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No time to prepare anything out of ordinary.. this is our main meal for iftar.. Baked Macaroni... hb and hairi loved it.. so easy to prepare and yet so so satisfying.. tks Mr Leggo hehhe

1 bottle of Leggo's pasta bake sauce
3 cloves of garlic - diced
300g minced meat (i used beef)
2 cups of macaroni (boil with salt and olive oil)
celery (diced)
button mushroom (slice thinly)
salt and pepper to taste
a few tbsp corn oil

1 packet of mozarella cheese

Heat oil.. stir fry garlic till fragrant
Add in minced meat and continue to stir till half cooked
Add in pasta bake sauce and stir till well combined
Add celery, mushroom, salt and pepper .. once cooked set aside
Boil macaroni till soft..
Pour macaroni into baking dish and add in meat sauce.. stir well
Press it down with the back of ur spoon and add mozarella cheese toppimg
Baked on preheated oven of 200C for 25mins or till top turn brown
Serve hot..

Had prepared ondeh ondeh for iftar today.. sorry guys..  as for ingredients theres no exact measurement.. use ur own judgement ok..   

1/2 packet Vanilla glutinous powder (tepung pulut pandan)
1/2 tsp salt
1tsp pandan paste (or pandan juice)

Palm sugar (slice thinly)

Fresh coconut
pandan leaves
pinch of salt

Steam fresh coconut with pandan leaves.. add a pinch of salt to it
Boil water``
Mix dry ingredients first.. then add water and pandan paste bit by bit making sure dough doesnt turn out too soft
Divide dough into small balls
Add palm sugar.. roll dough into small balls again
Throw balls into boiling water and wait till it float
Once float take it out and roll it on fresh coconut

Note: Sis Wati, u were complaining that ur ondeh ondeh didnt turned out as planned?? hmmm did u use this type of flour??


We have a sickie in our household
My poor girl is down with flu and fever..
She looked alright yesterday tho
no fever except a little runny nose..

Whole day today she wasnt as playful as always
Crying and shouting.. she doesnt want to take her medication either :o(
Had to force it into her mouth... i hate doing that!
Thank goodness she has appetite to eat.. thats a big plus point to me!

I hope tomorrow shes gonna get better..
She should be clear of flu by the end of the week... i think
Ohhh nooo..
That's 6 days of no baking for me! (possible??) hehe

I managed to bake bread during her 3hrs afternoon nap.. Sonia loves bread!!


I realised that during Ramadhan i usually dont get to sleep alot? its like i wake up at half past 4 in the morning and dont go to bed till after midnight.. sometimes i end up sleeping at 2am and wake up again at 4am to prepare for "sahur".. geesshhh.. if i keep on doing that.. come Shawal.. i would hv panda eyes hahaha

Anyway today i didnt have to prepare lots for Iftar.. had cooked mee bakso and baked cheese tart for desert.. we had to go to Mustaffa Center to get Hairi stuff too.. stuff that he needs to take along when he goes to National Service.. we ended up paying quite a bit and that included a new cell phone (no camera!) and a pair of sneakers for him..

Sweet Pastry
150g butter (i used unsalted and added 1/2 tsp of salt)
70g icing sugar
1 egg
260g plain flour
1tbsp milk powder

250g cream cheese
60g sugar
1 egg
50g whipping cream
1 tbsp milk
15g melted chocolate
Zest of 1 lemon (i added)

Sweet Pastry
1. Mix butter and icing sugar till well combined
2. Add in egg and cream until smooth.
3. Add sieved plain flour and milk powder till well blended
4. Keep refrigerated for 30 mins to let it firm. Remove and roll between 2 plastic sheets to 3mm thickness.. line onto the tart mould
(what i did was to refrigerate it for an hour..that way its easy for me to work my dough.. roll out dough on a well flour surface.. once done i wrap the dough around pin roller and quickly transfer dough onto tart mould and unrolled back my dough)
5. Press sweet pastry onto tart mould. Prick some holes on the pastry shell and bake at 190C for 15mins or until light golden brown. Leave to cool

1. Cream sugar and cream cheese till light and smooth. Add in egg and cream until well blended
2. Add whipping cream and mix till combined
3. Take out 60g of the cheese mixture and mix with milk and melted chocolate
4. Deposit the cheese fillings onto the baked pastry shells. Place some chocolate cheese fillings on it and make swirls with it
5. Bake at 200C for 10-12mins

Note: Usually i will double sweet pastry recipe.. dough can be kept in freezer for quite a while.. for today i baked em and keep it in air tight container for later use..

