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Just thought i'd share this little news.. u know what happened in Barca, and to me whatever happen there.. i will leave there.. be it good or bad... however a few days ago bef i put Sonia to bed .. Sonia and i had this conversation which made me feel sad for a reason.. a reason that at that time made me feel so so upset that i wished Sonia had never gotten to know any other bibik other than my own two sisters.. i know it sounds bad but thats how i felt that day when someone crushed my innocent girl's heart!

Sonia: "Mama .. i want my ipad"
Me : "Your ipad?? papa said he will get it for u once the stock is in"
Sonia: "Hmmm.. Bibik took it away.. bibik wants to play with Sonia's ipad.. maybe if Sonia says.. pleeeeease bibik .. can i hv my ipad back?... maybe bibik will gv back my ipad"

I went quiet....

Sonia: "Mama.. maybe Sonia say pleeeeaassssssse bibik.. bibik will gv me my ipad"

She repeated that sentence a couple of times bef she finally drank her milk and went straight to bed.. I got tears in my eyes that night.. I tried not to show it to her or she would ask me why i felt sad... :o(

That night i felt so lousy.. i felt angry.. i felt like giving that woman a tight slap.. it was the same day that i had piped close to 1000 mac shells.. i was tired and hb wasnt around to comfort me.. :o{ How someone can treat a 3 year old with such guilt-free and inconsiderate actions is beyond me...

Hb flew in fm Hanoi safely Friday evening.. told him what happened and we drove straight to one of the Apple outlets fm the airport and guess what??!! We managed to secure the long awaited ipad2... FINALLY.. we were lucky that evening and u shud see the look on Sonia's face.. her eyes lit up instantly and said "thank you papa" right after hb handed it to her...

Mama and Papa are happy... Sonia is happy too... hopefully after this she will not talk abt what happen in Barca anymore..

Bef i go i wud appreciate if we just drop this touchy subject.. Sonia got what she wanted and lets bygone be bygone.. we grow fm what happens..


Anybody missed me?? heheh.. I know i hv been missing in action.. i miss blogging and i miss blog walking.. my time was super tight fm the day hb left for Vietnam.. i did however manage to squeeze some time to take Sonia out and to meet up with both my sis for coffee..

Anyway we got into KL a few hrs ago.. did a stop at Putra Mahkota and Bangi to drop off two orders and here we are in Concorde.. finally.. i can put up my feet and just chill.. am really looking forward to that!

So here are a few pics that i managed to take while i was busy baking away.. this time around my KL orders are all abt colours and not only abt fillings hahaha.. in fact almost all the emails sounded the same.. "Cant wait to see ur colourful macs!" hahha..

Its all abt colours! loveeee how all the colours turned out just the way i wanted it to be!

Alhamdullilah.. no hiccups...

Baking with Mastrad and Silpat - dont know what i will do without em lol

Macs - all ready bef piping fillings according to my customers request

Colourful and vibrant! love it!

This time around i managed to prepare a few types of fillings.. valrhona chocolate, espresso coffee, teh tarik, salted caramel, lemon curd and also orange curd..

My thanks to Sabaria who i met last wed to collect her macs, Ema who i met in Putra Mahkota for ordering macs and two types of kek lapis - it was nice to meet another"drifter"ahahaha.. to KZuri who i met in Bangi for ordering macs and kek lapis- u dont look ur age kak! jeles kita! hehhe.. to Munie and mom for the macs order.. hope u girls like it! to Reen and three of her friends for the repeat mac orders.. u can pick up anytime dear.. to Aida for the repeat mac order.. cant wait to see u kids and yes i got u ur valrhona buttons! hehhe to Nasha for ordering macs.. see u soon dear!

Well ok.. we are heading out.. hopefully i will be able to blog walk tonight and say hi to my fellow bloggers!

As for the Mac sheets, unfortunately the shipment did not arrive yet... but it should be here this coming week and once I return to Singapore I hope to be able to send them out...thanks to all the people who purchased! (I think there is 1 last piece left of the 30pc that I ordered in)...Thank you!


Seriously i am so darn tired that i dont even know what i am writing anymore.. i kept on typing and kept on deleting.. arghhh... lets make this an easy one for me... i finally baked the cake that i hv been thinking abt since last year... kept on talking abt it with hb till yesterday bef he flew to Hanoi he told me that maybe i shud just baked it since i need to use my egg white for my macs.. so thats what i did after i baked today's order.. i cracked 50 eggs.. whipped 800g of butter and ahuh.. ITS ALL WORTH IT!! hehehe...

