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Hello world!!.. oh my.. oh my.. how i miss blogging abt what i baked.. its been a little crazy in my kitchen and i am so so glad its all done.. now its time for me to enjoy my long weekend bef our flight to Barcelona.. yep yep thats where we are heading next.. cant wait!! my first time in Spain and i am so so looking forward to the errr errr shopping?? hehhe nahhhh am a good girl.. i dont shop till i drop unless well.. i am forced to kahkahkah

So as u can see.. pics of my macs.. my thermometer went dead on me in the middle of everything and i had to bake half using italian method and half using french method... which one do i prefer.. well both actually eventho italian method gv me a much more steady mac..

After baking more than 300 shells i decided to do marble effect on a few batches.. the colours came out good.. i think i must hv baked like 600 odd shells in total for the past 2 days..

Teh tarik, lemon curd, blueberry white ganache, fleur de sel caramel and double valrhona chocolate macs.. ty Pancy, sis Lyn, Ramlah, Fadzilah and not forgetting Waty (my loyal customer ahakss) .. ty dearies for the orders!.. (pics of all my unpacked macs hehe)

Ramlah and Fadzilah also ordered layer cempedak and also chocolate banana bottom square.. hope u girls enjoy it!

.... And last but not least... this morning i managed to prepare serimuka durian for my mom.. she bought me 2 boxes of durian a few days ago but i was too busy to prepare her fav kuih.. so here u go mom... :oP

Well ok i hv to go now.. we are heading out in a moment.. its saturday and its a long weekend.. love is in the air as i watched the now named Duke and Duchess of Cambridge getting married yesterday... uh uh i love her wedding dress!!


So this wasnt planned... i had wanted to just chill today but instead ended up baking this soes jepang aka cream puff today.. why?? hehhe

Did u guys watch last nights' finale of the Junior Masterchef?? woweee .. i hv not missed a single episode of that program.. am very fascinated by the skill and the knowledge of these young lads that i cant help but to wonder if my little Sonia will ever be as knowledgeable as these kids when shes 9 heheh.. anyway am pretty sure if u watch it u will know that they had to prepare a dessert called Pear Perfection.. its actually choux pastry and when theirs came out perfect i was like... geesshh i dont recall getting the right texture and shape till i was after 35 hahahha..

Anyway.. I cud of cos try out the recipe that was given but i didnt hv any pear on hand plus where in the world can i find pectin NH and gellan?? kahkahkah.. so i started googling for an alternative and stumbled upon this site.. i took a look at the recipe.. and knew at that instance that my family wud love em and started preparing it right after i put Sonia to bed..

100g Butter - i used unsalted butter
130g water
110g Flour
3 Eggs
1/4tsp salt - i added

Topping Ingredients:
50g Butter
50g Icing sugar
50g Flour
1 tbsp Water

- Mix all topping ingredients - whisk until blended. Pour batter into a piping bag.

How to Make Skin:
- Boil butter and water over low heat.. once boiling take ur pan off fire and add sifted flour. Stir till u see like a skin of layer on ur pan.. off fire and place it in ur stand mixer.
- Whisk using med speed till slightly cool.. lower speed and add eggs one at a time.. whip till well combined.
- Pour batter into a piping bag.
- Pipe batter onto baking paper/ waxpaper / silpat - i used wilton tip 1M to pipe my batter
- Once done.. pipe topping onto ur piped choux.
- Bake on a preheated oven of 175C for 30 to 40 mins

250g Dark Cooking Chocolate - i used cocao barry
200g milk - i used fresh milk
250g Whip Cream - whip until fluffy -

- Boil milk and pour it onto DCC, mix well, chill.
- Add chocolate mixture into whipped Whip Cream and stir well.
- Pour into a piping bag - ready to be used for fillings

45 mins later.. i was munching on these beauties .. ty ty ty Pak Sahak Pribadi for the wonderful recipes.. its super delicious and yep this recipe is indeed a keeper!!

Oh .. I also baked a batch of congo bars for hb.. (its been two weeks since he last told me that his office cookie jar is empty!).. these blondies are a big hit whenever i bake em.. this recipe even came out in this month's Jelita magazine.. pheeweett ... got to love em ey..

