"It goes down well" with Butter Marble Cheese Cake..

I can still remember the first time i saw this cake.. it was on a new website that i found online which was called NCC .. during that time i thought this cake wud be the first one that i wud try to bake.. that didnt happened obviously .. so far i hv tried quite a number of Bu Fatma's recipes and finally after my failed attempt to bake Pak Hadi's Marmer Cake for mom.. i decided to try out this no fail Marble Butter Cheese Cake.. did it go down nicely in everyone's tummy?? well it sure did.. it tastes creamy and one bite u will know this cake contains creamcheese.. yumm! :o) As they say in ebay feedback world.: "A+++++" lol

Yesterday was one very very tiring day.... i guess everyone in my family had their fair share of a super long day.. my sis, Wati was up and running since half past 6.. my sis Lyn was already out earlier then us.. we started our day after hb and Hairi came home fm mosque.. managed to rest for a couple of hrs and went to moms around lunch time.. this year was a little different cos a few of my aunties and uncles came to my parents place first bef heading to my Nyai's place.. and that included one of our long lost uncle.. i think we hv not seen him for like agessss!! thank god there were enough goodies to go around.. err well i will post Eid pics and story morey in my next entry ok.. my camera is in my car and i am too tired to go to the basement to get it :op

We later went to my Nyai's place and right after that we had to rush home to get changed.. Its the time of the year where we are invited to watch the SCC International 7s Rugby tournament - will post pic later ok together with my Eid photos hehehe

Anyway heres a couple of pics taken the night of Hairi's and Alysha's mini bday celebration.. Happy bday guys!

The bday boy... dah besar anak mama!

..... the grin on a little girl's face on the extreme right who has a little crush on Abg Hairi hahaha.. adik .. adik.. kahkahkah

... little gremlins making funny faces hehe.. so ok guys.. heres the recipe to the super creamy Marble Butter Cheese Cake..

225g flour
1 1/2 tsp baking powder
1/4 tsp salt

200g butter
175g cream cheese
1/2 grated lemon rind
175g caster sugar
5 egg yolks

5 egg whites
1 tsp lemon juice

Grease and flour 6 mini bundt cake pans. (I used my 4 in 1 bundt pan)
Whisk butter and cream cheese till pale and fluffy. Add sugar and continue whisking.
Add egg yolks and continue whisking. Lastly add grated lemon rind and whisk until well combined.
Fold in A into B with a spatula and put aside
In a clean bowl, whisk C until stiff peak and add into A and B in stages and mix until well combined.
Pour batter into pans and bake in a 180C for half an hr or till golden brown.

Note: The original recipe doesnt even hv any marble effect in it.. i added 1/2 tbsp of black forest paste into 200g of plain batter..

Alrighty peeps.. we are not planning anything big today.. thought of just lazing around for now and plan to go out to check out this new place to chill later.. will take pics and show it together in my next entry ... muahahha me and my next entry.. i think it will be a multiple story kinda entry haha.. enjoy ur day and stop eating those oily and fattening foods today.. no more Lontong.. no more yellow rice.. how abt eating salad to cleanse that body of ours hehe.. cheers!


blu4sky said...

hi rima,
eid son kata cake tu cantik :-)

Rima said...

Happy Eid to u and ur family too! ur son?? hehe how old is he? usually bila i bake for entertaining i prefer to bake it in my bundt pan.. :o)

Aini Iskandar said...

i have tried baked this cake before , and my children so enjoy it !! Sooo yummy .... :)

Jane Chew said...

Happy birthday o ur big baby. May God continues to bless his lifeand keep him always in His tender, loving care.
Love this cake so much. Love to try tis out. Am not baking halfway of ur orange haw flakes layer cake. Cross fingers it will taste n looks perfect just as what u did. Thanks for sharing ur recipe. Have a great day Rima!

K.Nor said...

ehhh.. k.nor tak salah masuk rumah kan..sangat selesa bila masuk rumah baru ni rima.. nice! :)

sebenarnya kan, kek ni k.nor dah plan nak buat masa mlm raya baru2 ni, dah keluarkan telur dan butter dr peti ais. tp rasa males la pulak nak beat telur2 tu, last2 buat congo bars jer. buat tu pun utk bagi ke my uncle :)

Aziah.Jordan said...

Eid Mubarak 2u Rima ..loike ur new layout..wajah baru gitu..!

Anonymous said...

Nak tgk kek yg dah di potong..macam sedap..will try out!

mona said...

dear rima,

boleh tau, grated lemon rind tu banyak mana ya? n also, boleh tak bake dalam 8x8 round tin or size tin mana yang sesuai untuk gantikan pan yang rima gunakan?



Rima said...

Yah?? i know theres another blogger that has tried baking it.. well it was nice right.. i loved it!

Rima said...

Ty dear for the wishes.. hows the haw flakes layer cake?? i bet it turned out good.. lemme know?

U shud cos we all loved it.. even my hb liked it!

Rima said...

i knew i didnt want to bake anything fancy.. penat and malas melanda diri ku.. so i thought why not try this cake.. i baked the condense pound cake too.. that one is for my nyai..

U liked it?? yeahhhh me too.. :op

Rima said...

Happy eid mubarak to u and ur family too.. glad u like it hehe

Rima said...

whats ur name?? nak tengok?? lahhh cake nye is for my moms guest.. tak sempat nak take pic of the sliced cake..

