt
1 cinnamon stick

Cook pineapple with salt and cinnamon until crispy, add sugar, cook over low heat until dry.. off fire

Ok I promise I will update again tomorrow cos both my sisters just called (its 1:51am).. we are gonna go for sahur in JK and I will gv u some tips on how to get the same shape for ur Nastar..


Source: Fatma - NCC

Ok I'm back and its 3.45am now.. I am off to bed.. heres the tip to get an even size of nastar.. Roll cookie dough (1/4cm thick).. cut with cookie cutter.. take one layer.. place ur pineapple filling in the center then top it with another layer.. roll like a ball.. thats it.. easy peasy?? hehehe


So once again Rima's guest blogger steps in - the husband. I must be good, cos she always calls in the same guest blogger.

Today is a good day for Rima. The burden she has been carrying, the issues she has been having are finally over - solved today. Bottom line is, we hope that Hairi does not do nonsense anymore and stays out of trouble. Your mum was a wreck for the past few weeks you know... (yes, even her son reads this blog from camp...)

I'm looking forward to Eid. Rima goes all coo coo. Then again she's always coo coo. I mean who bakes as much as she does? I'm glad I have supportive staff who eat whatever is given to them - and they are nice enough to always say "whaa so nice". Take this afternoon for example - I come home from work and she complains of being tired. Why is she tired? Because she went to bed at 2am last night, woke up at 5 for sahur and then slept till 8. When Sonia slept for 1 1/2 (!) hours she decided to make cake kukus and her own new creation: Rima's Truffles (more below).. She needs to rest, but is too degil to do so... Ah well. What to do; mother stubborn, daughter stubborn, grand-daughter stubborn, and her two sisters... aiyoo same pot. Lucky I have nice brothers-in-law - they keep me sane... haha...

Anyway, back to Rima (she's complaining that her readers are falling asleep)...

Hehehe ty hb.. I didnt expect u to write so much! So ok.. I am not gonna bore u guys with more yak yak.. just to let u guys know that once again I appreciate all the doa's.. am blessed.. this morning when i received the good news.. I gave my thanks to Allah.. super big load off my shoulder... Alhamdullilah...

Oh heres a simple recipe fm me.. u dont need to be a genius to come up with something like this.. hb lovessssssssss it!!

200g chocolate cake - u can use any kinda leftover chocolate cake .. even cake yg " bantot" hehe
Abt 100g of leftover chocolate ganache
5 tbsp orange juice -
A handful of golden raisins - u can replace with almond nibs if ur not into raisins
Dark cooking chocolate for coating - I used chocolate couverture

Place chocolate cake in food processor - blend - place in big bowl.
Cook orange juice and raisins for a good 10mins over low heat - switch off fire.. add raisins into chocolate cake and stir
Melt leftover ganache and pour it over the chocolate cake (double boil).. mix and let it sit for 15mins or so.
Roll cake into balls - set aside
Double boil dark chocolate - hmmm i didnt weigh it.. dip chocolate balls into melted chocolate and place it on ur tray (line with baking paper)
Chill tray ..
Place truffles in paper cups


While other food bloggers hv lots to talk abt and lots of food photos to post.. I hv been slacking in that department.. Been busy and hardly have any time during day time to even go online :o(

Lately after iftar my body just gives way.. so tired and very sleepy that once hb actually caught me falling asleep while blog hopping hehehe.. anyway yesterday we had iftar in JB.. Nando's to be exact.. hb has been craving for it like forever.. so we drove in and got stuck in traffic due to heavy rain.. luckily we managed to reach there on time for iftar.. we later went to Tesco to get a few stuff before heading home.

