Merry Go Round....

Tap... tap.. tap microphone.. hellooo world!! hehe.. I am back.. sorry for not being able to update my blog and for not being able to even get my finger clicking on my lappy visiting my fellow bloggers .. am fine .. Sue am still alive dear hahaha.. will divide my entry into two post as theres too many pics that i wanna share..

So the story begins after we got home fm bkk.. i knew far too well that its gonna be a crazy week .. i was prepared and everything went smoothly err well except hb fell sick a few days bef the party.. hes all good now.. i know i shouldnt hv said this but i sort of felt glad cos theres someone at home to keep an eye on my little sonia while i was busy baking away and to hv our car on Thursday was a blessing cos i got to go out and buy all the stuff for Sonia's bday bash :o)

Anyway long story short.. i started baking on tues.. did famous amos chocolate chip cookies, baked 400pcs of macarons shells, baked cranberry layered cake, baked congo bars too.. it was all easy peasy until thursday night when i went online to look for some ideas and started to feel a little panic looking at all the carousel cake photos.. i was like.. geeeshh these ppl can really decorate their cake so so well.. i was so afraid that i might not be able to do a good job on sonia's cake.. i even told hb that maybe i shud just do a simple cake and pipe in a pic of carousel on her cake lol...

You see.. if u hv been my follower u will know that my little sonia is into carousels.. she went crazy over carousels on our last trip to Europe and has since requested for a carousel cake for her bday.. she even requested for a red and white carousel for some reason (thank god she didnt request ben10 green and white lol).. so knowing exactly what she wanted.. i went to buy the wilton carousel set which consist of the horses, pillars and also the roof.. i decided to use fondant on my cake simply cos i knew my cake would look much better that way.. started baking her cake on friday night and only fell asleep at 3am .. woke up early again and started to decorate her cake.. took me close to 5hrs decorating it..(overall 8 hours), hid the cake in our entertainment room on the 3rd floor.. switched on the aircon and went down to continue doing other preparations.. i did a batch of snow white apam, filled all my macs with fillings (buttercream and lemon curd, buttercream and blueberry filling, chocolate filling, nutella buttercream and also green tea filling) and also prepared Rote Grutze (a german red fruit pudding aka red berry compote).. i am not too sure if i did take a pic of that but will definitely be making it again and again cos its sooooo uber delicious!!! - i think i will prepare it again soon and will take pics and post the recipe next time yah.. i also did mango delight and also chocolate mousse in small cups as dessert..

Credit goes to hb for helping me with the horsey.. well done dear! u did an awesome job with the saddle hehe

Started my saturday morning with the roof..

Rolling rolling.. i had so much fun doing it!

I later covered both cakes (12" cake and also my 10" dummy cake) - cake base is tripple chocolate coffee cake.. so so moist and yummeh.. ty coffee muahahha!! will post recipe together in my next entry yah.. oh and why dummy cake?? simply bec this carousel cake belongs to Sonia hehe

Fixed my horsey..

Mounted the roof..

Assembled both cakes..

Sonia woke up and saw her cake for the first time!!

Touching up..

One more shot hehe

The happy faces of my little Sonia - PRICELESS!!

Still amazed by it.. she kept on turning the cake - ( i had the wilton rotating cake dish placed under the cake so that it turns hehe)

Sonia and her Carousel Cake...


Mira Marlena said...

Sis Rima!

Rindu seh sama kak that cake looks lovely!Surely Sonia enjoyed her party eh?
Ingatkan nak sahut cabaran buat kek lemon poppy seed tu..tapi timbang tak beli lagilah!Haha
kalau saya berjaya apa hadiah yg bakal diberikan?muahahaha

Anonymous said...

Such a lovely cake Rima.


mama Rayqal said...

wow, the cake looks amazing!

Nuridah said...

Assalamualaikum Rima,

cantiknya kek tu secantik Sonia juga...happy belated birthday to Sonia...moga membesar dengan sihatnya dan menjadi anak yang pandai dan berjaya dlm kehidupan.

Rima, hasil kerja mu sentiasa kemas dan memukau mata yg memandang...tahniah rima!

lemongrass said...

Can I have 1 too? please....please....pretty please....
It looks awesome. If I were Sonia, memang tak berhenti senyum the whole time lah to have such a wonderfully amazing cake baker and decorator as a Mum :-).

Sizuka said...