Today i decided to go easy.. i was feeling a little frustrated for whatever reason.. perhaps with so many things going on.. my mind is constantly thinking abt all the upcoming orders.. is it gonna be ok?? am i gonna hv any probs with my macs?? can i bake all my layer cakes on time?? can Sonia be able to behave?? arghhhh so so many stuff and to make it worst.. hb is not around :o(

Anyway since today i declare a no bake day.. i decided to take Sonia to go go bambini.. had Ben and Jerry at Dempsey Rd and had late lunch at Far East.. i took Shiela along so that Sonia will hv someone to talk to while i'm driving.. did her nails in pink and went to Toy R Us to get her a new set of playdoh.. she lovessss it!! I later drove to the florist which i hv not done in the longest time.. bought a bunch of white lily's .. a bunch of green and purple orchids and also bought another bunch of flowers which i dont even know the name hehe.. honestly.. looking at all the nicely arrange flowers in my house makes me feel all good.. i told hb that i hv to go and get flowers to make myself feel better and sure enough right now i feel at ease..

So ok back to this super uber recipe.. awesome taste.. awesome texture and yes.. u girls shud someday try and bake this layer cake by Pak Hadi Tuwendi.. menyeramkan di kantong dan kadar kolestrol hehehe

700g butter
100g hollman butter (creamy butter)
1g salt - i used 1 tsp
440g powdered sugar - i used castor sugar
5 tbsp sweetened condensed milk
1 tbsp Vanilla powder

900g egg yolk (4kg eggs/50 eggs)

6g of seasoning spekuk - i used 1/2 tsp
190g flour

Pitted prunes

- Cubed butter and placed it in ur fridge...
- Preheat oven 175C.. greased 22x22cm pan.. i used 8x8"
- In a stand mixer.. whisk cold butter, sugar, vanilla powder and condense milk using medium high speed (speed no 6) for abt 12 mins
- Add in ingredients B and continue to whisk using low speed (speed no 2) til the eggs is mix. Do not whisk too long, turn off the mixer. (i decided to whisk using high speed for 10 mins)
- Add in sifted ingredients C.. stirring until well blended (i used low speed to mix my flour mixture)
- Once done.. u can start to bake ur layer cake.. u can either use a 1/2 cup of batter for every layer or weigh it like me.. 91g for each layer.. every 4th layer i will add pitted prunes.. bake each layer for 7 mins using upper fire/ grill mode.

So thats it girls.. tmrw is gonna be crazy but am still hoping that i will hv the time to see both my sister and an old friend for coffee on thursday evening.. till then.. see u soon!

Oh bef i go.. Thank you Janna for this order.. hope the bday party is gonna be a hit! hehe


Bef i start blabbering at this wee hr of the night.. i wanna congratulate those who managed to get their hands on the mastrad silicone mat.. it was snapped up within 24hrs and i cant wait for the shipment to arrive sometime this week.. will also update those who had requested to be updated on the next silicone mat shipment.. ty guys!

A quick update.. another 10pcs of Mastrad silicone mat are available.. so be quick! tks!

Sooo... hows the weekend?? it was one hectic wkend for me.. not so much abt baking.. its more like I had to run some errands since hb has to fly to HCM today for some urgent matter and will only fly back fm Hanoi on friday.. yikes .. tell me abt it! however he did suggest that both Sonia and I fly to Hanoi on wednesday but i chose not to since i hv committed to a few orders for the next couple of days.. not just that.. i hv to start baking for my KL orders fm wednesday onwards since we will be in KL this Sunday and will be there for a week.. commitments .. commitments... not good to cancel orders which i had committed a month ago.. oh well.. thats ok.. i enjoy what i am doing.. baking is like .. is like... ahhhhh difficult to explain hehe.. I am praying for good health.. I pray that i will not have difficulty handling lots while hb is away.. Insyallah..

Sooo whats with this Ben10 bday cake that Sonia is holding?? heheh well i hd a bday cake order yesterday and of cos when mama is baking ben10 cake.. sonia will definately hv a small Ben10 cake too.. its like she gets to celebrate "birthday" all year round lol.. oh well.. as long as shes happy!

