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Everything is packed
and we are ready to move
the suburb hahahha shhhh ok ok
not the suburb!!!
We will be moving closer to my parents
(err easier for hb and I to go on dates again??) :op
Our 5 years stint in the central area
has ended
and now,
we are looking forward to
making a new life in our new place somewhere
in the north of Singapore
This is the life of
Aue family.
We move,
we get settled in,
make friends
and then,
time to move again.
Honestly?? I dont mind..
This time round I'm pretty excited
Hehehe my new kitchen is twice the size
of my current kitchen and
ahem ahem
I will have a bigger pantry!!

We are hoping to get  
settled in by this week..
so hopefully
my kitchen will be up and running
by next week
We'll see.


Honestly.. I hate cutting my hair
I prefer to do treatment or
do a wash and blow whenever I visit Ken

if u dont hv a good hairstylist
who understand and can cut hair...
u are better off keeping ur hair long and
only have ur hair layered.. (heheh just like me!)

I have the typical Asian hair.
Thick with a slight wave to it.
And a bit coarse in texture.
Most stylists made the mistake
of not
thinning my hair.
Unlike fine, Caucasian hair,
my hair needs to be thinned
or else they'll just get voluminous
and go "pong"!
I'll end up looking like a mushroom head.
The last thing,
I need is more volume
so please,
dont blow dry my hair and create more volume.
It just makes it worse.
There's a technique in blowdrying
my hair too.
Oh yes.

The worst hair experienced
as far as I can remember was in
Dusseldorf, Germany
The first thing I did there
was to find the most expensive hair salon.
Oh yes.
Call me a snob.
I dont mind paying for a good hairstylist.
It turned out the most expensive one
cost around $49 euro
No biggie.
Went in there,
and I came out
looking like.... ^%$&*(&^

in my opinion,
Singapore, Bangkok and Malaysia has better hairstylists
compared to other part of the world
(I hv been to one in the US, Europe and Australia)
I might be biased coz after all,
Singapore is an Asian country,
full of Asians...
and they better know how to cut Asian hair,
it's not only that.
The hairstylists are aware of trends,
and they will always give you a style
that's not
only suitable for your face,
but is in trend.

And I also dont get it,
why I have to pay extra for
a blow dry in the US? (another bad experience in Syracuse, NY) 
How could people go out of a hair salon
with wet hair?
And how could the hairstylists
checked whether their cut is precise
without blowdrying their clients' hair
to do a last check and adjustments?
Most good hairstylists I know,
will do that.
Blowdry the hair and check for precision.
call me picky
but I think I know the difference
between a good, inexperienced and bad

One more thing.
They didnt gv me a good shampoo
I want my head and scalp massage.
And my neck.
A good shampoo last about 10-15 minutes.
Or more.
I dont get it there.
My head just get slapped and slathered
with shampoo and conditioner.

Talking about good shampooing,
the best I received
was in KL
Kevin's ex gf (err sorry i forgot her name!)
brought me to this cheap hair salon
to have our hair washed and blow dry.
And let me tell you...
45 minutes...
yes, 45 minutes
of head and neck massage.
I was in heaven!!
THIS is the way it should be done!!!!
And it cost me only $8 ringgit.
Dirt cheap!

I found myself a new hairstylist
Well I am not too sure if I will switch
cos Ken is still my all time hot fav hairstylist
but yeah.. yesterday thanks to hb, (he babysit Sonia)
I had my hair rebonded
Its a once a year kinda thang
where I had to sit for 4 1/2 hrs just to get my hair straight!
Had my hair cut and layered too
Loved it.. my hair is super straight now and guess what
I finally got my fringe cut
Rima has bangs now

Thank goodness its friday...
Its been a month (ramadhan hehe) since hb and I get to chill at PS Cafe or Caffe Beviamo at Tanglin Mall..
I am in need of good cup of espresso dear...
Hmm i think i am gonna go and see Ken (my hairstylist) too..
but whos gonna look after sonia while i do my hair??
maybe she will behave?? gulp hahha..
Have fun, be happy and have a good weekend peeps!!

