Sickly Monday - Blueberry and Blackberry Financiers

Oh no i think.. i think.. its coming.. my head is spinning.. my body is feeling a little weak.. probably its the time of the month but again i know my body far too well .. something aint right .. am glad that i have baked mac shells yesterday for wed order or else..... will hv to take it easy for the next couple of days so that i can be fit for coming weekends' orders..

Hi everyone.. how was the weekend? did anything out of the ordinary?? for us its same old same old thing.. Yesterday was a full on day at home.. i woke up early to cook lontong.. ayam masak merah, sambal goreng and also prepared putri salat for breakkie.. baked mac shells in the afternoon followed by this super duper simple Friands.. hubs helped me clean our place and by 4pm the temp maid that hubs hired came by to iron some of the laundry that by then looked like 3x Mount Faber lol.. Anyway after 4hrs.. she only managed to finish half of it.. "shrug"...

Friand Pastry aka Financier.. i usually will bake it whenever i hv fresh berries in my fridge.. in this case. i did it bec i had all the ingredients right infront of my nose.. not complicated at all.. no need any mixer.. just use a fork to whisk ur egg white for 30 sec.. use ur spatula to add all the other ingredients .. bake it and voila.. u got urself something to munch in the evening..

100g butter (i use unsalted butter and added a pinch of salt)
4 large egg whites (abt 120g)
45g (1/4 cup plus 2 1/2 teaspoons) plain flour
140g (1 cup) pure icing sugar
85g (2/3 cup, lightly pressed into the cup with the back of a spoon) almond meal
About 40g (about 30 large) blueberries/blackberries
1 tsp vanilla extract
Extra icing sugar, for dusting

- Preheat oven to 190 degrees Celsius (170 degrees Celsius fan-forced). If you are not using a fan-forced oven, adjust the oven rack to the middle position so the friands brown evenly.
- Grease a six hole (1/3 cup capacity holes) non-stick oval friand pan, or six individual 1/3 cup capacity friand pans. If you don't have a friand pan, you could use a muffin pan with 1/3 cup capacity holes. (I used 1/4 cup of batter on each and get 9 friands)
- Melt butter and set aside to cool to lukewarm - i let it boil till my melted butter turned a little brown.
- In a medium bowl, beat egg whites with a fork or whisk until foamy (about 30 seconds)
- Sift flour, icing sugar and almond meal into the bowl with the egg whites
- Stir ingredients together until just combined.
- Add the melted butter to the bowl and stir until just combined.
- Divide mixture evenly among the holes of the prepared pan. Place about five blueberries in a cluster in the centre of each friand.
- Bake for about 25 minutes, or until the friands are a light golden colour and spring back when lightly pressed. A thin-bladed knife or wooden skewer inserted into the centre of a friand should come out without any raw-looking batter attached.
- Remove friands from the oven and allow to stand in the pan for five minutes.
-Run a knife around the outside of each friand to loosen before turning them out. Serve warm, dusted with icing sugar, or place on a wire rack to cool.
-Store cooled friands in an airtight container at cool room temperature or in the refrigerator. To serve, bring to room temperature or warm in the microwave, and then dust liberally with icing sugar

"A financier is a small French cake, often mistaken for a pastry. The financier is a light, moist teacake, similar to sponge cake, and usually contains almond flour, crushed or ground almonds, or almond flavoring. The basis of the cake itself is beurre noisette (brown butter), egg whites, powdered sugar and flour. Financiers are often baked in shaped molds. The name "financier" is said to derive from the traditional rectangular mold, which resembles a bar of gold. Another theory says that the cake became popular in the financial district of Paris surrounding La Bourse du Commerce (the former name of the Paris stock exchange).
Financiers are often served topped with whipped cream, berries, or other fruit, and served accompanied by ice cream or other frozen confections. Financier pans are traditionally rectangular; however, other shapes are not uncommon." wikipedia

Have a good week peeps and stay healthy..


Anie said...


Ramai blogger yg tgh sakit2 this time of the yr kan. Berjangkit thru cyber kot. Macam gini kena run anti virus software lah kan hehehez.

Anyway, take care...hope u feel better soon, makan ubat and lots of water. Tak boleh makan financier ni byk2...kasi dkt I sudah lah :ppp

Rima said...

Muahahaha.. Macam mana nak kasi lepas makan ber bar bar terus pala ku noneng.. I think I shud do the same.. Hv to run anti virus ahaks!

Nurwin Heny said...

Hi Rima
I was at Yat's blog and saw that she's not well. Now you are under the weather too. Take care, ok. Jangan lupa makan ubat nya. :)

Yat Maria said...


u too?..tis the season well ok..for those orders dah line up kan..hehe...i love financiers too tapi skrg tekak feel like eating tomyum..nak yg hot2 punya..i shall draf my a** and selongkar the freezer..hopefully ada la bahan2

Ibu Darwisy said...

get well soon.. nyummehhh

Rima said...

Tengah musim ni.. With the bossa song playing kat starbucks ni noneng ku ni rasa kureng sikit.. Jgn nanti balik rumah pala ku fening lalat again huhu

Rima said...

Alamak babe.. Tom yam memang lah sedap kannnn.. Kat rumah ku segala macam seafood pun ader... Maybe I shud cook that lah tonight.. Semalam dah makan super heavy.. Kena slow sikit or else seluar ku makin ketat..