This morning I didnt even go back to sleep after morning prayer since I had to bake Danish's birthday cake.. At first I didnt hv any intention to bake him this cake.. Sis lyn kept on reminding me to bake a small cake.. nothing fancy.. had to be triple choco caramel cake tho.. Sooo since she requested for TCCC I had to figure out a way on how to make my cake more attractive in the eye of a young boy.. the first thing i did was to go online.. figure out what kinda cake is best for him.. prepared the ganache.. then baked the cake and while waiting for it to cool off.. I prepared swiss meringue buttercream and coloured em.. took out my chilled ganache and began to whip it.. I also had to prepare the caramel and sugar syrup...

Triple Choco Caramel Cake recipe u can get fm my previous post except I doubled the cake recipe to get a bigger cake.. I didnt double the ganache recipe tho since I didnt plan to cover the whole cake with ganache..

Swiss meringue buttercream recipe I got fm here.. superb recipe and I will definately be using it again n again.. ty Wendy and Tartelette

60gm egg white (about 2 large whites)
100gm sugar
170gm unsalted butter (taken out from fridge and cut into 10-12 small pieces just before you start to heat the egg whites)

1. Put the sugar and egg whites in a large heatproof bowl over a saucepan of simmering water and whisk constantly, keeping the mixture over the heat.. about 3 minutes. The sugar should be dissolved, and the mixture will look like marshmallow cream (I used a thermometer and waited till it reaches 65C)

2. Pour the mixture into a bowl. Put the bowl into a basin of water. The water should feel cold, like tap water on a rainy day. Do not use very cold water. Beat the meringue on medium speed until it cools and forms a thick shiny meringue, about 5 minutes. (I didnt do that.. I poured the mixture straight into my stand mixer and began to whisk till thick and shiny - abt 5 mins)

3. Now add in butter, one tablespoon at a time, beating until smooth. Once all the butter is in, beat in the buttercream on medium-high speed until it is thick and very smooth, 6-10 minutes.

I doubled the recipe of buttercream for this cake and used Wilton gel colouring.. yellow, red, blue and black for buttercream.. spongebob pants is made of chocolate ganache ..

We had iftar cum Danish's doa selamat at moms today.. Hairi's platoon was given nights out and he managed to hv iftar with us too. I had prepared char kway teow while mom cooked mee bakso.. it was a simple affair but that was enough to fill everyone's tummy.. So sit back and enjoy the photos peeps!!


When is Mid Autumn Festival?? isnt it in September?? hehhe oh well.. I had bought these molds during my baking shopping spree yesterday.. sometimes I wish there is a mold just for Eid?? u know a mold that looks like this but has "Selamat Hari Raya" wording on it?? wouldnt it be pretty?? hmmmm I shud hv bought this mold in Jakarta that has a mosque pic on it.. if its not cos my luggage was overloaded with my baking stuff.. I wud probably have gotten that mold.. grrrr

Anyway we had a super busy weekend.. we invited everyone for iftar at our place last friday.. had korean bbq.. believe me I had wanted to take pics but unfortunately I forgot all abt it.. Sooo let me think.. I had prepared bubur som som and awol awol as desert.. again dont ask me wheres my desert pics cos I really didnt hv time to take any that day..

Yesterday we had a long day.. Hairi was supposed to come home this weekend but unfortunately his platoon has to do a standby guard duty so we had to run a few errands for him.. u see my son got himself a bike.. YES... u heard me right.. these couple of weeks hes been looking at bikes.. he wanted to get this bike called Spark which we think is not suitable for him.. as much as we hate the fact that hes finally gonna be riding a bike.. we have no choice but to find something that we think wud be suitable for him.. soooo last weekend both Hairi and hb went to look at bikes and finally he found the bike that gives him sleepless nights.... soo come this week when hes out of camp hes probably gonna be getting his bike and also his new helmet which hb ordered online.. sigh.. u see... if u cannot stop em'.. u just hv to make sure at least hes not riding some bike that will make him want to ride fast.. u hv to make sure the helmet that he uses is safe (ONLY full face helmets).. I just hope that he will be a responsible road user..

