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First and foremost i would like to take this opportunity to wish every single muslim reader of my blog a wonderful and blessed Ramadhan.. May Allah give us the strength and patience to fast during this whole month of Ramadhan.. accept all our fasts and give us the opportunity to worship in the night of Qadr and help us to continue all the good deeds we do in this holy month.. Amin.

I would also like to take this opportunity to menyusun sepuluh jari meminta ampun dan maaf sekiranye ade terkasar bahasa.. or terlebih gurau di alam maya ini.. semoga kita dapat menjalani ibadah puasa dgn tenang.. adehhhh thats why i dont blog in malay.. berterabur malay kita hehehe

So hows everyone?? I hv not been baking anything and hence no pic or recipes to share.. I am still coughing away and the flu doesnt seem to go away .. alhamdullilah Sonia has been well.. hb is getting on well too.. yesterday we were invited by sis Wati for a seafood meal in Senibong JB .. unfortunately sis lyn and family couldnt make it cos Dafinah is down with high fever.. get well soon Adik!

Shes always a joy to be around and gets along so well. How fast our little Princess grows. Wasnt it just two years ago where hb mentioned "I cant wait for her to start talking". Now its "how do we stop her from talking?" lol

Thank you sis Wati and family!


"I am as fit as a fiddle... I'm fineeee" ... thats what hb said to me bef he decided to go to work this morning eventho hes on MC.. grrrr.. MEN! .. u know what i said to him? "well ok if ur as fit as a fiddle then tonight u will hv to take us out for dinner!" period.. end of conversation.. no more argument.. he came back home earlier than usual.. probably bec he felt a little sick during lunch time..rested awhile and drove straight to the post office to send out all of our orders.. so yeah.. all settled.. those who had ordered will be getting their stuff in a few days time.. ty everyone for ur support.. will try to add more things to my store in the near future :o)

So with him back to work and me having my usual "me" time.. i decided to cook something simple for Sonia and me... bake something simple and got satisfaction out of this simple recipe.. honestly.. muffin is one of the easiest and the fastest things to do... no need for the mixer... dont need alot of effort... mix all the dry ingredients.. add in all the wet ingredients.. stir it with ur rubber spatula and bake it.. thats it!

1 3/4 cups (230 grams) all-purpose flour
1/4 cup (30 grams) cocoa powder - i used cocoa berry
1 cup (200 grams) granulated sugar
1 tsp baking powder
1 tsp baking soda
1/4 tsp salt
2 large eggs, beaten lightly
1/2 cup (113 grams) butter - melted and cooled
3-4 ripe bananas (about 400-450 grams), mash with a fork
1 tsp pure vanilla extract - I use vanilla essence

Garnish (optional):
Chocolate chips

1. Preheat the oven to 200'C (I used 180C) Prepare muffin paper cup (bluder cup) or a baking sheet covered with paper muffin cups for cupcakes to a smaller size. Set aside.
2. In a large bowl, sift flour, cocoa powder, baking powder, baking soda and salt. Add sugar. Mix well. Set aside.
3. In another bowl, combine bananas, eggs, melted butter and vanilla. Stir well. Pour wet ingredients into the flour mixture and stir gently with rubber spatula. Stir just enough to mix it.
4. Pour batter into paper cups. Sprinkle chocolate chips on it. Bake in preheated oven for 30 minutes or until cooked. Do the prick tests with a clean toothpick or stick. Remove from oven. Serve warm.

I like it.. hb likes it.. sonia loves it.. I am pretty sure u girls out there will like it too.. bake it for this weekend... bake it during ramadhan.. no harm done.. and like my hb always says: There is no substitute for using good quality chocolate.... it definitely tastes different!

And girls... I too used to think that van houten sounded posh ahakss

Recipe adapted fm banana bread recipe by joy of baking
Source: Bunda Nadhifa


We got home safely on sat evening.. Solenn flew back to Paris last Sunday and guess what? both hb and I are down with slight fever, flu and cough.. arghhh shud i blame it on the weather in KL or shud i blame it on my antibodies.. i realised that i am getting there... u know its the age thingy when even the slightest moment.. like when u sit next to a sick person u will get the bug? well thats how it started.. we didnt even go to Cameron Highlands cos hb was not well..

Anyway i know doc told me to rest but i just cant.. Yesterday Lisa came by to clean our place and do some ironing which gave me all the time to bake something while hb is sleeping in our room.. his temp seems to be getting higher and higher and i seriously think that his work and all the travelling is taking a toll on him.. sigh

So ok.. I hv to go and lie down.. the medication makes me feel drowsy and my eyes are all watery.. heres the recipe folks ..