Soooo i did baked for hb a bday cake afterall... soooo its a heart shape kinda of cake.. yikes soo soo corny!! hahahha... didnt hv any round or square cake pan left in my pantry.. its either bundt, chiffon or heart shape cake pan... no choice.. had to use the heart shape pan... was he surprised?? err not really.. he was too busy with his stupid phone calls... oh well... by the time hes done with his phone calls.. we're already in the car on our way to my auntie's place... sooooo not only he didnt cut his bday cake.. he didnt even eat a slice! :o(

Well ok.. it took me almost 3hrs to prepare this cake.. first hr to prepare and baked a rich chocolate cake.. an hr to prepare and set the chocolate mousse.. and almost an hr to prepare ganache, spread on cake and let it set in the fridge again.. I sliced the chocolate cake into 3 layers and used cherry pie filling .. u can use banana or any kinda of fresh berries for the filling.. the only difference is that u wont be able to spread any syrup on ur cake bef spreading mousse..

Chocolate cake (recipe u can get it fm my previous post)

Chocolate mousse
250 gm. Non-Dairy Whip Cream
150 gm. Dairy whip cream
1 tsp. Vanilla essence
1 level Tablespoon of Gelatine powder - mix together with- 4 Tbsp. water and microwave for 20 secs
50 gm. Cocoa powder (i used valrhona)
80 gm. icing sugar
1 1/2 Tablespoon of Nescafe
1 1/2 Tablespoon of hot water
1 Tablespoon "Kahlua" or "Tia Maria" coffee liquer (i didnt use)

Method for the mousse
1. Sieve cocoa and icing sugar in a bowl and put it aside
2. Mix nescafe and hot water in a small bowl and put it aside
3. Beat the two whip cream separately.
4. Mix all the ingredients together.

150g dark chocolate
75ml whipping cream
1/2 tbsp butter

Double boil cream, add dark chocolate and stir till chocolate melt.. add butter and continue to stir till thicken.

Method for layering
1. Spread cherry pie syrup on cake and pour 1/3 of the mousse on the first layer of chocolate cake, lay the cherry filling on top and then top up with another layer of chocolate cake, continue till the last layer of cake is used up.
2. Cover the whole cake with the balance mousse and keep in the refrigerator till the mousse sets.
3. Pour the chocolate coating onto the cake and let the chocolate mixture flows down the side smoothly.
4. Decorate the cake and put into the fridge till coating sets.
5. Slice with a warm knife and serve.


Sorry... i've not been updating my blog.. nor i hv the time to try out new recipe.. I'm in the process of moving and 3/4 of my baking stuff is in a few boxes and 1/4 isn't. I have found myself super busy practically every day... packing and trying to do Eid visiting at the same time.. honestly?? I'm pooooffff.. i cannot depend on the man in this house cos hes blaaahhhh.. not gonna start complaining cos really i cant stand men at the moment! I'm moving in a week time and theres so many things that needs to be done...i hv not collect my new curtains either and i hv to do it by this weekend arggghhh..

I am doing little loads every day...but darn, it is tiring! oh well.. by the end of the day i cant run away fm it..can i? am just glad todate i hv done 3 bedrooms, the kitchen and 2 storerooms (we lived in a 5 ensuite bedrooms, 2 storerooms, a kitchen, a maidroom, living and dinning room kinda of house)

Anyway.. today is hb's birthday.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR! hmmm shud i bake him a cake?? err i better check if there is any cake pan left.. its weird to see an almost empty pantry heheh



To all my friends and muslim fm all over the world .. Happy Eid ul-Fitr.. May this occassion bring joy and peace to ur home and family.. :p


Judging by the way i hv been munching on my cake every night.. i think i am gonna gain back all the weight that i hv lost so far.. blaaahhhhh

Anyhow.. i cant stay long.. i hv tonnes and tonnes of stuff to do.. Sonia is sleeping right now.. she went thru 2hrs of frustration earlier on when she had difficulty to do her 'number 2'.. poor girl... shes been having the same probs since she was a few months old.. each time she needs to do her nbr 2.. she will start to cry... and i will ended up crying too cos i felt helpless?? i make sure she drinks her juice.. i make sure she eats fruits.. i make sure i dont feed her rice every day.. still... shes having the same prob... sigh..

Anyway.. this is one of my fav layered cake.. i loveeeee it soo sooo much! i think i have baked it a couple of times bef.. Its awesome... its super rich... its a moist kinda layered cake with chocolate mud cake in the centre... drooling yet?? YOU SHUD!! hehhe  ty Roz of homekreation for sharing this wonderful recipe!

