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My first bake since we got home fm Jakarta.. I bought a couple of recipe books while in Titan and have been itching to try out some of the recipes.. now.. buying a baking book can be pretty tricky.. i usually will follow my heart.. pick up any book that i think i wud bake most.. place it in my basket and thats it.. i will for sure flip once just to see if the recipe book has lots of pics.. no pics .. no game hehehe

Anyway i think by now u girls wud hv noticed that i hv tried most of the recipes fm Natural Cooking Club .. i decided to email Yeni (shes one of the 7 moderators in NCC) and let her know of my interest of getting a few books that were published under NCC to be sold in my store.. after exchanging emails.. we finally set a date for the books to be delivered to Mulia hotel and oh boy was i into a surprise.. Yeni delivered the books herself and for a change i was star struck :) ... she was super friendly and thru that i got to know more abt the NCC group.. ty mbak Yeni for coming all the way to meet me.. Insyallah we shall meet again..

So back to this recipe.. one of the recipe books that i bought was Chiffon Cake Mini.. thought its worth the buy since both Hairi and Sonia are chiffon cake lovers and guess what.. to date.. my son has eaten 7 slices of this blueberry oreo chiffon cake.. Sonia ate 2 slices in one sitting and hubs loves it to bits.. the cake is moist and super light.. i think the blueberry yogurt adds a huge different in this chiffon cake.. awesome recipe!

6 egg yolks
100g blueberry yogurt
150g flour - i used cake flour
4g baking powder
100g caster sugar
3g salt
100g vegetable oil - i used canola oil

6 egg whites
1g cream of tar tar
100g sugar
50g of blueberry oreo - cut into tiny bits
enough blueberry paste or purple colour

- Preheat oven 150C
- Whisk egg yolks with sugar till pale in colour.. add in yogurt and also oil.. add in ur sifted flour, baking powder and also salt.. lastly add in purple colour (i used wilton gel) - set aside
- In another bowl.. whisk egg white with cream of tar tar till foamy.. slowly add in sugar a little at a time and whisk till soft peak.
- Scoop 1/3 egg white meringue and add to egg yolk mixture.. fold in gently. once combined.. pour ur egg yolk mixture into meringue and continue to fold in gently and lightly.. once mixed pour half of ur mixture into a 22cm tube pan.. sprinkle half of ur oreo blueberry.. pour the rest of ur mixture and lastly throw in the rest of ur oreo bluberry..
Bake it for 50mins.. once baked.. turn ur chiffon pan and once its cool.. take it out of ur pan..

Tomorrow am planning to bake another type of chiffon cake and also if time permits i wud love to try out one of the cookie recipes fm Sedap recipe book.. i hv this feeling that i will be baking daily since hubs will not be around fm wed onwards.. yikes! till then.. hv a good rest and happy baking!

For those that hv ordered.. the mac sheets have arrived and i will be sending them out end of this week...For those waiting to pre-order the mac sheets... i will reopen stock once the current shipment has been sent out...

Source: Chiffon Cake Mini by Dapur Aliza


Time: 2:30pm
Weather: HOT
Venue: Hotel Mulia, Senayan - Jakarta
Mood: Chill.. flying back to sg tmrw.. wedding to attend right after plane touches down.. yadda yadda yadda
Peak Agenda: So we hv been here since last wed.. didnt do much.. didnt take lots of pics either.. i did my ritual must go place to Titan.. had to.. Eid is coming and i need to get all the ingredients for what i plan to bake.. hehehe 3 more months to go and instead of thinking abt what to wear for Eid.. i am thinking abt what to bake for Eid.. Anywho.. ty to Janssen once again who lent his driver to me.. i was picked up right after breakkie and bef lunch i was already by the pool.. got what i wanted and am a happy bunny.. now lets see if i can squeeze a little time to go to a supermarket tonight.. hubs has been super busy since we got here and with the bad traffic and the scorching hot weather.. going to mangga dua is far fm my reach.. if only i hd my parents or even my sister with me.. i am pretty sure no matter how hot the weather is.. i would still take a cab with them and go there to buy nonsense stuff hehe

Here are a couple more pics that i wanted to share of our Bali trip.. Sonia was already asking if we cud go there again.. i will for sure and this time i will take along my parents.. till we meet in Singapore.. hv a good weekend peeps.. cant wait to start baking again cos i bought lots of recipe books.. oh how i love Indonesian recipes! i will also let u girls know whats new in my store..

Hahaha this is the only hotel where Sonia ends up talking to a toilet bowl.. u go close to it and the toilet cover will open by itself.. press a button and it will wash ur rear.. ur side rear.. ur front.. press on dryer and it will blow ur butt dry hahaha.. press on flush and right after that the toilet cover closes.. ur good to go ehehe - awesome invention for lazy ppl hahaha. So Sonia talks to the toilet bowl cos ever since the first time here, hubby will "remote control" make the toilet bowl open and close and Sonia thinks its cos of her commands "OPEN" and "CLOSE" hahahahaa

Busy busy busy hubs! hes flying off to Bangkok next week and my heart and soul feels like tagging along... cant possibley keep on taking Sonia out of school all the time huhuhu SORRY MEK IJAH!