50g Wijsman butter
50g margarine
20g butter oil subtitute
(i used 120g wijsman butter)
2 egg yolks
60g icing sugar
1tsp lemon paste

115g low protein flour (cake flour)
1 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp jahe powder (i didnt use any)
1/2 tsp spekoek powder
1/2 tsp salt

60g egg white
60g castor sugar
1/4tsp cream of tartar

Let it soak for an hour
200g mix fruits
50g rum (I used orange juice)

50g almond powder - baked for a few mins

Using a stand mixer, beat (A) using medium high speed till white
Add in sifted (B)... set aside
In another bowl whisk egg white and cream of tartar.. add sugar a little a time ad continue to whisk at high speed till siff peak.
Add in egg white batter into butter mixture.. fold in ur almond powder and also ur mix fruits
Bake in preheated oven of 170C for abt 30 mins

Chocolate cheesecake
500g cream cheese
150g icing sugar - sifted
1/4 tsp vanilla cream - i used vanilla paste
2 tbsp black forest paste
1 tbsp Moa Hopyes - i didnt use

300g eggs - abt 6 eggs

100g whipping cream

Whisk (A) till well mix
Add in (B) and continue to whisk on medium speed.
Add in whipping cream and mix throughly
Pour cheesecake batter onto baked fruit cake
Bake using bain marie method for 90mins
Once baked.. let it sit in ur oven for another hr bef taking it out and placing it in ur fridge.. once chilled u can take it out and slice it..

I dont know how to describe this cake.. to be honest i prefer the lapis cheesecake.. err probably bec i am a big fan of plain cheesecake.. this cake itself is rich in flavours.. rich in texture.. however i think if u add 1tbsp of melted chocolate into it this cake it will taste even better..

Oh one more thing bef i go.. ty to all that have place an order for my mastrad sheets.. will send it out as soon as hb is back in his office.. hes the one that handles all the postage..

Source: Chendawaty , Bakery Magazine (LPK Tata Boga Ny Liem)


I am not a big fan of restaurant reviews. Its very subjective and every person's palette is different. But I will make an exception here - some bird (Rima) requested me (the hb" as I am affectionately known) to do a review :)

Last night I had planned to have the normal buffet dinner spread at the Concorde KL's "Melting Pot" restaurant. Unknown to us, yesterday was the "teaser" for the Melting Pot's ramadhan iftar buffet.

The theme this year is: Nasi Padang Pariaman. This spread of Padang flavor is brought to you by two culinary maestros, Irwan Arifin and Sambasri Harun 'imported' from their hometown Pariaman.

Dishes in this sumptuous spread range from daging dendeng bakar, opor ayam to sotong berlado and ikan sambal lado hijau. (Yes; I know I look really handsome in the picture above - no need to comment - I hear men with receding hairline are better in... I mean better in.. eating hehe)

Two dishes that 'hit' me the most are the opor ayam and the ikan sambal lado hijau. I am always weary of chicken dishes in buffets since they are often dry - not in this case, the moistness of the chicken infused with the "power" of the opor blew my mind away. The ikan lado hijau destroyed all this mat-salleh's tastebuds (positively)

The whole buffet is really nicely presented. Every dish has its uniqueness and brings out the flavors of Pariaman. The chefs have done a great job in sticking the authenticity and taking you on a sensory experience.

So to bring my food review to a close, here are some details:

What: Nasi Padang Pariaman - Ramadhan Buffet
Where: Concorde KL - Melting Pot
When: August 1 - 29
How much: RM89.00++ per person
20% discount during 1st and 4th week of Ramadhan
Note: This buffet is Halal of course

If you have the time, drop in and try the buffet. For a real picky and difficult to please mat salleh with an even more picky wife (with Javanese origins), we both agree that this is one of the best buffets we have had in a long time. (if only we had known we wouldn't have had lunch!)

OK.... I'm tired. Even with my presence, Rima managed to talk away for almost two hours with Ms Yani (KG) and Ms Shidah (Sizuka) in the lobby. If I had not been there I think they would have spoken till their throats went dry. Women.... hehe.. Thanks Yani for the serunding daging and achar buah! I like! thanks Shidah for the carrot cake... I will 'test' it tomorrow!

And a final picture of my dear Sonia. She loves the Batak Band in the Melting Pot especially "kakak shake shake". So when we are having dinner, she "roves" around with the Batak Band - to the bemusement of other guests. Sonia...Sonia...


I simply dont know how to express my gratefulness to the ppl that i hv met along the way during my two and half years of blogging..i hv met so so many nice ppl.. be it in my own country.. in Malaysia and also in Thailand.. am not writing this cos its my bloggesary day today lol.. i simply wanna thank each and everyone of u peeps who hv been visiting my blog.. who hv tried out some of the recipes in my blog... who hv taken the time to see me in person and who hv been ordering my bakes... i blog when i am at my best... i blog when i am at my worst... i cannot thank everyone enough..being busy keeps me going.. being surrounded by kind souls is a blessing.. u ppl rock my world!! hehehe

Anyway yesterday I met Shal and her daughter.. she had told me earlier that she wanna take us out so that our kids could play together and where do u think she took us?? yep to the Bird Park.. i hv never been to the KL bird park and was pretty excited for sonia.. u know how sonia is with animals.. so the moment we got there.. sonia was already chirping away like all the birds there lol.. Shal's daughter, Mariam was a little shy but warmed up towards the end.. she was born in the same month and year as my little Sonia...