Hb on the other hand has been busy helping me out with the shop.. there are now 46 items on there... I will probably add all the "consumables" like Valrhona chocolate, coffee oil etc after I get back from my overseas trip... and you guys are going to be in for a VERY big surprise in the store soon.. watch out! hehe


Hows the long weekend peeps?? its been pretty hectic for us.. we were basically everywhere hehehe.. it started fm thursday night and on friday right after friday prayer.. we went to town.. thats where i managed to take a glimps of Baumkuchen (tree cake).. never seen nor tasted it bef and of cos the moment i saw it I was in awe.. the way it was being done is just amazing and oh how i wish i cud take the rotating spit home with me ahakss

I bought a couple of pieces.. ate it straight away and i loved it!! loved it!! loved it!! the texture is so so soft and i came home thinking abt it non stop... i googled for a couple of recipes but wasnt too sure if it was going to work so am back to square one.. thinking abt all the layers on that cake and at the same time craving for layer cake hahaha.. i just had to do something.. if i cant bake Baumkuchen at home.. i sure can bake lapis legit.. right?? hehhe

So on Saturday afternoon right after we came back home from an unplanned trip to JB.. i bought myself another tray of eggs.. cracked em all up and baked lapis legit keju..

30 egg yolks
450g caster sugar
200g butter
350g margarine - i used Tatura butter (550g)
2 tbsp full cream milk powder - i used condense milk
175g flour
2 tsp bumbu spekoek powder - i used 1tsp of spekoek powder and 1tsp of vanilla powder
50g parmesan/cheddar/edam cheese - I used 150g of shredded white cheddar (next time i will shredded it finely cos i hv difficulties slicing my cake!)

Preheat oven 175C.. greased an 8x8 pan
On a stand mixer.. whisk butter and condense milk till creamy
Lower mixer speed and add spekoek and vanilla powder..
Once mix.. Add sifted flour and continue to whisk at lowest speed till incorporated - set aside
In another bowl.. whisk egg yolks and sugar till light and fluffy (like baulu batter)
Add in butter mixture and continue to whisk it at low speed
Weigh ur batter and divide it by 26 or was it 28 layers? heheh - each layer weighs 68g
Bake using upper heat.. bake it for 7 mins for every layer.. top with cheddar cheese on every 3rd layer
Bake last layer using upper and lower fire for 10 mins on 160C

This layer cake satisfies my cravings to bake layer cake on that day.. started right after magrib prayer and by half past 11pm i was already cleaning my kitchen.. tastewise?? muahahha.. 30 egg yolks cake hv never failed me ahakss.. ty mbak Camelia for sharing bibi Jun's recipe with us.. i loikeeee

Side track... i baked this chiffon bday cake for my BIL right after we got home fm wild wild wet (will load pics tmrw yah) today .. its his bday tmrw and sis Wati had ordered chiffon cake fm me simply cos this is the only cake that my BIL eats.. so happy bday Hamid.. semoga panjang umur and dimurah kan rezki.. take it easy yah cos we all know its not easy to be married to the Kassim girls muahahahha


Abt 80% of Sonia's bday gifts are still intact on the 3rd floor in our theater room.. she doesnt even remember the existence of all her new toys cos papa hid em fm Sonia right after she went to bed that night..

So after almost a month.. we decided to take a few and asked her to choose.. she decided on this one...

"OK Sonia..u watch yah.. papa show u"

"First u pretend to be Patrick Swayze... the lead actor in "Ghost" movie ahakss

"Watch carefully Sonia... try to keep ur hands steady.."

"seeee how this bowl is turning out to be.. "

Sonia: "Hmmm papa u so boring... can i play with my clay already?"

Tick tock tick tock.. "papa i want.. i want.. i want to play!"

"OK my turn.. lemme try"

"Press press... ahhh this is like Sonia's playdoh"

"Papa .. this ok?"

"Look at me papa... "

Papa: "What is that Sonia?"
Sonia: "Cup!"
Mama: tweet tweet tweet errr kahkahkah


The end product of this morning.. wanna know the funny part?? i was chatting to Yani aka KG abt my macs and she told me that she had the same probs last night and she blamed it on her almond powder bought fm hmmm.. i was like.. geesshhh the only almond powder that i hv in my pantry was the one which i bought fm my last trip to KL (first time bought fm their store.. will be my last!) i used up all my almonds and hazelnut 2 days ago.. anyway after i heard what she said .. i thought to myself.. eeekkk dont tell me my macs will be a disaster again.. hehhe sure enough! i was smiling fm ear to ear for a change and decided to pack and clean my kitchen.. spic and span i must add.. i loikeeee :o)

After using 240g of almond powder aka piping 140 shells today and all came out "wet".. i decided to pack my not so perfect macs into 4 boxes..

