Layered Chocolate Mud Cake

Judging by the way i hv been munching on my cake every night.. i think i am gonna gain back all the weight that i hv lost so far.. blaaahhhhh

Anyhow.. i cant stay long.. i hv tonnes and tonnes of stuff to do.. Sonia is sleeping right now.. she went thru 2hrs of frustration earlier on when she had difficulty to do her 'number 2'.. poor girl... shes been having the same probs since she was a few months old.. each time she needs to do her nbr 2.. she will start to cry... and i will ended up crying too cos i felt helpless?? i make sure she drinks her juice.. i make sure she eats fruits.. i make sure i dont feed her rice every day.. still... shes having the same prob... sigh..

Anyway.. this is one of my fav layered cake.. i loveeeee it soo sooo much! i think i have baked it a couple of times bef.. Its awesome... its super rich... its a moist kinda layered cake with chocolate mud cake in the centre... drooling yet?? YOU SHUD!! hehhe  ty Roz of homekreation for sharing this wonderful recipe!

450g Butter
190g Castor sugar (i used 150g)
10 Eggs
250g Condensed Milk

1 can (140ml) Coconut Cream
220g Sekaya (Egg jam)
200g Horlicks
270g Hongkong Flour
100g Milo
300g Chocolate - melted (i used dark chocolate)
Yellow coloring

1. Beat butter & sugar until white & fluffy.
Add in egg one by one while beating.
Add in milk, coconut cream, sekaya, Horlick & flour - beat until well blended before adding each ingredients.

2. Divide into 3 equal parts.
Add milo & chocolate into one part.
Add yellow coloring to 2 parts.

3. Grease and line 9inch x 9 inch tin.
Spread evenly 2 scoops of yellow mixture & grill until top is brown.
Repeat until one yellow part is finish.
Spread evenly 2 scoops of chocolate mixture & grill until top is brown.
Repeat until chocolate part is finish.
Spread evenly 2 scoops of yellow mixture & grill until top is brown.
Repeat until the second yellow part is finish.
Note: Press each layer with cake presser for even layers.
At the last step, if cake is not cooked, bake at 180C for 15 minutes.

Note: For some reason.. I decided to use a 9x9x2.. usually i use 8x8x3.. i had to reduce the chocolate layer in order to hv a perfect cake that fit my 2" height pan .. oh well.. i ended up using the chocolate portion to make this instead hahaha .. my creation.. chocolate mud cake with strawberry cheese.. :op 

Bottom layer: Chocolate Mud Cake
Top Layer: Strawberry cream cheese


SurayaCoghlan said...

Rima..Hong Kong Flour ni ape ye? Kalau i gi Asian shop kat Adelaide ni agak2 ada tak?

Rima said...

Sue.. HK flour ni usually ppl will use to make layer cake.. sometimes they use it to make pau too.. i dont think the asian shop kat sana jual... u try and go to bakery supply shop.. hmm kat sana ade ke that kinda of shop?? anyway hk flour is a high protein flour so maybe u can try to use cake flour instead??

SurayaCoghlan said...

bakery supply shop kalau ada kat sini pun..entah kat ceruk2 mana yang i tak tau..hihi. we dont have cake flour in Aussie..kat sini cuma ada plain flour and self raising flour je.i had to order my cake flour from an American shop in Sydney..itu pun tak sampai2 pun lagi..hihi.Recently i found a cake,biscuit and pastry flour, but it says low leh? Since HK flour is high protein then i cannot use this flour la kan?

anyway Rima, this cake really makes me drool..hihi.

Rima said...

Lahhh kesian nye... if dekat boleh jugak i gv u half of my cake.. hmmm my hb said u try and look at the asian store.. hes very sure they hv it since they make pau using hk flour kan..

Anyway selamat hari raya to u and ur family.. maaf zahir batin if ade terkasar bahasa or terlanjur kata yah... :op

Cek Kiah said...

Salam Rima
Baru 2/3 hari discover yr blog. Awak tak lokek ilmu. Terima kasih.
Kasihan Sonia. Dah ok? Google fermented food. I homemade sauerkraut. Cubalah.
Kadang2 lepas matikan api, masuk kobis pekasam ni. Sedap ... kalah blacan. 30yrs chronic no.2 no prob now.

Rima said...

Salam cek
Welcome to my humble blog n ty for sharing infor.. Insyallah akn ku cuba.. Shes ok now.. Better then a year ago.. Kadang aje sysah but since dia dah pandai do her no 2 in the toilet dah senang sikit

printha said...

Hie Rima,
Drooling for this cake :) What is the coconut cream you referring to in this recipe? TQ

Rima said...

Hi Printha
Its coconut milk actually.. kara brand.

printha said...

Thanks Kak Rima, hope to find it in the store :)

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