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When the cat is away.. the mice got bored.... yep yep.. hes not in town again.. hb flew to HCM yesterday and will be home on Friday.. I shud hv just rest at home after a hectic wkened but instead I decided to take Sonia to the zoo this morning and stayed there till after lunch.

By the time we were done and back in the car i was so exhausted that i had to wait a few mins bef i cud even start to drive.. honestly my greatest fear was .. falling asleep while driving... :o(

We got home safely.. alhamdullilah.. put her to bed and after sholat i managed to nap for an hour .. I woke up.. baked Hairi his fav cheesecake.. (yes my son is still on MC and will hv to go back to take off his stitches this friday... the same day i hv to send Sonia for her booster jab which i think i might call them up tmrw to defer the date.. the same day I hv to go to the airport to fetch hb..)

Anyway i cant stay long.. Sonia is sleeping next to me and i dont want her to wake up to the sound of my typing.. for some reason she kept on saying "takut" "takut" after i fixed her new thomas train track two hrs ago (I had bought it for her earlier today when I was in town to meet up with sis Lyn and Wati for a quick coffee) she was all ok at first till i went down to get some batteries for her new toy.. she suddenly started shouting for me and looked really scared when i got to her room.. she said she doesnt want thomas and wants me to put it away.. honestly i cud sense something wasnt right when she keeps on saying that she wants her roller blind to be up too.. hmmm .. it was almost midnight.. Hairi is not home.. alone in our 5 storey house.. best solution.. sleep together hahaha

50g flour
50g cornstarch

60g unsalted butter
250g cream cheese, leave at room temperature
120 ml whip cream - (I used double cream)
5 egg yolks
2 tsp grated lemon peel

5 egg whites
1/8 tsp salt
125g caster sugar
1 tsp lemon juice

toppings (I didnt use any topping)
2 tsp apricot jam
2 tbsp water

* Prepare a round baking pan 22 cm, Cover baking paper, spread butter. Preheat oven to 150C.
* Mix the butter, cream cheese and whip cream in the container. Simmer, stirring until soft, remove from fire. (double boiler)
* Add sifted A (flour mixture) and stir well. Add egg yolks and continue to mix well.
* Add lemon skin, mix well, set aside.
* Beat the egg whites until frothy, add sugar and lemon juice a little at a time and continue to whisk till soft peak.
* Pour 1 / 3 egg white mixture into cream cheese mixture and stir well. Pour this mixture into remaining egg white mixture and stir well.
* Pour batter into pan, bake au bain marie way, about 75 minutes until the surface of ripe, golden yellow. Remove from oven.
* Once completely cool, remove cake from pan.
* Heat the apricot jam and water, apply to the surface of cheesecake.

Note: I shud hv waited till my cake cools down bef slicing em!!

Source: 35 Variations Cheesecake Recipes by Yasaboga

Sorry dear hb.. i didnt even post a special entry on ur bday.. time was not on our side amd I am just glad that u enjoyed the simple cake that I baked for u..

Hb turned 32 last friday.. we had a simple affair.. Sonia sang papa a birthday song.. ate the cake that I baked and went out for dinner.. we got home just in time for me to bake suji and went to bed as early as i could cos i knew that I would be one super busy woman during the weekend... that night we also got to know fm mom that one of our close relatives, Wak 'Misai' had just passed on.. hb went to the wake on sat afternoon right after we got home fm marketing.

We did Hari Raya open house yesterday and invited friends and relatives to our place.. hb invited a few of his ex German School classmates and also his working colleagues, Hairi invited some of his friends over too and the house was filled with ppl as early as half past 11 eventho our invitation only started at 12pm.. I was still in my pyjamas when we got a phone call that one of our guests was already at the guard house asking for our house nbr! thank goodness by half past 11.. the food was ready.. I boiled lontong aka nasi empit, cooked lodeh, rendang, sambal goreng, ayam masak merah, satay goreng, curry puff, mee soto.. we also had sambal sotong n bagedil that was prepared by Lyn and her MIL cos I simply cant take the load of cooking everything myself.. I didnt even get to sleep the whole night cos at 3am while waiting for my rendang to cook.. I decided to prepare my chocolate truffle and chocolate macarons.. silly old me.. knowing exactly that I might end up staying up the whole night preparing it!

