S$50 for.....??

Bef i start blabbering at this wee hr of the night.. i wanna congratulate those who managed to get their hands on the mastrad silicone mat.. it was snapped up within 24hrs and i cant wait for the shipment to arrive sometime this week.. will also update those who had requested to be updated on the next silicone mat shipment.. ty guys!

A quick update.. another 10pcs of Mastrad silicone mat are available.. so be quick! tks!

Sooo... hows the weekend?? it was one hectic wkend for me.. not so much abt baking.. its more like I had to run some errands since hb has to fly to HCM today for some urgent matter and will only fly back fm Hanoi on friday.. yikes .. tell me abt it! however he did suggest that both Sonia and I fly to Hanoi on wednesday but i chose not to since i hv committed to a few orders for the next couple of days.. not just that.. i hv to start baking for my KL orders fm wednesday onwards since we will be in KL this Sunday and will be there for a week.. commitments .. commitments... not good to cancel orders which i had committed a month ago.. oh well.. thats ok.. i enjoy what i am doing.. baking is like .. is like... ahhhhh difficult to explain hehe.. I am praying for good health.. I pray that i will not have difficulty handling lots while hb is away.. Insyallah..

Sooo whats with this Ben10 bday cake that Sonia is holding?? heheh well i hd a bday cake order yesterday and of cos when mama is baking ben10 cake.. sonia will definately hv a small Ben10 cake too.. its like she gets to celebrate "birthday" all year round lol.. oh well.. as long as shes happy!

Hairi on the other hand was in KL with his band members for a gig.. he got home ard 5pm fm KL complaining that he had to "pay" something to the malaysian immigration officer cos he accidentally lost his white card.. tsk tsk.. the officer told hairi that the only way for him to get his passport back was to make a police report at the police station somewhere in JB .. hairi of cos tried to talk his way out and told the officer that he had to report back to his camp by 6pm and thats where the officer suggested to hairi to place some cash in his passport.. sighhh... hairi had to gv him $50 sg dollars just so he could get back his passport.. gessshhhh .. honestly this kinda stuff will never change.. cos i have seen this kind of bad activities since i was young :o(

Ok ok.. i better stop talking abt it.. makes me feel sick thinking abt this.. i wanna thank Fadzilah for ordering TCCC Ben10 bday cake.. happy bday Matin .. aunty hope u had a great day ..

Valrhona double chocolate, salted caramel, lemon and orange curd macs.. ty Nurfaizah for this order and congrats on ur new Mastrad toys hehe..

So ok.. i am not too sure if i hv the time to update everyday.. will try tho.. till then.. i am gonna enjoy my time alone with my little princess tmrw.. she wants her nails done and mama needs a hair cut hehe.. hv a pruductive week ahead peeps and insyallah i will try to reply to all my emails by this week..



Nadz Nazharzan said...

Wow! Lovely cake! And also lovely Sonia you have! So sweet yr daughter...

Ria said...

nk p KL for a week??nk order macaron la..wt sndri asik xjd je..frust2..wt dgn akak konpom jd nye..hehe

anakcikbob said...

rasuah kat negara ni tak kenal tempat.
bawahan, atasan, sama je.
yang sengsara, rakyat+tourists.

Rima said...

Ty for ur compliments.. shes my eye candy hehe

Rima said...

LOL Ria.. if yg order memang selalu akan jadi one hehe

Rima said...

Not only in malaysia.. everywhere pun.. if tak yg bawahan.. yg atasan.. nothing new and i dont think this will ever stop.. :o(

Edi said...

mmg sakit hati bila fikir, kenapalah ade manusia 'serendah' tu nak mintak rasuah kan. but it happens everywhere and when we were trapped in that situation, kite yg mmg taknak bagi pun, terpakse bagi.. takkan la si hairi tu nak pi carik keliling JB polis station.. that police officer tu know very well that he'll just surrender to his 'request'.. teruk betul. duit tu jadik darah daging anak beranak dia jugak. sigh..

nice cake btw! hehehe.. sonia sonia... happy dia dpt kek ben10!

Rima said...

Kita ni asal kena tahan cos of speeding ajer kena hulur $50 ringgit.. sekarang dah up lah.. mintak sg dollars lagi.. haizzz i told hairi u shud hv just put lesser and hairi told me that actually he placed $40 but that officer mintak tambah lagi.. geeshhh can u imagine satu hari berapa dollar dia can collect..

Sonia still suka Ben10 but it looks like nowadays dia tak choose green for her nail colour.. either purple/ pink or blue hehe

Anonymous said...

Hi Rima,

Nice cake :)

Hope Hairi is careful in future. This kinda things happen all the time in my country. Nothing unusual. Previously my relative had to pay S$100 as his passport expiry date was less than 6 months. They refuse to accept any explanation and no other alternative given, except to place the mentioned amount of cash into passport.


Miss Cool said...

wah wah wah sonia ni untung betul lah. ada je tax untuk dia for each cake mak dia buat :D

Mira Marlena said...

Hi Sis,lama tak jenguk sini.I have something to ask you la...
My family nak ke Singapore dlm July nanti.Sis boleh tak bagitau hotel yang berpatutan yang boleh my sister book.Diorang planned nak book dekat Geylang Serai...can u give some suggestions?
Thanks a million!

Rima said...

S$100!! ya rabbi.. lucky hairi tak kena gitu or else terkopak dak hairi kena kasi kenyang perut officer tu..

Careless .. thats my son.. kadang nak marah.. dah tua.. i will salah kan dia lah of cos.. i told him if he tak careless... duit tak terkopak

Rima said...

