Time: 8:11am
Weather: Breezy... Raining
Venue: New World Hotel - HCMC
Mood: So so.. mind is racing like a thousand miles an hr .. thinking abt my orders.. thinking abt life.. thinking abt hubs yadda yadda yadda
Peak Agenda: We got into HCMC three days ago.. every single morning without fail i get to hear loud music fm the park nearby.. these women do their exercise every morning.. makes me kinda feel blahhh cos i dont know how to take care of my body.. i hv not been exercising n thats not good for my health.

As expected .. both Sonia and I hv been out everyday.. not that we did all the touristy thingy here.. its more abt shopping for Eid traditional dresses.. yes.. we bought baju kurung in HCMC.. just like u.. i was surprised too.. it wasnt like this a decade ago when i first came here.. lots has changed and to see many shops selling our traditional baju kurung is something am proud of... the woman that works in the shop where i got most of my baju kurung can even speak fluent malay.. u see our baju kurung being displayed even at their night market.. totally awesome!

Anyway i managed to get 4pcs of dresses for Sonia.. got her two baju kurung and two Ao Dai (traditional Vietnamese dress).. she chose the colour and pattern herself.. i dont really mind .. as long as we are wearing sort of the same colour during Eid.. am not fussy.. i got myself 4 pcs too.. ahem hehe.. got for mom 2pcs and got for Hairi baju kurung too... today am planning to go back to this shop where i got the ao dai for both Sonia and me.. she overcharged our dresses and also needs to get our ao dai altered.. i wanna check out the shop that sells baking pans too..

I hv yet to go thru the Ben Thanh market properly cos every time i try to walk thru the lanes.. Sonia wasnt in the mood..(i mention every time cos our hotel is only 200m walk fm the market).. she was ok at first but when ppl, mostly women of cos, start to touch her cheeks and touch her hand or sometimes pull her cos she attracts them with her looks and hair colour.. she got scared.. well i dont blame her tho.. if its one or two ppl its ok.. but if every stall that she walks past and theres always someone touching her.. wudnt u as a 4yrs old get scared and agitated?

So ok.. here are the only pics that i manage to take so far.. i will take my camera everywhere i go but i didnt even manage to get good shots.. its difficult to take pics when i am out with Sonia.. i cannot afford to loose sight of her while taking pics; so pics of places will hv to wait till saturday when hubs is not working..

Talking abt hubs.. sigh.. yesterday something happened at the conference.. sometimes we wonder.. has all the etiquette of businessmen changed?. sadly to say.. we live in a world where basically ppl resign and join competitors.. it happened to hubs too when his sales person joined his competitor .. u feel sour of cos but theres not much that u can do except to be wary abt ur competitors.. anyway long story short.. hubs had employed a new sales person in KL.. the ex boss of this new guy flew in fm kl.. went to the conference.. confronted and then slapped hubs in front of many.. hauled abusive language at hubs and was later kicked out of the conference hall by the organizer and hotel security.. hubs was caught off guard of cos as he was attacked from behind and when he told me abt it.. i knew at that instance that what i was afraid of all this while.. happened.. this guy has been harassing hubs for "pinching" his technician - where the real story was.. his ex technician had wanted to resign all this while cos he wasnt happy there .. poor hubs.. i hope and pray that hubs will be in good hands .. that nothing bad will happen to him cos u never know what others are capable of.. :o(

On another note.. I too got an email fm someone..someone that stole Sonia's ipad just to get back to me.. most important.. we are tight as a family..  i feel blessed that i am given the chance to see Ramadhan again and to be able to experience fasting in different parts of the world every year is something that i will treasure my whole life..
Will try to update again bef we fly back.. i still need to upload pics of the halal restaurant that we went to for iftar and also abt Sonia experiencing riding on a motorbike for the first time on a busy road of HCMC... be safe peeps!

Can u see ketupat and lepat? hahahaha

You see a lot more street food vendors here than in Thailand...

