My first day in Colmar, France

Time: 11.45pm
Weather: 7 deg
Venue: Colmar - Hotel St Martin / Dusseldorf, Germany
Mood: Sehr gut.. been shopping... am one happy bunny!
Peak Agenda: Ooppsy .. i know.. i know.. was supposed to update while in Colmar but didnt get to do it.. by the time we got into Colmar, i was too excited to explore the old town.. we are now in Dusseldorf where hubs will be busy once again with the oil and gas exhibition... it feels like yesterday since we last came here... two years ago we were here for the same reason.. someone came to Dusseldorf too .. humpfff!

ANYWAY.. the drive to Colmar took us close to 6hrs.. was a pretty long drive but it was so worth it.. i hv always been a big fan of road trip.. remember the time when i was close to 8 months preggie and took a road trip with hubs to Bangkok? hehe no wonder Sonia is so good with road trips too :o)

Anyhow to those that are so familiar with Colmar in Malaysia.. if u hv the chance.. do visit Colmar in France cos its a "country theme lover" heaven lol.. i think if i was still into rustic country.. i wud go super crazy there.. they go fm rustic country to french country to american country to shabby chic.. all the country styles that u are into lol.. i did go crazy for a moment going to two different Maison du Monde stores three times and lugging out with 6 bags each time i walked out of my fav store :op

So ok.. enjoy the pics below taken on the first day in Colmar.. i will hv to divide my Colmar entry to maybe 3 parts cos there are so so many pics that i wud love to share... pics of Dusseldorf  err shud i be taking pics of ducks and playing in the garden again ? hehehe

Colmar was founded in the 9th century. This was the location where the Carolingian Emperor Charles the Fat held a diet in 884. Colmar was granted the status of a free imperial city by Emperor Frederick II in 1226. In 1354 it joined the Décapole city league. The city adopted the Protestant Reformation in 1575, long after the northern neighbours of Strasbourg and Sélestat. During the Thirty Years' War, it was taken by the Swedish army in 1632, who held it for two years. In 1548 Josel of Rosheim urged the Reichskammergericht court to repeal the Colmar market ban for Jewish merchants.
The city was finally conquered by France under King Louis XIV in 1673 and officially ceded by the 1679 Treaties of Nijmegen. With the rest of Alsace, Colmar was annexed by the newly formed German Empire in 1871 as a result of the Franco-Prussian War and incorporated into the Alsace-Lorraine province. It returned to France after World War I according to the 1919 Treaty of Versailles, was annexed by Nazi Germany in 1940, and then reverted to French control after the battle of the "Colmar Pocket" in 1945. Colmar has been continuously governed by conservative parties since 1947, the Popular Republican Movement (1947–1977), the Union for French Democracy (1977–1995) and the Union for a Popular Movement (since 1995), and has had only three mayors during that time.
The Colmar Treasure, hidden during the Black Death, was discovered here in 1863. - wikipedia

Ok a little infor up there is for me to read again when i go thru my old entry .. its always good to know the history behind the place that we visit.. agree? hehe and pic above is my personal fav simply bec it reminds me of the time when i was into country theme.. back then i wud bring home at least a couple of wreaths... today? hehe i still do but only two wreaths ahaks

Sonia's fav! well good actually cos at least it filled up her tummy... there wasnt anything that we cud eat .. there wasnt any halal kebab around either.. blahhh....the first night we ended up munching on bread, crepes and salad :o(

Their Christmas market.. the smell of pine trees - love it!

And since we got into Colmar late... our day in Colmar was shortened and bef we knew it... it was almost Magrib.. pic abv is one of their many Christmas markets there... love going to all.. one of them was a Christmas market for children. Sonia enjoyed the kinder christmas market alot.. why? cos she get to go on horse rides and look at rabbits and sheep :o)

Just like our Ramadhan Bazaar... they open early and close late.. some sell christmas cookies... some sell table mats... some sell all things associated with candles... for food? what else besides hot dogs and also sauerkraut hehe

Christmas tree ornaments

... more christmas tree ornaments lol

So ok .. i promise i will update again tmrw morning... its past midnight now and i am so so sleepy... see ya!


Yan said...

Hi Rima, thanks for bringing me to Colmar France. Years ago i went to Colmar Malaysia but looking at ur beautiful pics, how i wish i could go there too.. Take care!

Anonymous said...

Salam Rima,wahhh..byk borong ya...I'm sure you are one happy bunny now:-)
Actually ada halal shop kat situ.Within walking distance aje dari gerai2 tu but I didn't try sbb masa found out tu baru lepas minum petang so mcm kekenyangan.Kesian,I should have whatsapp you abt it..sorry...
Ok dear,take care and keep on jamu us with beautiful pictures..
TQ Rima..