Hehhe kadang dia tak mintak.. mak dia yg buat kan.. i rather bake for her a small cake there and then rather then dia mintak later after she nampak cake ben10

Rima said...

Lama tak nampak u play play in my house hehe.. can u email me so that i can gv u a few suggestions?

Anonymous said...

Hi Rima,

Biasa only...they using authority and trying to get $$$$ from tourist. next time get Hairi a passport cover which got compartment to keep any cards, etc, then make sure he bring has a paper clip on his passport all the time. so, can clip the loose card. by rite make report in the imigration je. where got time to go find police booth all. haiz...if he comes here again, ask him to be careful of his wallet also, usually banyak pick pockets. so best to keep wallet in front pant pocket and not the back pocket. Last time my relative also pleaded with them to reduce the "fine" but not allowed. they said they are doing big favour for us, so must S$100 and the $$$ cannot pass to their hand. must slip into passport, close passport and return to them.


Mira Marlena said...

I didn't know your email add so instead i'll give u mine boleh?

Thank u sis!

Rima said...

Yep.. Hairi had to do it the same way..

actually u can click kat atas tu.. under contact me heheh.. ok i will email u later..

Anonymous said...

Salam k.Rima,

Sempena dpt toys baru, i dah buat marble cake.
Lembut & best kalau bikin & jadi.. 

My MIL pun suka the weighing scale.. I yg kasi, i yg excited billaa dia nak pakai.. Haaha

Not forgetting ur macs.. My kids kata hamburger kecik. Hee.. Sesuai sangat kakak bagi 3 flavour. Off course kids love double choc, hb jus instantly fall in love dgn the lemon orange curd & i loovee ur salted caramel..
The other time i tot it'll taste salty. Tapi... Mmmm. Yummy!! Heee

Tnx again for rushing my orders..


ijayuji said...

Salam kak rimaaaaaa!!!! nxt time kalau sonia ada kek kecik kalau mummy dia buatkan kek, kita pun nak jugak ya hihihi :D akakkkkkkk!!!!! ajarkan kita buat filling macaron yg masam tu kak!! terasa rasa kat mulut ni masa mengunyah mac akak dulu tuuuu...kita suke inti tu!!!! ajar ya :D ty!

ijayuji said...

btw, kak rima berapa harga mastrad tu kak? itu hari cek kat mystore yilekkkk! ada silpat jerrr :D

Rima said...

It was nice to meet u.. glad to hear ur MIL suka akan itew DS.. wahhhh after this she will be able to bake just abt anything yg timbangan nye angka yg aneh aneh hehe

Glad u and ur family likes it.. u hv kids?? lol i thought u baru kawin..u look so young..

Rima said...

nanti next time i buat filling i will kasi recipe sekali.. now busy banget deh.. tunggu ok..

The mat is back in stock.. managed to get 15 more pcs.. tak tahu belen berapa tu.. if u want u go to my store lah and get it fm there.. dah biasa kan shopping online hahaha

Anonymous said...

Alhamdulillah kenal k.Rima.. Blh blajar mcm2.
Kakak pon nampak muda je.. 

My kids kecil lagi..
My girl 3thn, my son 1yr 9mths.
Walaupun i SAHM mcm kakak, baru skarg free sikit nak buat keje2 lain. Hee..

Btw, hamburger kecik lagi tinggal 1 container.. Hee

Ummi said...

Assalam Rima, woooww what a nice birthday lucky is Sonia to have a mini cake for her everytime mama dia buatkan tuk org lain..hehehe..xpalah asalkan dia bahagia kan..kan.. Gosshh! Kesian Hairi...troublesome pulak dgn karenah org Imigresen...eeemmhhh, memalukan jek dgr tabiat this people...mst nak kena "suap" jgk...adeeii. Btw, happy baking Rima, hope everything will get done on time and Rima sihat2 jugak...Hati-hati di dapur tu yea Rima cayang...jgn pisang berbuah 2x...hehee, tp kalau pisang betul xpa eh..kenyang makan...hahaha

Sizuka said...


Sorry to hear about what happened to Hairi. Yes, some policemen are corrupted beyond words. As a fellow Msian, malu sangat2 dengar macam tu. Menjatuhkan air muka Msia je.

Btw,the ben10 cake looks ubber delicious! Do u think Sonia will share it with me? eh! lupa nak tanya, Sonia still sedih about the ipad? Is she ok now?

Anonymous said...

Salam Rima
Cik cuba order 2 mac bkg sht online tapi tak menjadi. Saya hantar email, sampai tak? So how now?

Rima said...

I bet by now dah habis si burger tu heheh.. tak pe.. i am pretty sure u will find more time if u managed it properly..

Rima said...

Ty for ur doas.. insyallah semoga diberi kesihatan and semoga burger burger ku tak buat hal huhu

Rima said...

U know what.. last night i almost had tears in my eyes.. in fact dah teary pun after i told hb abt it.. bef dia sleep.. she said this to me.. "mama maybe if sonia say please bibik gv back Sonia's Ipad" .. huhu dah lah its almost the time of the month.. sensitive memanjang dah tu sonia cakap gitu.. sedih mak.. shes so so innocent.. tengok lah i got tear in my eyes again!! haizz.. baik i pi tido lagi baik.. :o(

Rima said...

Salam Cik
Today the whole day i was out.. i hv replied to ur email.. tks!

Faeez said...

I terbaca comment Mira di atas. Coincidentally, the other day my brother told me to just highlight to Malaysians who intend to book hotels in Sg that Geylang area is not the same as Geylang Serai area. Many end up booking hotels in the red light area.

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