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When papa is not around.. mama gets the car and when mama gets the car..

Sonia gets to spend girls time outside..

Eating our fav ice cream at our fav spot.. playing at go go bambini and hv brekkie at McD.. its gonna be another girls day out today so here wishing u guys a wonderful friday!

This 4.5kg Devil Food Chocolate Cake was ordered by sis Rita for a few of her students whos celebrating their bday and taking their 'O' level this year..

Thank you sis and congrats on ur new online store!


No no.. its not Monday and i am not feeling blue! hehe.. when hb emailed me the link to "the choosen cake" i was like.. say what??!! hahaha.. i hv no issues with a simple cake but i would hv thought maybe he wud want me to bake him something special for his bday.. err like Sacher cake or even another Opera cake just so that i can prove to him that i am game for just abt any cake that he requested.. to be honest.. hes the man behind my bakes... without him i dont think i wud hv even wanna bake a cake such as carousel cake aka sonia's bday cake..

His constant reminder that i shud be different when it comes to baking has paid off.. i think almost 70% of my family members know how to bake.. be it a simple cake or just some cookies.. they all bake.. period! but to go to some bday party and to eat a slice of bday cake that is prepared by the mother or by the bday girl is zilt/zero.. either all my aunties are not into it or they just cant be bothered lol

So having said that.. i guess in a way I shud be thankful to hb for giving me all the encouragement to try out new recipe which is beyond my comfort zone.. Danke Danke.. dont forget to look see for some baking stuff when u go to Vietnam tmrw!

So ok.. Anyway.. what u see here is THE birthday cake which i had prepared for him.. he didnt know that i was going to bake any and when i showed it to him he was like.. woahhhh so blue ah hahaha.. i seriously dont know how it tasted like.. my guess it tastes the same as red velvet cake.. i got eight slices out of this recipe and had packed 6 slices for him to share with his working colleagues.. will hv a slice of it with a cuppa later!

Blue Sponge Cake
60g unsalted margarine
60g unsalted butter
(i used 120g unsalted butter and omitted margarine)
300g caster sugar

150g eggs - whisk lightly with fork

250g all purpose flour
5g baking powder
15g cocoa powder - i used cocoa berry
5g baking soda

240g fresh milk
5-10g blue colouring - i used wilton
2.5g apple cider - i used heinz vinegar

Preheat oven to 200°C (I used 175C). Grease a 30x30x3 (i used 10x10") baking sheet or pan and line the bottom with parchment. Sift flour, cocoa, baking powder and baking soda in a bowl.

Place butter and sugar in bowl of an electric stand mixer and beat at medium speed until well-blended/sugar dissolved. With machine on low, add in (B) and (C) alternately and continue to whisk till well blended.. very slowly add in (D)... Scrape down bowl and beat just long enough to combine.

Pour batter onto the baking sheet. Place in oven and bake until a cake tester comes out clean, 15 to 20 mins. Let cool in pans for a few minutes. Remove the cake from the pan by flipping it over and peel off the parchment. Trim of the sides if necessary and divide the cake into two. Cool completely.

Cream Cheese Blue Velvet
250g cream cheese
200g mascarpone cheese
5g vanilla essence
115g icing sugar - sifted
360g cold whipping cream

In the bowl of your electric stand mixer or with a hand mixer, at medium speed beat the cream cheese and mascarpone cheese until smooth. Add in the vanilla and sifted icing sugar and beat until smooth. Using the whisk attachment, gradually add in the heavy cream and whip at increasing speed until the frosting is thick enough to spread. Be careful not to overwhip or you'll end up with mascarpone butter. If necessary, add more sugar or cream as needed to get the right consistency. Chill to thicken before using.

To assemble the cake.. Spread a thin layer of frosting in between two layers.. spread over the entire cake with a crumb coat and freeze uncovered for 45 minutes to an hour. Repeat with a second crumb coat if necessary before frosting the final coating. (If ur frosting is still a little runny.. do chill it for a little longer ok)

Note: I used valrhona cocoa nibs on the top of my cake cake... i used valrhona chocolate pearls on Sonia's cake.