Street vendors selling everything - fm food to fruits to flowers..

The French restaurant that we were taken to by the Director of the Vietnam office.. really nice place with view and ambiance that was perfect...

Love the white walls and French doors!

The inside setting... was cooling and windy as the restaurant was just besides the Saigon river..

Sonia being her normal self .. super friendly .. next to her was her bff in HCMC lol.. shes the wife of hubs supplier fm Canada..

Very dark but I managed to get some decent photos..

Our sahur meal is delivered to our room every morning at 4am.. not normal for them but the hotel was kind enough to do it for us FOC since their lounge only opens at 6am.. dont u just love good hotel service?


ijayuji said...

Salam kak! larat akak nak jalan2 puasa2 gini berdua? kalau kita surrender ler sbb ada budak, kalau sorang2 laju jer langkah :D eh? bagus ler service hotel diaaa... nasib baik masih kira dah lewat jugak akak request pukul 4 kalau pukul 2 pagi? ahahaha... Kalau di bandingkan dgn thai, lebih kurang sama tak dgn vietnam kak? nmpk sonia nak pegang2 sonia ke, kat sini sama jer kan?
Kesian dgn kisah hb akak, kurang asam itu org yg lempang sembarang2an huh! mencabar jugak kerja hb akak kan, doa kita jugak semoga keselamatannya terjaga insyaAllah! ppssst> pasal dia org xcercise tu tak leh jalan betul ayat akak ahahaha...

anakcikbob said...

OMG! kak rima, she sent u e-mail?
does she apologized?
whatever it is, this is a blessed ramadhan for all of us.moga lebih banyak perkara baik di masa akan datang. <3

Rima said...

Salam Ija
ahahaha tu ayat waktu kesal cos tak suka exercise but after that.. boleh luper lagi nak pi exercise hahaha

Yeahhh they dont call its a dog world for nothing ey.. will be praying for his safety..

Abt the same but a little too much for Sonia kat sini.. kat bkk also they like to touch touch.. i am ok and i dont think that is bad.. but i think now that she dah 4yrs old and then kena jalan kaki gi all the shops yg jual baju kurung.. kepenatan melanda and bila setiap orang touch her.. dia jadi aggitated sikit.. still it doesnt stop me fm taking her to the market lah or she still wanna go bila i mentioned abt that market.. if dia tak nak gi.. habis lah mama dia tak dapat look see :op

CS said...

Assalam Rima
Suka baca cerita you bershopping but shocked juga dgn news hubby kena slap. Really kena slap? Boleh ke your hub sue orang tu? Ish... if you need help, your blogger friends boleh tolong bantai orang tu; we'll equipped ourselves with torak tepung each *brutal dibulan Ramadhan*.

At last 'si dia' telefon you juga ya? You camana? Cool as a cucumber or just remain cold?

Last but not least, are you sure Hairi will wear 'baju kurung'?, ahaks.

Anie said...


I was told that kat NZ tak boleh pegang2 anak org sesuka hati. The parents of the kids boleh take action against us but I know its different in other parts of the world sbb bila kat sg it happened to Jannah also. Kesian dorang.....hehehez.

Wahhh bestnya baca citer shopping u. I nak tgk lah gambar baju kurung yg jual dkt night market kat sana ;)

Jgn pikir2 pasal order...enjoy dulu Rima and hope everything is well for ur hb too.

Rima said...

ah ah sehhh.. spoil mood ajer.. dah tu dia boleh kasi alasan yg dia curi benda tu kerana dia nak hurt me.. nonsence.. so u justify ur doing by blaming it on me? oh plss lahhh ..

Insyallah.. dibulan yg mulia ini.. kita harus byk bersabar and berdoa yg terbaik buat masa akan datang..