Rima! I missed looking at ur beautiful creations a lot! Was wondering where u've been hiding. rupanya busy preparing carousel for Sonia and it's so beautiful. Lucky Sonia for having such a talented mom! :D

Wen said...

The cake is so beautiful! So impressive & flawless! I can't keep my eye of the picture! Happy Birthday Sonia!

MANISAH said...

Bravo to Mum!!! Excellent work and so many choices of cakes to eat. Mana u dapat energy to do all that?

Mas said...

wahhh..terpesona tengok kek tu...cantik...
geramm tengok sonia yg sangat comei tu...he..he..

DeLLa said...

marvelous!soooooooo detail...happy belated birthday to lovely Sonia

Zulaikha Mohamad said...

OMG!! The cake is so beautiful.. happy belated birthday lil sonia.. :-)

anoi said...

wow... cantik aaa kek..

apa-apa pun nak resepi segala delights delights tadi tu
and more pics of sonia pleaseee.. she is so adorable

ninazsyafinaz said...

Whoaaa..the cake look amazing!!..Oohhh pening kira berapa byk dessert yg Kak Rima Buat..hahaha..byknye dessert...pheeewww

Unknown said...

canteknya cake itu!
seronoknya sonia.. mamanya buatkan carousel..
Happy Birthday cutie!

Emma said...

awesome job kak rima!

i imagine the time consuming and stress and all utk u finishkan cake ni pon penat! sonia sgt lucky lucky okeh!

nice color combi, neat detailing..kudos!

marina anakcikbob said...

kak rima,
u are so so sooooo amazing. u are an amazing-wonderful-talented mother, lady, daughter.. adore u so much!

Ria said...

gile cantekkk..asal on9 je xsabo nk tgk kek Sonia..budak dagu nyanik msti hepi n next yr punye birthday cake msti die nk fkir nk design cmne..haha..cntik sgt..upload picture lg kak..

Ms. Ayu said...

Kak Rima,

Amazing! dah lama follow blog akak, but as a silent reader jek.. tapi kali ni can't resist to give comment!

mesti sonia senyum tak lekang kan! mmg cantek kreativiti akak! hebat! summore, kagum ngan effort yang akak ada! nmpk mcm tak kenal erti penat~ at the same time, i adore u sis!

Anonymous said...

Aduh! Bertuahnya tuan badan. Cantek bangat mana mau di makan, dong ah?

Happy and satisfied face of Princess Sonia. Yup, couldn't agree more with you Rima.


Anonymous said...

Purrrfect piece of cake!!! I am so proud of you cause you did it on your own.... All on your OWN!!! Haha... Muacks, Li-Lin!

Ayu said...

So beautiful!!!! jaw almost fell off..hehe saja yang dapat ku luahkan..if the smile from sonia is PRICELESS, my comment to you is i am SPEECLESS!!..

zarin said...

OMG!!! cantiknya kaaaakkk..
sonia is soooo lucky to have a very very very talented mummy!
sure senyum sampai ke telinga lah dia kan!
tak sabar nk tengok the rest of your photos ;-)

yus said...

Awesome!! isk isk..tak sabar tnggu next entry. Pls pls pls..hehe..

Hepi belated bsday sonia..u r so lucky to have a a good mom wif a superb touch! :)

Aqil said...

hi sis,
subhanallah sgt2 cantik ;D
kemas je sis buat...kagum sgt2
Happy belated Birthday lil Sonia ;D

MaDiHaA a.k.a Ratna said...

wahh.. speechless!!
the cake so cute!!

Anonymous said...

The cake is gorgeoussss!!


Rima said...

Salam everyone..

I also miss u lah hehehe.. ty dear.. she had a good time of cos.. she dapat main with the go out and buy lah.. good investment tau benda weighing machine ni..

Ty dear..

Ty.. not super uber perfect but am happy with it.. everyone loved it!

Ty for the wish and insyallah semoga doa akak termakbul.. sonia loves it (cake) and that matter most :o)

Anonymous said...

I like it that u didnt go for too many colors ... just red n white n it shouts BEAUTIFUL. Nice job!!
Dah..u tak payah go back to work o'wise mana u ada time nak buat all these...(maybe i'm underestimating u coz u mite still manage). Actually kan i rasa we're afraid if u're no longer a SAHM we wont be seeing yr bakes on a daily basis.
Hope it's still not too late to wish Sonia a wonderful 3rd birthday..may she grow up beautiful inside n out. Ameen

Rima said...