Source: Baking Code by Alex Goh

Hello lovelies...
today is gonna be one awesome day... eerr i think..
err i know cos i can feel it!!
mostly because today is friday...
and in Rima's world.. my weekend starts today!
I got my playlist up and running in my blog again... yippie!!
I am listening to"It feels so good" by Sonique..
oh how i loveeeeeeeee that song..
am dancing in my pyjamas and guess what?

I had lost like 4kgs since
I took my super duper energy boost pills..
hopefully more now that its Ramadhan and all that..
I kept on telling myself
that I would lose
some of the pregnancy weight I had with my 2nd.
Good news,  I didnt gain any more weight
for about 1 1/2 year and now i'm slowly loosing it..
Bad news...I need to lose 10kg more.
Will be happy with
just err 5kg.. 
If i dont.. i will start to look like a baboon
Not a very cute one at that.
I want to look HOT.
not like a MILF..although I wont mind it,
if I ever did become one.
But at least,
look good and healthy.

Anyhow lets not ponder abt that
It's nice and cool here, totally hoodie weather.
It SUPER and makes me want to get my fall decorations out...
fall?? what fall?? hahah
All i know the road to the weekend
is just spread right out in front of me!

Have a good weekend peeps.. eat less.. be happy..
and hv a good iftar!

Yesterday i baked and cooked so much that i didnt even hv time to update my baking post..had invited mom and dad to come over for iftar ... this is what i love abt Ramadhan.. fasting and inviting family or even friends for iftar!  (err besides trying my best not to get aggitated w/o any reason hahahah) 

Hb felt like eating steam rice with black pepper chicken.. so thats what we had last night as main dish and i had cooked steam tofu with minced chicken meat and mushroom to go along with (sooo delicious.. tks Gert for the wonderful recipe!).. had fried beanprouts to balance out our meal.. for something sweet i baked bingka pisang and cooked bubur cha cha as desert(mom's fav desert).. thats when i realised that i had prepared way too much food lol.. thank goodness we managed to almost finished up all our foodies!

So why baked a cake knowing theres so much food?? well the reason was clear.. i just felt like baking and eating a slice of marble cake! tks CMG for this wonderful.. super soft.. moist marble cake recipe! :o)

300g butter (i used unsalted butter)
280g superfine flour
1tsp baking powder
1tbsp milk powder
1/2 tsp salt (i added)
5 eggs (grade A)
250g sugar
1tbsp ovalette
30g glycerin
20g water
1/2 tsp essence vanilla
1/2tsp strawberry emulco
1tsp chocolate emulco
1/2tsp pink colour (i added)
1tsp chocolate colour (i added)

1. Preheat oven 180C, greased 8x8x3 cake pan (i used baking paper)
2. Sieve flour, salt, baking powder and milk powder
3. Using a stand mixer, beat butter till light and fluffy.. add in flour mixture
4. In another bowl, whisk eggs, sugar and ovalette on high speed till fluffy.. batter shud be whipped till it looks like ur making baulu mixture
5. Lower speed and add in butter/flour mixture.. continue to beat till well combined
6. Add in glycerin and water and mix till incorporated
7. Divide batter into 3 parts.. adding strawberry emulco and pink colouring to one, adding chocolate emulco and brown colour to another and adding vanilla essence to the last part.
7. Pour batter into pan alternately and gv it a swirl or two (do not over do it!)
8. Baked for abt 45mins on preheated oven of 180C

Note: I reduced ingredients by half and baked mine in 6x6" cake pan

Source: Dapur dari sempadan

I hv never tasted bingka pisang before and when i saw Hana baking one i thought to myself... hmm why not ey since i hv to get rid of all my bananas anyway(i hv tons since its fm my own banana tree that we planted at the back of our house)

