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Sweet Potato Donut

Salam Maal Hijrah to all my muslim readers... been a year already ey... how time flies... it seems like yesterday that I was wishing the same to my readers.. soon our kids will start their school hols and bef we know it... we as parents will be busy preparing our kids to go back to school... this is our cycle of life.. it is like a wheel... it goes round and round.. of cos while its spinning u will hv a few obstacles and of cos u will try ur best to go thru it and keep the cycle going.. sigh.. soon i will be 44yrs old... what hv i achieved so far? i wud hv say... Alhamdullilah... I hv my family with me... my parents are in good health... both my sisters are well..

Its not even the end of the year and I am having flashbacks... this year has seen better days than the year bef eventho there were times when i wished i didnt hv to go thru it - nevertheless i am happy... am happy that i wake up every morning to see my family in good health :o)

So ok.. bef i go on and on abt life.. i just wanna thank every single person that has ordered thru my online store and my bakes... i enjoy what i am doing right now and Insyallah will try to bring in new things into my store.. am hoping that i will get to source diff things while in Europe... so do keep a lookout yah..

In the meantime.. lets feast our eyes on this donut hehe.. The first time i saw this chubby donut was when Nor loaded it up on her FB wall.. her donut looks so chubby that on the very next day.. i had to get myself a bag of sweet potatoes.. knew that it would best to share it among my sisters.. doubled the recipe and got myself close to 40pcs... took it to moms place during Deepavali and got a hundred likes fm everyone ahaks.. ty Nor for sharing it with us... Donut was chubby and stayed soft even on the next day :o)

320g flour
2 tsp instant yeast
60g sugar
180g sweet potato - boiled and mashed
1 egg
90ml water
1 tbsp condense milk
1/2 tsp salt
1 tbsp butter

I used my breadmaker to do the job.. u can of cos do it manually.. once its done its course.. u take ur dough out.. gv it a light punch and start to divide ur dough into balls.. each ball at 40g.. roll ur ball.. press it a little and take ur round cutter to cut a hole in the middle.. place ur donut on ur tray.. cover it with a cloth and let it rise for the second time.. once it has doubled in size.. prepare ur oil.. heat it up and start to fry..

Below is the recipe in Bahasa fm Nor of Secubit Garam... Original recipe is fm KWan.

320 gm tepung gandum
2 sudu kecil yis segera ~ k.nor guna mauripan
60 gm gula castor
180 gm keledek rebus ~ k.nor guna keledek oren
1 biji telur A
90 ml air
1 sudu besar susu pekat manis
1/2 sudu kecil garam
1 sudu besar butter
gula castor secukupnya

Cara-cara :
Lecek/lenyek keledek yg direbus tadi hingga halus. Ketepikan.
Masukkan tepung, yis, gula dan keledek. Gaul sebati.
Masukkan pula telur, garam dan air (air perlu dimasukkan sedikit demi sedikit), gaul hingga membentuk sebiji doh.
Kemudian masukkan butter dan uli hingga menjadi doh yg lembut dan tak melekat pada mangkuk.
Tutup mangkuk dgn tuala lembab atau plastik cling dan biarkan adunan naik sekali ganda.
Bila adunan dah naik, ambil sedikit adunan (lebih kurang35 - 40gm) dan bulatkan.
Letak atas papan pencanai yg ditabur sedikit tepung dan tekan2 hingga sedikit leper (lebih kurang 1 1/2 cm)
Tekap bahagian atas doh tadi dgn menggunakan mulut botol air mineral/minuman utk membentuk lubang pada tengah2 doh.
Keluarkan doh yg dibahagian tengah tadi dan ulang sehingga habis adunan.
Rehatkan doh yg dah dibentuk lebih kurang 20 - 30 min (atau sehingga doh naik/mengembang kembali - doh akan lebih cepat naik kalau cuaca panas)
Panaskan minyak dengan api yg sederhana dan goreng donut hingga masak.
Angkat dan toskan.
Biarkan seketika kemudian barulah disalutkan dgn gula castor.

Last but not least.. pics of Sonia doing what she does best.. playing with batter hehehe... i will try to do this Angry Bird steamed cake again when we get back fm our trip .. wanna share this recipe.. cheers!

