Nasi Pandang Pariaman - Ramadhan Buffet

I am not a big fan of restaurant reviews. Its very subjective and every person's palette is different. But I will make an exception here - some bird (Rima) requested me (the hb" as I am affectionately known) to do a review :)

Last night I had planned to have the normal buffet dinner spread at the Concorde KL's "Melting Pot" restaurant. Unknown to us, yesterday was the "teaser" for the Melting Pot's ramadhan iftar buffet.

The theme this year is: Nasi Padang Pariaman. This spread of Padang flavor is brought to you by two culinary maestros, Irwan Arifin and Sambasri Harun 'imported' from their hometown Pariaman.

Dishes in this sumptuous spread range from daging dendeng bakar, opor ayam to sotong berlado and ikan sambal lado hijau. (Yes; I know I look really handsome in the picture above - no need to comment - I hear men with receding hairline are better in... I mean better in.. eating hehe)

Two dishes that 'hit' me the most are the opor ayam and the ikan sambal lado hijau. I am always weary of chicken dishes in buffets since they are often dry - not in this case, the moistness of the chicken infused with the "power" of the opor blew my mind away. The ikan lado hijau destroyed all this mat-salleh's tastebuds (positively)

The whole buffet is really nicely presented. Every dish has its uniqueness and brings out the flavors of Pariaman. The chefs have done a great job in sticking the authenticity and taking you on a sensory experience.

So to bring my food review to a close, here are some details:

What: Nasi Padang Pariaman - Ramadhan Buffet
Where: Concorde KL - Melting Pot
When: August 1 - 29
How much: RM89.00++ per person
20% discount during 1st and 4th week of Ramadhan
Note: This buffet is Halal of course

If you have the time, drop in and try the buffet. For a real picky and difficult to please mat salleh with an even more picky wife (with Javanese origins), we both agree that this is one of the best buffets we have had in a long time. (if only we had known we wouldn't have had lunch!)

OK.... I'm tired. Even with my presence, Rima managed to talk away for almost two hours with Ms Yani (KG) and Ms Shidah (Sizuka) in the lobby. If I had not been there I think they would have spoken till their throats went dry. Women.... hehe.. Thanks Yani for the serunding daging and achar buah! I like! thanks Shidah for the carrot cake... I will 'test' it tomorrow!

And a final picture of my dear Sonia. She loves the Batak Band in the Melting Pot especially "kakak shake shake". So when we are having dinner, she "roves" around with the Batak Band - to the bemusement of other guests. Sonia...Sonia...


Tarts and Tiaras said...

That looks so delicious! I miss home most during Ramadan.

lemongrass said...

Sonia is now the honorary member of the band and is called adik shake shake, hehehe...

Lady Windsor said...

Hi ur silent reader...nak link ke blog i bisousatoi ni ya..mercy!

Ummi said...

Waaaaaaaaaaahhh Rima dah demam Ramadhan dah eh...berselera jek akak tengok sume dishes yang dihidangkan tuh.. Mesti best menjamu tekak ala-ala hidangan buka puasa...mcm2 nak makan kan...hehe.. Komain cik abang dia suka makan yg pedas2 eyy, salute laah! hehee.. Sonia looks excited and soooo sweet... ^__^ May you enjoy your stay in KL, Rima...

CS said...

I just want to be naughty today...

Dear Mr Rima @ the affectionate one.. i have a question.. Do I have to PANDANG my food without actually indulge in it? Anyway, thanks for the good review :-)

P/S: Rima, hehehee..

KG said...

mr rima...tq for making us the coffees and teas and tarts you got us! and being patient waiting for us chatting,,,yah if you were not there, we would hv stayed till breakfast!
tqs rima for the borak borak...really cleared my head, but separuh kepala stil ting tong!

mr and mrs i ras nak try itu nasi padang!

ninazsyafinaz said...

Hahaha..I was like..Nasi Pandang??? Whoaa Yelah2 Mr look handsome lah..Little Sonia doing the shake2 with kakak shake2? Pheewwwwiiittt!

P/S..Kak Rima ader special resepi nak show untuk Ramadhan or Idul Fitri tak?

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Rima, can I get to know you better? hehehe.

Special guest appearance today. Ahaks. Mr Rima tulis blog ari ni..fuyooooo

Thank you for the recommendation. InsyaAllah, will go there this Ramadhan

psssst! Rima jangan jeles eh!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr Rima,

Once in a while, its good to have you on board as the guest writer in this blog.

Rima is really lucky to have you as her Mr Rima. You are so supportive of her baking activities, etc.

Cant wait for her to be back to sgp and blog more on new recipes :)


Anonymous said...

wahhh rima dah ada penulis blog baru ya... amik MC ke ni? hehee

cantik jer dia org serve dishes tu kan..


Rima said...

I know i wud!

Heheh.. its like a must thingy.. she will follow them around and play on the shake shake instrument.. dont know ape nama benda tu hehe

Lady Windsor
Mercy! ty for coming to this humble blog of mine..

Ty kak.. today kita dah nak balik dah.. budak solenn ni terbang besok.. ahhhh boleh start balik routine.. tak sabar!

Muahahha if not cos of cik som i also tak ferasan.. lepas dia wrote that entry dia terus published.. pandang nasi padang hahaha

Adehhhh ty for coming.. so nice to just sit and talk just abt anything under the sun.. especially abt our kids.. haizz macam macam kerenah meka meka ni.. kita kecik pun tak macam like that.. baik gitu hahah

Ramadhan recipe i am not too sure cos i hv always been blogging abt dessert.. probably new cookies for everyone to try out bef Eid.

No jeles one.. its ok... once in a blue mood kasi dia chance jadi guest appearance :o)

Hes lucky to hv me.. period! hahaha

eh why as anonymous? lahhh tak leh sign in eh? yes this guest writer memang tunggu ajer masa dapat berblog hehe

Sizuka said...


Thank you!! If only I can stay longer. Kalau Iffah tak nangis, mau I buat k.yani nangis by staying sampai pagi.. hahahha..

tq for the latte and the delicious tarts. :D

Trying To Be Muslim.. said...

kak Rima....hik3.....mcm kak LG kata...adik shake2....ekekekkee......cutenye sonia....

Sonoknye jenjalan....:)

Trying To Be Muslim.. said...

kak Rima....hik3.....mcm kak LG kata...adik shake2....ekekekkee......cutenye sonia....

Sonoknye jenjalan....:)

Ria said...

Kak ke??lme xupdate blog.huhu...bru nk start engine wt cookies ek..Sis, lepas jmpe tu kn, my car brokedown kt Ampang park..gile tol..dala btl2 dkt traffic light..nsib le idup blik..pastu mati blik kt ampang point..mmg tgh2 jln..temperature tnggi gle..nsib xpape..n p repair kt ampang..

neway best dpt jmpe akak even sat je pn..mcm dpt jmpe selebriti..haha..but xpuas nk chit chat..

Rima said...

It was nice to meet u guys again.. always enjoy good company.. memang betul if iffah tak nangis sure yani yg nangis cos she has to be home bef midnight.. eh eh macam cinderella pulak hahaha

Rima said...

She always will look for that shake shake kakak.. membontot them while they play music for every table ..

Rima said...

Am down lah.. demam, flu and also coughing.. nak buat ape ape pun dah tak larat ni.. kepala macam nak pecah cos u know it is when u hv flu kan..

Lahhh ur car needs water.. tu sebab the temp went up.. nasib tak ape ape..

K.Nor said...

terpaksa jd anonymous la rima, sbb blog warded baru2 ni.. tp now dah discharge :)

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