Rima said...

Lemon zest tu u use half lemon ok.. tak pun u add 1/2 tsp of it..

Yes u can use an 8" pan.. batter dia byk jugak so u agak agak ok..

Fathinz the wedding planner said...

salam sis.. salam aidiladha.. u make me wanna bake.
btw, cantekknyeee design baru. kelaass

Alice said...

hi Rima,
lovely cake *drool* :)
i love your new blog layout!

Ria said...

salam kak Rima..
pagi2 dtg umah tgk rumah da baru..suke3..nk wt cm ni gak le x??jeles sgt2..sdp ny kek nih..meh sepotong kak..lapo la..xdan nk bfast lg nih..neway hepi belated besday to ur is my daughter's besday..hehe..hepi eidul adha too..

Jun said...

happy belated birthday to hairi..whats d birthday present this time? not a car eh? heheh...wah, ade peminat comei lagik..u shud put her next to hairi..hahahahha. alaa, marble cake..cheese lagik...sedap ek? kna check bhn2 ni, hehehhe...

CS said...

You baked condensed pound cake? I thot of baking that too, but but but....

Ada amik gambar kek marble setelah dipotong tak?? BTW, I baked marble cake juga; only thing I cant claim it as marble. It looks more like faint alunan ombak, hisss...

CT Delima said...

AS'salam Rima

Berseri2 rumah baru cantik dan bersih. Happy belated b'day untuk anak you Hairi..

Bila tengok bahan2 rasa macam nak buat marble cheese cake, tapi ni tengah kemaruk makan kek jer raya haji ni..hehehe.

selamat hari raya aidi adha buat you n family :)

Yan said...

Salam Rima, re-deco ur house again i see... love it, love it, love it! Nampak kemas aje tapi the tab tu mcm takleh guna aje. coz when i click recipes, nothing came out. jus "coming soon".

Edi said...

love yr new header! love the writings!

oh.. happy birthday hairi! i'm sure u'll make yr mama proud :)

Mama said...

hai kak rima....waahhh dah tukar theme nampak!!! well..its really simple n u.hehehehe... i did ur kek lapis..just tambah choclate cadbury je..then my cake turn out a bit hard n terbakar lebih ckit on the top ggrrrr :/...then i try ur cheese tart...thank GOD...memang sedap n tempering meeeee......thnx for ur receipe...

Rima said...

Hehhe abis dah bake belum?? ty ty.. i like it too.. i told her that i wanna cleaner look and she cleaned it well hehe

Rima said...

Gv it a go.. its simple and its a no fail type of cake..

Rima said...

Cannnn .. all u need to do is to drop her an email.. she will help u in any way..

Ty for the wish and happy bday to ur daughter too!!

Rima said...

ty for the wish.. peminat tu sebelum dia datang she told her mom that she wants to dress nicely.. dah tu bila suruh take photo dia malu malu meow haha.. crush lahhh hehe

Ader tak bahan bahan?? buat ok

Rima said...

Waktu potong cake .. i dah kalam kabut.. orang dah sampai.. dah tu terus ku hidang kan.. satu satu take one piece.. maklum if benda kecil.. potongan nye kecil so senang orang nak ngap.. tup tup dah elek.. so no chance to take pic.. tapi kan.. percaya lah.. cake ini sungguh lemak berkrim macam si condense milk pound cake.. yep yep i baked it for my nyai for raya..

Err what telah happened to ur marble cake...? kurang chocolate paste kot?

Rima said...

Ty for the wish and yes i like it too.. kemas ajer.. no bold colour.. just simple.. like me ahemm hehe

Here wishing u and ur family selamat eid adha... dah habis belum kek raya?? "op

Rima said...

Its not fully function yet.. i want it to be a little different but it looks like i will hv to settle with what was offered.. recipe index tu still tengah renovation.. belum selesai.. tak tahu if i nak spend more then what i hv paid.. gulp!

Rima said...

Ty for the wish.. anak anak ni lain kisahnye.. mama nye hanya boleh doa kan yg terbaik.. moga moga ape yg dicita cita akan tercapai.. insyallah..

Yep i like it too Edi.. simple and nice.. :o)

Rima said...

Hi Mama
Hmmm cam mana boleh terkeras?? did u use grill mode aka top fire grill?? last layer tu u use low fire or upper and lower fire for a further 5 mins dah cukup..

Cheese tart memang addictive! :o)

Nurfaizah said...

Salam kak, beautiful makeover.. Love it. Sejak hb suroh slow down baking, jarang dtg sini.. Tergoda lah. Heee
Sampai my mixer kelmarin pun dah merajuk, keluar asap.
Tapi tis marble cheese mesti try by hand jgk.. InsyaAllah.

Neway, happy birthday hairi.. Make ur mama proud k, jg hati mama.

* NuRuL * said... lil niece got a crush kat abg hairi...always disturb adik siapa..then she will say Abg Hairi!...hahah..
tak padan minah kecik tu...hahah

Rima said...

Ty for the wish.. ishhh patut dah lama tak dgr berita.. tak per.. bila terasa nak membaking can come n visit me ok.. hv fun mengodek cake hehe

Rima said...

Tu lahhh.. u shud see the way dia tersenyum simpul hari tu,. bukan main lagi.. dah tu suruh take pic punya lah susah.. malu kononn hehehe

rose said...

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