Bef i go.. i would like to thank Aizura who is fm KL for the macs order.. to Serina who just moved fm the US to Germany and now in Sg for her sis wedding.. ty dear for the macs and layer cake order.. i can imagine how tired u are and sorry for the not so good looking layer cake.. :o(

Recipe is taken fm a magazine i bought while in Jakarta called Pastry and Bakery by Koko Hidayat, Culinary Head Tech Bakery advisor PT Smart, Tbk and Indra Nur Balian, Tech Baker PT Smart, Tbk


OMG dont u just love simple recipes.. so simple that u feel inadequate preparing it? welp.. so so true what some bloggers think abt this cake.. imagine a cake being prepared in a mug.. imagine it taking only a few mins to get it done.. imagine all u need is a mug.. a fork or spatula and a microwave oven to get ur chocolate craving fixed! call it lazy.. call it desperate...

Sigh... by the end of the day.. hb got what he craved for.. hes one satisfied man on his bday! will let the pics do the talking... will let the pro teach u how to prepare it ok... so enjoy!

The ingredients...ooops and pls add 3tbsp of Nutella or Peanut butter.....

.... a Chef hand that was entrusted to take up the task!

Hehe... meet Chef Sonia... so ok... first you hv to add flour, sugar, cocoa powder aka valrhona powder, nutella, egg, milk and oil..

Stir gently... followed by a snif... a ponder... then place it in ur microwave oven and micro it on high for abt 2 mins

... and voila! bef we knew it.. papa was happily eating his dessert! Yumm!

Oh and bef I go.. these were the pics taken during hb's bday.. it was a simple and non fussy family event.. we were out all day.. Hairi joined us for lunch... and for dinner we took mom and dad out... overall we had a wonderful weekend...

Hb had two types of desserts on his bday... pavlova with passionfruit & Lemon curd and also Nutella Mug Cake that was prepared by Chef Sonia! hehe

Note: If u wanna serve it with whipping cream.. all u need to do is to whip 1/2 cup of double cream with 1 tbsp of sugar.. drizzle it with ur best melted chocolate that u hv in ur pantry.. i use Marmer couverture this time round!


I am going to make a quick entry this morning simply bec i can muahahha - Happy Birthday to my dearest hb.. ur the best and knowing me who is always short on words when it comes to espressing my love .. u know i love u .. u know u mean the world to me.. thank you for being there when i needed u the most.. ty for lending me a shoulder to cry on and for lending ur ear to hear all my worries and woes... i love u long time my dear! hehe xoxoxo

Hb emailed me yesterday with a link to a website and asked me to bake him something ... so hopefully later i will be able to do so after we come home fm our outing.. u guys hv a great weekend and oh these congo bars were specially baked yesterday for Timo.. u know u can depend very much on these beauties if ur running out of time to bake something for someone.. Happy bday to u Timo! it was funny to see that my Congo bars later become ur bday cake lol.. so ok.. heres the recipe again for those that hv not tried baking em...

2 3/4 cup of all purpose flour
2 1/2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
150g butter - soften
300g light brown sugar
3 eggs
1 tsp vanilla
50g butterscotch chips
200g chocolate chips - i used tollhouse!
1 cup chopped almond

- Sift flour, baking powder and salt in a large bowl - set aside
- Combine butter and sugar using a mixer until blended
- Add eggs one at a time to sugar mixture.. mixing on low in between each addition
- Add vanilla and mix
- Add flour and mix till combined
- Stir in chips
- Coat a 13x9 pan with a non stick spray and spread batter evenly into dish.. throw in more chocolate chips and also ur chopped almond
- Bake on a preheated oven of 170C for abt 30 mins or till golden brown.. dont over bake ok cos ur baking blondies and not cookies! hehe

.... And ty to Suizairah for this macs order (nutella ganache and valrhona chocolate filling) .. hope ur boy has a wonderful bday! she also told me that her mom is a fan of my blog.. hehe... ty for coming to my blog and salam to her ok!