Well to be honest i still prefer my old time fav, bingka ubi.. rather bake muffins or cakes out of bananas tho.. anyway now that i've tried, i know  how bingka pisang tasted like hehhe.. recipe fm Zana

10 - 13 bananas (mashed)
1 cup flour
3/4 cup sugar
1 cup coconut milk
1 cup evaporated milk
1 egg
2 tbsp butter

1. Blend all ingredients except mashed bananas
2. Add mixture to bananas.. mixing well
3. Bake on preheated oven of 180C for an hr.. i had to bake mine for 75 mins

Note: As i was typing down the ingredients, i realised that i had forgotten to add in coconut milk.. thank goodness it turned out just fine... taste nice too!

That's what I called my 17 months old.
She is a handful.
I dont remember my son 
being as mischievious and playful
not to mention being as active and curious
as Sonia is right now.
My older boy is pretty mild. 
I didnt even need to childproof
my cabinets when Hairi was a baby
because he didnt get into it at all.
He's just as happy sitting
in his playpen and playing quietly. 
No complaints.
With my youngest,
however, I couldnt even put her
in her crib for 10 mins,
before she tries to climb out of it.

Sonia learned to climb
before she could even walk.
She was crawling one day and
the next thing I know,
she was going up the stairs.
went the safety gate.
No more climbing up the stairs for her.
The minute she learned to stand,
she tried to climb onto the couch.
When she started to walk she used her ikea stool, 
to climb onto tables and chairs.
Oh yeah.
She'll be pushing just abt anything 
across the living room to my dining room, 
climb up onto my dining chair
(she stopped doing it now that we pushed all chairs close to the table)

No more climbing for her.
Or so,
we thought. 

We have a safety gate for the stairs,
so that she couldnt get into it.
she learned other ways
to climb upstairs.
She wud keep a close watch to whoever
might hv forgotten to close the gate
and before u knew it.. shes already sitting on
the staircase... smiling..

There is another big problem going on
She would always go to the kitchen whenever there is someone
Before i knew it..
she wud "repack" all my baking tray in my pantry

I'm out of ideas to keep her safe.
Oh yeah.
She has fallen several times on her bum.
But that doesnt stop her.
All I could hope for is the best,
and try to keep dangerous and sharp items
off the tables and counters.
Because there is no stopping to this girl.
Thank goodness there is still
lamps on our side tables
(we hv to keep a close watch all the time)
Nothing on our dining table.
No plates,
no table runner.

I just hope she doesnt
learn to push
the tables next..
err wait!
I remember she pushed a side table with glass top
when we were in Brisbane
and the worst thing happened..
the table fell on the floor and broke
the glass  top into thousand pieces..
yikes u dont want to know how my heart just
literally stopped!

BUT no matter what ..
shes our little angel..
shes a fast learner and shes smart 
she will do simple task if u ask her to..  
she can say a few words now
and talking/babbling non stop!
she loves watching telly especially playhouse disney
and best of all..
she loves to gv us kisses.. lots and lots of kisses :o)


Our desert for today's iftar.. Rainbow jelly.. honestly? this is one of "must have" whenever we hv bbq or family gathering at our place.. i also did it for mom's center table desert during Eid last year.. was a big hit simply cos its refreshing to eat besides ur typical cookies and cakes!

Its fairly simple to prepare.. all u need to remember is to make sure ur layer is properly set bef pouring next layer.. and for today, I used 1/2 recipe...

20 gm instant jelly
340 gm sugar
1725 ml water
6-8 pandan leaves

20 gm instant jelly
340 gm sugar
1725 ml coconut milk (use 1 litre KARA + 725ml water)
1 tsp salt

Baking tin..(9x9x3")(I used silicon type and heart shape pan)
Purple, yellow, red, green (whatever colour u prefer)

Cook A and B seperately till boil
Use 230ml for each layer of coconut and colour jelly mixture
Pour layer by layer .. coconut mixture first follow by the colour of ur choice jelly mixture.. (remember to make sure ur jelly is set before pouring another layer)
Once done.. let it cool and refridgerate for abt 2hrs

Note: Make sure A and B mixture is always on low fire as it will prevent jelly fm setting while layering jelly..

