Lisa's fruit salad.. Pinoy Fruit Salad

This kinda of weather makes me feel like lazing around all day long unfortunately I cant do that.. the moment I stepped into my house I knew I had tons of stuff to do.. oh well... my body is well rested.. i didnt do much while in KL.. didnt even bother to go anywhere while hb was working.. the only place that i went to was KLCC and also 1Utama.. not forgetting to Bangsar Baru to check out Pantry Magic - nothing to rave abt actually - the shop was a little smaller than the one in Singapore (Pantry magic is now known as Lemon Zest here)

Anyway yes.. we got home safely yesterday.. had to rush home cos hb had a meeting in his office in the afternoon.. i did my laundry last night and this morning i managed to bake macs for an order.. i must say eventho the weather was gloomy and drizzling.. my precious macs came out good.. Alhamdullilah..

Sonia was in the kitchen with me all morning and she kept on pestering me to let her bake something and since i had to bake macs i let her do half a batch of it.. i helped her to whisk egg white and sugar.. added colour into her meringue and place it in her bowl.. then she started her magic...she folded in almond/icing powder herself using her Mastrad spatula and even started to count out loud each time she did her macaronnage

I scooped out her batter and placed it in a piping bag.. she piped it out herself.. placed her tray on the table to let it dry and even got to place her tray in the oven (of cos with mama's supervision)..

Once baked.. i took it out and i was in awe... her macs came out looking almost perfect!.. err well minus all the out of shape thingy hehe.. i wasnt expecting her macs to hv a smooth surface let alone have feet! arghhhh how i wished i had taken a step by step pic of her whisking her batter! grrrr

So while she was busy whisking her batter.. i was busy preparing this fruit salad.. this was the same fruit salad that i served during our open house.. not only is it easy to prepare.. this dessert has got to be one of the yummiest dessert that we had tested.. ty to Lisa (our helper) for this wonderful recipe.. u hv to serve it cold so letting it sit in ur fridge overnight is highly recommended.. cant wait!

2 big cans of Del Monte Fiesta fruit Cocktail
2 cans of honey sea coconuts
4 young coconuts - shreaded (scraped)
1 can of Del Monte whole Kernel Corn
1/2 bar of cheese - cut in very small cubes (i used cheddar cheese)
2 packs of Nata de coco (remove syrup) (optional) - i used
3 cans of Nestle all purpose creme (you can reduce amt if u dont want it too creamy)
2 small cans of condensed milk (add more if u prefer it to be sweater)

1. Drain the juice from the fruit cocktail and transfer the canned fruits in a bowl.
2. Combine the fruit cocktail, honey sea coconut, kernel corn, shreaded young coconut and nata de coco then toss lightly.
3. Add the condensed milk and mix lightly. Be extra careful so that the fruits will remain intact.
4. Add nestle cream and mix again. Make sure that the cream is properly distributed amongst the fruits.
5. Add in cubed cheddar cheese and refrigerate for at least 3 hours.
6. Serve Chilled. Share and Enjoy!

Highly recommended by Lisa: 100ml of whipped whipping cream to be mixed with ur fruit salad bef u serve em.. yummmmyyyyyyyy!!

Recipe fm Lisa's mom!


Yat Maria said...

Well done Sonia!! 1st time dah dpt feet..aunty punya 1st time just like a TL!!hahaha...ask mama what is TL..muehehhehe

Eiyta Zarieyta S. said...

wow... macs sonia licin & ada feet lah... bravo bravo... mana tumpahnya kuah kalau tak ke nasi... :)

ninazsyafinaz said...

Welcome home sis..waduhh..If Sonia can do such almost perfect mac..kenapalah my Mac turn out senget..hehehe..shame2..whoaaa..she learn the step from you..Well done Sonia!!!

ninazsyafinaz said...

Oo..lupa..lepas nih mama boleh belikan Sonia Mastrad pad utk buat mac tuh plak..ahaks

Lyssiey said...

Thank you for the Pinoy Fruit Salad recipe..among all others you had posted. I love all of them and Im sure they are sure winners! xoxo

Lyssiey said...