This kinda of weather makes me feel like lazing around all day long unfortunately I cant do that.. the moment I stepped into my house I knew I had tons of stuff to do.. oh well... my body is well rested.. i didnt do much while in KL.. didnt even bother to go anywhere while hb was working.. the only place that i went to was KLCC and also 1Utama.. not forgetting to Bangsar Baru to check out Pantry Magic - nothing to rave abt actually - the shop was a little smaller than the one in Singapore (Pantry magic is now known as Lemon Zest here)

Anyway yes.. we got home safely yesterday.. had to rush home cos hb had a meeting in his office in the afternoon.. i did my laundry last night and this morning i managed to bake macs for an order.. i must say eventho the weather was gloomy and drizzling.. my precious macs came out good.. Alhamdullilah..

Sonia was in the kitchen with me all morning and she kept on pestering me to let her bake something and since i had to bake macs i let her do half a batch of it.. i helped her to whisk egg white and sugar.. added colour into her meringue and place it in her bowl.. then she started her magic...she folded in almond/icing powder herself using her Mastrad spatula and even started to count out loud each time she did her macaronnage

I scooped out her batter and placed it in a piping bag.. she piped it out herself.. placed her tray on the table to let it dry and even got to place her tray in the oven (of cos with mama's supervision)..

Once baked.. i took it out and i was in awe... her macs came out looking almost perfect!.. err well minus all the out of shape thingy hehe.. i wasnt expecting her macs to hv a smooth surface let alone have feet! arghhhh how i wished i had taken a step by step pic of her whisking her batter! grrrr

So while she was busy whisking her batter.. i was busy preparing this fruit salad.. this was the same fruit salad that i served during our open house.. not only is it easy to prepare.. this dessert has got to be one of the yummiest dessert that we had tested.. ty to Lisa (our helper) for this wonderful recipe.. u hv to serve it cold so letting it sit in ur fridge overnight is highly recommended.. cant wait!

2 big cans of Del Monte Fiesta fruit Cocktail
2 cans of honey sea coconuts
4 young coconuts - shreaded (scraped)
1 can of Del Monte whole Kernel Corn
1/2 bar of cheese - cut in very small cubes (i used cheddar cheese)
2 packs of Nata de coco (remove syrup) (optional) - i used
3 cans of Nestle all purpose creme (you can reduce amt if u dont want it too creamy)
2 small cans of condensed milk (add more if u prefer it to be sweater)

1. Drain the juice from the fruit cocktail and transfer the canned fruits in a bowl.
2. Combine the fruit cocktail, honey sea coconut, kernel corn, shreaded young coconut and nata de coco then toss lightly.
3. Add the condensed milk and mix lightly. Be extra careful so that the fruits will remain intact.
4. Add nestle cream and mix again. Make sure that the cream is properly distributed amongst the fruits.
5. Add in cubed cheddar cheese and refrigerate for at least 3 hours.
6. Serve Chilled. Share and Enjoy!

Highly recommended by Lisa: 100ml of whipped whipping cream to be mixed with ur fruit salad bef u serve em.. yummmmyyyyyyyy!!

Recipe fm Lisa's mom!


You know ur in Malaysia when u see these...

.... and more of these gems being sold by the roadside.... oh how i miss this kinda scenerio in my hometown!

You know when u dont see me updating my blog religiously.. i am busy cracking eggs! Thank you Shahanaz for ordering lapis legit keju, was nice to meet u at Mummy'R in JB! hehe.. ty KZuri who i met at Bangi tollgate for the repeat order of lapis legit prunes aka 50 egg yolks lapis prune and woot woot.. congrats for being my first Malaysian customer to buy my Mastrad mixing bowl! good choice KZuri and Ty Brenda who i met in 1utama today for ordering lapis prune.. nice to see u and ur girl!

... when i am busy baking shells after shells lol.. err well abt 600 macs shells in total!

Piping different kinda fillings... espresso ganache, salted caramel, valrhona chocolate, salted peanut butter, white chocolate passionfruits, teh tarik and also nutella ganache... sonia's fav!