Source: Puan Asmah Laili

Soooo, I have a confession.
I'm OCD when it comes to cooking.
A bit...
Well, a lot actually!
I have a routine going on.
And I'll go NUTS if this is not done.

First, I HAVE to clean the kitchen before I cook.
That includes wiping the counters and putting everything in place.
And oh, I make sure I hv a clean washing sink too
You ask why
when I'm gonna dirty the kitchen
again when I cook.
Don't ask...I just can't cook in
a dirty, unorganised kitchen.
Everything has to be clean and in place.

When everything is clean, the cooking starts.
However, when I cook, I like to be neat
and clean too.
That means, no accidental spills,
crumbs on the floor...
all this stuff will drive me CRAZY.
I'll have two kitchen towels on my counter
and IF...big IF
coz I'm anal about spilling stuff,
If I do spill something, I have to wipe and clean it
Yeah... OCD.... Anal.
When I stir, everything stays in the bowl.
When I scoop, I make sure I dont spill anything out.
When I cut and chop,
nothing falls on the floor.

That's why my hb doesnt help me to cook,
even tho he can cook
Its just that I can't stand the messiness
he creates.

He wud always remind me fm time to time that 
It's OK not to vacumn and mop the floor every single day
Err how to?? its like not taking shower twice a day! 
I know... I know..
I'm anal... BUT not as bad as
to separate things out into colors before I eat them
(and then eat them by colors)
like M&M, Skittles, etc...

Didnt even realised that its been 3 days since we started fasting.. had "nasi rawon" (my fav!) the first day at moms.. yesterday we had shepherd pie.. so today hb requested for Hokkien noodles.. i did bubur som som for desert (lyn's fav desert!) and later gonna fry curry puff.. recipe fm curlybabes

100g rice flour
25g Hoen Kwee flour
1 packet coconut milk(200ml) + water (500ml)
salt to taste  

Mix all the ingredients in a bowl till incorporated. Strained and put to boil in a saucepan. Stir till mixture thickens. When it starts to cuddle, turn off heat. Transfer mixture into a 7" tray and using the ladle to flatten it .Steam the mixture in a steamer for 30 minutes or till cook.

750ml water
1 pandan leave
6 tbsp sugar (pls add more cos my sugar syrup ended up tasting like water!)

Put all the ingredients to boil to form sugar syrup.
Cut the rice cake and top with sugar syrup to go along with it. Ready to be serve.

This is simply divine.
Delicious... so said my dear hb
I'm loving the Martha Stewart Cupcake book.
If you haven't bought it,
you should.
This is the second recipe I tried
from the book
and I made it with success.
Hairi  and I love it without the filling
Sonia ate the whole cupcake herself - was a mess!
hb ate them,
not only with the filling,
but with marshmallow
creme dollop on the side.
Disgusting, I know cos i am not into anything marshmallow
But they are so good..
You just want to dip the whole thing
in creme!

Anyway... Martha made it into 12 jumbo cupcakes. I got 24 out of the batter. Have fun trying...This is delish..I swear!

1 cup (2 sticks) unsalted butter, room temperature, plus more for muffin tins
3/4 cup unsweetened cocoa powder, plus more for muffin tins
2 cups all-purpose flour (spooned and leveled)
2 teaspoons baking powder
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
1/2 teaspoon salt
2 cups sugar
3 large eggs, room temperature
1 cup sour cream, room temperature

1 1/2 cups marshmallow creme (7.5-ounce jar)
1/2 cup (1 stick) unsalted butter, room temperature

