Mocha Steamed Chocolate Cake

While I am writing this post I realise that tmrw is Friday... they say when ur a stay home mom u tend to forget dates and days very easily.. true enough.. after being a SAHM for almost 3 1/2 yrs now.. I know now what they say is true ..

I am not complaining.. I enjoy every bit of my time with Sonia.. shes always there ready with a smile on her face and to gv her mama a big hug whenever I need it.. :o)

This morning after prayer I couldnt get myself to fall asleep again.. if it was up to me.. I would probably start to bake something but hb had warned me not to cos he knows I need all the rest that i can get.. so what did i do?? hehehe blog walking :o)

Well anyway.. since I will not be able to fast for the next 7 days.. I thought its a good idea for me to start cleaning my place so that i dont hv to be in panic mode 3 wks fm now.. wasnt that successful cos half way thru.. I decided to bake..

This is the cake that I've been aiming to bake for the past few months.. the only thing that is stopping me fm baking it was the black forest paste.. I couldnt find it here so when I finally found it in jkt.. I was like .. YESSS!!! I bought a few bottles of BF and also a few packet of chocolate condense milk (theres another recipe that I am dying to try using chocolate condense milk).. To be honest after 2wks of not feeling oh-so-good.. I actually feel a little better today.. so much so that when Lyn asked me if I wanna tag along to Geylang to look at Ramadhan lights.. I said yes..

Sorry to someone that I bumped into earlier today at Joo Chiat.. I didnt get ur name dear and ty for saying hi.. I appreciated it.. :o))

So here is the recipe for this cake.. we love the texture and taste of this cake.. moist and tasty.. hb loves it alot... will definately be baking this cake for upcoming Eid.. :o)

12 egg yolk
7 egg whites
375g sugar (I used 350g)
20g emulsifier

200 gr flour
40 gr milk powder
1 teaspoon baking powder

200g butter / margarine
50g coconut milk

1 tbsp black forest paste
1 tbsp Mocca paste

Prepare the pan 22x22x7cm, greased and line baking sheet.
Mix ingredients B. Set aside.
Whisk ingredients C until smooth - set aside.
Beat ingredients A till thick and fluffy, add B and mix well
Add ingredients C and continue to mix till well combined
Divide batter into three equal parts. One part add Black Forest paste
Add Mocca paste in the 2nd parts
Let the other part remain
Pour Black forest batter into the pan and steamed it for 10 minutes until cooked
Pour Mocca batter and continue to steam it again for 10 minutes,
Lastly pour white batter, steamed for 20 minutes.
Remove, let cool. Remove from pan, cut into pieces.

Note: If u wanna gv this recipe a try u can also sub BF paste with chocolate paste

Source: Fatma B - NCC


CS said...

Tumpang tanya, emulsifier tu camana rupa dia? Mcm perasan pernah tengok benda tu kat baking shops tapi right now it just doesnt click. Thanks.

Rima said...

Emulsifier tu rupenye sama dgn ovallate.. Yellow in colour.. That time Rima nampak kat Bagus

Roadz07 said...

Salam Rima,

It was me who said hi to you yesterday at Joo Chiat. I was so surpried to have met u sampai lost for words to the extend sampai lupa introduce myself. Btw my name is Rosie. I really lurvee yr blog n yr recipes. As a matter, of fact, will drop by yr blog few times a day to check out for baking ideas n recipes n to tell u the truth hv tried baking capuccino cookies, famous amos cookies, kuih bakar etc...n voila they turned out so well...I am still not very gd in making cakes n hv been wanting to try out the lapis cakes but no courage yet....takut tak jadi...but insyallah will try it one of these days.....Would like to thank you again for the wonderful recipes n will look fwd to yr posts..

Yan said...

A very nice looking cake. And macam boleh buat aje. ha ha... but with 3 small kids, its almost impossible for me. Rima, if its not too much, mind telling me what kinda cake u would recommend that is moist, not too dense and not too lite and rich in taste? A few options i hope...
BTW, where's Sonia's pic? Macam tak lengkap aje without her pic.