Arranging em in boxes... ty Reen for all the repeat orders... this girl was craving for my macs since ramadhan.. she wrote to me and i promised her that she will be the first one to be notified! ty dear.. it was nice to meet u and ur princess again... why lah ur always in a hurry hehehe.. ty Hairyanti for coming down to Concorde to pick up ur order.. advance ty to Puspa and also Syahzelen for the macs orders... see u girls soon!

You know when little Sonia is smiling fm ear to ear...

That her papa's got a new set of baking stuff - officially her first real baking stuff!

It looks like someone will be busy baking christmas sugar cookies this year! ahaks

Trying out new outfit is a must ey dear...

Strike a pose! hehe mama's latest Mastrad edition is not in yet.. I got the honour to test em first :op (pic taken using papa's iphone!)

Hehehe NICEEEEE!!.. last kopek.. korek hidung guna kan rubber spatula.. well done dear! kahkahkah


I am sorry for this delay.. i hv been so busy with baking that i didnt even hv the time to log on yesterday.. i cud read my email.. i cud reply to some via my iphone while waiting for my layer cake to be baked but i didnt take down my lappy to my kitchen.. thought i would be able to update my blog bef i went to bed but unfortunately i was too tired to do so..

The first thing i did this morning was to take out my butter.. log on my lappy.. read all the entries again.. went to 1 to 222 (YES 222 entries!) and did the magic click. The winner to my 5th giveaway is.........

CONGRATULATION Janine! yayyyy... pls email me ur contact details by 7pm Monday 19th September. If I don't get a reply... err well I will have to re-draw ahakss

Thank you all for taking the time to participate in my Giveaway... it is always a pleasure to read what people have to say :)

Well ok.. got to go.. i hv a full on day today.. baking and outing in the evening.. i guess i see u guys in KL! cheerios!


Hello all.... is everyone still busy with their hari raya visiting?

In the spirit of Hari Raya I have decided to hold my 5th Giveaway.

This time I am giving away something that hopefully everybody can use (and everybody can enter!)... its a set of 4 MASTRAD stainless steel mixing bowls with lids.

What I like about these bowls is that they all have a rubber bottom. So when I place them on the counter for whisking, they dont slide around... The four sizes in this set are 13cm 0.7L, 17cm 1.4L, 21cm 2.8L and a 25cm 4.6L. Of course you can use them for much more than just baking; as salad bowl, serving food etc. The lids allow you to tightly seal and then place/stack them in the fridge.

In my online store this set retails for S$169.00.

OK... so for the VERY easy question:


In your reply IN THE COMMENTS BELOW, let me have:

1) Your answer.
2) Your name!!! (if no name, no game.. :)

NO MULTIPLE ENTRIES; No emails; and my decision is final.
Contest is open to all from everywhere...

I will close this GA on Wednesday 14th September at 7pm and will then randomly pick with


And the finalists are:

