Mochaccino Pudding

When is Mid Autumn Festival?? isnt it in September?? hehhe oh well.. I had bought these molds during my baking shopping spree yesterday.. sometimes I wish there is a mold just for Eid?? u know a mold that looks like this but has "Selamat Hari Raya" wording on it?? wouldnt it be pretty?? hmmmm I shud hv bought this mold in Jakarta that has a mosque pic on it.. if its not cos my luggage was overloaded with my baking stuff.. I wud probably have gotten that mold.. grrrr

Anyway we had a super busy weekend.. we invited everyone for iftar at our place last friday.. had korean bbq.. believe me I had wanted to take pics but unfortunately I forgot all abt it.. Sooo let me think.. I had prepared bubur som som and awol awol as desert.. again dont ask me wheres my desert pics cos I really didnt hv time to take any that day..

Yesterday we had a long day.. Hairi was supposed to come home this weekend but unfortunately his platoon has to do a standby guard duty so we had to run a few errands for him.. u see my son got himself a bike.. YES... u heard me right.. these couple of weeks hes been looking at bikes.. he wanted to get this bike called Spark which we think is not suitable for him.. as much as we hate the fact that hes finally gonna be riding a bike.. we have no choice but to find something that we think wud be suitable for him.. soooo last weekend both Hairi and hb went to look at bikes and finally he found the bike that gives him sleepless nights.... soo come this week when hes out of camp hes probably gonna be getting his bike and also his new helmet which hb ordered online.. sigh.. u see... if u cannot stop em'.. u just hv to make sure at least hes not riding some bike that will make him want to ride fast.. u hv to make sure the helmet that he uses is safe (ONLY full face helmets).. I just hope that he will be a responsible road user..

Ok lets move on... this dessert was prepared eventho we didnt end up having our iftar at home.. thank u mom for taking all of us out for dinner.. hope everyone likes the pudding as much as we did.. and oh once again.. u guys hv to do the google translate ok if u need it in english.. I am copying it directly fm another pudding book which i bought while in Jakarta.. Primarasa - Pencuci mulut a la Barat Terlazat :o)) - (I hv updated an english version at the bottom of this entry)

Puding Moka

7g agar agar bubuk putih(7g jelly powder)
130g gula pasir (130g sugar)
700ml susu cair (700ml full cream milk)
2 sdm kopi instant (2 instant coffee aka nescafe)
1/2 sdm pasta moka (1/2 tbsp mocha paste)
4 kuning telur (4 egg yolk)
1 sdm mentega (1 tbsp butter)
1-2 sdm rum (1 tbsp rum) - I didnt use

Puding busa
2 putih telur (egg white - abt 70g)
1/4 sdt cream of tartar (1/4 tsp cream of tartar)
3 1/2g agar agar bubuk putih (3 1/2g jelly powder)
60g gula pasir (60g sugar)
150ml air (150ml water)
1/4 sdm pasta moka, larutkan dalam sedikit air (1/4 tbsp mocha paste mix with a little water)
1 sdm rum (1 tbsp rum) - I didnt use

1. Siapkan cetakan puding volume 1000ml. Basahi bagian dalamnya dengan air matang, sisihkan

2. Puding moka: Taruh agar agar, gula dan susu dalam panci, aduk rata, lalu jerang hingga mendidih. Larutkan kopi instan dan pasta moka dengan sedikit air, tuang ke dalam panci agar agar, aduk, kecilkan api nya.

3. Kocok kuning telur asal lepas, ambil 1 senduk sayur adonan agar agar, tuang ke dalam telur kock. Tuang adonan telur ke dalam agar agar, aduk rata. Tambahkan mentega, matikan api. Teruskan mengaduk hingga adonan agak dingin, masukkan rum. Tuang ke dalam cetakan.

4. Puding busa: Kocok putih telur dan cream of tartar dengan mikser berkecepatan sedang hingga mengembang dan kaku, sisihkan. Masak agar agar, gula, dan air, tambahkan pasta noka, didihkan, angkat. Tuang ke dalam putih telur kocok, kocok hingga rata. Tambahkan rum, aduk. Tuang puding busa di atas puding moka yang permukaannya sudah agak membeku. Biarkan hingga agak dingin, simpan dalam lemari es hingga keras.

5. Keluarkan puding dari cetakannya, taruh diatas piring saji, potong potong.

Rasanya passss dehhhh.. pokoknya gue suka ama ini pudding hehehe

So ok heres the english version on how to prepare mochacinno pudding

1. Prepare pudding mold (volume of 1000ml). Dampen mold with boiled water - set aside

2. Mocha pudding: Mix jelly powder, sugar and milk in a saucepan, stir well, bring to boil. Dissolve instant coffee and mocha paste with a little water, pour into the pan and continue to stir, reduce heat it.