Shaz said...

Hi rima, can this cake be baked instead? {my wok's too small for any proper cake steaming}

Rima said...

Salam Rosie
You terkejut.. I lagi terkejut hehehe.. no worries.. glad u did say hi and glad to know that u dah cuba some of the recipes..

Lapis cake ni a little mencabar cos it uses lots of eggs and if tak jadi macam sayang gitew but u never know till u try .. good luck!

Rima said...

I can imagine.. satu tido.. lagi dua berjaga so macam mana nak ade time bake yg aneh aneh kind of cake.. kalau boleh nak buat semua yg straight to the point kind.. mix and dump in oven hehehe

I hv too many cake recipes in here and its up to u which one u like.. i think so far i hv written what i think abt each cake that i hv bake but my old time fav has always been cake with fruits and sicilian orange cake.. if ur thinking abt baking the cake for the upcoming Eid.. of cos I am gonna say cake kukus and cake lapis

Rima said...

Hi Shaz
I think u can bake it.. i wud recommend u to steam bake it instead tho- au bain marie .. let me know if it turns out well?

Rima said...

Woooahhhh Alhamdullilah.. menjadi and for a first timer in layering.. u did good! if u nak hilang kan airbubble nye make sure u press with kek lapis presser.. sure selagi selagn angin terkeluar hahahah.. CONGRATS!

Kat sini pun tarak BF and chocolate condense milk tu sebab when i saw it kat supermarket in Jakarta dgn cepat i capai lebih lebih.. u can sub BF with chocolate paste actually.. rasa akan akan but BF gives a diff flavor sikit..

Yan said...

Alrite. Will try the sicilian orange cake. Looks ez enuf and fast enuf to make. Where's ur lil princess? Dah beberapa post takde gambar dia. Kinda miss her pulak.

Rima said...

Come to think.. Dah a few post abt my bakes.. Ni dah wkend.. Sure akan ade her pic soon..

Sonia woke up this morning with slight fever pulak.. Jangkit papanye tak.. Will take her to see her doc later .. Lucky dia tak rewel

Tina said...

Rima, I came here via Yani's aka KG's blog. So many times nampak you on her blogroll but tak terdetik hati nak click until today, when I read her lapis prune entry. Rugiiiiii tak jenguk lebih awal!! I heart your blog..the inspiring!!

Rima said...

Ty Tina.. I noticed ur a big fan of Dorie's recipes.. I am too n i still hv a long way to finish up trying every single one of her recipe in her book.. So far i dah try a few.. Semua menjadi except her pound cake recipe a little dry for our liking.. Anyway tks for stopping by.. Come back soon. :))

when the night light is off said...

What is SAHM? Well, I understand how do you feel being fulltime housewife. Sungguh MULIA tugas mu. I was a full time housewife looking after 3 children for 12 years. After moving back to USJ and the youngest is 5yo, I started become working mother again.

Ofcourse, rumah ku tunggang langgang, but who cares. Hari minggu cari orang bersih.

SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said...

Nice color.

Unknown said...

wahduh ... im drooling and its not even 1pm cobaan ... colour dia cantik sey ... yum ... yum ...

Rima said...

Sungguh untung u dapat go back to work again.. i think I may do so once Sonia goes to school.. for now i like being a Stay At Home Mom.. ahhhh tu dia meaning SAHM hehehe.. i get to see her grow and i get to travel with hb.. of cos i also get to bake alot more now hehe

Rima said...

Yes its a nice colour combination and the taste also yum yum

Rima said...

Ilah sabar wokey.. u still hv 6 more hrs to go.. jgn pulak u tengah hitung waktu pulak haha

DG said...

Beautiful colour combination cake! The layers are very neat!

Rima said...

Ty DG.. when i first saw it on NCC.. i felt the same too.. beautiful colour combination :o)

moi said...

nampak sedap sangat, if only i cn be ur neighbour ;D

hai if takde BF bantut lah hajat i nak try, tapi kalau u sudi jadi BF i hehe bole i suka2 test try ;)

btw ur pix all so nice :)

ps. if i bumped into u at joo chiat, i'll tegur u too :)

Rima said...