Pumpkin Donut

I know.. I know... enough already Rima with all that pumpkin! What do u do with the rest of ur pureed pumpkin?? u either turn it into cake, kuih, apam, pie or donuts.. out of all.. Rima chooses donut... deep fried dough that spells out FATTENING hahaha.. I hv been craving for donuts for monkey months.. the last time i had a super super soft donut was in Barcelona.. Sonia got addicted to chocolate coated donuts fm Starbucks there while i got addicted to the ones that were sold right below our apartment.. i didnt loose any weight during my last Europe trip.. with Hairi around.. i had to cook something that was filling and our daily staple in Barcelona was rice.. hubs wasnt around to stop me fm munching.. i ended up going to their bakeries non stop.. huhu

Eh why are we talking abt my weight again?? yikes! so ok.. ty for all the comments.. i feel much better after i blogged abt it.. no way hosey am gonna get upset over these things.. part and parcel as a blogger.. as what i said.. having ur own blog is like a full time job.. this is where everything gets documented.. just a click away for my kids if they ever miss me when i am no longer around :o(   ... and of course I will not privatize it either...

Pumpkin Donut recipe is fm Izah..original recipe adapted fm Kak 1.. ty both for sharing.. we all love it! And bef i go..  ty all for all the well-wishes.. Sonia is still coughing away.. flu is still visible but her fever has subsided.. Alhamdullilah...

200g flour
1 1/2 tsp instant yeast
100g pumpkin - steamed and mashed
1 tbsp condensed milk
50g sugar
1 1/2 tbsp butter
1 egg yolk
1/2 tsp salt
60ml water

melted chocolate or icing sugar

In a big bowl, combine flour, sugar and yeast - mix well
Add in ur mashed pumpkin and other ingredients except water.
Mix until smooth and add a little water and knead until dough is soft and elastic.
Rest dough for abt 15mins .. cover with cloth/plastic until fluffy
Roll out dough and cut out with donut cutter and place it on a tray that is sprinkle with a little flour
Rest for another 20mins
Deep fry donuts using medium fire till golden brown
Coat donut with icing sugar or melted chocolate

Donut or Doughnut?

Give me one good reason why at times u crave for Donuts.. maybe cos u happen to walk pass by the super uber famous donut place and u didnt get it OR u did buy a box but u forgot all abt it till that doughnut turned hard rock.. heheh well thats what happened to my donut while in KL :op

So of cos the first thing that i did today was to prepare em'.. dipped my donuts in dark and milk chocolate and bef i knew it.. i was munching on it with a cup of coffee.. ahhhhh this is heaven..

Packed half of it for hb afternoon tea at work.. called a cab and off we went to hb's work place.. took sonia to ELC and by half past 6.. we were already on our way to pick up some stuff fm BIY and Phoon Huat..

So did my craving for a good ole donut come to reality?? hehhe of cos! hb loved it.. he said.. "Sedap Ma!".. i told him he better like it cos i used Marmer Couverter chocolate for my donut's topping ahakss

500g high protein flour - bread flour
100g sugar
11g instant yeast
4 egg yolks
200 ml water

100g butter / margarine
1 tsp salt

200g White Cooking Chocolate - melted
100g Almond Slice - roastrd

Stir ingredients A, knead until lumpy, add ingredients B, continue to knead until smooth elastic.
Rest dough for 10 minutes.. divide dough into several balls weighing 40g each.
Rest for a further 20 minutes.
Punch a hole through the middle, then fry until cooked. Drain. Chill.
Dip one side surface of the donut in the melted chocolate, sprinkle almond.
Place donut in fridge to harden chocolate..

My way: I dumped everything in my BM accordingly of cos.. click on ON and after one hr and 10mins my dough was done.. gave my dough a light punch and divided my dough into several balls.. let it sit for another 20mins bef punching a hold thru the middle of the donut.. fry till cook..

Source: NCC

Banana Doughnut

Something sweet for the kids... Hairi said it tastes like jemput jemput... err duhhhh of cos dear... didnt I tell ya that this donut is called banana donut?? hmmmm anyway this is gonna be my last entry for today... I am gonna rest now after a super tiring day and hopefully I will be wide awake for the World Cup final... I am hoping that Spain will win but hb said it wud be good if Netherlands win the Cup.. oh well...

Tomorrow I will be officially "on leave" fm my daily routine... finally after 2yrs and 4 months I get to go out on my own.. do my own things.. hang out with my sisters without my little princess and dearest hb... dont get me wrong yah.. i love both of them to death but I do need a little time on my own.. ya know to let down my hair and just do stuff which i used to do.. ty dear for giving me the chance to chill... ty to both my sisters for taking leave to spend the time with me.. cant wait.. am super excited to see both of them and my cousin Nasyita tomorrow for lunch!!