3. Beat egg yolk using hand whisk or even fork, take a ladle of jelly mixture and add into egg yolk - stir well. Pour the egg mixture back into jelly mixture, stir well. Add in butter, turn off the heat. Continue stirring until mixture is slightly cool, add in rum. Pour into molds.

4. Sponge pudding: Whisk egg whites and cream of tartar using stand mixer on medium speed until fluffy and stiff, set aside. Mix and cook jelly powder, sugar, and water, add pasta mocha paste, bring to a boil, remove from heat. Pour into the beaten egg whites a little at a time, beat until blended. Add rum, stir. Pour custard mocha pudding onto the slightly harden mocha pudding. Leave until cold, chill in refrigerator until hard.

5. Remove the pudding from mold, place on serving plate, cut into pieces.


BEAUTY said...

sis...thanks for the pudding.the last i try tak da rasa coffee nye.but yang ni...waduh buk..rasai luuuu.nasib baik tak mabuk..

KG said...

macamana nak makan nih, cantik sgat!

Unknown said...

kak rima ... its so pwetty!!!! ...
it looks chocolaty and yummy ...

Rima said...

No worries sis.. ur not a coffee addict lah.. the other pudding has a mixture of chocolate and coffee.. tu yg tak terasa coffee nye sangat.. yg ni dah dinama kan mochacinno.. mesti lah rasa coffee hehehe.. mabuk coffee tak pe wokey.. :o)

Rima said...

Macam mana?? heheh.. when my sis saw it pun they asked me the same question..

Rima said...

it looks chocolaty and taste like ur typical mochacinno.. slurppp bulan posa ni tak de chance nak chill outside and hv coffee.. hehehe

Ain said...

hmm...ilah make me translate the recipe to english for for tat i think i deserve half of the pudding.....Dont you think so kak ima?? ;)

so Ms Ilah....jgn lupa eh my share ;)

Rima said...

Lahhh so easy also wants u to translate.. apa dahhh.. u deserve half of the pudding .. of cos! hehe

Shaz said...

Rima, do post in English... Your non-Malay readers want to try out your recipes too.

Rima said...

I will do it when i hv the time later ok or maybe if u need it urgently u can do the google translate first yah..


Unknown said...

Ehmm...lagi resepi yg mengoda! suka sgt..belum buat pun dah tahu kesedapan nya. Masuk kt cini..rasa x mau balik Umah..He..he..

Ain said...

haha...coz its in Bahasa Indon tu sebab dia ada sikit nye terkial2 nak paham...hhehe...

Anonymous said...

OF COURSE i am lovin it... yum yum... burp... and as usual... that 2 piece is solely for me!! hehehe... BIG thanks my dearest sisteeee.... Muacks, Li-Lin

Unknown said...

wakakaka insya-allah ... kalau i try over the weekend i bawak ler ke opis ... =D

DG said...

Wouw! you are real fast, already celebrating Mooncake festival :) The pudding looks beautiful and it must be yummy :)

Rima said...

Heheh Noor kalau tak nak balik umah nak kena bawak tikar bantal sendiri tau.. try ah buat pudding ni..memang sedap.. :o)

Rima said...

Sis lyn
Of cos we are loving it cos we are coffee addict unlike si BEAUTY tu hahaha.. setitik coffee pun tak leh angs!

Rima said...

Ilah Ain
Pandai2 kamu berdua bargain heheh.. buat lah Ilah.. siapa tahu u will strike lucky with this one but ah when u do make the puding busa.. beware of the texture of egg white after u add the jelly mixture .. jangan sampai dia berkopol kopol.. texture puding busa macam cloud gitew.. super soft and fragile and it harden very very easily.. so u hv to do it quick..

Rima said...

Hehe tell me abt it DG.. I was contemplating if i shud use this mold or some other mold.. decided on this one since i just got it last weekend.. turned out pretty and yes if ur a coffee person u will definately like this pudding :o)

Shaz said...

Hi rima, thanks! Thoroughly enjoy reading your blog. Bought cream cheese over the weekend, gonna try out your cheese chiffon next!

Rima said...

No worries Shaz.. good luck and hope ur chiffon turns out good..


mamawana said...


Puding memuding nih... Fuuhhh....lovely taste... Sekali hadap bermangkuk2, bercawan2 habis kena bedal puding tuh.

Rima said...

Salam mamawana
Harus pun when it comes to pudding hehe

dennis-cynthia said...

sis, may i know where to buy the mooncake mould in KL? im from jakarta!

Rima said...

Hi Dennis
I got this plastic mould fm here, S'pore.. u can get it fm Sun Lik..

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