Rima said...

muahaha brutal tu!! bila he got my sms yg mengata kan i balik hotel naik motorbike.. dia terus jumpa kita kat bilik dgn muka dia yg kena penampar tu.. sampai pagi tadi pipi dia masih merah menyala.. must be a tight slap deii.. sue atau tidak.. akan ku ketahui nanti.. ishhhh

Bukan telephone but an email.. bangun pagi for sahur and baca email memang menyakit kan hati especially bila all the exclamation mark bersepar kat email dia.. tak per.. am keeping my cool and akan ku balas lepas iftar.. masa sekarang fikiran ku ingat nak pi tengok baking pans haha

Hairi pakai baju kurung without fail dua kali dalam setahun ahaks

Rima said...

u notice that setiap kali i am on trip.. sure ade cerita sensasi hahaha

Alahhhh kita tak kisah but si sonia tu semalam sampai dia lari.. kesian mama dia kena kejar.. sesungguhnye ku berpuasa hahaha

Nanti if i go night market again tmrw i will take pics.. malam ni my hubs ade dinner so ku akan pergi ke VN halal restaurant berdua dgn sonia.. sedap the vietnam noodles and also their springrolls

Ty .. i hope it will not get out of hand..

Mel said...

Be careful and be safe when you are away from your home country! Do always keep a close eye on Sonia when you are outing in the place alot of people. Take good care and enjoy yourself too.

Rima said...

LOL alamak me and my malay dei.. baju melayu for lelaki.. baju kurung for pompuan... ahhhh ty CS.. i learn something today..

Rima said...

Will do Mel and thank you..

Zai said...

Hi Rima, dibulan yg mulia ini banyak dugaan yg datang pada kita, maka itu banyakkan bershalalawat dan terima dgn hati terbuka. Inshaallah semuanya akan berjalan dgn baik.

Rima said...

Insyallah Zai and thank you..

Anonymous said...

Salam kak Rima,

dont forget to go to D'Nyonya.another halal restaurant that serves delicious food. its near to the mosque in Dong Du St,Ben Nghe Ward, District 1. :)

and at night market,they sell pretty readymade bj kurung with heavy beads on the neck area for only rm55.hehe.just got back frm HCM last few weeks.

please enjoy your stay while in HCM ya? :)

Anie said...


Waahhh brutal mmg bila baca CS punya comment hehehez :D Gang apa eh?? 606 ke CS??

Ehhh tapi kan as s'sporean kita mmg panggil baju melayu yg laki2 pakai tu baju kurung jugak kan? Tak salah lah tu :ppp

Adeehhh enjoy ur spring rolls and noodles for iftar Rima. Me still scratching head nak masak apa ni......

Ribbon and Circus said...

Lol K Rima.. My husband pun panggil baju kurung instead of Baju melayu.. Masa awal2 kawin, pegi Geylang, seme org panggil baju melayu tu baju kurung..confused jap ha ha

I say sue both ex-boss and si dia ha ha .. :P oopss..ramadhan ramadhan.. never argue with stupid person, they will only bring you down to their level. :0 keep your cool k..

Rima said...

alahhh Anony.. why u no put ur name..

She quoted me RM50.. will check out that halal restaurant besides VN Halal which i went twice so far.. tonight i will still beli food kat VN since its just across the street fm this hotel.. malam ni ku iftar bersama sonia sahaja huhu

Rima said...

hahaha sesungguhnye ku berpuasa.. sabar ok.. baik pi jalan jalan and mintak balik duit yg ter over charged semalam.. if in dong tak per.. ni in US dollars pulak ishh.. pasal si dia tu.. tak kuasa mak.. dah tu last para dia kata nak jumpa anak kita tanpa kita.. apakah?

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about the incident Rima. Sometimes that one unfortunate incident can set the entire mood of everything kan. Hope everything would be alright in the end. I tak suka dgr serita2 mcm ni tau, eventhough I do not know you and have not met you, here's a virtual Hug anyway.:o)


Anonymous said...


I am sorry to hear about what happened to your hubby. I hope he can sue the person who did that and lodge police report. Totally unacceptable! Anyone can resign and join any company he/she wants. If that person has any problem, he should have approached his ex staff to discuss more.