-<@ * Liana * @>- said...

bestnye..tapi selalu tempat macam ni yang akan saya was2 ialah tang makanan dia tu. Any tips kalau pegi tmpt di europe utk dapatkan makanan yang halal? Sbb kengkadang kat negara omputih ni nak makan roti dia pun kene pk dulu sebab ada setengah roti diorang boh lard..huhu...Kengkadang macam hubby kata terpaksa tawakal je bila pegi tempat2 omputih. Tak makan nanti memang akan kelaparan pula.

emma marini said...

Nice place to visit....seronoknya kalau dapat peluang ke sini...

Don't Afraid to Try said...


sorry, jz my 2 cents...islam itu mudah..jgn terlalu was2/risau kalau u travel oversea ttg makanan...insyaALLAH roti selalunya boleh mkn...ssh2 sgt cari je roti banquet yg keras tu..klu kt terlalu was2, kt sendiri yg terseksa..dh la klu travel musim sejuk plk, yg kt selalu lapar...waffle2 pn boleh mkn..yg pntg yakin..

sy selalu travel, so dh biasa dgn situasi mcm ni...we learn from experience ok..even in msia pn kt xtau bende tu btl2 halal or x,,kdg2 cop halal tipu..

Don't Afraid to Try said...


another thing, kt europe ni selalunya byk sgt stall2 arab yg jual kebab2 nih...insyaALLAH halal..lg satu, u boleh jugak makan kt kedai yakin sikit kt kedai indian ni sebab dieorg mmg agak strict...they didnt eat meat...n they have vege menu...u can order rice with vege curry/vege briani...xpun u boleh mkn fish & chips / fries...semoga dpt membantu..

Anonymous said...

hi kak rima

been in Colmar few years back during I was a student in germany, but it was summer at that time..

bestnya dapat pergi Weinachtsmarkt, missing butter bretzel as well


Hihie said...

Hi kak Rima,
my first time posting here although i have followed ur blog for quite some shy2.heee...
please do share banyak banyak banyak lagi gambar in Colmar. ;) it was supposed to be included in my itinerary during my trip to germany last x kesampaian :(.we ended up just pegi Strasbourg sbb dah kepenatan berskiing (ski lah sgt.posing je ;p) kat Feldberg the day before.sangat terkilan....

u are my inspiration kak rima.will definitely work hard to earn huge bucks n boleh jalan2 like u :).oh and to bake hard too ;D

Have fun for the rest of your holiday!


Rima said...

Insyallah.. kalau ade umur and rezki.. boleh lah go to Colmar in France.. go time december.. lagi cantik tempat ni

Rima said...

kita jumpa.. memang walking distant ajer dgn hotel kita.. close to Maison but kedai dia kosong.. cuma ade halal sign ajer huhu

Rima said...

Theres not much tip actually.. if u was was u can always stay in an apartment where u can cook ur own food.. i do that whenever my hubs kena outstation kat sesuatu tempat yg agak lama.. we will always stay kat apartment.. cari halal meat and bring a few things fm home.. kadang tu kat negeri omputih ni.. ade ade ajer yg kita nak makan.. sampai maggie pun boleh terbayang bayang tau.. so pack an extra bag just for barang runcit..

Now abt eating bread.. if theres no halal stuff to eat.. u hv to fill up ur tummy somehow.. so bread is best.. if u sorang tak per.. if u hv kids.. no matter what.. all u want to do is to keep their tummy full :o)

Rima said...

Insyallah.. i hv been to the states.. i hv been to europe.. much prefer europe cos byk historic building.. kat states ni aper ade.. cuma factory outlet ajer hahaha

Rima said...

Ty for ur comment dont be afraid to try.. french loaf to is the best of cos.. i carry it everywhere cos its my fav

Yes u learn fm experience.. i travel so often that after i got sonia.. i much prefer to stay in an apartment.. she kerap nak makan her pasta so dari duk jln kaki kesana sini waktu sejuk sejuk.. i prefer to just boil olive oil and salt and campak kan si pasta

Rima said...

memang best kan suasana cam gini.. cuba suruh kita pindah europe.. mati hidup tak rela hahaha

Rima said...

welcome welcome.. dont be shy ok.. am just another baker who works hard and play hard too hehe..

Insyallah.. ade rezki n diberi kan kesihatan u can go on hols too.. i think if its not bec my hubs kerap kena gi europe.. i dont think i will be able to travel this much.. alhamdullilah.. always an eye opener bila dapat gi negeri orang :o)

-<@ * Liana * @>- said...

Rima and Don't Afraid. Thanks for sharing the info :-D Sebagai panduan and tips :-)

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