Ok lets move on... this dessert was prepared eventho we didnt end up having our iftar at home.. thank u mom for taking all of us out for dinner.. hope everyone likes the pudding as much as we did.. and oh once again.. u guys hv to do the google translate ok if u need it in english.. I am copying it directly fm another pudding book which i bought while in Jakarta.. Primarasa - Pencuci mulut a la Barat Terlazat :o)) - (I hv updated an english version at the bottom of this entry)

Puding Moka

7g agar agar bubuk putih(7g jelly powder)
130g gula pasir (130g sugar)
700ml susu cair (700ml full cream milk)
2 sdm kopi instant (2 instant coffee aka nescafe)
1/2 sdm pasta moka (1/2 tbsp mocha paste)
4 kuning telur (4 egg yolk)
1 sdm mentega (1 tbsp butter)
1-2 sdm rum (1 tbsp rum) - I didnt use

Puding busa
2 putih telur (egg white - abt 70g)
1/4 sdt cream of tartar (1/4 tsp cream of tartar)
3 1/2g agar agar bubuk putih (3 1/2g jelly powder)
60g gula pasir (60g sugar)
150ml air (150ml water)
1/4 sdm pasta moka, larutkan dalam sedikit air (1/4 tbsp mocha paste mix with a little water)
1 sdm rum (1 tbsp rum) - I didnt use

1. Siapkan cetakan puding volume 1000ml. Basahi bagian dalamnya dengan air matang, sisihkan

2. Puding moka: Taruh agar agar, gula dan susu dalam panci, aduk rata, lalu jerang hingga mendidih. Larutkan kopi instan dan pasta moka dengan sedikit air, tuang ke dalam panci agar agar, aduk, kecilkan api nya.

3. Kocok kuning telur asal lepas, ambil 1 senduk sayur adonan agar agar, tuang ke dalam telur kock. Tuang adonan telur ke dalam agar agar, aduk rata. Tambahkan mentega, matikan api. Teruskan mengaduk hingga adonan agak dingin, masukkan rum. Tuang ke dalam cetakan.

4. Puding busa: Kocok putih telur dan cream of tartar dengan mikser berkecepatan sedang hingga mengembang dan kaku, sisihkan. Masak agar agar, gula, dan air, tambahkan pasta noka, didihkan, angkat. Tuang ke dalam putih telur kocok, kocok hingga rata. Tambahkan rum, aduk. Tuang puding busa di atas puding moka yang permukaannya sudah agak membeku. Biarkan hingga agak dingin, simpan dalam lemari es hingga keras.

5. Keluarkan puding dari cetakannya, taruh diatas piring saji, potong potong.

Rasanya passss dehhhh.. pokoknya gue suka ama ini pudding hehehe

So ok heres the english version on how to prepare mochacinno pudding

1. Prepare pudding mold (volume of 1000ml). Dampen mold with boiled water - set aside

2. Mocha pudding: Mix jelly powder, sugar and milk in a saucepan, stir well, bring to boil. Dissolve instant coffee and mocha paste with a little water, pour into the pan and continue to stir, reduce heat it.

3. Beat egg yolk using hand whisk or even fork, take a ladle of jelly mixture and add into egg yolk - stir well. Pour the egg mixture back into jelly mixture, stir well. Add in butter, turn off the heat. Continue stirring until mixture is slightly cool, add in rum. Pour into molds.

4. Sponge pudding: Whisk egg whites and cream of tartar using stand mixer on medium speed until fluffy and stiff, set aside. Mix and cook jelly powder, sugar, and water, add pasta mocha paste, bring to a boil, remove from heat. Pour into the beaten egg whites a little at a time, beat until blended. Add rum, stir. Pour custard mocha pudding onto the slightly harden mocha pudding. Leave until cold, chill in refrigerator until hard.