Maybe you need to get a protetion order from the court against this person harrassing your husband.

Take care and hope you have a good time in HCM.


Rima said...

Ty Wiz.. yesterday the whole day i memang tak sedap hati pun.. but ku gagah kan diri jugak lah cos if i dont go out and get the stuff that i plan to get.. whats the point of tagging along so i pi keluar jugak ah.. hari ini .. i am ok.. cuma this morning bila i notice his left cheek tu masih merah.. kesian pun ade.. hes gone to the conference again.. yesterday supposed to gv presentation but after what happened they postponed it to today..

Rima said...

Exactly.. its not bec my hubs offered dia salary sampai dia tak leh resist.. its just that he wanted to leave so my hubs offered him a job..

Hidayah said...

HI kak Rima,

Wow too much ur hub kena slap dkt conference! scary pun ada jugak...I byk kali ternampak ur hub dekat KL, I guess his doing business in O&G because ternampak dia masa WGC masa tu, perasan dia pasal baca blog akak lah...last month akak ada dtg KL kan? tak sempat nak orde mac lagi...pasal ternampak hub akak dekat melting pot, pastu intai blog akak mmg dh dkt KL...too late already...nanti nxt trip to KL i will place my order earlier lah pasal asyik terlepas je...

Kesian Sonia, nak wat cmner..chomel sgt tuh..

Ok kak take care.


Azian said...

Kak Rima..telekung kat butik sana (cant remember where) pun best. I thinks it owned by Melayu Champa.
Dah pergi makan kat malaysia satay house? few years back 2 je tempat halal (tanpa was-awas) satay house dgn restoran 4 seasons.

Rima said...

Ty and will do.. memang lah a little childish but i think dia must be marah betul lah tu sampai boleh buat gitu..

Yes hes in Oil and Gas tu sebab hes been travelling far too much.. ade kala tu i ikut lah.. ade kala tu macam tak de makna nak ikut haha.. ni dah 10yrs tak gi vietnam padahal my hubs fly here almost every month.. kali ini ikut cos nak cari baju raya ahaks

Insyallah the next time i turun KL i will notify u Hidayah.. tks!

Rima said...

Sekarang dah byk tempat jual telekong tu and nak cari makan also senang.. teringat 10yrs ago.. ya adooo sampai kelaparan ku dibuat nye.. nak makan also was was walau masa tu ade indian restaurant..

Rima said...

u know lah singaporean ni.. melayu also very the hancai.. kita unisex lah.. semua pun kita panggil baju kurung hahaha.. actually memang betul.. we shud call it baju melayu..

Dah tahu nak masak aper?? hari ini sungguh lah mencabar.. jln sikit ajer dah rasa penat.. and then pi tawar the chiffon pan yg bentuk munga munga tak dapat kurang.. frust terus ku jalan and then dia tak panggil kita balik pulak bila kita angkat kaki.. padan muka ku hahaha.. sat i ask my hubs pi tawar for me.. i wanna buy itu mould untuk buat castella cake and also nak beli jugak si mungga mungga chiffon pan! ox

Cilantro said...

Sorry to hear about the incident happen to your hubby,not professional at all!!!! He should be talking to his ex-staff and not coming after your hubby!!!Totally unacceptable and unbecaming of him...anyway take care and be safe!!!!Selamat berpuasa!!!

Shasha Mohamed said...

Yes, hotel will do as good as they can to make their guest happy.
I'm a hotel staff ;)

Shasha Mohamed said...

Yes, hotel will do as good as they can to make their guest happy.
I'm a hotel staff ;)

Quya Anuar said...

Hi kak Rima. I'm the anonymous yg post psl D'Nyonya tu.hihi

Yup the baju kurung can get as low as rm50.murah sangat. Quya hrtue makan kt VN Halal on the first day since it is near to my hotel.
Love the teh tarik!their tea smells so nice. Hehe

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