100g cake flour
400g bread flour
100g sugar
11g instant yeast
1/2 tsp salt
1 tsp bread improver
100 ml water
3 egg yolks
100g butter
300g banana, mashed (I might use 200g next time)
Oil for frying
Sugar donut for topping

1. Sift both flour and stir in yeast.. add sugar.
2. Add in salt, water and eggs, stirring constantly, add in 50ml of water first.
3. Add in mashed banana, stir well, lastly add in butter and continue to knead until smooth.
4. Test the dough, if its still hard add the remaining water and knead until smooth
5. Let it stand for 20 minutes until the dough double in size
6. Weigh 30g for each donut.. shape and put it aside or u can use donut cutter.
7. Shape, and make holes in the middle and place it on a dusted tray
8. Let it stand again for 10 minutes.. deep fry till golden in colour.. let it cool
9. Sprinkle sugar on donuts

I dumped everything into my breadmaker... which of cos in this situation was a big mistake... dough was wayyyy too sticky that i had to add more than 100g of flour to my dough.. eeeekkk next time i will use less than 100ml of water..

Source: NCC banana week

Potato Donut

Hey peeps... so much has happened since last thursday that I dont even know where to start... first of.. if u hv been following my blog u wud hv known who Song is (works for my hubby).. he met with a terrible motorbike accident on thursday and we only got the news on friday afternoon that he was admitted to ICU.. we heard he was in bad shape! we were in shock; that it got me thinking abt Hairi who is now taking motorbike licence.. sigh... I told him to take up car licence but instead hes been taking motorbike licence behind my back (hb found lesson receipts).. I did confront him and he came back to me with his super duper answer... "I will get both licences lah mama" grrrrr

Anyway Song is now out of ICU and according to hb he can talk a little and cud reconised hb who went to visit him earlier today. (Song, extra big servings of Banana Muffins when you get out!)

Yesterday we went to the Zoo again and this time round sis Wati got all the family to go too.. we were there by half past 8 in the morning and thank goodness we were there early cos by 12pm .. the weather was starting to get scorching HOT!! yikes

Today we decided to take it easy and while hb was in NUH to visit Song.. I decided to try out another donut recipe...texture is super soft... different to ur norm donut taste.. dough was very easy to handle and most important of all.. it taste delish! hb ate lots and so did Hairi and Sonia.. and me of cos hehhe.. I decided not to use any topping this time round... only uses the good o'le icing sugar..

Well ok.. this will be my last baking entry.. I'm gonna go and start packing my luggage.. I will be blogging abt my trip fm tmrw onwards err well hopefully fm tuesday onwards since it will take me abt 18hrs to get there and our flight only leaves at night... soooo... see u guys in Vienna and Rome! Insya Allah..

500g bread flour
50g full cream milk powder
11g instant yeast
200g potato - steam and puree
100g sugar
75g butter - melted
1/2 tsp salt
4 egg yolks (i used 3 since thats all i'm left with)
100 ml cold water

I "dumped" everything in my breadmaker... let it do its magic for 1:10 hr.. take it out... gv it a light punch.. roll dough.. use donut cutter to cut.. let it proof for a further half an hour or so .. deep fry donut and its ready to be serve with icing sugar or toppings..

If u wanna hv topping for the donut u can gv Vivi Liong topping recipe a try... its niceeeee!!

Milky Crunchy Topping
- 250g milk chocolate - cut into small pcs
- 50 ml fresh milk
- Coco crunch
- 20 gram cocoa powder

Heat fresh milk and pour milk over chocolate
Glaze donut and top it up with coco crunch and cocoa powder

Source: Fatma Bahalwan - Natural Cooking Club

Oven Baked Donuts

The first time i ate baked donuts was at Chatchuchak (JJ) market in Bangkok.. got addicted to it and used to bake it all the time when i was pregnant... two years on and today I decided to bake it again... (welp.. tooth  aching and still baking Rima? hahha) simple recipe... healthier (ahem ahem) and guilt free even if u eat 24 of em' :op

Ingredients (makes 24 donuts)
1 cup all purpose flour
1/2 cup sugar
3/4 tsp baking powder
3/4 tsp baking soda
1/4 tsp salt
1 egg
150g plain yogurt
1 tbsp canola oil
2 tsp lemon juice
1 tsp vanilla extract

In a small bowl, combine the dry ingredients
Combine the egg, yogurt, oil, lemon juice and vanilla.. mix well (handwhisk) 
Stir into dry ingredients just until moistened
Coat the tube pans with nonstick cooking spray and dust with 1 tsp confectioners' sugar. divide batter among pans
Bake at 180C for 13mins or until a toothpick inserted near the center comes out clean

I am not too sure if this recipe belongs to Pink or Js Mum...however i do remember that i got it fm a site called singapore motherhood (where all the preggie moms hang out online)

Donuts ohhhhh Donuts

Rain rain go away...
Come again another day..