Anyway long story short.. we had like abt 80 - 100 guest.. maybe more at our place yesterday.. everyone got to eat.. everyone stayed long and it was one enjoyable get-together ever.. I was very very tired.. no sleep and only went to bed at 1am this morning after cleaning up my place.. worth every bit of my time cos all my guests enjoyed the food that I had prepared and to see all of our guests eating more than 2 servings and complimenting the food and desert that was prepared was such a blessing.. thank you all for coming.. ty sis Lyn&co and also hb for helping me out..(we totally forgot to take photos till it was after 5pm.. bugger!)

This is the cheesecake recipe that I baked on hb's bday..

Biscuit Base:
300g digestive biscuit
20g cocoa powder
150g melted butter
1 1/2 tsp instant coffee powder (Nescafe) OR

2 cups of chocolate biscuit
100g melted butter
1 1 /2 tsp instant coffee powder

Cream Cheese fillings:
700 gm. Cream Cheese
50 gm. melted chocolate (i used valrhona)
1 tsp. instant coffee powder + 2 Tbsp. hot water
100 gm. fine sugar
1 1/2 tsp. Vanilla Essence
2 eggs

(1) For biscuit base: Mix all the ingredients together and press into an 8" springform pan. Press evenly over the bottom and about halfway up the sides of the pan. Chill in the refrigerator till the biscuit base is harden.
(2) To make the fillings, cream the cream cheese until just smooth about 30 seconds, then add in the sugar and beat till smooth. Add in vanilla essence and add 1 egg and beat until incorporated. Scrape the bowl and add in the second egg and continue beating till smooth.
(3) Scoop out 1 cup of the cheese filling, add in melted chocolate and dissolved coffee powder.
(4) Pour the plain batter in the prepared biscuit base and smooth the top.
(5) Spoon pools of chocolate filling over the plain batter, making sure to leave some plain batter showing. Jiggle the pan gently to level the batter. Marble the batters with a chopstick (swirl) until the colours are intermingled but not blended.
(6) Place pan in the oven (baine marie / steam bake) for one hour or till cooked.
(7) Let cheese cake cool in the oven and then chill it before serving.

Note: You can also pour half of the plain mixture into the pan, then scoop some chocolate mixture on top then pour the remainin mixture on top then the remaining chocolate mixture on top. Then swirl for marble effect.

Thought I would share with u guys the different faces of my little Sonia bef shower.. these few rounds it has been so so difficult to get her to shower.. her super duper answer when u tell her its shower time.. "Nooooooooo"

Photos taken by Abg Hairi .. both now know how to play together eventho they are 17yrs apart hehehe


Sorry peeps.. I know I hv been baking layer cakes these few rounds.. Eid month.. ppl expecting Eid goodies which reminds me of what Junie said to me last weekend when she visited us for Eid.. "you know Rima.. I like Hari Raya cakes and cookies.. they are different and they are the best"... awwww how sweet.. now dont blame me if u go home and weigh a kg more wakakakahhh

Long story short as I am baking Lapis prune and updating my blog at the same time.. last night I baked a Sarawak layer cake.. definitely not my first time baking it either.. I hv tried a few recipes and this is what i think abt it..

Everyone knows that Sarawak lapis is known for its colour and sweetness and to be honest I used to like Sarawak lapis a lot until i started baking Indon lapis legit.. the texture between these two is huge as one produces a super moist cake and another produces a slightly oily cake nevertheless it doesnt stop me fm baking it every year..

450g butter - (I used golden churn)
210g sugar - (i used 150g)
10 eggs - (grade A)
300g Marie biscuits, finely ground
300g sweetened condensed milk
85g sekaya
1 tsp vanilla essence
1 tsp baking powder (I didnt use)
2 packs haw flakes - 200 pcs
Food colouring of ur choice

1. Preheat oven 175C.. greased 8x8x3
2. Whisk butter and sugar until white, add eggs one at a time and continue to whisk on high speed until fluffy.
3. Add vanilla essence and beat well... Dont panic if u see ur batter curdle at this stage.
4. Turn speed to low and add sweetened condensed milk and grinded Marie biscuit.. Mix well.
5. Divide batter into 3 or 4 equal parts. Add in your favorite colors in each part, mix well.
6. Bake every colour twice (120g each layer).. add haw flakes on every second layer.. meaning:

yellow + haw flakes
green + haw flakes
pink + haw flakes
purple + haw flakes

7. Bake last layer using upper and lower fire 150C for abt 15 mins (u are better off not to put any haw flakes on the last layer as I hv difficulties slicing my cake)