Hairi on the other hand was in KL with his band members for a gig.. he got home ard 5pm fm KL complaining that he had to "pay" something to the malaysian immigration officer cos he accidentally lost his white card.. tsk tsk.. the officer told hairi that the only way for him to get his passport back was to make a police report at the police station somewhere in JB .. hairi of cos tried to talk his way out and told the officer that he had to report back to his camp by 6pm and thats where the officer suggested to hairi to place some cash in his passport.. sighhh... hairi had to gv him $50 sg dollars just so he could get back his passport.. gessshhhh .. honestly this kinda stuff will never change.. cos i have seen this kind of bad activities since i was young :o(

Ok ok.. i better stop talking abt it.. makes me feel sick thinking abt this.. i wanna thank Fadzilah for ordering TCCC Ben10 bday cake.. happy bday Matin .. aunty hope u had a great day ..

Valrhona double chocolate, salted caramel, lemon and orange curd macs.. ty Nurfaizah for this order and congrats on ur new Mastrad toys hehe..

So ok.. i am not too sure if i hv the time to update everyday.. will try tho.. till then.. i am gonna enjoy my time alone with my little princess tmrw.. she wants her nails done and mama needs a hair cut hehe.. hv a pruductive week ahead peeps and insyallah i will try to reply to all my emails by this week..



I am super excited... finally the goodies are here and i finally got to bake my macs in this super awesome Mastrad silicone mat!! I Loveeeeeee it so so much.. i got to bake a lot more macs in one go and the best part i didnt hv to do all the round prints using my cocoa powder.. ahhhh dont u just love this kinda of inventions.. the mat just needs to be greased once before first use and after that no more. Its about 42cm x 33cm in size so fits just nice in my oven... size of each macaron is 35mm. Interestingly it comes with one recipe as well (havent tried tho)... anyway besides the silicon mat.. i got to try my hands on the Mastrad piping bag .. that needs a bit more getting used to - so i will report more on that next week...

Powder colouring that i bought in one of the bakery supply stores in Barcelona.. hehhe i told ya no matter where i go .. i will .. somehow.. someway find a bakery supply store .. its like finding a treasure in different country hehehe I spend over EUR80 on colouring...geez... the gold, bronze and silver got me wild! I used the purple today which you can see below...

Macs using Italian method.. shinier shells (bef bake)

Macs using swiss meringue method.. (bef bake)

Macs using french method... dual colour

I baked this cake twice in two days.. what does that tell ya?? hehe.. love it!! first cake i baked in my 8x8" pan using chocolate emulco and the 2nd cake i baked in two loaf pans using valrhona cocoa powder.

8 eggs
200g brown sugar
200g butter - melted
200g Hong Kong flour
1 tsp vanilla essence
4 tbsp condensed milk
1 tbsp ovalette
chocolate paste/chocolate emulco

Preheat oven 180C.. prepare 8" pan
In stand mixer whisk eggs, brown sugar, sifted hong kong flour, condensed milk and also ovalette on high speed till fluffy - batter leaves trail
Add in melted butter and continue to whisk on medium speed till combined
Divide batter into two parts.. or take 1/4 batter and add chocolate emulco
Pour batter alternately and bake for abt 45mins

Source: Syanti

Before u guys get too excited abt this cake.. lemme just tell u that i didnt bake this cake.. i wish i cud tho... look at the cake.. doesnt it look like a bark of a tree?? Well thats how it shud be.. they dont call Baumkuchen "Tree Cake" for no reason ey.. its baked on a spit.. u can read all abt it on here.. (theres a recipe too if u wanna try) i did however take these photos hehhe.. i had to ask hb to go and get it for me in Berlin since thats where it all started at Konditorei Rabien in 1878.. had to try the original version of it.. had to just compare with the one that is being sold here - Juchheim...

The verdict?? not the same.. this cake is much more denser than the one here.. not spongy at all and almost like eating lapis cake .. dryer version of lapis cake i must say... hb thinks its nice.. but again he likes any European cakes just like Sacher Torte which to me is a little dry for my liking.. i will someday bake Sacher the indon way and see if it tastes any different..

Anyway enough abt Rabien Baumkuchen .. i know its late but i wanna wish every teacher in the world.. happy teachers day... of cos its especially dedicated to a few of my cousins who have been teaching all their life... i bet this is a special day for ur students cos this is the day where u guys are happy and wont punish ur students hahahah

So ok thats it... i hope i will hv the time to bake something for the family tomorrow and share new recipes with my readers... to Fadzilah.. ty for this order.. she had ordered it bef we left for Spain.. hope Matin n his classmates like these Ben10 cuppies!


Home sweet Home again... had wanted to post the last few pics while there but unfortunately blogspot took a few days off and wouldnt allow me to update my blog.. not just that.. my last post "ole ole ole" got lost somewhere together with all my comments! sigh.. when i got home i noticed they managed to retrieve my last post but lost all the comments in it.. oh well.. as long as i got my last post back.. am happy..