Heheh sure.. u nak kuda putih or black or brown heheh.. when sonia asked for carousel cake .. mak dia macam nak pengsan .. lucky everything went well.. alhamdullilah

Preparation for the birthday bash yg buat ku menghilang.. nak buat bday cake cuma makan masa 8hrs aje.. this year her bday is all abt desserts for kids and adults.. am blessed to be given the energy and kesihatan to do all this.. :o)

Ty for the compliments and ty for the wish too..

Rima said...

Hehe energy tu kurnian yg maha Esa plus the energy booster that i am taking.. alhamdullilah all went well and am glad everyone had fun.. :o)

Rima said...

Hehe she is .. isnt she.. we are blessed to hv her..

Ty ty.. u shud see what others did but am happy with the end result..

Ty for the wish and yep Sonia said the same thing too hahha.. OMG ahaks

Rima said...

Insyallah.. i will do it in my next entry.. tunggu ok

Heheh u pening.. akak macam nak pengsan ni hahaha.. yep its all abt dessert this year and habis licin by the end of the day..

Ty for the wish dear.. budak sekarang tak macam dulu.. kita dulu if dapat cake nbr kira dah happy bangat ah ehehe

Rima said...

Its much more fun to decorate this cake.. yg stress tu bila nak make sure semua berjalan right on time.. am on leave today so tak yah masak and bake anything hehehe

Awwwwww am just like anyone else yg ade anak.. want the best for their kids.. ty for all the compliments dear..

hehehe jangan dia mintak yg over the top sua..mama dia ni bukan lah talented sangat hehe

Ty for visiting this humble blog of mine..
Eh mana tak kenal erti penat.. sure penat one but what to do i work better when i am alone.. baik baking or buat kerja rumah.. :o)

Rima said...

Thats why i decided to do a 10" dummy cake so that she can look at it all the time.. yg 12" tu weigh abt 4kg and that one enough to feed the crowd.. :o)

Sis Li-Lin
Awwww i am proud of myself too hehehe.. first time buat merry go round and hardly dapat decorate cake with fondant.. :op

Awww ty dear.. u also ape kurang nye.. part bday cake anak sure nak yg the best and it has to be chocolate heheh

Eh dah sonia ni bukan setakat telinga .. dia tak renti renti pusing carousel tu.. akak sampai nak kena jaga jaga taku cake melayang hahaha.. wait i will load pics of the party..

Rima said...

Heheh.. i hv like 300 odd pics.. tu pun i didnt get to take lots.. busy bangat entertaining .. tunggu ok..:op

Alhamdullilah.. everything went smoothly.. most important everyone enjoy themself and makanan semua licin hehe

Hehe yep .. when it comes to kids bday cake semua pun nampak cute mute

Rima said...

Ty ty.. am happy with the end product..

Err well honestly i think i rather stay home and do what i like.. bake eventho the job offered has alot got to do with kitchen stuff.. ty for the wish and semoga doa mu dimakbul kan.. aminnn

Anonymous said...

Rima, first time tulis kat sini even dah lama jadi visitor. The cake so beautiful. Perfecto! Happy 3rd Birthday Sonia! Hope it's not too late to wish ya.


Rima said...

Ty for leaving footprints and coming to this humble blog of mine.. i guess its just my luck heheh.. lucky tak de hiccups or else pengsan mak hehehe

KG said...

rima....i tengok pics saja dah penat!eh nak satu itew carousel cake hehe!

Bintangjauh said...

Salam Rima, buat Sonia Je te souhaite un tres joyeux et bon Anniversaire la petite princesse ma jolie Sonia.
Ya ampun..itu gateau punyalah sublime hinggakan nak disentuh sayang kali, bravo Rima terserlah kasih seorang Ibu yang sejati lagi prihatin terhadap princesse mu Sonia.
Pleins de bisoussssssss à Sonia votre jolie princesse.
Salam manis manis madu.

K.Nor said...

wahhhh wahhhhhhhhhhhhh... soooooo beautiful!! so gojes... tabik toing2 la for u rima.. mmg puas hati sang puteri kecik tu dpt kek idaman dia kan.. mmg sonia cukup bertuah to have u as her mother :)

psst!! you really are a superwoman tau.. dpt buat all those things, baking, decorating, making dessert etc... so happy for u rima :)

3E said...

Kak Rima...
padan lah lama betul menyepi..rupa2nya ada big projek gitu..oh! carousel cake tu sungguh cantikkkk..tak berkedip2 mata I memandangnyer...Happy Belated Birthday to Sonia!

