Abt 80% of Sonia's bday gifts are still intact on the 3rd floor in our theater room.. she doesnt even remember the existence of all her new toys cos papa hid em fm Sonia right after she went to bed that night..

So after almost a month.. we decided to take a few and asked her to choose.. she decided on this one...

"OK Sonia..u watch yah.. papa show u"

"First u pretend to be Patrick Swayze... the lead actor in "Ghost" movie ahakss

"Watch carefully Sonia... try to keep ur hands steady.."

"seeee how this bowl is turning out to be.. "

Sonia: "Hmmm papa u so boring... can i play with my clay already?"

Tick tock tick tock.. "papa i want.. i want.. i want to play!"

"OK my turn.. lemme try"

"Press press... ahhh this is like Sonia's playdoh"

"Papa .. this ok?"

"Look at me papa... "

Papa: "What is that Sonia?"
Sonia: "Cup!"
Mama: tweet tweet tweet errr kahkahkah


Anonymous said...

Mcm tu pun siok!!! Tu pun kau nak post??!!hairan2

Bibu said...

satu-satunya cup in the world

Jun said...

hahahahha....cup strictly for display purposes only..

Mat Gebu said...

Ala2..cerita "GHOST"...kann.....

yus said... sweet la sonia! Cawan antik ya? :)

Unknown said...

wakaakakakaka....rotf...she's just too cute!

Anonymous said...

anonymous...we love reading all Rima's post be in on bakes or other stuffs. If you hairan like that also must post, then welcome to the world of blogging. everyone can write and share anything they want. hope to see your blog soon...pls make us hairan too.

nice toy and nice green fingernails sonia have.


Anonymous said...

Kha3,punyalah bersungguh-sungguh George Clooney ajar buat lain jadi lain.Tapi Sonia is so cute. Btw Demi Moore nya tak join sekali ke? Wink wink

norgee said...

hehe...takpe dik Sonia, kreativiti masing2...hehehe...

err..btw, dah cuba resepi donut tu...alhamdulillahhh...mudah sangat...thanks 4 the recipe yer..

Unaizah said...

Kids with their imagination and creativity hahahahaha...

nadazmi said...

sonia comel...

anakcikbob said...

lucky sonia! but papa show her takes too long. she can't wait..

p/s: kak rima, remove anon pls.. so annoying..

Ummi said...

Hahhaha...comeeeyyy Sonia...lg paaaannndaaaaiiii...hahahaha...auntie syyyuuukaaaa...syuukka tgk Sonia..

Anonymous said...

Wait bibik will play clay clay with you ok Sonia!! Let's re-live the scene from Ghost again!! *grin*.. To the 1st Anonymous, hairan=curious/amazed? Thank you eh for being A-M-A-Z-E-D at my sister ability n creativity n talent that she has.... Keep up in being hairan!! Lup u dip dip my sister, Li-Lin.

Rima said...

Nasih dia tak buat clay cup cakes hehe

Hahha cup tak de lubang kat atas..

Cik Mat
Itew papa dia ferasan mengoda tu.. dah tu tak kasi anak dia main hahaha

Cawan antik lah tu cos bila dah kering aje benda terjatuh and now dah sombeng

Rima said...

Yes she is.. u shud see her frustration face waktu papa dia kept on saying.. waitttttt hahah

Hehe well said sista! Sonia aka ben10 girl :o)

Demi Moore tak yah.. when father and daughter main main its time for mama to relax one corner hahah.. sekali sekala muncul untuk take pics and then lari inside cos takut sangkut kena main sama hehehe

Rima said...

Woaahhh tertiba macam boleh terasa sidonut tu bila tengok gambar donut mu ehehhe.. sedap and senang.. tinggal ngap aje heheh.. ty for trying norgee

Yep kids.. cuba kalau suruh akak kau.. habis hancus benda clay tu hehehe

Aww ty dear..

Rima said...

Yep dah lah dia excited nak buat si papa dia pulak take his own sweet time nak buat his bowl.. bukan ape..ferasan macam Patrick lah hahaha.. annoying and irritating but thats ok.. whatever lah

Rima said...

Budak umur macam gini lain kerenah nye.. shes super curious by nature pong..

Sis Li-Lin
Awww lap u too lah.. no worries sista.. ppl like this has no life one ahakss

blu4sky said...

sape yang main ni papa ke sonia...

Anonymous said...

A cup in Sonia's eyes.. Memang cute.
Best kan mainan anak2 skrg..
Mcm kita pon blh enjoy skali.

Btw, i dah cuba ur banana choc cake.
Made it twice. Moist & unstoppable..

Ribbon and Circus said...

K. Rima,

I yg rasa nak main tgk benda nih ;p nak satu!!!

anakcikbob said...

sometimes i don't understand why people are so annoyed about our entry. we didn't force them to read it. hmm..

Mas said...

suka mas tengok sonia tu...
sangat comeiiiii....

Anonymous said...

Rima,need yr adv,I nak buat oreo's cupcake tapi I ada 200g of butter je,can i add more eggs or use less flour to balance it up? Tks

Anonymous said...

Hi Sis rima

I'm a new fan of ur blog. I tried your apam snow white today, taste Gooood but didn't look half as good as yours. What's e secret to the perfect 'skin' for the apam? What kinda mould u use?

Thanks and look forward to many more of ur entries!

Anonymous said...

Hi k.rima, faizah lagi.
I tgk ur vanilla eclair & cuba tapi
Oh no! ...dlm oven gebu2, keluar kempesss.
Den my husband dtg tanya
"u buat lempeng apa?" hahaa..
Im not sure where i went wrong.
I waited for 20 mins til its golden brown baru keluarkan.
Pls advice...

KG said...

laling..cakap itew cik abag ada rupa patrik swayze! :p

Rima said...

Cuba teka siapa yg main hahah

Ye ker?? actually kan semua jenis cake also unstoppable.. lagi lagi if kena pada citarasa kita heheh

Nanti ur son bday party u buat list bday prezzie yg harus dibawa hahaha

What to do can.. u cannot lari fm all the lalats in this blogger world...

Ty dear.. shes adorable

I rather half the recipe and get a smaller cake then bake something which i dont even know if the equation is gonna work..

Wud be great if u cud leave down ur name so that its easier for me to adrs u.. tks!.. i think it has alot to do with controlling ur fire.. did u use a medium fire for that apam?? i used lompang mould. the plastic kind

Sorry to hear that.. my first tray ade yg terkempes jugak..tak tahu apasal.. the second tray came out perfect pulak.. just make sure u bake it betul betul sampai perang.. watch how its done in you tube if u tak pasti cos i had to watched it over and over on how to get that perfect puff

Eh you jgn cakap gitew tau nanti satu hari i terseksa.. that day jumpa Mahir Zain dekat seminggu dia verangan muka dia macam MZ hahahah

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