She has bangs!

Honestly.. I hate cutting my hair
I prefer to do treatment or
do a wash and blow whenever I visit Ken

if u dont hv a good hairstylist
who understand and can cut hair...
u are better off keeping ur hair long and
only have ur hair layered.. (heheh just like me!)

I have the typical Asian hair.
Thick with a slight wave to it.
And a bit coarse in texture.
Most stylists made the mistake
of not
thinning my hair.
Unlike fine, Caucasian hair,
my hair needs to be thinned
or else they'll just get voluminous
and go "pong"!
I'll end up looking like a mushroom head.
The last thing,
I need is more volume
so please,
dont blow dry my hair and create more volume.
It just makes it worse.
There's a technique in blowdrying
my hair too.
Oh yes.

The worst hair experienced
as far as I can remember was in
Dusseldorf, Germany
The first thing I did there
was to find the most expensive hair salon.
Oh yes.
Call me a snob.
I dont mind paying for a good hairstylist.
It turned out the most expensive one
cost around $49 euro
No biggie.
Went in there,
and I came out
looking like.... ^%$&*(&^

in my opinion,
Singapore, Bangkok and Malaysia has better hairstylists
compared to other part of the world
(I hv been to one in the US, Europe and Australia)
I might be biased coz after all,
Singapore is an Asian country,
full of Asians...
and they better know how to cut Asian hair,
it's not only that.
The hairstylists are aware of trends,
and they will always give you a style
that's not
only suitable for your face,
but is in trend.

And I also dont get it,
why I have to pay extra for
a blow dry in the US? (another bad experience in Syracuse, NY) 
How could people go out of a hair salon
with wet hair?
And how could the hairstylists
checked whether their cut is precise
without blowdrying their clients' hair
to do a last check and adjustments?
Most good hairstylists I know,
will do that.
Blowdry the hair and check for precision.
call me picky
but I think I know the difference
between a good, inexperienced and bad

One more thing.
They didnt gv me a good shampoo
I want my head and scalp massage.
And my neck.
A good shampoo last about 10-15 minutes.
Or more.
I dont get it there.
My head just get slapped and slathered
with shampoo and conditioner.

Talking about good shampooing,
the best I received
was in KL
Kevin's ex gf (err sorry i forgot her name!)
brought me to this cheap hair salon
to have our hair washed and blow dry.
And let me tell you...
45 minutes...
yes, 45 minutes
of head and neck massage.
I was in heaven!!
THIS is the way it should be done!!!!
And it cost me only $8 ringgit.
Dirt cheap!

I found myself a new hairstylist
Well I am not too sure if I will switch
cos Ken is still my all time hot fav hairstylist
but yeah.. yesterday thanks to hb, (he babysit Sonia)
I had my hair rebonded
Its a once a year kinda thang
where I had to sit for 4 1/2 hrs just to get my hair straight!
Had my hair cut and layered too
Loved it.. my hair is super straight now and guess what
I finally got my fringe cut
Rima has bangs now


SurayaCoghlan said...

so so true...i've been to the hairdresser here once, and that was my last!!! i will never go back..i sanggup tunggu balik KL..

mrswongjowo said...

Yes agree with you...Malaysian hairstylist cheap and generous with massaging daughter okay kalau pergi saloon dia pun enjoy.So bila nak change the profile pic with a new hairdo?

Rima said...

Sue, u know what.. i think if i were to live kat europe ke.. the US ke or even kat aust.. i cant be bother to even go to salon agaknye.. i notice if kita kat negeri sendiri.. kita lagi vain hahah..

Mrswongjowo.. dari dulu.. i tak suka bergambar.. not photogenic lah.. macam sememeh hahahha

CS said...

Rima, tahniah dah semakin d bomb. Tak suka bergambar mcm sememeh? kih3, same here. I suka my best shot aje (mcm ada? haha). Nowadays senang nak delete, digitallah katakan, kan?

Anyway, I had my haircut/blow dry when I was in Korea decades ago. Tetiba rambut I jadi cantik, menawan .. cantik gilerr. Can you believe that? I didnt. The hairstylist did wonder to my hair and I loved it. Kat sini I pay rm10 aje (rumah jiran). Kekadang cantik, kekadang mcm nyonya jual telor. Mencii.

Rima said...

I guess kat Korea tu still under rambut texture asian kan.. tu sebab cun .. nyonya pun nyonya lah.. janji rm10 hahahha

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