Yat Maria said...

BRAVO!!! Babe

I'm speechless actually... U r so darn talented babe! pi bukak kedai arrr!!! heheh..

Sponia is sure one lucky kid..thats an awsome cake babe..nanti tayang menu yg lain naaaa... :)

farra said...

k.rimaaaaaaa...3words for you speechlessssssssss...reallllll..amazingggggggggg...last but not least wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwieeeeee

FATMUM said...

A very pretty cake! Happy birthday to your princess Sonia! :)

cek chun said...

wish my mum bake 1 for me..
lucky sonia..
happy birthday girl..

Aracy Flavia said...


My jaw literally dropped.

Sis Rima, I wish you are my mummy. LOL
Good job sis. Hugs & kisses.

Rima said...

Bolehhh.. bila nak? hehhehe.. u tengok aje dah penat? u know how to keep still mehhh?? ahaks

Ty for the wish.. she had a great time playing and hanging out with everyone.. she miggles and shes good.. alhamdullilah.. her bday was a success!

Ty ty.. kita ni part nak buat stuff for our children memang all out hehhe.. am glad semua berjalan dgn lancar.. no hiccups.. now superwoman punya body all sengal sengal hahaha

Rima said...

Big project actually preparing for sonia's bday.. cake tu kira not as bad as preparing dessert yg berderet deret hehehe.. yg paling penat tu nak kena spring cleaning .. haizz nasib dah over

Talented is such a big word lah babe.. its more abt luck.. nasib cake and dessert ku menjadi.. will upload more pic later.. tak sangka it was only a year ago i load sonia's 2nd bday party :op

awww ty dear.. did u try to bake that rainbow cake again?

Rima said...

Cek Chun
Alahhh dolu dolu also my mom tak bake for me a cake.. pi order aje kat kedai and back then whatever our mom kasi kita suka aje.. nak nak cake yg bernumber.

U nak jadi my daughter ke?? bagus jugak.. boleh tolong i kat rumah hehe

Zee B. said...

Happy Birthday Sonia..May Allah continue to shower his blessings upon you and what a lovely cake you have there:)

hana said...

WOW!!! gojessssss! kemas btol ko buat rim... klu aku wat si kuda tuh dah rupa kamben kerepot la kot! kekekeke....

epi besday sonia..... may Allah bless u! mmuahh mmuahhhhh.....

Rima said...

Zee B
Ty for the wish and yes.. sonia thinks so too hehehe

Hehhe ty babe for the wish.. si kuda tu laki aku yg tolong buat saddle dia.. dia nak sangat buat so aku kasi dia chance lah play dgn fondant hahaha

Anonymous said...

Hi Rima,

What a lucky girl Sonia is to have an excellent mum like you. I am so in love with the carousel cake, its awesome.

My granddaughter would love to have it for her birthday too :)

Congratulations again ~~


Rima said...

Hi Zainab
I think everyone pun want the best for their kids.. when sonia requested for it i was like.. eh boleh ke i buat ni.. but thought i shud just gv it a go and try my luck on it.. if menjadi alhamdullilah.. if tak.. well at least i dah try to do the best for her.. why not u bake it for ur grand daughter.. am pretty sure she will be super uber excited hehe

Rainani said...

Ya Allah k.rima.. canteeekkkk sgt kek tu... mcm nk buat utk besday anak i but apekan daya.. i ni beginner nyer cooker..blum reti nk buat mcm tu..setakat topping skit2 tu bleh amazing aa..COngrats!
** nk jd anak angkat bleh..? hehehee

Rima said...

When i went online to cari idea .. i also felt the same way.. macam tak de confidence but kan orang kata .. tak cuba maka tak tahu.. so hv to try lah.. u never know it might turn out well for u too..

Bolehhhh .. ape salah nye hehhe

DG said...

Happy belated birthday to Sonia! The cake is Wouw wouw wouw Rima your cake so impressive & gorgeous!

Rima said...

Ty for the wish and ty for the compliments :o)

Kak Fatimah said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Princess Sonia...beautiful princess and lovely carousel cake...mummy had done great job..congratz to mummy also..

Ksk fatimah

Rima said...

Ty for the wish.. glad everything turned out well.. :o)

Hani said...

Kak Rina,

Hani sgt teruja dgn carousel cake ni...
set ni wilton aite? senang x?
or whole thing kak Rina DIY?

Rima said...

Hi Hani
Yes its wilton set.. its easy if u follow the direction properly..

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