Ty Sophia for this order.. sorry for the imperfection of my macs and good to see u.. pls say hello to ur kids yah.. to Janssen and wifey.. hope u guys like my macs and enjoy ur stay here in S'pore! hehhe

So ok girls.. hv a good weekend.. its a brand new day tmrw and i hv just bought myself some baking stuff.... yayyy and keep a look out for whats new in my store this weekend (will have lots of time to update)...


I am a little frustrated with myself lately.. everything seems to go haywire.. I had baked 100 pcs of macs yesterday for a few orders where I am not that happy with the end product.. had used hazelnut and for whatever reason the shells didnt look as pretty as i want them to be.. so first thing tmrw i will hv to bake a few batches of it and hope that it will turn out perfect.. another minor incident happened to me earlier today.. i burnt my index finger while cooking caramel sugar. tsk tsk.. now i hv to type using one hand.. :o(

Today was my stitches off day.. we decided not to go to the polyclinic but instead go to a private GP.. we later found out fm the doc that the stitches that were done on me was not proper and will leave a permanent scar.. hb said the bottom part was done neatly but the top part doesnt seems to heal properly simply bec the &^%*((* doc didnt sew it together but instead overlapped my skin.. grrrr

HB gave me that cringe look when the doc showed him my scar.. the top part has not healed properly! i dont even know how it looks like now.. all i know it was bloody painful when he took the stitches off - reason being.. the hospital doc shud hv given me an earlier appt and not wait till 2wks to take it off.. was too late! sigh i wonder if its normal to feel painful cos right now i need a painkiller badly!

Ok ok lets not talk abt my frustration.. as u can see fm the pic abv that today i did this kuih on Sonia's request.. she calls it.. purple apom hahaha.. she even choose all the colours this time round and she loves em.. guess what she said to me the moment she had a bite.. "thank you mama.. i like purple apom" hehehe.. my pleasure dear..

Besides snow white apam i also managed to bake this cake.. dont ask me how it tastes like cos i hv not had any time to munch on this cake.. all i know both Jun and Wendy loved it! ty both for sharing it with us..

Cream cheese mixture
125g cream cheese
2 Tbsp sugar
1 tsp vanilla extract

Cake batter
120g butter
120g soft brown sugar - i used dark brown sugar and hence the colour hehehe
2 eggs
½ tsp vanilla extract
140g all purpose flour
1/ 2 tsp baking powder
200gm raspberries and strawberries - i used strawberries

1. Rinse fruits and set aside to air dry.
2. Fully line a 8 inch shallow square pan with overlapping baking paper.
3. Preheat oven to 160(fan)/180C.
4. Sift flour with baking powder, set aside.
5. Beat cream cheese, vanilla and sugar until creamy, put into a plastic bag.
6. Cut the strawberries and tear raspberries into halves.
7. Cream butter and brown sugar until light and fluffy.
8. Add in eggs one by one, beating well after each addition. Beat in vanilla extract.
9. Put in half of sifted flour and beat until combined and beat in the balance of flour.
10. Put 40% of the batter into the lined pan, spread it around.
11. Snip a corner (abt 8mm) off the plastic bag with cream cheese in it. Squirt ½ the cream cheese all over the spread out batter.
12. Arrange half the fruits over the batter. Gently press them in.
13. Dollop remaining batter over fruits, press and spread the batter over the fruit.
14. Squirt the balance of cream cheese over cake and arrange the balance of fruits. Gently press the fruits in.
15. Bake for 35 minutes or until skewer comes out clean.

Do not keep it at room temperature for more than 24 hours. It contains cream cheese and you better chill it to prevent it from turning bitter and bad. Warm it in the microwave for 10-20 seconds, and the cake is very nice when eaten warm.

Original recipe: Waitrose

One more thing bef i go to bed.. i wud like to thank those that have placed orders in my store.. am excited and will try to load more products this weekend... oh God.. pls let me hv some time this weekend... after tmrw i plan to switch my oven off for a change.. am tired... :o(


Hi All!

Ok ok.... Took awhile :) suspense.... sorry peeps! the real reason... we were out and only got home half an hr ago..

Now there were a lot of different answers... Some correct, some wrong, some very wrong, some funny, some crazy hehehe..

So what I did was I took all the correct answers, removed the duplicates and made a note of them listing them from 1-60. Yes... There were 60 correct answers out of 200 odd entries.. thank you once again guys... am overwhelmed.. :o)

So what was the correct answer? it was: SALTED CARAMEL FILLING (I also accepted fleur the sel caramel filling).

