Hallo Weekend!

Sorry folks.. when i am quiet it means i hv been busy... not just baking for orders.. i am busy cos i hv a full load of ppl in my house.. its like running a full force kitchen.. a son, a daughter and a hb to feed all day long! hehe.. anyway i dont think i wanna go near my oven today.. its been working hard for the past three days and i am letting it rest for a day or two.... so enjoy Sonia weekend pics and ty to all that hv ordered!

Every morning activity.. watch okto and playhouse disney! she will hv her brekkie and lunch and only then she will go and have her shower - yikes kopet!

Play funny faces with mama.. running in and out of our kitchen asking for juice... pasta... bread.. etc etc etc

Her hair!! oh god! she got her first hair cut yesterday after this photo was taken.. now her hair looks much more manageable lol

Ty KZaiton for the macs and German layer cake order for an engagement party.. ty sis Rita and aunty for the macs order.. enjoy the gather gather ok hehe.. ty KAzizah for the repeat macs order.. u look young!.. ty Lisa for the Japanese cheesecake cake and Ensaymada bread order and lastly ty Zainab for ordering two lapis legit prunes.. see u soon!

Hv a pleasant weekend girls (and some guys...).. stay indoors cos this kinda weather makes u wanna snuggle and sip on hot chocolate... heavennnn :o)


ninazsyafinaz said...

good morning sis!!hahaha cute Sonia.Sonia is having first ever hair cut?? wow..happy weekend to you and family aswell..this weekend Im gonna treat myself for a movie and shopping therapy..Can't wait!:)

zarin said...

happy weekend to u too.
jom kita pi tengok wayang ahahaa :D

CS said...

This kinda weather makes me redha sehari suntuk jadi kopet, can save water whaaaat, hahahaaa...

Psst... U pegi Tmn Perling just to eat roti canai ke? Errrkk...soklan kepo nih.. Hv a nice wkend..

Mat Gebu said...

(and some guys...) ^___^ che mat gebu lah tu kann..kan..haha...terima kasih juga pada Rima kerna menjadi inspirasi kami blogger2 masakan..Moga Allah swt membalas jasa2 anda...ameennn....

Rima said...

woahhh shopping sakan ehhh.. best lah kan.. today we ade jemputan kawin and baru ajer balik ni.. ade hati nak tengok wayang but kan disebab kan hujan takut pulak nanti wayang yg tengok kita so macam tak jadi lah.. beli aper tu?

Rima said...

so what did u guys watch?? sonia satu hari tak tido.. ni dia tengah tido and mama papa dia macam nak cabut tengok wayang since abg hairi is at home huhu

Rima said...

cik som
muahahha sesungguhnye kopet itew memang sedap hahaha

I went in to go to Tesco dah tu tersinggah taman perling cos nak check out the bakery store there..

Rima said...

Cik Mat
yes of cos.. siapa lagi kannnn hehe.. ty to u too cik mat.. jasa mu ku kenang huhu

Idaman Hati said...

Salam Rima,
How u fine bakery store kat Taman Perling tu.... Mahal tak... Kadang2 bila balik JB ada gak akak singgah kat situ tapi the owner tu tak friendly langsung....barang boleh tahan mahal kalau dibandingkan kat KL.

Edi said...

boleh ke u bagi oven u 'cuti'.. i rase mcm tak percaya je... hahahahhaa

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