Financier memang sedap.. Simple cake.. Buat ah.. Boleh suap dude... Auwwwwww hahaha

Rima said...

Ibu Darwisy
Ty... Need to learn how to rest..

Anonymous said...

Take care Rima. Rest more.


Rima said...

Will do Sally.. took my medication and will rest as soon as sonia goes to bed..

CT Delima said...

As'salam Rima

take care dear, biasalah musim sakit2 ni kot. harap tak berlanjutan lah ya.

Emm..nampak sedap, senang jer nak buat tu. Tapi kena tunggu rajin kot baru nak mengodek kat dapur. ni pun tengah mood malas jer rasa..hihi

KG said...

was thinking about your apple compote finacier, maybe i opt for this senang sikit...ngelat selalu i ni!take care rima!

ijayuji said...

Salam kak rima cayang! aduhaiiiii mmg lately byk yg kena flu, hati2 ya sbb skrg ni musim influenza, kita ni dah lomah kepala lutut sbb 2 org dah kena demam2 runny nose coughing, mcm2 melodi ada dlm umah nii, akak jgn lupa mkn ubat jgn lupa pakai mask kalau jalan2 kat luar tak pun duk ajer kat umah diam2 ^______^

Rima said...

memang the time time bulan mengambang selalu buat kita malas nak buat aper aper.. i also the same.. perut sakit ni.. tengah lepak lepak.. nak tido mata tak leh tertutup.. no biasa tido siang

Rima said...

tastewise yg apple compote tu lagi lah shiok but if malas pi letak berries sudah lah.. by the end of the day.. masuk mulut anak anak haha

Rima said...

tengah musim agak nye.. ni tengok ni. dah gelap gelita kat sini.. kejap lagi sure hujan lebat one.. kejap panas.. kejap hujan..

Tutup mulut bila keluar rumah.. adehhh tak cun lah cam ni hahaha

Ummu Madihah said...

Salam Rima,

Harap sudah sihat. Akak newcomer, sekadar silent observer saja sblm ni. Seronok tengok foto2 yg begitu cantik hinggakan org yg kurang suka dok dapur mcm akak teruja tengok semua yg u masak! Mcm timbul pula minat masak - have yet to prove myself! Congrats for a wonderful blog!!


ijan said...

Salam Kak Rima,
I always love your food pictures. They are so pretty :)
Never tried this before but love the shapes. Cute je baking mould tu :)

Unknown said...

it looks so simple & yummy..i wanna try i wanna try.....


Anonymous said...

Salam Rima,banyakkan rehat ya Rima.Makan ubat then tidur,hopefully esok you feel better.insyaAllah...
wah,you dah rasmikan pan ni,knur masih belum guna.masih berbungkus with the brown paper..hehe..maybe weekend ni knur bake financiers,Lily is coming home....happy sangat ni :-)
Take good care of yourself ya...

Trying To Be Muslim.. said...

Kak Rima.....take care tau...take time to rest....mmmm nak suruh akak tidur je spjg hari tak tergamak lak...hmm...but pls have rest taw.....

Owh...terasa sgt mcm munch financiers akak tu tgh mlm2 bute ni, smbil bw....hahahahhaha.....

Rima said...

Ty .. It's good to know that my blog menimbul kan niat.. Best tau.. Can makan makan anytime

Rima said...

Salam Ijan
Ty.. This is a simple one.. Macam buat muffin.. Any newbie can do it.. That mould I am not too sure if u can find it here but u can always pakai muffin mould yg round or oval shape.... Happy baking!

Rima said...

U shud! It's a no fail recipe hehe

Rima said...

Hehe dah pecah dara.. Niat nak beli dua but no hv.. Lucky u pass to me one or else ku tak dapat this mould..

Lily coming home? Regards to her ok.. Tell her aunty Rima dah buat financier.. Nanti nak try that copper mould .. That one I hv to find bee wax bef ku Guna kan.. It's for better browning.. Katanyeeee hehe

Rima said...

Ty dear.. Semalam satu hari tak masuk dapur.. Rehat rehat.. Tdy cannot must go back to dapur n I am feeling much better..

Buat ah ayu.. Senang ajer.. Kocok egg white macam Kocok telur buat telur dadar haha

Unknown said... kes orang terlebih telur putih! bagi orang yang telurnya intact, boleh tak kita buat resipi ini masuk whole egg, Puan Rima?

Rima said...

Dr H
If u pakai whole egg sudah tentu tidak boleh.. Financier ni memang pakai egg white sahaja.. If u pakai whole egg nanti kejadiannye .. Rasa nye.. Texturenye macam kek

Lady Windsor said...

Salam Rima,
Harap segalanya baik2 saja buat Rima dan Sonia di sana..saya actually silent reader di sini tapi kali ini harus dinyataka terima kasih tak terhingga kerana Financier ini. Last 2 yrs i went to UK and ate something like financier ini. I bought 6 packs bawa balik KL dan tercari-cari kuih ini di mana saja saya pergi. Tapi x ketemu. Tiba-tiba bila lihat financier ini..omg rupa dan rasa (saya agak2 berdasarkan resipi Rima itu) mungkin hampir sama dengan kuih yg saya makan di sana. Akan dicuba weekend ini...thanks a lot! :)

Alice said...

hi Rima, I nvr eat financier b4, is the texture the same as madeleines?
yours looks so tempting :)

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