So in the end, picked winner nbr....21. So who is the winner? Scroll down to find out!


The winner is.......................EDIiiiiiiii (aka adorablecupcake)!!!!!

Congrats edi! Please send me an email through contact link above with your address, contact and colour you wish for your digital scale.

As for those who did not win.... There is always next time :op

In the meantime I have also added more products to my shop and as a start I have a 25% discount code for any shopper which will give you a 25% discount off all items on there. The voucher code (to be entered during checkout) is: 25%OFF

So ok i am gonna end this entry with a few pics taken during hb's D&D.. enjoy!

They performed YMCA and their group name was "Ang Mo Zia Lat" hahahha.. they were hillarious! hehehe

Yep thats us alright... he never fails to make me laugh ahakss


Oh wow! thank you so so much for participating in my GA.. u guys never cease to amaze me hehe.. it makes me laugh and at times makes me cry lol.. u guys brighten my day for sure! thank you .. thank you.. thank you... Will update u girls with the correct answer and the winner tomorrow evening wokey... tungguuuuuu heheheh

Anyway i know i hv not been blogging for the past two days.. the dinner and dance went well.. we got lucky with our lucky draw and won a few hundred bucks in cash.. ouch!! hehe.. hb and his working colleague did a performance (will upload some pics tmrw ok) and later were given an envelope each - which later turned out to be a little token of appreciation fm the company for their contribution.. i had fun of cos .. everything was so vibrant and colourful.. i loikeee.. and nope i didnt go as Aishwarya .,. I SHUD HAVE!!

Yesterday was also our wedding anniversary.. it was a year ago that i posted some pics of our wedding hahaha.." honey.. u are the apple of my eye.. my one and only eventho i have to put up alot of ur BS.. thank you for putting up with mine too!" hehehe.. love my toyboy long time and guess what i woke up to on our wedding anniversary....

Scramble eggs on ciabatta bread.. Woooaaahhh its not always that my hb will drag his butt out of bed in the morning to make his wifey breakkie...' it was delish babe... what did u say?? u followed Gorden Remsey's recipe?? awesome awesome!".. ich liebe dich babe!

So enough story morey.. i didnt bake anything on our wedding anniversary since we were out the whole day.. we took Sonia to Go Go bambini and also went to meet Waty to gv her the steamed fruit cake that she ordered a few days ago.. thank you dear for the order! we were out and abt and we had a wonderful time as a family... err well not really.. Hairi was not there cos he was out all day.. jamming and performing...

This morning i decided to bake these little cuppies for my super duper hb.. didnt wanna bake anything fancy for our wedding anniversary as we planned to just take it easy today plus sonia has been bugging me to bake cuppies so that she can decorate em.. she got her wish alright hehehe

275g sugar
180g butter
3 eggs
225g yogurt or sour cream
1tbsp chocolate paste - i used blackforest past
250g flour
20g cornstarch
30g cocoa powder - i used valrhona
1/2tsp baking powder
1/4 tsp baking soda

450g dark cooking chocolate
300ml whipping cream - i used double cream
50g unsalted butter

Heat ur whipping cream till u see tiny bubbles.. do not let it boil ok... pour warmish whipping cream onto dark chocolate.. let it stand for a few sec bef u stir.. add in butter.. let it sit for a couple of hours.. chill if u want.. whatever u wish.. gv it a little whip and ur ganache is ready to be pipe...

- Preheat oven to 180C
- Place papercups in cupcake pan
- Whisk butter and sugar till pale in colour.. add in egg one at a time and continue to beat till fluffy
- And in sifted flour, baking powder, baking soda and cocoa powder alternately with sourcream . F-S-F-S-F
- Add in chocolate paste and stir well
- Pipe in batter into prepare pan.. abt 2/3 batter..
- Bake in oven for abt 20 to 25 mins
- Let it cool bef u pipe ganache on ur cuppies
- Decorate with sugar sprinkles

These gems were super licious.. hb had 3 big ones at one go and his wifey?? 4 of the small ones... sooo no... i dont feel guilty at all hehehhe.. ty Nining for sharing this wonderful recipe!

Keep a look out tmrw.... right now i am gonna sit down and choose the correct ones and later will use to choose our lucky winner... GOOD LUCK GIRLS and yes my GA was officially closed as at 7pm today.. sorry peeps!

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