Legian beach.. we only ended up going to the beach once... ppl say.. its better than not at all.. we're not beach ppl.. lots of dogs and each time a dog walked close to us.. Sonia and i would jump and cling on hubs lol.. as always.. Sonia would end up making friends.. shes an easy going girl...

Swimming prohibited.. hmmm

Magrib is an hr early so with papa's busy schedule.. we only managed to stay at the beach for a good half an hr..

I love this pic!

This one too... we promised Sonia that we will take her here again someday soon...

.... a couple of shots bef the sun goes down

Overall we had a wonderful time in Bali... i had my much needed spa with body scrub, warm bath and Balinese massage in the resort.. Sonia enjoyed her time in the kids club.. Many people say as a Muslim to be careful of the spirits there... in the end we passed a clean couple of days there and thank god for that.
Jakarta is all abt shopping for my baking stuff.. in fact whereever i am in the world.. the only things that i shop are things associated with baking.. And finally I got to eat the flying fish (Gurame) and my mee bakso! :op

Its our last night here in Bali and I hv been taking it easy.. hubs has been busy all day eventho his conference was done by 5pm.. we will be flying off to Jakarta tmrw and i wish we didnt hv to go just yet.... this is what happens when u tag along.. oh well.. aint complaining.. a few days is better then none.. 

As promised.. here are a couple more pics of my little princess... eventho we took her out of school.. it feels like shes in school cos the moment shes awake all she can think of is going to the club and meet her friends..

View fm the club breakfast area... 

There are two pools both of which i didnt even bother to swim in.. weather was too hot for my liking!

Sonia however... did take a dip once...

Another doorway that leads to hmmm somewhere hehehe

Ohhhh u can see em everywhere.. day and night!

Every morning at abt 9am.. Sonia will feed the squirrels 

Not easy to take pics of these little cuties!

One of the activities at the kids club.. their activities change on a daily basis... 

Hahahahah Sonia... Sonia...

Talking and asking.. talking and asking... the two girls that u see here hv been with Sonia since day 1

Canvas painting... u can opt not to do it since u hv to pay for the cost of the materials... so far Sonia has done t-shirt painting, vase painting and also canvas panting.

Sonia loves all things associated with art...

"Teacher" for a few days hehe

Mama and Sonia... 

Errr.. dont know where this woman come out fm.. she wasnt there when i took this pic.. gulp! Makcikkk Keroooooopoookkkk!


Time: 9:10pm
Weather: Warm and breezy... 
Venue: Padma Resort, Bali
Mood: Awesome!
Peak Agenda: What can i say.. this is what happens when ur having fun and facebook.. its so much more easy to load pics and say a few words in fb than blogging but again no matter what.. my blog is my first love.. err besides baking and family of cos hehe

We got here safely yesterday right after zohor.. got ourselves checked into Padma Resort (where hubs' conference is) and since yesterday both Sonia and I hv been sort of "busy" hehe.. I ate too much passion-fruit and in the end i had a bad tummy ache yikes! thank goodness hubs took along pochai pills.. took a bottle and the urge to go to the loo went away like magic.. i guess u dont call pochai, "magic pills" for no reason ey hehehe

So far i've gone out of this resort once.. dont know if i will explore it on my own again.. see how.. probably i will since i found a very nice Nasi Padang restaurant near our resort..  Sonia is having a blast here.. this resort has a kids club with full day activities and each time i wanna take her out of there she will gv me all sort of reasons not to.. honestly?? i dont mind.. they keep the kids occupied.. they had a feed the squirrels session.. feed the fish session.. nail painting.. tshirt painting.. flower picking.. etc etc etc.. (will show pics in my next entry ok)

Sonia waiting to board the plane... 

Big smile fm hubs..

The Spa area.. ula la la.. will story later ok!

Resort is huge... i hv been walking around and taking pics!

I really love this kinda doorway! oh this door leads to the Club lounge where i spend my time sipping on cuppa ahaks

You know ur in Bali when u see these sort of statues.. (opp our room)

One more shot!

Our room with garden view..

Both Sonia and me hv this habit of checking out hotel toilets bef everything else lol

Sonia was scared of this... we managed to make a joke out of this and she seems ok...

Ohhhhh we loved this thang.. last night we were invited by by Pak Soejoedi and family for dinner... they took us to Jimbaran for seafood dinner... the last time i had seafood by the beach was when i was in Phuket.. back then i was with my boyfriend (now hubby) and Hairi... that was 9 years ago!...

The corn was grilled and later splashed with some sort of chilli.. was spicy and at the same time delish!

Hehehe... need i say more?? it was a full on dinner... i was hungry and ate quite a bit.. OK OK not a bit but lots .. everything was grilled... loved it!!

Sonia and her toy... this girl ate rice with telur mata sapi and kicap ABC hehe... and she's happy... what an easy girl to please...

Ahhhh seee.. evidence... lucky hubs took this pic with different camera setting hahaha

Sonia's baby sitter ;) .. thank you Ivan! 

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