Batik Sutera Layered Cake

After 3wks of delayed.. my "bestfriend" finally came!! pheewwww its abt time! hb and i was worried sick and I was getting paranoid .. who wants to be pregnant again! hmmm  

So it came... had a bad cramp.. i shud hv just rest today but instead i decided to bake... i thought since the next few days hb will not be home for iftar anyway.. i shud take advantage of:

a) not able to pray - so therefore i can bake w/o looking at my watch
b) i dont hv to cook for iftar - so therefore i dont hv to stop and start preparing dinner
c) hb is not around to comment "why is the butter outside?? ur planning to bake more? grrrrr - so therefore i can bake with peace heheh

My verdict: The sweetness is just right.. the texture wasnt as oily.. dont get me wrong yeah... its not dry either.. i prefered an oily kind... my choices of colour was just "superb" today hahahha.. purple over green Rima?? hahahah bad choice! oh well...

450gm butter
250gm sugar (i used 180g)
10 eggs
170gm kaya
397gm condensed milk (i think its too much)
100gm horlicks powder
1 tsp vanilla essence
200gm flour (i used hong kong flour)

1. Using a stand mixer, beat butter and sugar till fluffy
2. Add in egg one at a time
3. Add in kaya, condense milk, horlicks and vanilla and continue to beat on medium speed
4. Fold in flour
5. Take 38 scoops of batter 19 layers.. 3 layers plain... 5 layers colour, 3 layers plain, 5 layers colour and 3 layers plain
6. Each layer needs 2 scoops. Divide 10 layers (20 scoops) into green, red and orange colour. (i used pink, orange and purple)
7. On a greased 8x8 square tin u add 2 scoops of plain batter and grill it for 4 mins or till the top browns.. do this till u get 3 layers.
8. Use 3 piping bags (or ketchup bottles) for the 3 different coloured batters..
9. After 3 layers of plain batter u pipe diagonally all the 3 colours that u hv added into the 3 bottles... green, red n orange. Grill it for 4 mins.
10. Once it has baked.. Pipe the second layer diagonally (in the opposite direction )... repeat the same way till u get 5 layers
11. Do the same for the next plain and colour layers.. 
12. Grill last layer for 2 mins before baking it at 180C for 10mins.

Source: Bro Rozzan  


CS said...

Amboi mak... more and more? Bila nak berehat nih? <- jeles sebenarnya, hehe. Betul you kata, tak susah nak buatnya tapi kalau takde passion, tak boleh juga. I once had passions to make/sell cupcakes, but I stop sbb order dah terlebih n I tak larat buat sorang2. Now mmg tak boleh buat apa2 selagi my mv/oven tak dihantar for repair. My bad!

Rima said...

I still have a couple more to go bef i finally can stop baking.. penat tapi still hv the will power to keep on going heheh... i hv 4 more to go i think bef i can let my oven take a breather heheh..

Once upon a time i pun like u.. take orders.. dah tu i got sick of it cos terlalu banyak order.. i stopped baking and only bake once a year waktu raya.. but since i was 6 months pregnant.. i got addicted to baking again.. sampai lah sekarang.. tak boleh stop.. hari hari mesti nak bake something

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