Pumpkin Donut

I know.. I know... enough already Rima with all that pumpkin! What do u do with the rest of ur pureed pumpkin?? u either turn it into cake, kuih, apam, pie or donuts.. out of all.. Rima chooses donut... deep fried dough that spells out FATTENING hahaha.. I hv been craving for donuts for monkey months.. the last time i had a super super soft donut was in Barcelona.. Sonia got addicted to chocolate coated donuts fm Starbucks there while i got addicted to the ones that were sold right below our apartment.. i didnt loose any weight during my last Europe trip.. with Hairi around.. i had to cook something that was filling and our daily staple in Barcelona was rice.. hubs wasnt around to stop me fm munching.. i ended up going to their bakeries non stop.. huhu

Eh why are we talking abt my weight again?? yikes! so ok.. ty for all the comments.. i feel much better after i blogged abt it.. no way hosey am gonna get upset over these things.. part and parcel as a blogger.. as what i said.. having ur own blog is like a full time job.. this is where everything gets documented.. just a click away for my kids if they ever miss me when i am no longer around :o(   ... and of course I will not privatize it either...

Pumpkin Donut recipe is fm Izah..original recipe adapted fm Kak 1.. ty both for sharing.. we all love it! And bef i go..  ty all for all the well-wishes.. Sonia is still coughing away.. flu is still visible but her fever has subsided.. Alhamdullilah...

200g flour
1 1/2 tsp instant yeast
100g pumpkin - steamed and mashed
1 tbsp condensed milk
50g sugar
1 1/2 tbsp butter
1 egg yolk
1/2 tsp salt
60ml water

melted chocolate or icing sugar

In a big bowl, combine flour, sugar and yeast - mix well
Add in ur mashed pumpkin and other ingredients except water.
Mix until smooth and add a little water and knead until dough is soft and elastic.
Rest dough for abt 15mins .. cover with cloth/plastic until fluffy
Roll out dough and cut out with donut cutter and place it on a tray that is sprinkle with a little flour
Rest for another 20mins
Deep fry donuts using medium fire till golden brown
Coat donut with icing sugar or melted chocolate


CS said...

Hi Rima
I datang kat dapur you nih, tak naklah nanti you miss me like krazeeee, whahahaaa.. *suka*

Nak komen kat entry smlm tapi tak sempat. I've this to say.. let the real PHD be, diorang ada dimana2, kan?

Sonia batuk2 boleh ke makan donut? Aunty Som tak batuk, so ..*wink*

Rima said...

Cik Som!! ahhhh missing u like krazeee.. its like makan donut tanpa chocolate tauu hehehe

PHD.. hmmm sure satu hari i will think of the words behind that.. arghhhh otak ku tak boleh function properly this early hahaha

Sonia makan sebiji ajer.. yg makan berbiji adalah hairi and hubs.. me? shhhh rahsia :op

K.Nor said...

donut labu ni mmg lembut sgt2 kan.. dua hari ku biarkan kat luar still lembut (saja nak testing kelembutannya tu hehe)

Rima said...

ah ah.. memang lembut.. semalam when i took this pic.. dah masuk dua hari donut ku.. malam makan still lembut lah.. not as lembut as the first day but kira tak macam batu lah kan hehe

Zai said...

Hi Rima. shukur to hear that Sonia almost recover. Should try your pumpkin donut one day.

Anonymous said...

kak rimaaa. kaaann yang deep ngan coklat tu.. naaaaakkkk.. hehe. alhamdulillah sonia dah beransur sembuh. my sons pun tak sihat dengan emak2 nya skali tak sihat.. tapi kalu dpt donut tu, masih laju lagi la ngunyah. ;-P


CS said...

I'm back, hehe.. makna PHD selain dpt title Doktor Falsafah which is good, it also means untuk orang yg tak berapa nak baik = perasaan hasad dengki; or the latest kat sini dah bertukar pada PizzaHutDelivery... Kat Spore ada tak?

rahel said...

Selamat pagi Kak Rima..
terang je mata pepagi..tiba2 nampak donut labu..sedap tu..nanti kalau i dapat labu..mesti i try buat..

mimie said...

kak rimaaaaa....
hadoy.... gebu donat tu...
biasa komen kat fb ni nak tayang muka kat blog kak rima yg mebeles ni..xixixxi

nak tanya kak.... donat guna labu ni, serap minyak ke???
sebab saia pernah try donat keledek...berminyak2 donat tu...
tak tau...saia salah buat ke atau apa....

pic kat blog kak rima always my fav... ^_^

Anie said...


Amboooii ahkak rajin mengupdate blog ;) I like hehehez. Lupa nak wish speedy recovery for little Sonia smalam. I hope she's feeling better today. Jgn takut lah u tak gemuk...masih maintain ayu at ur age *winks*

ogyep yummy mellow said...

very tempting d chocolate... X leh tahan tengok chocolate tu...

p/s : ntah bila nak buat talam keladi, still in d fridge..

Rima said...

cuba lah.. senang ajer... budak budak suka donut.. mak budak also suka hehe

Rima said...

ah ah sama .. kat sini also dah tukar pizzahutdelivery hehe

Ohhhh baru ku tahu.. termenggu menggu kita tadi hehe

Rima said...

Good afternoon... woahhh mintak autograp sikit hehehe

Yes lah.. benda benda macam gini memang sedap dimakan.. especially kalau baru goreng.. shiok! hehe

Rima said...

woahhhh welcome welcome to my house... eh apasal berminyak? pi tos kan betul betul kat tissue dapur tu.. not as "kering" as normal donut of cos but tak lah meresap sangat.. hmmm

Rima said...

at my age???!!! apa maksud tu?? kahkahkahkah

semenjak camera menjadi milik ku.. macam terexcited pulak nak ambik gambar.. test test gitu.. tengok nanti next week.. rajin macam this week tak haha

Rima said...

guess what.. i also beli keladi lagi hahaha

macam nak buat putri salad durian lah.. macam nak buat serawa durian lah.. macam nak buat talam keladi lagi lah.. ade ade ajer!

Rima said...

apasal ah ur comment masuk terus ke spam ku.. adehhhh ku pi gali gali baru jumpa.. phewww

Ur sick?? lahh patut lah tak bersiaran.. keep well ok cos u hv to take care of ur two boys.. semoga all of u cepat sembuh

inahar ali said...

salam rima..waduh dh lama pn doc x BW ek..fuh x ingat dh bila kali terakhir pn doc mendonutkan diri..hehe! moga sonia cepat sembuh ye..muah!

hana said...

anak aku dania pon tgh crottt crottt selsema... sian susah btol dier nak nyusu... hopefully sonia pon cepat sembuh! rindu nak nengok muker dier yg cun melecun tuh! dah lama ketinggalan cter2 korang... mmuah!!

curik donat doploh bijik!!

Elin said...

Rima...Happy Mother's Day to you . Have a blessed day with your kids and hubby :) Love all your posts and do keep them coming.

Kongkang Malaya said...

Kak rima,
Wishing you happy mothers day and hope you,have a lovely day site your family!

And worry not, your always that pretty lil mama!

Unknown said...

cantiknye donat tu bulat jer. dah beberape kali try buat. tak menjadi bulatnye. isk...

Anonymous said...

salam, kak rima. i try buat td but i tktau apa silap. dua kali i try sbb the first attempt tu dough dia tk naik. the second pun also same. i ikut exactly mcm recipe ni. huhuhu. tempting betul tgk yours.


Rima said...

u pakai the same yeast fm the same pack eh? usually the only reason why ur dough tak naik was bec of ur yeast..

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