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Lapis Legit Tiga Rasa

Danggg! i had wanted to make this as my last entry for the month of October but unfortunately it didnt make it on time.. i was busy in the kitchen preparing for tmrw's dinner.. we're inviting the Austrian couple to our place since a year ago they had expressed their "intention" to visit our so called new place.. u see they come here every single year and each year they will email us to let us know.. am happy for Sonia cos its not always she gets to hang out with hb's side..

Hb thought it wud be easier if we served korean bbq tmrw so that i can concentrate on the dessert department.. i baked macs and pavlova today.. tmrw if time permits i wud love to make crema catalana too.. will see..

Now this lapis legit was baked on Sunday night.. why did i bake it eventho we had a full on Sunday?? shrug.. i dont know.. all i know is that it was close to 10pm and it felt right to bake lapis legit. Original recipe is fm Ny Liem.. i think i must hv baked lapis legit Ny Liem more than 10 times now.. her recipe is good and produces a moist layer cake..

However this lapis legit chocolate prunes recipe has been modified by Elly.. she uses Bu Fatma type of method where u dont need to whisk ur butter and eggs in seperate bowls.. the measurement is slightly different.. this recipe (only) uses 36 egg yolks whereas the other uses 45 egg yolks.. same goes with butter.. this recipe only uses 600g whereas the other one uses 700g of butter.. nevertheless the texture of this cake remains the same.. not many dishes to wash and ur cake still comes out moist.. i loikeee hehe

400g butter - i used Anchor
200g margarin - i used wisjman butter
375g icing sugar

700g egg yolk - abt 36 - 40 eggs

50g Top Flour - i used hongkong flour
15g corn flour
15g milk powder

1 tbsp cocoa powder - i used valrhona
1/2 tbsp chocolate paste - i used toffieco brand

1 tbsp spekkeok powder


Preheat oven 170C.. grease a 9x9 pan (if u prefer a taller cake use 8x8 ok)
Whisk (A) till fluffy.. abt 15 mins using speed no 3/4
Lower ur speed to no 1 and add (B) one at a time.. continue to whisk till well combined.
Add in sifted (C) and whisk till well blended.
Divide batter into two.. add (D) into one part.. add (E) into another.
Once done u can start to grill ur cake layer by layer using upper fire.. each layer 7 mins. (I weigh my batter... each layer abt 96g.. i added prunes on every 2nd layer of the spekkeok batter)

Ok dearies.. my eyes are shutting and i dont think i am able to BW tonight.. i hv to get up early to go to the florist and also run a few errands bef my guests arrive.. cheerios!


Yat Maria said...


muahahahha...terketawa saya bila baca ayat uses (only) 36 eggs..bila ada word in bracket tu, saya pikiak the no. of eggs will drop significantly..hahah..sekali 36 ko!!!! hahaha..but I'm sure the lapis taste great! even with (only) 36 eggs..hehehe..

zarin said...

aiyyoo lady...
u make me drool again hokkay!
ths time memang kena drool aje lah coz too many eggs..haha kenot bake if eggs more than 20..takut weiii :D

Shal said...

40 egg yolk?! Gulp, nxt recipe pls. Hehehks fenin i tgk itew num

Rima said...

Muahahah tahu tak per.. i knew that wud put a "ahaks" moment into everyones kepala hahaha..

"dont worry.. this recipe ONLY uses 36 eggs.. not 45... not 50 eggs" = 'gulp' kahkahkah.. u ni eh buat orang ketawa lah

Rima said...

alahhh ok what.. only uses one tray and a bit more hehehe

Rima said...

i think today sure ramai yg fening lalat one.. termasuk ayam ayam yg kena bertelur haha

CT Delima said...

As'salam Rima

k.ct kalau buah prune ni suka dok meratah gitu jer..hehehe. Tapi kalau nak buat lapis2 cam Rima ni kena jadi sabar sesabar2nya. sebab tak mampu nak melapis2 takut tak menjadi..hehehe.

cantik sangat you melapis ni..nak sepotong :)

lina said...

salam rima - Ya ALLAH 36 eggs Only! huh...

ninazsyafinaz said...

What??36...and some use up to 45??huhuhuhu..ngeri tgk no nih..but suka tgk hasil dr telur2 itu..sgt menarik selera.masa makan tuh sure tak peduli brapa biji kuning telur ade dlm..hehe..

Edi said...

i gelak bila baca u tulis "it's close to 10pm and it feels right to bake lapis lengit"... ????? hahahaha... rima... u ni....

kalau nak goreng telur at 10pm tu oklah, ini nak buat kek lapis? hahahhaa....

i salute u lah! *hugs*

suriati said...

salam K rima,

yummie.. would love a bite.

curious, spekkeok powder tu apa ya? first time dengar :) almaklumlah, tak pernah buat kek lapis ;)


KG said...

semua bahan bahan fav ada dlm cake nih, mesti buat!tqs for the recipe rima!

Anonymous said...

Hai Rima

Me, look forward to see your dining setting for your guest tonite. Because you are going make BBQ Style in the house. I have the set but not daring enough to serve guest in closed environment (i mean in the house)

Please upload as many photos as you
can. Thank you.


K.Nor said...

wohoooo.. mau pitam baca (only) uses 36 - 40 egg yolks... hehehe..

cik cek said...

Aduh!...leh pengsan kak cek tgk jumlah telur tu...tapi nak wat camana kan...tula istimewanya kek lapis ni kan Rima...rasanya yg tentu berbeza dan pastinya sedap berbanding lain2 kek kan...identiti kek lapis...memang guna byk telur....teringin gak nak cuba...belum sampai seru day later....:D
Tq Rima...selalu share resepi yg best2 belaka...dah byk gak kak cek cuba resepi Rima...thanks again...