All I wanna do today
is be in bed,
watching trashy reality TV.
Ya know,
the good ole television programmes.
You get the drift.

So, anyway...
I made these donuts
with peanut butter topping
You can get donut recipe fm my previous post..
As for the glazing all u need is a small bottle
of peanut butter and double boil or microwave it..
Dip donuts in melted peanut butter and
You're good to go..

Donut.... again

Wanna hear an eerie story?? this happened late last night.. around 11 o'clockish.. i had just put sonia to bed and while in the loo i smell a funny smell that comes out of our room... i walked outside (hb was downstairs watching telly) and went straight to our study room and cud smell something sweet... u know that super super sweet smell? malay called it "kemenyan".. the smell were so so strong that i got cold-shivers-down-my-spine!...  i recite "ayat kursi" and  quickly ran downstairs and asked hb if he cud smell something... he said "yeah, i closed the back door and the kitchen door so that the smell wont come into the living room" hahha... duhhh hes so so naive! i told him that its the "kemenyan" smell... and being thursday night and close to midnight, i got really really scared... both of us decided to check if there were something or whatever at the back of the house... nothing on the left... nothing on the right... we looked at one another and as if we understood each other.. ran back into the kitchen... closed the door behind us and sat on our sofa! hahaha to be honest, it was scary and funny at the same time.. the smell still lingers around for almost half an hour or so bef it disappear... hmmm

Anyway my plan to prepare donut dough earlier went after midnight... started preparing dough close to 1am and was done within half an hour... thats the thing abt this recipe.. u can get it done quick! very very easy, no hassle, just mix and cut and fry... u dont even hv to let it proof if u dont hv the time... the texture of the donut is soft, very fluffy, light and delish!

I prepared it last night, half fried it and keep it in a container... deep fried it this morning and wallaaa ... we hv donut for breakfast!! hehhe... recipe fm HaSue...

500g high protein flour (i used half bread flour and half all purpose flour)
1 packet of instant yeast (11g)
50g Margarine (i used unsalted butter)
1 tbsp Shortening
2 tbsp sugar
2 tbsp condense milk or milk powder
1 egg (mix)
1/2 tsp salt
190 - 200ml warm water
Fine sugar for coating

1. In a big bowl, add warm water, yeast, sugar, milk, margarine and shortening and stir using spoon lightly and let it rest for 8-10 mins.
2. Once yeast mixture starting to bubble, add half of sifted flour into bowl, add egg and salt too... continue to stir using spoon (in one direction)
3. Once mixture incorporated and not sticking to ur spoon, add another half of the sifted flour, mix lightly with spoon and quickly continue to knead dough using ur hand till dough no longer sticking to the bowl (u will know if dough is ready when ur dough no longer stick to ur fingers)
4. U dont hv to let dough rest but if u want a much much more rounder donut, u may do so for 5 to 10 mins
5. Roll dough to abt 1/2" thick and cut with donut cutter

6. Heat oil and deep fry donut on medium heat till golden brown (if u prefer a much more fluffier, do rest it for 10mins or so, the more lighter ur donut is, the more fluffier it will be)
7. Once cool, coat donut using fine sugar or melted chocolate..


Ok heres the deal... i dont make donut all the time and when i do feel like having one i wud always stick to this recipe... its easy and taste good too... dough is easy to handle and not sticky at all.. u can either use a stand mixer or be lazy like me... use a breadmaker machine to knead ur dough hehe.. a recipe by Sifu Suria..

3 cups flour
3tbsp milk powder
3tbsp shortening
3tbsp sugar

200ml warm water
2tsp instant yeast
20ml warm water (if needed)

Mix B and add to A... Knead till it no longer stick to ur bowl..
Roll it and use a donut cutter to cut it.
Let it rest for 30 mins or until dough double in size
Fry it till golden brown

Once it cools down u can coat it with cinnamon sugar or even use chocolate for glazing

If ur using breadmaker... add ur ingredient according to ur machine instruction..


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