1. Preheat oven to 180C. Butter two 6-cup (each with a 1-cup capacity) jumbo muffin pans; dust with cocoa powder to coat, tapping out excess. In a medium bowl, whisk together cocoa, flour, baking powder, soda, and salt.
2. Using an electric mixer, beat butter and sugar until light. Add eggs one at a time, beating well after each addition. On low speed, add half the flour mixture, followed by sour cream, ending with remaining flour mixture; mix just until incorporated (do not overmix).
3. Divide batter among prepared muffin cups. Bake until a toothpick inserted in center of a cupcake comes out clean, 25 to 30 minutes, rotating pans halfway through baking. Cool in pans, 5 minutes; remove cupcakes and cool, right side up, on a wire rack.
4. Meanwhile, prepare filling: In a medium bowl, whisk marshmallow creme and butter until smooth. Chill until slightly firm, 15 to 30 minutes. Transfer mixture to a heavy-duty resealable plastic bag, and seal; cut off one corner of the bag to make a 1/8-inch opening.
5. Using a small melon baller, scoop out center of each cupcake from the bottom, and reserve (you will use this to plug cupcake after filling). Hollow out each cupcake a bit more, discarding crumbs. Insert tip of plastic bag into each cavity, and squeeze to fill; replace plugs. Using remaining filling in plastic bag, decorate top of cupcakes. (i scoop out fm the top and fill marshmallow filling)

Note: Pic abv is the marshmallow cream that i used.. and since its ramadhan i usually wud baked at night and what happened when i baked at night?? my foodies pic turned dark hahha.. err hb.. how abt getting me Canon EOS for my bday cum christmas present?? wink wink


My family favourite food.. shehperd pie.. the easy version hehehe.. when asked what they want to hv for dinner.. both agreed on the same pie... its easy, overly simple and of cos "fast to cook" heheh

300g mince meat
1 can campbell mushroom soup
1 large onions (dice)
1 pack of mozarella cheese
celery, carrots, mix vegetables
crush black pepper
Mash potatoes

Stir fry dice onions till fragrant
Add in mince meat and continue to fry for another 2 mins or till brown
Add in mushroom soup...stir till well mix, add a little water if u want (i didnt) Add celery, carrots and mix vegies.. let it simmer for a few mins and pour it into a greased casserole dish
Top with mash potatoes (u can either fix ur own mash potatoes or buy ready mix.. didnt matter much) and mozarella cheese
Baked on preheated oven at 200C for abt 25 - 30mins or till top brown


Long day yesterday.. besides breaking fast at moms.. i went to florist and did my weekly groceries shopping.. the house agent came by again and as soon as hes gone.. i quickly baked this super rich chocolate cake for Danish.. I wished i was told earlier so that i cud baked him something out of ordinary..  like Sonia's castle cake.. but lyn only told me on friday night .. so this was the best that i cud come out with yesterday lol..

Oh by the way, hes 6 years old and we had a small cutting cake session right after we break our fast.. so here are some pics of yesterday.. and of cos a recipe to go along with it hehehe

170g butter (i used unsalted butter)
300gm caster sugar
3 eggs (grade A)

2 tsp instant nescafe
1 tbsp warm water
1 tsp essence vanilla
1 tsp choc emulco

225gm flour (i used superfine flour)
65gm cocoa powder
1/2 tsp salt
1 tsp soda bicarbonate
1 1/2 tsp baking powder

180ml cold water fm fridge

1. Using stand mixer, beat butter and sugar till light and fluffy
2. Add in egg one at a time (abt 30sec each) and continue to beat on high speed
3. Mix (B) in a small bowl and drizzle on butter mixture and continue to beat on medium speed.
4. Sieve (C) and add into butter mixture in 3 addition.. cold water in 2 addition using folding technique with rubber spatula.. (flour-water-flour-water-flour)
5. Greased a 9" round cake pan and place baking paper. Pour batter and bake at preheated oven of 175C for abt 40mins (i had to bake mine for 55mins)
6. Leave cake in pan for abt 20mins bef unmoulding
7. Slice cake into 2 and spread chocolate ganache in between... pour the rest onto cake and decorate top with white chocolate topping and m&m chocolate..  

300g dark chocolate
150 ml whipping cream
1tbsp melted butter

Using double boiler.. heat cream.. once warm add in chocolate and stir till chocolate melt.. add in butter..

White chocolate topping
50g white chocolate
1tsp shortening

Melt white chocolate and add in shortening.. its ready to be used!

Source: Zack and Y3k

Cute kitchen isnt it?? Went to Ikea twice to get her this kitchen cabinet.. both times not in stock.. bummer!


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