450g Butter
190g Castor sugar (i used 150g)
10 Eggs
250g Condensed Milk

1 can (140ml) Coconut Cream
220g Sekaya (Egg jam)
200g Horlicks
270g Hongkong Flour
100g Milo
300g Chocolate - melted (i used dark chocolate)
Yellow coloring

1. Beat butter & sugar until white & fluffy.
Add in egg one by one while beating.
Add in milk, coconut cream, sekaya, Horlick & flour - beat until well blended before adding each ingredients.

2. Divide into 3 equal parts.
Add milo & chocolate into one part.
Add yellow coloring to 2 parts.

3. Grease and line 9inch x 9 inch tin.
Spread evenly 2 scoops of yellow mixture & grill until top is brown.
Repeat until one yellow part is finish.
Spread evenly 2 scoops of chocolate mixture & grill until top is brown.
Repeat until chocolate part is finish.
Spread evenly 2 scoops of yellow mixture & grill until top is brown.
Repeat until the second yellow part is finish.
Note: Press each layer with cake presser for even layers.
At the last step, if cake is not cooked, bake at 180C for 15 minutes.

Note: For some reason.. I decided to use a 9x9x2.. usually i use 8x8x3.. i had to reduce the chocolate layer in order to hv a perfect cake that fit my 2" height pan .. oh well.. i ended up using the chocolate portion to make this instead hahaha .. my creation.. chocolate mud cake with strawberry cheese.. :op 

Bottom layer: Chocolate Mud Cake
Top Layer: Strawberry cream cheese

After 3wks of delayed.. my "bestfriend" finally came!! pheewwww its abt time! hb and i was worried sick and I was getting paranoid .. who wants to be pregnant again! hmmm  

So it came... had a bad cramp.. i shud hv just rest today but instead i decided to bake... i thought since the next few days hb will not be home for iftar anyway.. i shud take advantage of:

a) not able to pray - so therefore i can bake w/o looking at my watch
b) i dont hv to cook for iftar - so therefore i dont hv to stop and start preparing dinner
c) hb is not around to comment "why is the butter outside?? ur planning to bake more? grrrrr - so therefore i can bake with peace heheh

My verdict: The sweetness is just right.. the texture wasnt as oily.. dont get me wrong yeah... its not dry either.. i prefered an oily kind... my choices of colour was just "superb" today hahahha.. purple over green Rima?? hahahah bad choice! oh well...

450gm butter
250gm sugar (i used 180g)
10 eggs
170gm kaya
397gm condensed milk (i think its too much)
100gm horlicks powder
1 tsp vanilla essence
200gm flour (i used hong kong flour)

1. Using a stand mixer, beat butter and sugar till fluffy
2. Add in egg one at a time
3. Add in kaya, condense milk, horlicks and vanilla and continue to beat on medium speed
4. Fold in flour
5. Take 38 scoops of batter 19 layers.. 3 layers plain... 5 layers colour, 3 layers plain, 5 layers colour and 3 layers plain
6. Each layer needs 2 scoops. Divide 10 layers (20 scoops) into green, red and orange colour. (i used pink, orange and purple)
7. On a greased 8x8 square tin u add 2 scoops of plain batter and grill it for 4 mins or till the top browns.. do this till u get 3 layers.
8. Use 3 piping bags (or ketchup bottles) for the 3 different coloured batters..
9. After 3 layers of plain batter u pipe diagonally all the 3 colours that u hv added into the 3 bottles... green, red n orange. Grill it for 4 mins.
10. Once it has baked.. Pipe the second layer diagonally (in the opposite direction )... repeat the same way till u get 5 layers
11. Do the same for the next plain and colour layers.. 
12. Grill last layer for 2 mins before baking it at 180C for 10mins.

Source: Bro Rozzan  

I started baking as early as half past 6 this morning.. am glad i did cos today was one super warm day!! i think i must hv showered like 4 times to date! :op

Okie i hv been using this pineapple tart recipe for like ages... well mom first taught me how to prepare the dough when i was a teenager... u can either add 1 tbsp of ghee to ur batter or not at all... to each is his own... and sorry mom.. i'm too lazy to use pincher for my tart this year hehhe

250g butter
1 tbsp ghee (optional)
1 egg
450g flour (i used 420g.. didnt use ghee)
1tsp vanilla
a few drops of yellow colouring

Pineapple Filling
Didnt prepare any.. filling courtesy of sis Wati

Mix butter and egg.(use hand or wooden spatula to mix)
Add in vanilla and yellow colouring..
Add in flour a little at a time and knead lightly into a pliable dough.
Use a pineapple tart cookie cutter to cut out the base.
Place a small ball of pineapple jam on top.
Bake at 175C for about 20 mins or till cookie turns into golden brown.
Leave to cool on a wire rack and store in air-tight cookie containers.


