Hokkaido Chiffon - A quick cake

Hey peeps.. its late and we just got back fm JB.. i know i promised a few girls fm JB that i would let them know if i am heading there to deliver their orders but unfortunately today's JB outing was unplanned.. we had to run a few errands and was only there for 6hrs.. ahakss.. ONLY 6hrs Rima??!! hehehe

With the unplanned trip i had to quickly whip up what i had planned to bake bef hb got home.. am so glad that i didnt plan to bake a layer cake today or else...

Anyway.. I managed to bake this simple chiffon cake that i had been thinking of for the past couple of days.. I also managed to bake a type of biscuit which i had promised someone i would try to find sometime to bake and share the recipe of.. hopefully i am able to update it tmrw since we are gonna hv a full on wkend.. hb's family friends are here fm Austria and come next Monday Sue n family will be in town.. cant wait to see them again!!

So back to this hokkaido chiffon cake.. at first i had wanted to bake it in my new chiffon pan but decided to follow Jessie and bake it as cuppies.. the cake itself is supersoft and tastes just like ur typical chiffon cake.. unfortunately the cake is not sweet enough for my liking.. I will definitely add more sugar the next time i bake this hokkaido chiffon n will probably be baking it in a chiffon pan.. err to those that are not a sweet tooth like me.. maybe u shud not adjust the sugar measurement in this recipe ..

4 Yolks
70g Sugar
1 tsp of Vanilla Essence
80ml Fresh Milk
60ml Corn oil - i used canola
135g Cake Flour
4g Baking powder
6 Whites
50g Sugar

♥ Preheat oven 180°C
♥ Arrange paper liners on baking tray
♥ Hand whisk yolks with sugar untill pale in colour.
♥ Add drops of vanilla essence
♥ Add in Milk, follow by oil, manually whisk till combined.
♥ Sieve in Cake flour and baking powder. Stir till well-mixed.
♥ Whisk whites till foamy, add sugar. Whisk till medium peak.
♥ Take 1/3 whites fold in with yolk mixture.
♥ follow by folding in the rest of white
♥ scope batter into pre-arranged paper cups about three-quarter filled.
*Jessie's note: this cake will shrink after cooled. However, do not over-filled up the liners as batter will over flow.
♥ baking time est. 20-25mins.

Ty Jessie for sharing this supersoft chiffon cake recipe.. u were right when u mentioned that this is the sort of cake that u can whip up when u are running short of time.. like me today hehe


ninazsyafinaz said...

The picture look so lovely..but u knw what catches my eyes?? the cupcakes liner!! the pepel color..cantiknya..kenapa tak pernah nampak kat JB nih..:(

Rima said...

hehe i didnt know u tinggal kat JB sehhh.. the purple liner i bought it in beijing lah dear.. kat sg also no have..

Torviewtoronto said...

beautiful soft cake looks wonderful

Rima said...

Ty.. it is soft indeed..

Ida Zaini said...

make me hungry every time I visit here hehheeh...

milena said...

gli stampini sn veramente molto carini ;-))

Yat Maria said...


this is many cups u dpt for that recipe?

K.Nor said...

rima, k.nor nak copy & save resipi ni ya... tengah kemaruk nak mencipon gak ni.. tq :)

izahdaut said...

kak rimaaaaaa....
sihat ke tu? sangat menarik resepi kek ni. comel2 letak dlm cup. boleh la nak try. mcm dah lama tak makan kek simple mcm ni. tq kakkkk..
n have a nice weekend!!

CS said...

Ada resipi Beijing chiffon tak?
Ngeheheh..saja gatai tanya sementelah you baru balik dari sana :-)
I suppose egg yolks are to be whisked with 70g sugar, but does it matter if I use 50g sugar instead?? Just to clear the confusion dimindaku n for the benefit of others too, hehe.. TQ

Tuwaga Family said...

hai, i adore of what u cook, izin untuk share recipe ya

Nuridah said...

Assalamualaikum Rima,

so sweetttt...nice presentation..cantik...cantik..cantik...dh jatuh nie tergulik2 terbalik2..haaa rima wonderful,beautiful..akak cabut dulu la!!Hehe..

Enjoy your weekend!

Nur-nba said...

Really beautiful.. So sweet.. Cantik.. cantik sangat.. I Likeeee... Kalau cupcakes macam ni la dihidangkan depan saya, sure saya sayang nak makan.

fara razi said...

have tried baking it. soooo soofttt like it so much! :))

Rima said...

u hungry bec belum makan tak hehe

Rima said...

Ty Milena! yep its nice ey..

Rima said...

oleh kerana ku pakai two types of liners i got abt 30 pcs.. if pakai yg blue one i think i will get lesser ..

Rima said...

ah kan.. kadang teringin nak buat chiffon walau dalam rumah ni tak ramai yg fav.. yg satu tak suka chiffon.. yg lagi satu only suka pandan chiffon.. so ape ku buat.. bagi bagi kan..

Rima said...

am well.. tks for asking.. kadang tu macam penat pun ader but biasa lah kan.. orang dah berumur hehe

Ah ah.. kadang tu macam teringin nak bake yg simple simple :o)

Rima said...

ahhh recipe tu belum ku jumpa.. nanti if jumpa u will be the first to know hehe

Yes egg yolk u whisk sama itew 70g sugar.. if u use 50g lagi lah tawar hebeh benda ni.. dah lah cake ni kekurang manis nye.. eh u prefer super non sweet stuff eh?? cam ni cannot bake macs lah :op

Rima said...

The story of cake on dish
Be my guest.. lemme know how it turns out ok

Rima said...

W'salam KNur
how hv u been?? feeling better? yes i like it too cuma kurang sweet ajer.. tu pun pada pendapat Rima lah.. u gv this recipe a try ok and lemme know if u like it..

Rima said...

ty ty.. its nothing special.. just a normal chiffon cake but kan kadang a simple cake macam gini lah paling laku hehe

Rima said...

u did it?? woahhhhh am so glad u like it!

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