If u dont hv BF u can sub with chocolate paste.. Try ah n let me know uf u like it..

I guess ur in Sg?? Must tegur but jgn pulak sama2 malu2 meow hehe

Unknown said...

Salam...Rima..akak selalu dtg sini..suka tgk semuanya...selalu lepak lama2 kt cini.Akak nk buat kek Mocha Steamed Chocolate Cake tuk Raya nnti..Halalkan resepi yg akak amik ni ya...X tahan nk tunggu Raya nk cuba kek kukus ni...bye..

Rima said...

Salam Kak Noor
Cuba lah kak.. I am pretty sure u will like it as much as we did.. kalau akak nak kurang manis nye pong ok jugak .. to us manis nye just right.. my sis said manis sikit.. so terpulang pada citarasa akak ok.. gd luck!

Christine Ang said...

Dear Rima,

May i know where can we buy the black forest paste from. Yesterday, i went down to Sun Lik bakery mart was told they never have this stock.

Would appreciate if you can let me know where to obtain this paste as i wish to try this steam cake.

Thank you.
Christine Ang

Rima said...

Hi Christine
You will never find it in Sg nor malaysia.. I bought it in Jakarta.. Try replacing it with chocolate paste instead ok

Christine Ang said...

Dear Rima,

I have tried out last sat, my is layer was not as clear as yours. The 1st layer steamed for 10 mins and i started to pour on the 2nd layer, the 1st layer was exploded and some mocha mixture has been mix with the choco. mixture and the plain one is too little. Can you give me some opinion, how to improve it. And my chocolate and mocha colour is the almost the same.


Rima said...

Dear Christine
I am sorry to hear that ur steam cake didnt turned out as expected.. did u steam it using medium or strong fire?? u hv to use medium fire when u steam ur cake ok.. weigh batter and divide it into 3 parts to get an even layer.. try to check if ur batter is still a little wet after steaming it for 10mins and if so.. steam it for a further 5 mins..

If u use chocolate paste the colour will not turn as dark as when u use black forest paste..

Christine Ang said...

Dear Rima,

last saturady i have made a 2nd try. Yes, i have suceed. Thank you very much for your generosity to share the recipe and tips.

Best Regards

Rima said...

Dear Christine
Congrats and glad it turned out good this time round.. well done!

yann said...

hello,can this receipe be half?

yann said...

and can it stil be consumed the next day?keep it fridge?

Rima said...

Hello Yann
Yes of cos u can do so .. use a smaller pan ok.. and yes of cos u can consume it the next day without placing it the fridge..

yann said...

dear rima,tried out last cake turned out abit moist and oily..what could be the problem?

Rima said...

What do u mean by abit moist n oily? Its a steam cake.. U will get a soft kind of cake.. Definately not oily like layer cakes

yann said...

i think perhaps i grease too much on my baking tin,thats y its abit oily,the cake stil taste good after 1 day!thanks,i wil try for the 2nd time,because i didnt get the layers done nicely

Anonymous said...


Rima said...

Anony pls sign off with ur name.. tks

i used normal flour

Wanqing said...

This looks wow ! I'm going to try it when I can . But I don't get what is emulsifier ? And as for choc & mocha paste .. I don't think I've ever con across that ..

Unknown said...

Hello dear,
This cake surely looks amazing & very tempting to make, can u plz tell me what is Amulsifier ? Why it's used & if it can be supstituted with anything else ?
Also i don't hav a steamer so can this cake be baked any other way ??

Unknown said...

Hi! Can I replace the emulsifier ingredient coz I don't know where to get it from here in england and I love to try this recipe.your reply is much appreciated.

Rima said...

Emulsifier is important in this recipe however i heard that by adding more egg yolk .. it will stabalised ur batter... how many more... i really hv no idea...

Kevin said...

Hello. Is it possible to reduce the recipe to half or double it? Thank you.

Rima said...

Can be done Kevin

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