We got there bef noon.. it wasnt that crowded and the weather was kind to us.. lots of birds of cos... Lots and lots of peacocks too!

This male peacock was obviously trying to entice the female peacocks.. u shud see the way it opened up its err err kahkahkah.. nooooooo its tail feathers.. it is believed that the female will choose their mates according to size, colour and quality of these feathers... ah huh.. u said it right girl!!! all the important factors to look for in our partner ey hahahaha

There were several fish ponds.. Sonia fed the fish just like how she wud feed all the fishes in our pond at home...

I laugh each time i see these pics... the look on sonia's face.. priceless! she didnt even dare to move her head after she was bitten by the white parrot.. poor girl!

I love this pic!

Sonia was again bitten twice here.. the parrots even flew and landed on sonia's hand.. she got scared and ended up feeding the birds like how she fed the fish lol

She finally decided to place the bird food at the edge of the wood fence..

Mariam didnt hv any probs feeding these parrots.. they were pretty kind towards her.. The pic on the bottom right is Shal... ty dear... it was nice of u to take us there... was nice to see our kids together... maybe next time we can do painting together... :op

Time to head back kiddoes! Sonia had a blast and talked abt it non stop... she even told hb abt her day without being asked... so thats good... right? hehe.. today we decided to stay indoors as we had a long day yesterday which ended in China town.. all my mac orders have been picked up.. ty Jehan and Ria.. glad u liked the macs Jehan!


Shes with her new toy... ahuh.. this is what she choose... telescope.. she had wanted to paint binoculars but unfortunately they no longer have it so she chose the telescope... shes been playing with it.. she sleeps with it...she takes it to just abt everywhere she goes... err well for now that is...

We got into KL safely yesterday afternoon.. didnt even have to stop anywhere as this time around i came here unannounced.. i had a few KL orders which were confirmed long bef i even knew that i'd be heading here this weekend... ty Aida for the repeat order.. hope to see u again and ty for the gift.. u shouldnt hv dear! ty Epi and Nora for ur orders.. Nora ur too funny girl! hehe

I will be meeting Shal tmrw right after breakkie to hand over her macs.. shes planning to "kidnap" us to somewhere that i dont even know hahaha.. ok ok maybe its a good idea for u to photocopy ur id bef u pick us up hehehe

Other than that i dont hv much to report.. we did One Utama, KLCC and also Pavillion.. will probably be heading to Cameroon Highlands over the weekend bef driving back home.. will update more with pics yah..


Hey peeps.. i know its been awhile... had wanted to update my blog but time is just not on my side.. i hv been busy.. busy being a mom to two girls.. busy being a tour guide for sure and busy with my orders... hb got home fm Jakarta safely and i hv since updated my stock of chocolate condensed milk, black forest paste and also spekkeok powder... so to those who hv emailed me regarding my stock.. its in wokey..(but will only be able to send it out in a weeks time as per below paragraph)

As I am typing away my entry .. my mind is constantly thinking abt my tooth.. remember the time when i had to do root canal? well a moment ago while i was munching on something.. the cement seemed to come off.. arghhhh am so afraid of going thru the pain again.. we are heading to KL and i hope nothing will happen to me.. u hv no idea how scared i am when it comes to toothache!

Sooo whats new since the last entry?? err finally Mrs Aue has a permanent helper.. i told Lisa to come once or twice a week to clean our place... hb is a happy puppy now since he doesnt hv to wash our toilets again! Sonia is a happy puppy cos kakak Solenn is around to play with her... Solenn has been speaking English and has been spending a lot of time with me... she eats just abt anything that i cook and mind ya.. shes into spicy food... good girl!

I hv learnt how to sit down and watch telly for a change... i guess its bec i hv a guest right now and i cant let her be by herself all the time...i still bake everyday tho but nothing to blog abt since theres no new recipes to share.. so all in all... Mrs Aue is a happy puppy too cos she gets to watch Desperate Housewife on telly and not constantly be in the kitchn hehehe

Ok.... thats it for now... its late and tmrw i hv to get up early to bake macs.. i guess the next time i update my blog it will be of us in KL.. enjoy some of the photos taken this week..

A trip to the Zoo is a big YES YES hehe

Sonia loves to ride on horses and not forgetting the carousel ride...

Hehe she looks uber cute in that hat...

Yep Solenn and her creations heheh... shes good at it.. Sonia has been playing playdoh every single day.. they go swimming together and shes been playing with her while i was busy baking..

Thats a cute mac Solenn!

Thats a cute sushi Sonia and look at the mess u hv created hehe

TCCC ordered by sis Rita for her students... hope they enjoyed it.. lucky boys!

Macs ordered by Noraini, Nora, Jehan and also Aida... tks guys!

TCCC transformer cake ordered by Sophia... tks dear for the repeat orders... hv u started using ur Mastrad sheet yet?? :op

Hv a good weekend everyone and see u in KL!


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