5. Remove the pudding from mold, place on serving plate, cut into pieces.


I woke up yesterday thinking abt this cake... Sis Wati told me the night bef that theres someone who sells steamed fruit cake for $35 (10x10).. to me thats cheap considering u hv to steam this cake for 4hrs! Anyway I hv always used the same recipe over the years.. hb is a super big fan of my steamed fruit cake but I thought i shud gv other recipes a try.. just to see if there is any other good recipes around..

To be honest.. I hv had this recipe in my folder for like more than 2yrs.. never had the urge to try it out tho.. probably cos I found the recipe that suits hb's taste.. This recipe belongs to CMG.. according to him if u want ur steamed fruit cake to be moist and oily.. its best to keep it for a week bef serving it.. so ok.. thats exactly what I am gonna do to the rest of this cake.. err maybe can keep it for Eid ?? duhhh why on earth am I thinking abt Eid already! hahaha

I've cut a few slices for photo taking aka testing and hb said he prefers the taste of this cake but much much prefers the moist and wetness of the other steamed fruit cake.. will definitely let him try a week fm today and see what he says.. I am hoping to use both recipes for Eid tho since I hv to bake it for grandmama too this year - she wants her cake not to be too sweet.. ok Nyai.. I will bake one especially for u - less sugar of cos hehehe

375g mix fruits
250g butter - "Golden Churn"
300g flour*
1 tsp of sodium bicarbonate*
1 tsp cream of tartar*(* mix and sifted)
3 grade A eggs
150g castor sugar (can also use the 'brown sugar') - i used brown sugar
150g sugar (for sugar burn)
1/4 cup almond slices (almond flakes) - I didnt use
A seed nutmeg, grated
Cherry red / green for decorations - didnt use
1 tbsp black treacle (I added for darker colour)

Meet my new addition - Mr Scrapper - no spatula needed anymore - this baby works like a charm!

- Boil water in kukusan (steamer). Grease and layer with baking paper an 8x8x3 inches.
- Mix flour with cream of tartar and soda bicarbonate - sieve.
- Add in grated nutmeg seeds and mix well.
- Add mix fruits in the flour, mix well. This is to avoid fruits fm sinking - Set aside.
- Beat butter & sugar until fluffy.
- Add in black treacle - mix well (I added)
- Add in egg one by one & continue to whisk till well combined. (add in egg and whisk for a minute bef adding the second egg)
- Add in flour/fruits mixture until just mixed.
- Melt sugar in a non stick pan with slow heat until bubble starts to form.. let it bubble for a few sec or till sugar colour turn dark
- Quickly but carefully pour into the cake mixture while stirring with wooden spatula.
(It will get harden once it touches batter, so fold in fast.. dont worry if there is some crystallised caramel in the batter).
- Pour batter into baking tin.. arrange cherries if u like.. cover with aluminium foil, trim and tie with string or plastic ropes all around the tin.
- Steam for 4hrs on medium heat.. (on high for 2 1/2hr.. medium for 1 1/2hr)
(whenever u wanna add water to ur steamer make sure u use boiling water)

Thank you CMG for sharing this wonderful and controversial recipe.. aaahakksss!

A dessert that I've prepared to gv to my neighbour.. as u already know.. we moved here like a year ago and no doubt bef this we hv been living in an area where there were not many malay families around..err in fact there were no malay families around hehehe.. so this year when one of our neighbours started giving us food for iftar .. hb felt really really touch and excited.. he said... "ahhhh now this is the kampung feeling that i likeeee" hahaha

Soo every single day.. whenever we hv our iftar at home.. hb wud gladly volunteer to be my delivery boy kahkahkah.. ty Am flora for the wonderful recipe.. hb loves it!

1 egg
125g butter
6og icing sugar
250g flour
1/2 vanilla essence
1-2 tbsp water

Preheat oven 160C
Mix all ingredients and divide dough into small balls (size shud be as big as ur thumb)
Press dough into a tart mold.. prick dough with fork and bake it for 15mins

Cream Cheese

250g Philadelphia Cream Cheese
60g butter
60g Icing sugar
1 egg

(I used blueberry pie fillings)

Beat all ingredients until smooth & flat
Pipe in a little bit of blueberry fillings and then pipe in cream cheese.
Do whatever pattern u like on ur cream cheese filling and continue to bake for about 5 minutes.