1) Edith Chong
2) Janine
4) Parameswari
5) Fauziah
6) Puan ApasH
7) Coolant Chin
8) Sumaiyyah
9) Mixue
10) Siti Khairiah
11) zarin
12) Dzuliyana Suleman
13) dee_diana
14) 3E
15) Zahara
16) ilah
17) Priti
18) afiqah
19) Julie.
20) Lyly
21) Nadia
22) ciketon fazya
23) Fazya
24) MIMI
25) Suri Izuati
26) Aim Aris
27) Ain
28) Azza (Kuching,Sarawak)
29) aini hayati
30) Laila zainal
32) Margaret Ong
33) Janice
34) edi
35) hidayah
36) Mel
37) Puan Ros
38) cik siti mansor
39) nurul
40) Ayu
41) Mimie Hamdan
42) Rafidah
43) Yat Maria
44) Noor Arina Binti Zainal Abidin
45) Khairunnisa
46) ManiSweeT
47) Ninazsyafinaz
48) Rabi'atul Adawiyyah Hj Hassan
49) Emma
50) Rini
51) Nina
52) hawa
53) Nurfaizah
54) ida rohaina binti moktar
55) NorZee
56) K.Nor
57) umiyumi
58) Siti Norasmah binti Mohtar
59) hidayah
60) Eiyta Zarieyta s.
61) myza
62) Aishamirafiq
63) Samantha
64) Rahmah
65) Ria
66) Rohana Sulaiman
68) Ezwin
69) Syazwina Alias
70) Mama Hannan
71) Nasha
72) Siti Laili
73) Sabaria
74) Ddah
75) Hasniza Penang
76) eni osman
77) elmi
78) Adhia Razak
79) nurul izzati
80) serena in bkk
81) me, myself and areen
82) Lina Wanshah
84) Pinky
85) mellymilly
86) Christina Tan
87) Zarinah Hood
88) Hani
89) hamim
90) Norhana Ahmad Singapore
91) sarimah ahmad
92) Annie Sim
93) Sri Yani
94) Ros Ab
96) Wirda Rasid
97) Lily & Auz Homemade Product
98) Elianna Osman
99) mr.F
100) Sim Sim
101) Little Lizzy - Nurliza
102) Raudhah Hashim
103) aca6 nisa
104) Ruby
106) Zahara Han
107) somuffins - CikSom
108) Teesilia
110) dottology - Maria
111) izan - Norizan
112) Farhana
113) Mohaini
114) nelly riani meha
115) Eileen
116) Reen
118) Yee Er Tang
119) Nuraini
120) Alice Prasetyo
121) Farah Abd Rahman
122) rasydah hamid
123) QeeZ - Eve
124) Nur Fathinatul Hudas
125) BEAUTY - wati
126) Hesti HH
127) Dzah - Faezah
128) yatiscloset - Nur Hilyati @ yatipruzz
129) Yanti Khairudin
130) ykristen
131) Asiah
132) Asiah Abdul Rahman
133) Amal Ahmad
134) Dee
135) Asfarina Asma Hj Mohamad
136) Lily Arif
137) chezzem - Shaleen
138) Azura Rahman
139) tOoth faiRy - Amilia
140) Zareene Saifuddin
141) Masza Masrupi
142) Tie - Norma Yahya
143) Hezrin Ahmad
144) Lin Haris
145) che zaid - zaida
146) Aqil
147) The Brownie Babe
149) Lim
150) Laila ZK
151) zakiah zainol
152) Azmah Arif - Shah Alam
153) Yuzmin
154) hamidah S
155) Angeline Teh
156) Siti - Kuching, Sarawak
157) Abang Musa - azharazwan
158) Uswani
159) rozi
160) sarah kalam - melaka
161) Yoa Ngadenin
162) Ayu
163) Lynn Sulaiman
164) Noriha
165) Theresa Lim
166) ctsal - ctsalwani
167) Kak Jalilah Hassan
168) Xiong
169) Yasmin
170) anna - rohana from selangor
171) Salwa - Miri, Sarawak
172) Fortuna Dolce
173) nash - woodlands
174) Hairmi - Brunei
175) juma_bee
176) Suhaila
177) hidayah ng
178) KakSal
179) aziah hussin - jordan
180) Hasnita binti Fazal Dad Khan
181) Liyana
182) printha
184) aini @ ummuabdullahsyaakir
185) Umiey
186) Lina Chin
187) Ribbon Clown
188) CT - intansiti
189) Nur Hidayah Amir
190) Emily
191) Amnah
192) CTZee
193) Ain - Norain Esman
194) Nuraien Zakaria
195) Syarina Mohd Idris
196) SARINAH @ suri
197) Khartini
198) Najmah
199) ezlina
200) Sister13
201) Lizzy - Hasliza Kiman
202) Salmi
203) Arlin
204) Angie
205) Liza Mohamed Noor
206) ewan - Langkawi Malaysia
207) Trisnowaty
208) Rohaida Salleh
209) CutegurL (JennyC)
210) Fatimah
211) dahlia talib
212) Rani Situmal Balani
213) Suriati Mohamad
214) Ray
215) Aishah
216) Noor
217) azizah - woodland
218) Vidya
219) illia
220) fauziah
221) Melanie - KL
222) Shah

Phew! Finally I'm done...

Result will be announced tomorrow.... good luck peeps!


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