Oh my goodness!! this is one super tasty layer cake that i've ever baked!! Been wanting to bake this cake for a few days now.. i knew somehow that this cake is gonna be a killer just by looking at the ingredients... well i was right!! its moist and taste superb! hb commented that this cake gave out different burst of flavour the moment he took a bite... woooaaahhhh big words fm a wise man ey .. muuaahahahha

I decided to reduce the amt of sugar since serawak lapis cake is known for their sweetness.. ty Roz for posting a wonderful recipe!  

Ingredients (9x9")
16oz Butter (450g)
190g Caster Sugar (i used 150g)
10 Eggs
250g Condensed Milk
1 packet Coconut Cream (150ml)
8oz Kaya (226g)
200g Horlicks
270g Hong Kong Flour
2 tbsp Pandan Paste
1 tub Pitted Prunes
Cashew Nuts - stuff into prunes

1. Cream butter & sugar until fluffy.
2. Add in eggs, one at each time while beating.
3. Add in the rest of ingredients in the above order.
4. Divide batter into 3 parts.
5. Add Pandan paste to one portion.
6. Grill plain portion, layer by layer until finish.
7. Grill one layer of pandan portion & arrange stuffed prunes.
8. Keep on layering pandan portion & prunes until finish.
9. Grill the second plain portion, layer by layer until finish.
10.Bake at 180C for the last layer. (i grill it first for 2 1/2mins bef baking it at 180C for 10mins)

Note: I used a 8x8x3" pan for a higher cake

Source: HomeKreation


Its been one crazy weekend!! busy packing.. busy baking... busy cleaning for the upcoming Eid... arghhhhh.. the worst part... i hv this feeling that i will be busy till after i finish unpacking my stuff in my new home!

Pooofffff... anyway the good news is.. Hairi has been calling me every single day.. yippieeee... he sounded tired.. he sounded homesick tho... my poor boy.. 2 days ago he asked me.. "mama how to use this detergent?" (had bought him the block type) hehhe... tks to the upcoming Eid hols.. my boy will be home this weekend!!

Anyway, this morning after sahur.. i decided to make steam fruit cake... this is hb's fav cake.. why?? cos his malay nanny (he called her nenek) used to make it for him all the time...

This cake is full of flavour, moist and the taste is just right.. i get 2 cakes out of this recipe.. one using 8x8x3" and another using 6x9x2" pan..i think i've post thia recipe bef since i "have to" make it pretty often .. hmm nevermind.. will post it again

600g Flour*
2 tsp Bicarbonate of Soda*
1 1/2 tsp Cream of Tartar* (* Sieved together)
300g Castor Sugar
5 Egg (grade A)
625g Butter (i used golden churn)
500g Mix Fruits
1tsp Essence Vanilla
1 tbsp Sarsaparilla Liquid Brown
1 tbsp black treacle (i added for darker colouring)
2 cups Sugar for caramel

Mix well mix fruit with 1 tbsp Flour (from the 600g above).
Beat butter & sugar until fluffy.
Add in sarsaparilla, black treacle & essence vanilla, mix well.
Add in egg one by one & whisk with hand until just blended (do not over-beat to prevent cake of dry texture).
Fold in flour mixture until just mixed.
Melt sugar in a non stick pan with slow heat until bubble starts to form.. let it bubble for a few sec or till sugar colour turn dark
Quickly but carefully pour into the cake mixture while stirring with wooden spatula.
(It will get harden once it touches batter, so fold in fast.. dont worry if there is some crystallised caramel in the batter).
Finally, add in mix fruit (do not over-mix to prevent the fruit from sinking)
Pour into greased/lined 10" inch diameter cake tin.
Steam for 4hrs on medium heat.. (on high for 2 1/2hr.. medium for 1 1/2hr)

Source: resipidiana

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