Flaky Crust Egg Tarts

To be honest I hardly watch telly during day time... the only time I can really sit down and watch telly is when hb puts Sonia to bed.. which is close to 10pm.. I would always watch telly while blog hopping or like right now.. updating my blog at the same time watching CSI..

Now.. every now and then an advert wud appear and every single time I look up there is this ad on egg tarts fm KFC... I had wanted to buy it since it first started advertising but up till now I hv not even tasted it.. KFC has never been my fav fast food chain and to go there just to get their egg tarts doesnt make sense..

Anyway to satisfy my craving.. I decided to bake some.. I am a little fussy with egg tarts.. I like my crust to be flaky.. not like puff pastry yah.. just flaky .. full stop... and when i read how Wendy describes the texture of her egg tart crust.. I had to gv this recipe a try.. It turned out perfect for me.. will definately be making it again and again!

250g plain flour
2 tbsp castor sugar
1 egg yolk
150g cold butter, cubed

150g castor sugar
150ml hot water
250ml milk
1/8 tsp salt
1/2 tsp vanilla essence
3 large eggs
1 egg white (From the same egg where the yolk was used in the crust)

Cream the butter with the egg yolk and sugar.
Add in flour. Mix well. (If the dough is sticky for you , well maybe your yolks are larger than mine, add in extra flour by the teaspoon until it no longer feels sticky, but got a slight flour feel to it, but not too much though, as it will toughen the crust. the borderline of stickiness and dry feel is very thin.. so, add extra flour with caution)
Roll out pastry in between two sheets of plastic into thickness of about 4mm. Stamp out 9–10cm circles of pastry with a pastry cutter.
Lightly press the pastry circles into foil tart cases or tart tins.
Refrigerate the lined foil cases for 2 hours or u can leave them overnight
Melt the sugar in hot water, add milk, salt, vanilla essence. Beat all the eggs lightly and mix in all together.
Sieve egg mixture and pour into the cold tart crust.
Bake at 175C for 25 minutes.


Unknown said...

kiter pun try jugak hee hee but tipu sikit ar

Rima said...

Tipu pun tipu lah.. janji kenyang perut heheh.. u can also use puff pastry instead.. :o)

CS said...

If I use puff pastry, wld it be OK or too soggy at the base..

Rima said...

Long time ago I ever use puff pastry on aunty yochana egg tarts recipe but kan macam jadi soggy sikit tau.. tak tahu pulak dgn recipe yg ini cos belum cuba pakai puff pastry with this recipe.. :o(

when the night light is off said...

Look yummy. Is your egg tarts are the same as Portughese Egg Tarts? I usually buy this egg tarts at Jusco @ RM1.50 each. Buy 5 Free 1.

While walking in the supermarket, I eat one by one. Suddently, I realized. Eh! Habis aku sental.

Rima said...

Haha i know that egg tarts yg kat Jusco.. buy 5 get 1 free.. i also got beli but durian egg tarts.. sedap but my son tak suka pulak..

Yang ni to me sedap.. the base dia flaky.. Wendy said rasa macam HK punya.. kita tak pernah rasa yg HK punya so tak leh comment lah but this one is flaky type akan akan portugese egg tart

pwincess D said...

what a coincidence! i pun baru lepas bake some flaky egg tarts 2 days ago .. but that one uses ghee and the process is renyah sket .. but everyone loves the taste. i'll give a try on the recipe yang you posted :)

Rima said...

Try ah pwincess.. lepas ni boleh lah u share the renyah egg tart recipe yg u try hehe

Fiza said...

Salam Kak Rima, saya pernah buat portugese egg tart guna puff pastry, tapi kan..result nyer, bentuk nyer tak serupa egg tart...tapi bertukar jadik egg jer...kah kah kah..kesian saya kak...pastu saya beli jer kat kedai...hehhe...bye kak

Rima said...

Eh eh Fiza .. i also pernah buat egg tart guna puff pastry.. result nye memang tak seshiok lah.. puff pastry nye lembek kan hahaha.. try buat this tart ah.. sedap.. eh maybe nak buat lah this weekend.. if tak malas hehehe

inaros said...

Dear Rima, very nice photo..what camera that u use?all of your photo make me hungry...anyway i love your blog..thanks rima

Rima said...

I am using canon eos 450D.. lens EF 50mm f/1.8

fana said...

salam kak rima.. it's me again :)

last time kte tanya akak pasal nak buat pattern atas cheese tart.. hehe it turn out great! tqvm sist :D

ok, long story short.. last week kte try recipe egg tart ni. punyalah SEDAP! siap berebut family kat rumah.. the thing is.. pastry dia rapuh betul. boleh saye tau akak gune butter apa? hari tu saya guna scs butter. tq ye ;)

Rima said...

Salam Fana
glad to hear that! kan dah cantik cheesetart nye hehe

This egg tart recipe memang sedap.. dah lama akak tak buat.. i cannot remember masa tu pakai butter ape.. probably anchor cos i am not a big fan of scs actually.. that butter is not as good as bef.. :o(

zan_shila said...

yez...i've been wanting to bake egg tarts..but never got around to doin it...looks tempting...!!muast give it a try..tqs Rima for the recipe..

Chris said...

You egg tarts looks very tempting! Where did you get your egg tart forms? And how big are they? (Diameters) I've been looking for the forms everywhere in europe and all they have are those tartelett forms.

Atul said...

Hi sis.. I have a request.. Bole buat Caramel pecan pie tak? Hihihihi....

Rima said...

hehe insyallah.. harus cari pecan nuts dulu ahaks

Unknown said...

I feel so lucky to find your blog, it has been ages i not taste egg tart since i converted to Islam. Alhamdulilah and thank you!! Love all your recipes, I'll definitely make it for me and my family.

Rima said...

Alhamdullilah Miamia.. let me know if u like it yah.. tks

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