Hairi and hb ate a few slices in one go and commented.. "this cake is alright.. of cos cannot compare to lapis legit but this cake is nice.. " Alrighty.. there u go.. my super fussy cake tester gives a (90%) thumbs up hehehe

Source: Bro Rozzan

A few days went past and bef I know it.. its been 4 days since I last updated my blog.. busy with my kids.. Eid visiting.. yadda yadda yadda.. Sonia didnt get her booster jab last friday simply cos she still has flu and will only get her jab in two weeks time.. doc said she has an ear infection cos of her bad cough.. shes no longer coughing and no longer needs to blow her nose all the time but still has to take her ear infection medication till end of this week..

Hairi on the other hand is resting at home and will be going for his second appt this afternoon... my nyayi is still in hospital and it was nice to finally get to visit her last friday.. she looks ok except shes in pain when u touch her swollen leg when we visited her again last sat. Dont know when i will be able to visit her again cos this week I am gonna be busy baking for this weekend event... oh and finally we managed to cover a few "must" go houses for Eid.. yes yes we are very much still into Eid mood hehehe

Anyway hv u heard of layer cake using egg whites only?? well this cake uses egg white and its funny how many cake recipes u can find online using egg whites alone.. try it and who knows u might like it :o)

270g butter
1.5 tbsp condense milk
450g egg white
1/4 tsp salt
2 tsp emulsifier
180g sugar
115g HK flour
25g milk powder
a drop of yellow colouring
chocolate paste - (i used BF paste)

Preheat oven 175C
Whisk butter for 30mins and add in condense milk..
Fold in sifted HK flour and milk powder - put aside
Whisk egg white, salt and emulsifier till fluffy.. add in sugar a little at a time and continue to whisk till soft peak.
Fold in egg white mixture into butter mixture carefully.
Divide batter into two equal part.. add BF paste to one part and yellow colouring to another
Bake every layer (80g) using upper fire (grill).. bake last layer using upper and lower fire 150C for 15mins.

Note: I used chocolate chip on every chocolate layer..

Source: Fm an indon food blogger whose name i had forgotten to write down in my baking book.. all i wrote down was Saji (a book where she got the recipe fm).. so ty dear blogger for sharing!

Not much to talk abt.. Hairi is back cos tomorrow he has an early appt with his doc.. remember a few months ago when he decided to do a minor surgery on his finger just so he could get mc?? well after a few months. he now has to go through another minor surgery to take the metal rod out of his finger and i think its not gonna be a long kinda surgery.. will hv to ask his dad to send him to the hospital first and hopefully I will be able to be there bef lunch so that i can visit my grandma first bef Hairi's done with his surgery.

I will hv to take Sonia to her doc too for her hepatitis A booster jab.. shes not gonna be a happy girl come tomorrow cos the moment she steps her feet into the clinic she knows exactly what shes gonna get lol..

Anyway I am not too sure if I will be updating my blog tomorrow as its gonna be a fully packed day for us.. a visit to Sonia's doc, hospital and we hv to attend a dinner party later in the evening.. so ok enough rambling.. lets talk abt these lovelies.. aint they the prettiest?? the thing abt financiers.. they can be so so pretty no matter what u decide to hv as toppings.. this is the first time that I'm using apple as topping and I decided to prepare an apple compote.. surprisingly not only does it give out a super rich flavor .. I felt like as tho I am killing two birds with one stone cos u can use the syrup as glazing too..

Oh u can of cos use any of ur fav muffin recipe and add apple compote as topping but i preferred to bake an apple compote financier today simply bec apple+spices goes well in financiers= almonds=reminds u of apples.. get it?? errrr

Apple compote slices
5 medium (600-650 gr) apples, cored, thinly sliced
400 gr water
200 gr caster sugar
3 cardamom pods, coarsely crushed
3 star anises
1 cinnamon stick

1. In a large saucepan, bring apple slices, water, sugar, and all spices to boil over high heat.
2. Reduce heat to low and simmer until apple slices are tender, approximately 20 minutes.
3. Remove from heat and drain.

