My sick little angel...

We have a sickie in our household
My poor girl is down with flu and fever..
She looked alright yesterday tho
no fever except a little runny nose..

Whole day today she wasnt as playful as always
Crying and shouting.. she doesnt want to take her medication either :o(
Had to force it into her mouth... i hate doing that!
Thank goodness she has appetite to eat.. thats a big plus point to me!

I hope tomorrow shes gonna get better..
She should be clear of flu by the end of the week... i think
Ohhh nooo..
That's 6 days of no baking for me! (possible??) hehe

I managed to bake bread during her 3hrs afternoon nap.. Sonia loves bread!!


SurayaCoghlan said...

Poor Sonia..wish her a speedy recovery..

mrswongjowo said...

Poor angel...speedy recovery..:)

Rima said...

Thank u Sue! nasib baik she slept all night and this morning her fever dah subsides.. so alhamdullilah ..

Rima said...

Tks Mrswongjowo.. hopefully she can recover cepat cos this weekend we're heading to KL.. hmmm do u know if there is any baking supply shop kat KL?? am thinking of checking it out lah.. tks!

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