Condensed milk egg tarts

This is gonna be a short entry... i think i must hv dozed off like three times while waiting for my pics to load.. dont know why but for some reason the connection seems to be a lot weaker if i wanna update my blog fm our living room grrr

Sooo hubs is back home fm his trip.. Alhamdullilah... he was there for three days and i hv successfully filled my days with what i love most - baking for my family lol... i told myself that i needed a break fm taking orders and i did just that... this coming weekend order will be my first order for this year... ty Waty for all the repeat orders .. see u soon girl!

... And for the past couple of days we also had a live-in nanny lol.. my niece who is now on school hols "volunteered" herself to sleep over which made things easier for me.. theres someone to play with my little princess and her mama gets a little "time off".

Oh.. Talking abt Sonia .. did i tell ya that her wishes to hv her ear pierced came to reality last Christmas?? she did it together with kakak Dafinah and we are so proud of both girls .. super brave!!

Alrighty.. lets not waste any more time... had wanted to bake these egg tarts last weekend but didnt get to it.. decided to bake it today simply bec i knew my family loves it.. ty mbak Ricke Indriani for sharing all your wonderful recipes with us... there are a couple more recipes which i hv jotted down and hopefully am able to try out this weekend :o) - one thing for sure..  Enak banget egg tarts nya! hehe

300g frozen butter - cubed - i used SCS unsalted
500g flour
pinch of salt
2 tbsp sugar
3 egg yolks

Egg custard
300ml condensed milk
400ml warm water
8 egg yolks - whisk a little with a fork
30g custard flour
1 tsp milk vanilla - i used vanilla essence

Get ur mould ready - preheat oven 160C
Measure the flour and pour into a food processor with the regular blade attached. Add the unsalted butter, cut into cubes (Your butter should be frozen or very cold). Add salt and sugar. Pulse three times with three counts per pulse to lightly mix the ingredients.
With the motor running, pour egg yolks into the processor bowl just until the dough just starts to get noticeably crumbly. Don't wait until it is a big clump or it will be way too wet and will turn out tough.
Stop the machine, dump the crumbly dough into a bowl, and gather the dough into a ball with your hand. you can squeeze it a bit to make it stick together.
Roll out dough.. with a round cutter, cut out a few pcs.. press it into small tart moulds.. let it rest in ur fridge while u prepare ur egg custard

As for the egg custard.. Whisk condensed milk and warm water - put aside.
Whisk eggs lightly and pour into the milk mixture and whisk again. Do not whisk till frothy.
Add in vanilla essence and lastly add in custard powder.
Sift the egg custard mixture and pour into tart moulds.
Bake at 160C for 45 mins or till egg custard sets... once baked.. let it sit for 10mins bef u take it out

Please take note that i did 1 and a 1/2 recipes for egg custard as I prefer a thin crust and needed more filling..

Ish ish... the weather nowadays is very unpredictable.. one min its so so hot and windy and another min its raining heavily... night night beautiful ppl!


Bakericious said...

You reminded me that I must bring my gal to pierce her ears, she has been asking for a decade lol. The egg tarts look good, tempting me leh.

Yuslinda said...

Hi Rima..Happy new year..Last month 29th dec I saw Sonia kat Universal Studio..Me and the kids went there, but tak nampak u frust..In sya Allah ada rezeki boleh jumpa from dubai..

Jessica said...

Hi Rima, terima kasih utk resep nya. Bisa confirm bagian terakhir setelah baked harus di biar kan 10menit di luar atau di dalam oven? Thks ya

Rima said...

Sonia started asking since a yr ago n. hv been putting it off.. Last Christmas we happened to pass by this jewellery shop n she asked again n hubs said yes.. I ran away hahaha

Rima said...

Happy new yr to u too Yuslinda.. U did? She must hv been with her dad .. I was probably on one of the thrill rides.. Her dad tak suka Akan thrill rides so harus lah jadi babysitter as n when mama Sonia menghilang kan diri hahaha

Rima said...

Oh I shud rephrase it.. Once baked.. Take it out of the oven n let it cool off for 10mins bef u take it out of ur mould.. Tks

CT Delima said...

As'salam Rima..

suka sama sekali sebab you dah update recipe hehehe. dari semalam asik menunggu now kak ct dah kena buat lah erk hehehe

ada satu nak tanya, tapi nantilah tunggu senang ;)

okey tq dear xx

Nisa-mom said...

oh wow,Rimaaaa... look at your last picture, pretty!!! enjoy your day, girl ..

KG said...

rima, i must tryb this haq suka egg tarts ...i suka my lemon tartest tart! bilalah i nak pi your house????

Zurailah said...

Hi Rima.It's good to'see' u more often here,mana gmbr anak dara tu dgn subang baru dia ek?

Unknown said...

Happy New Year Rima....ur egg tarts looks so good....u r truly talented in baking!! all the best for 2013

rahel said...

Sedapnye nampak tarts mu itew kak Rima...nak jugak...

MamaFaMi said...

Oh how I love egg tarts!!!
How I wish, I just closed my eyes, wish hard and when I opened my eyes... tha haaaaa... Rima punya egg tarts depan mata, ready to ngap je....
Ohhh how nonsense can that be! Hahahaha...

Unknown said...

yummy!! all time favorite...nakkkkk....;-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Rima, these tarts look so good. I have not seen this tart pan before, would you have a photo of the pan to show please? Thankyou for sharing your great recipes, Mrs Singh, Malaysia

Mrs Singh said...

Hi Rima, these tarts look so good. I have not seen this tart pan before, would you have a photo of the pan to show please? Thankyou for sharing your great recipes, Mrs Singh, Malaysia

Anonymous said...

ji,,may i know how the taste of these tarts,very milk taste of condensed milk,,?..,

shasa said...

may i know how is the taste of these tart,,doees it taste vey milky
of condensed milk,,,

Shasha Mohamed said...

thanks for sharing with us & for being patient with the internet connections.

Nice tart!! ;)

Jun said...

hi dear,.....aiiiii...nakkkk yg ni....hehehehe

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