(Do not throw away the simmering liquid when you drain the apple slices. Reduce them until thick and syrupy and use as glaze.)

Financiers recipe u can get it fm here and here.


You can use this muffins recipe if u like to bake an apple compote muffin

makes 6
Muffin batter:
80 gr self-raising flour
30 gr plain flour
10 gr brown sugar
30 gr caster sugar
1/8 tsp cinnamon
1/2 lemon, zest of
1 egg
30 ml vegetable oil
60 ml milk

1. Preheat oven to 180C. Grease 6-hole muffin pan.
2. Mix dry ingredients in a bowl. Whisk together wet ingredients in another bowl.
3. Make a hole in the middle of dry ingredients mixture and pour the wet ingredients.
4. Stir until just moistened. Spoon batter on prepared muffin pan.
5. Working quickly, arrange apple slices decoratively on top of each muffin. Bake for 25 minutes.
6. Let cool on a wire rack before glazing.

Note: if you don't glaze them, you might want to increase the brown sugar/caster sugar amount a bit.

You know how it is when ur kid is down with high fever, cough and flu.. u simply hv no time to do anything else except to be by her side all day long.. well Sonia has been sick since Monday.. shes running a high fever of 39 deg and coughing very badly.. shes fussy and always wants me to be by her side.. well right now her fever has subsided and the only thing that is bothering her big time is her flu and cough.. poor girl..

We hv not been able to do any visiting either.. not even to go and visit my grandmama who was admitted to hospital on Monday... shes there cos of the same complication again and I really hope that shes gonna get better soon.. hopefully once Sonia has fully recovered.. I am able to visit her :o(

Anyway today right after I put Sonia to bed.. I decided to try my hand on this cookie.. I had planned to bake it bef Eid but unfortunately time was not on my side.. well well well.. what do u know.. they shud call it devil's brownie cookie instead cos u simply cant stop eating em.. use good chocolate to get good result ok and I am pretty sure u will agree with me that it shud be called Devil's Brownie hehehe

4 eggs
225g caster sugar

25g cocoa powder (I used valrhona)
200g Low protein flour - Cake flour

125g butter (I used unsalted butter and added 1/8tsp of salt)
125g dark cooking chocolate (i used valrhona 55%)
1 tsp vanilla extract

Sliced almonds for topping

Prepare two greased baking sheet (30x30cmx2cm)..
Preheat oven 200C for 15mins
Melt butter and add to dark cooking chocolate. Stir till it melt and add vanilla.
Beat eggs and castor sugar until the half-inflated, add sifted flour and cocoa powder gradually, stir with a spatula
Add butter mixture and continue to stir.
Pour batter into pan, spread it evenly, sprinkle with sliced almonds
Bake it for 15 minutes or until cooked
Remove from pan, cut into small square and place em back on baking tray.
Reduce oven temperature to 120C and bake it for 30min or till dry.
Let cool, store in air tight container.

Source: NCC

A quick one cos we are abt to go and visit my Tante and cousins.. here are some photos taken on the first and second day of Eid.. Enjoy!

While waiting for papa and abg to come home fm sholat Hari Raya..

Sonia with papa and mama...

Papa is trying very hard to take pics of Sonia without her moving all the time hehhe

Sonia with Abang and Mama...

Photos taken at moms on the first day of Eid...

Little Miss Saigon...

Second day of Eid.. visiting grand aunties and uncles.. dont ask me how many of us in total going around as a group.. all i know we hv abt 9 cars in total.. :o)

With the cousins..


Dear all,

One year has gone by in a flash and I count myself blessed to have found so many new friends through this blog... It started simple with some posts on baking and has now become a passion, and so has blogging about it and the challenges in taking nice pictures. The people I have "met" thru this blog are encouraging, patient and kind :op.. Thank you all for the wonderful comments you are all true "blogger friends"...

I look forward to many more years of baking and challenging myself.. Insya'Allah . I guess we will all be very busy for the next few days and most of us will not be spending much time online... I am taking this opportunity to menyusun sepuluh jari memohon kemaafan sekiranye ade terkasar bahasa and gurau senda yg terover hehehe.. If you are planning to "balik kampung".. pls drive and travel safely ok!