Source: Am-Flora

My 3rd dessert for today.. sorry I am not gonna do the translation.. u guys hv to do google translate ok for this one.... mau di type lagi.. mahu di translate lagi.. aduhhhh bisa pusing dibuatnya! hahaha

I am copying it directly fm the book that I bought in Jakarta.. Seri Masak Femina, Primarasa... Seribu Rasa Puding.

Adonan kopi

300ml air
1/2 bungkus (3 1/2g) agar agar putih
75g gula pasir
1 sdm kopi instant
2 butir telur
1 sdm liquer rasa kopi (Kahlua) - I didnt use

Adonan moka
1/2 bungkus (3 1/2g) agar agar bubuk putih
50g gula pasir
400ml susu cair (full cream milk)
25g cokelat masak pekat (dark cooking chocolate) - lelehkan
50ml krim kental (whip cream/fresh cream/double cream)

Adonan susu
1/2 bungkus (3 1/2g) agar agar bubuk putih
350ml susu cair (full cream milk)
75g gula pasir
50ml krim kental
1 putih telur, kocok kaku (stiff peak)

Saus susu
1 kuning telur
50g gula pasir
1/2 sdm tepung maizena, larutkan dalam sedikit air
250ml susu cair (full cream milk)
1 sdm rum (bila suka) - enggak suka hahaha

1. Siapkan cetakan persegi ukuran 11x23x5cm, basahi dengan sedikit air matang. Ganjal salah satu sisinya hingga agak mining, sisihkan.

2. Adonan kopi: Masukkan agar agar , air dan gula pasir ke dalam panci, jarang di atas api sedang hingga mendidih dan gula larut, kecilkan api. Masukkan kopi, aduk rata. Kocok telur hingga berbuih, masukkan sedikit adonan agar agar ke dalam telur kocok, aduk. Masukkan ke panci agar agar, aduk rata, angkat. Tambahkan liquer, aduk. Tuang adonan ke cetakan, biarkan dalam posisi yg sama hingga puding agak mengeras.

3. Adonan moka: Masukkan agar agar, gula pasir dan susu dalam panci, jerang di atas api sedang hingga mendidih dan gula larut, kecilkan api. Masukkan cokelat leleh, aduk hingga rata, tambahkan krim kental, aduk cepat cepat, angkat. Ganjal cetakan berisi adonan kopi yg sudah mulai mengeras pada sisi yg lainnya. Tuang adonan moka ke atasnya, biarkan hingga agak mengeras, dalam posisi yg sama.

4. Adonan susu: Masak agar agar, susu dan gula pasir dalam panci hingga mendidih dan gula larut, kecilkan api, masukkan krim kental dan putih telur kocok, aduk hingga tercampur rata. Ambil pengganjal di bawah cetakan, tuang adonan susu di atas adonan moka dalam cetakan, biarkan hingga puding mengeras.

5. Saus susu: Kocok kuning telur dengan 1 sdm gula, masukkan larutan tepung dan 50ml susu, aduk, sisihkan. Didihkan sisa susu dan sisa gula, masukkan 2 sdm susu panas ke dalam adonan telur, aduk, masukkan kembali ke dalam panci susu. Masak hingga mendidih, angkat. Aduk aduk hingga agak dingin, tambahkan rum (bila suka), aduk rata.

6. Keluarkan puding dari cetakan, potong potong sesuai selera, sajikan dengan saus susu.

Nah pengeeeenn?? udah dikasi resepnya.. kamu harus praktek sendiri di rumah ya. Bakal jadi menu takjil favorit anda nih.. pokoknya rasanya passs deh hehehe


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