Cappuccino Sticks

Hi peeps... by the time u read this.. we are in the plane on our way to HCM.. i had wanted to update my blog when i get there but thought id better get this over and done with cos god knows if i will ever stay put in the hotel.. am planning to go to one of the tailors that was recommended to get our Eid costumes done there.. excited!

Cappuccino sticks or in my case Cappuccino cookies is the most easiest and yummiest coffee based cookies that i hv ever baked.. i did two batches of these cookies yesterday and am officially on the road to baking Eid cookies... will hv to stop for a couple of days and i will definitely hv to resume when we get back.. in the meantime.. let me just relax my mind and body cos come next week i will be tying my hair up high... rolling up my sleeves and putting on my apron, baking for my Eid orders.. hv a blessed one today!

250g flour
165g margarine - i used half SCS butter. half Buttercup
100g caster sugar
1 sachet instant cappuccino (25 gram) - i used 30g
1 egg yolk
1 tsp coffee oil/extract - i added

25g white cooking chocolate - melted
25g dark cooking chocolate - melted
(I used more of cos!)

Preheat oven 160 deg C
Whisk butter and sugar for abt 2 mins.
Add in cappuccino mix and continue to whisk for another min or till combined
Add in egg yolk and mix well
Add in Flour
Roll ur dough and cut it using any cookie cutter that u like.
Place cut out cookie on a greased pan
Bake it for abt 20 mins
Once cooled.. pipe melted chocolate on it.. let it set and place cookie in an air tight container..

Recipe by Aneka kuih kering SAJI
Souce: Ninings


ijayuji said...

Salam kak! take care!! n hv a safe trip, insyaAllah! kukis tuuu sedapnya, nak cuba2 tp sbb kita balik beraya kat mesia serba serbi jadik pemalas :P tp kalau rajin kita buat :D

Unknown said...
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Ummi said...

Assalam Rima, waaahh sebelum terbang dah tinggalkan kukis ni kat dapur...akak amik bau dulu la yea... Weeee jauh tul dia pi cari baju raya...sakan la nak raya ni eh...hehee...Harap2 jumpa lah baju yang berkenan di hati semua yea...muaahhh!

Nisa-mom said...

oh wow, i will tag this recipe for my Ied Fitri Cookies. Thank you for sharing, Rima. sst..give me a peek for your fabrics choice.. I really want to see a traditional Malaysian dress..

Gee® said...


Rima said...

ty dear.. alhamdullilah.. dah selamat tiba tadi pagi and dah balun 3 pasang baju kurung hahaha..

Bake it lah.. we all memang fav any kinda coffee cookies.. hairi also makan tak renti renti

Anie said...


Bestnya dpt pegi cuti2....sempat beli baju kurung lagi dkt sana. Tak payah bersesak2 dkt Geylang yg penuh dgn manusia hehehez.

I saw ur cats tounge cookies...bukan main cun so kalerful I like ;) I pun dah kena sibuk2 buat cookies dah....kalau tangguh2 nanti tak sempat kemas rumah.

Rima said...

London beauty
yes i do but its bot being test yet.. maybe i will someday when i am a little free.. will be stuck in my kitchen once i am back fm hcmc

Rima said...

hehe semalam dah balum one for sonia and one for Rima.. tdy nak pi tukar yg sonia punya cos tak check the quality.. haishhh.. tak per lah.. ade chance today jln jln lagi hehe

Rima said...

moms the little one
ya know how it is in vietnam .. the baju kurung are all bling bling.. cottony type.. so yeah.. i got one bling bling baju kurung and not the cottony type.. today am thinking of go to one of the tailor to ask if they can get it done bef we fly back..

Rima said...

memang sedap!

Rima said...

u know how it is in geylang.. mak tak leh angs ah.. too many ppl kat joo chiat tu.. dah lah ramai.. nak pilih pun susah.. the price tok sah cakap lahh... lebih mulia ku ikut suami ku gi sini.. i hv not been here for 10yrs but decided to follow this time round cos ingat nak buat baju ao dai.. pheeewitttt macam lah kurus sangat nak pakai ao dai hahaha

Yes that lidah kucing is pwetty and shiok.. bila letak kat botol .. cantik lah kan..

Wen said...

May I know instant cappucino powder is it instant coffee powder?

Anonymous said...

It's me again- loyal reader
Resepi dia guna margarine kan, kalau guna fully butter boleh ke?

Rima said...

Of cos u can Farahin...

Rima said...

Yes Wen... coffee with creamer.. u can either get it in the supermarket or in a bakery store

Pink Lavender said...

sis rima..long time not read ur blog...miss ur pic of cookies, cakes la..

looks yummy laa this cookies..
want to try it out tonite..

Suzzy Matts said...

I really like your blogs. The cookies are really yummy...:) I sure will try it out.

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