Finally, I wish all of you Selamat Hari Raya, maaf zahir dan batin.


My oven is officially closed for the next few days.. ended my day by baking lapis moscovis again and guess what happened?? I forgot to add sunquick!! arghhhhh

Chocolate Marble cake recipe u can get it fm Yat Maria blog.. tks babe.. I loike!! Mocca steamed chocolate cake and Trio Marble Cake recipes u can get it fm my previous post..


Busy everyone?? I know I am! Sorry for not being able to update my blog as regularly as I want to.. cleaning is like a never ending story.. tks to hb.. he managed to help me clean all our windows and doors last weekend.. Sonia helped me to scrub our stairs railing hahaha and for the past couple of days I hv been baking layer cakes non stop.. its like I am baking and the same time been out and abt to get a few things too and finally today I was able to finish up baking all my layer cakes.. I also managed to sew my curtains today and come tomorrow I will start to bake a simpler cake and hopefully by thursday I will be able to go to moms place early to help her to cook for Eid.. eh wait.. I still hv to make agar agar for her!! eeekkk

Every year this is how it works.. if hb plans to invite his friends over on the first day of Eid.. I will be busy cooking at home.. but if he says that he will invite them some other day.. I will hv to help mom to cook instead.. sooo really no matter what.. I cant run away fm it muahahah

Anyway for the past couple days.. this is what I hv been looking at.. cans of Golden Churn butter and WIJSMAN brand butter (i dont think u can find wijsman here in Sg) and also trays and trays of eggs.. not just an ordinary egg mind ya.. these eggs that u see here weigh 75g each without shells.. I love it!!

And yes this cake uses abt 34 - 36 egg yolks in total.. I know its crazy but hey u wud hv the urge to bake it too if u think ur up for the challenge.. the only thing that makes me feel a little frustrated was when i forgot to change the setting for the last method.. dangggg... always the case when ur too careful lol.. anyway I am planning to bake it again tomorrow cos u know what??? this is the top.. and I mean the top in my list for the best lapis cake ever!! super melt in ur mouth and the taste is so so indescribable.. heavennnnnn

I am posting the recipe now even tho i am kaput.. so hopefully u guys can try and bake it for Eid too..

200g egg yolk (12 eggs)
75g caster sugar
160g butter - cubed and keep in fridge (I used WIJSMAN)
25g sugar
30g flour
15g milk powder

75g of mix fruits - soak rhum (or water .. I used orange juice) for abt an hour or so, drain, sprinkle with flour to prevent sticking.
1 tsp rhum (I didnt use)

350g egg yolks (abt 20 to 24 egg yolk)
60g egg whites
150g caster sugar
160g butter - cold - cubed (I used WIJSMAN)
50g sugar
60g Flour
20g cornstarch
20g milk powder
2 tbsp Mandarine Orange consentrate (Sunquick)
1 tbsp orange essense (I used paste)

4 tbsp lemon or orange jam (I used orange marmalade)

3 - 8x8x3 baking trays

Ingredients A:
Beat egg yolks with 75 grams of sugar until thickened and white
Meanwhile, beat cold butter with sugar with a speed of medium, for 10 minutes
Mix the dry ingredients to the beaten eggs, mix well
Mix the butter and stir well.
Weigh as much as 75g for each layer and pour in 8x8 baking pan, spread them evenly.
Bake using grill mode (Upper heat) for about 7 minutes.
Every second layer.. sprinkle with Fruit mix.
Bake until the last layer.

Ingredients B:
Beat eggs with sugar until thickened and white
Meanwhile, beat cold butter with sugar with a speed of medium, for 10 minutes
Mix the dry ingredients to the beaten eggs, mix well
Mix butter, and orange essense consentrate, stir well.
Divide batter into two portion and pour it into two 8x8 pan
Bake it at 175C using upper and lower heat for 20 minutes. (remember to change the setting.. I had forgotten and only realised 10 mins into it!!)

Brush the cake with lemon jam, stacked with a layer cake.. spread lemon jam again.. top it with another cake.

Note: Remember to change the setting for the second part of this recipe.. heat ur jam for easier spreading..

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