Rima said...

orang rumah ni pun kuat meratah prunes.. if ku tak sembumyi kan sure si Sonia dah habis kan satu tub.. she fav makan prunes but kan tetap susah nak pi toilet.. heran budak ni..

Rima said...

hehe yes yes ONLY 36 eggs!

Rima said...

u dont want to see how many egg shells kat my sink waktu nak raya kemarin.. imagine lots yg pilih pak hadi lapis legit (50 eggs)

Memang lain rasa kek lapis yg pakai byk telur ni.. diff to the max and the colestrol also to the max haha

Rima said...

kahkahkah something wrong kan.. mana ade orang kata
it feels right" bab bab melapis diwaktu malam.. u hv to be mentally prepared cos u will definately ended up sleeping after 2am.. like me.. huhu

Rima said...

Salam Su
spekkeok powder tu adalah sejenis powder yg consist all sort of rempah ratus for kek lapis.. i think u can get it fm any bakery store or if ur interested u can always order it thru my online store.. wink wink hehe

Rima said...

HARUS!! sure ur laling and kids suka banget!

Rima said...

Insyallah.. i just finished letak all the plates and bowls and what not on my dinning table.. all the meat and seafood dah marinated.. tinggal nak masak rice ajer later.. dessert also dah ready .. alhamdullilah

Rima said...

Knor .. hello.. Knor.. u alright? only 36 ajer.. tak susah tinggal beli ajer .. tak yah kutip telur kat reban pun hehe

Rima said...

ahhh kann .. memang gitu lah kek lapis.. pakai byk telur kuning.. if yg tak byk pakai telur tu adonan sure akan ade emulsifier .. either way.. both also tak healthy hehe

Shai said...

Sy terpesona betul ngn tangan akk nilah...eee rs nk pinjam2 tgn akk boleh x...sgt cntik dn kemaslah kakk....

Fern @ To Food With Love said...

Your kuih lapis looks perfectly beautiful! I miss eating this so much, but I think I can't bring myself to use so many egg yolks. What do you do with the egg whites? :)

Rima said...

Adehhh if i pinjam apa hal orang kat rumah ni.. tak berdessert lah nampak nye hehe

Rima said...

To food with love
Well there is another lapis recipe that uses only 15 eggs.. why dont u gv it a try..

Egg whites.. i use it for pavlova, i use it for macarons, i use it for biscotti and i use it for friands..

Anonymous said...

Hi Rima, I just want to say that your cake looks absolutely fantastic! Top-notched fine dining quality! I'm very impressed!! Un gâteau parfait!

- Sammie

ninazsyafinaz said...

teringat zaman dedulu masa pokok2 nenas tumbuh subur di halaman (nostalgia mood)..bila time raya buat bahulu..Kami akan masukkan kulit telur dihujung daun pokok nenas..Nak rayakan..pokok2 pun nak kena lawa2kan juga

zihan said...

36-40 eggs???banyaknyer!tak dapek la nak cuba ni..tak berani..hehe but this lapis legit looks very tempting lor..

mona said...

dear rima,
lapis legit chocolate prune, prune layer cake n mini lapis legit, outcome lebih kurang sama cuma beza sikit pada bahan bahannya. yang mana rima suka?
rima, boleh tau, ada beza tak, dari segi rasa, struktur kek bila kita guna butter sahaja utk kek lapis ataupun gunakan butter dan marjerin. marjerin apa yang baik digunakan selain dari marjerin misjman?
juga, ada beza tak pada rasa dan struktur kek bila rima guna method Ny Liem dengan Bu Fatma?
saya nak cuba buat mungkin cuba buat separuh dari resepi asal rima untuk percubaan kali pertama. minta minta jadi....(untuk raya haji) hehehe....

mona said...

me again. untuk kek ni, macamana rima susunkan lapis dia. i mean, layer yang add dengan D dan E, also prune.

tqvm rima.

Rima said...

Hi Sammie
Ty ty.. urs looks good too!!

Rima said...

Adakah gambar ku mengembali kan kenangan muda remaja mu itew.. ahakss.. eh u still young mah.. yg tua kita hehehe

Rima said...

Hi Mona
I hv been baking lapis cake sampai at times i dont even know how to differenciate it.. to me lapis cake shud be moist .. period.. method is more abt me trying out.. i like something different cos its challenging walaupun tak byk mana..

I tak pernah pakai margarine... always pakai butter and it has to be good quality.. dont like the taste of margarine .. wisjman butter is the best there is and so far can only be found kat Indon

As for the layering.. i did 3 layer of spekkeok and 2 layer of chocolate.. i letak prunes only on the 2nd layer of spekkeok batter and none on the chocolate batter.. err confused tak?? hehe

Rima said...

hehe if u hv the chance u cuba lah.. cuba buat half adonan.. rasa kelainan dia.. :op

Anonymous said...

Salam Rima...
aritu i terbaca dlm newspaper m'sia mengexport telur paling byk ke s'pore, dan2 i teringat kat u, now kita dh tau telurs tu pergi ke rumah sapa kan...ekekeke!!!


mona said...

dear rima,
Yesterday (friday)i hv successfully baked 2 layer cakes. kek lapis legit ny liem, one with the choc+spekkeok+prunes and another one with the spekkeok+choc+pandan. hahaha. too excited, i guess...
anyway, both cakes are excellent n everyone in the family loves the cakes. TERIMA KASIH RIMA. SEMOGA SENTIASA DIMURAHKAN REZEKI.


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