Hey, Im Lyssiey. Tks for all the great recipes..and dis Pinoy Fruit Salad will def be a sure winner too! I am making it dis Sunday for dessert..hehe..xoxo

anakcikbob said...

amazing! sonia 1st bake but it came out perfectly!
1st tengok tadi memang quite surprise gak kak. macam xpercaya sonia yg buat.
she's got talent u know.
someday, she'll thank u to blog bout cooking. <3

Rima said...

Muahahahha i know i know.. she akan tahu once dia dah reach puberty hahaha

Rima said...

Hehe tu lah.. dia main hantam ajer bila buat macaronage.. ingat sure merekah tu yg bila dia nak pipe sangat i gave her the normal baking paper.. tak ku sangka jadi pulak si feet tu and tak merekah langsung :o)

Rima said...

Ty dear! Mama Sonia will get her one once she dah master how to do it.. right now.. cukup lah pakai baking paper ajer hehe

Rima said...

Do it!! i can guarantee u its gonna be a big hit err unless most of ur jemputan health conscious hehe

Rima said...

That is why i started blogging.. its all bec of her.. maklum nak sangat anak pompuan so bila dah dapat tu i make sure i tinggal kan pusaka recipe untuk dia hehehe

mimie1678 said...

weee... sonia terer! like nother like daughter la kak!

mariah said...

Hi Rima,

Dah kata dah.. ada bakat jadi Chef Sonia..

Mel said...

Sonia going to outdo you one day! Sonia, the Queen of Macaron! hee...

KG said...

i also counted my macaronnage and diligently added the caster sugar like you said....awesome results! 41, 42, 43......tqs rima!

CTZee said...

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree eh? Bravo Sonia! Pandai anak mama ni. Great job K. Rima coz you're the best syifu .... ever! ;)

Shal said...

Well done sonia, auntie pun takut nk bake macs ni tgh dok pikir nk buek ape dgn egg whites lebihan kek lapis, yang pasti bkn macs marshmellow?

Btw rima at first i tried out ur lapis surabaya menjadi yum... Then i tried KG lapis durian wahhh nyaman... Aftr that i tried out ur lapis pandan roll wahhh sedapnya. Skrg tgn tgh gatal nk melapis lagik... Trippin....

Rima said...

Back then i dont think my mom even allow me to go to the kitchen.. budak sekarang diff.. if kita buat.. dia pun nak ikut buat but better lah kan.. kecik kecik dah pandai gi dapur :op

Rima said...

hEHE Insyallah.. siapa tahu kan.. senang mama dia tak yah nak masuk dapur lagi hehe

Rima said...

ahaks.. well as far as i can remember.. mine doesnt come close to her end product when i first started doing macs ..

Rima said...

Good girl! hehe.. amacam better kan? harus ikut peraturan tau.. cuba kira out loud sure sooner or later ur son also will start to count if he bake macs hehe

Rima said...

Belum lagi.. for sonia i am the best for others.. err.. ni ramai yg suruh bukak class sampai sekarang pun belum lagi nak jadi cikgu.. no cert so cannot teach hehe

Rima said...

Once u dah start memang tak leh stop.. memang shiok kan melapis ni.. panas 3 jam ajer but bila dapat tengok the end product.. ahhhh memang nyaman gitu

Aishamirafiq said...

Pandai nyer sonia... Aisey... Nak tips...Kalau gitu next time boleh la order mac dgn sonia... Aunty nak try buat mac pun takut....ahaks...
Jus like ur mum... Ini baru mac... Next time pulak kek lapis... Nie baru aunty pengsan... Lol

lemongrass said...

Alamak, I kena hide my face lah sebab I tak pernah berani nak buat macs while Sonia's first macs terus jadi smooth and ada kaki.
Memang definitely you are a good sifu and she's going to be one awesome baker!

Rima said...

Buat macs ni memang gitu lah.. when u least expected benda nye akan menjadi.. when sonia pipe her batter alot of them macam cacing but kan ade afew yg bulat .. i didnt even bother to let her pipe kat my mac sheet.. she piped pakai normal baking paper boleh no probs pulak nak kopek si mac tu.. ish

Rima said...

Aminnnn.. i was surprised myself... siapa sangka.. she did macaronage but biasa lah budak budak.. they way they fold in tu ade kasar sikit and her batter tercair pulak but her mac still came out smooth and keluar kaki hehe

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