Our flight back home was a smooth one.. didnt even hv to do any transit in Milan.. was a direct 12 and half hrs flight so it wasnt a tiring one... sonia was sleeping soundly in the plane and stopped talking abt her iPad altogether.. alhamdullilah.. we got a surprise "anniversary" cake while in the plane courtesy of Sabaria who works with the airline lol.. didnt even know what to say when one of the flight stewardesses came to us and congratulated us on our anniversary hahha.. it wasnt even our anniversary but of cos with a cake in hand we couldnt simply refuse it lol.. ty sabaria for ur kind gasture.. its in our fridge and will hv it later with our afternoon coffee..

So ok lets get on with the last few days in Barcelona... we did a few more touristy thingy.. went to their beach but didnt take any pics cos i didnt wanna lug around my camera at the beach.. went to Mount Tibidabo and also to La Sagrada Familia..

La Sagrada Familia or Holy Family Church is Gaudi's most ambitious work and even after his death the construction is still ongoing.

"The Basílica i Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Família (Catalan pronunciation: [səˈɣɾaðə fəˈmiɫiə]; English: Basilica and Expiatory Church of theHoly Family, Spanish: Basílica y Templo Expiatorio de la Sagrada Familia), commonly known as the Sagrada Família, is a large Roman Catholic church in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain, designed by Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí (1852–1926). Although incomplete, the church is a UNESCO World Heritage Site,[4] and in November 2010 was consecrated and proclaimed a minor basilica by Pope Benedict XVI.[5][6][7]

Though construction of Sagrada Família had commenced in 1882, when Gaudí took over the project in 1883 he transformed it with his architectural and engineering style—combining Gothic and curvilinear, Modernista forms[8]with ambitious structural columns and arches.[9][10]

Gaudí devoted his last years to the project and at the time of his death in 1926, less than a quarter of the project was complete.[11] Sagrada Família's construction progressed slowly as it relied on private donations and was interrupted by the Spanish Civil War—only to resume intermittent progress in the 1950s. Construction passed the mid-point in 2010 with some of the project's greatest challenges remaining[11] and an anticipated completion date of 2026—the centennial of Gaudí's death. The basílica has a long history of dividing the citizens of Barcelona—over the initial possibility it might compete with Barcelona's cathedral, over Gaudí's design itself,[12] over the possibility that work after Gaudí's death disregarded his design,[12] and the recent possibility that an underground tunnel of Spain's high-speed train could disturb its stability.[13]"

Caption is fm Wikipedia

We later drove to the Tibidabo Mountain.. while driving up hb told me it felt like driving on Greenhill road lol (in Adelaide) .. pic abv was a view from one of the stops along the mountain..

At the top of the mountain Tibidabo is the Temple de Segrat Cor and also an amusement park which was a delight to my little girl.. we didnt tell her abt the amusement park of cos and u can imagine how she was when she saw the carousel :op

This amusement park was built in 1889 and a lot of the rides date back to this time giving the park a whimsical feel..

One of the adult rides which was closed on the day we were there..

Hb who simply loves anything that has got to do with airplanes was in awe with this one..Its a plane ride that uses its own engine and propeller to make it go around and around...

We took the ride of cos and this ride wasnt inclusive in the entrance fee.. take a look at the ticket and toilet.. so oldish hehe

View fm Tibidabo Mountain.. spectacular!

There was a playground of cos!

She took this ride a total of 5 times!

Tea cups... i remember my dad used to take me and my sisters to one of the amusement parks in Singapore.. as a child i loved to ride in tea cups.. this one brought back memories.. i wonder if anyone out there even remembers the existence of Gay World/ Happy World and New World amusement parks in Sg.. hmmm

Sonia and her little friend.. each time she gets to interact with other kids.. be it at the playground our even in the plane or even in the mall.. she will start to talk to them.. in English of cos whether the other child can understand her or not lol.. she will say this to me.. "Mama.. this is my new friend" .. awwww next year she will hv more friends when she goes to kinder..

Lastly.. i am so gonna miss Barcelona.. the ppl.. the coffee.. the dessert.. the sun that never goes down till 9pm and the shops that only close at 10pm lol.. err well except their siesta time for abt 3 hrs in the afternoon :op

..... Thank you all for taking this trip with me.. for leaving comments.. am glad to share all this with u guys and for putting a smile on my face when i was feeling a little upset with u know who!


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