Linda Collister's Espresso Brownies

Happy Monday peeps.. Yep we are back home.. I hv been busy with laundry of cos.. doing housework yadda yadda yadda.. tmrw i will hv a big load of ironing to do since i didnt manage to finish it all up bef my KL trip.. its ok.. i just hv to keep on telling myself that ironing is as fun as baking.. NOT!! blahhh

So anyway.. while writing this post.. I am having my typical Piccolo Latte and of cos a slice of this brownie.. the taste of Espresso in this brownie is so decadent that both hb and I think that this brownie will taste as good on its own without the cream cheese topping.. nevertheless this thang is pretty darn good to us - period!

I found this recipe off Mbak Rachman site.. she tweak this recipe a little and raves abt the taste of this brownie and after going thru the recipe i knew that i had to try and bake it for hb..

The original recipe is fm Brownie Bliss by Linda Collister.. am thinking of getting her Brownie book one of these days since her recipe works for me.. so heres the tweaked version of her recipe..

230g Dark Cooking Chocolate - 70% - i used barry callebaut 70%
115g unsalted butter at room temperature
275g powdered sugar
5 eggs - beat until just fluffy
2 tbsp instant coffee, dissolved in a little hot water - i used a single shot of espresso (2tbsp)
70g flour
60g cocoa powder - I used barry callebaut 100%
20g fullcream milk powder

100g Cream Cheese - room temperature
125g Butter
2 eggs - small size
40g Flour

Cream cheese mixture
Beat cream cheese and butter until soft
Add in eggs one at a time
Once combined add in sifted flour and continue to whisk - put aside

Melt dark cooking chocolate using double boil method - set aside
On a stand mixer.. Whisk butter and sugar till soft
Add in espresso coffee.
Add in beaten egg and continue to whisk
Add in sifted flour, cocoa powder and milk powder.
Add in melted dark cooking chocolate..
Once mixed switch off mixer and pour batter into 22 x 22cm pan.. smoothen the top.
Pour a few dollops of cream cheese mixture on top of ur chocolate batter.. do a little swirl to get a marble effect
Bake on preheated oven of 160C for 40-50 mins depending on ur oven.

Last (and least) my dearest hb has been pestering me to mention this:

Deutsche Kekse is spelt with sCh... in German "sh" is "sch"... ok lah hubby not all of us speak German!


CS said...


Let's swap, ahaks (dare I swap with you? of coz not cos I derhaka pada sifu). Lariiii...

Ribbon and Circus said...

S Rima..welcome home.. :D

Oh I hate to do vacation laundry.. and those expresso brownies is so memangil2.. hehe

Art lover, cinnamonworldofcolours said...

Hi Rima, welcome home! Love the housework as you love baking. Right,I don't too. Do we have a choice?? I think I shall try those Brownies, recipe looks simple!

Rima said...

LOL u derhaka pada sifu yg lain so no need to lari one.. if u wanna swap dengan relanye ku swap the next time u buat tiramisu dgn non expired whipping cream.. lariiii..

Rima said...

Ribbon Clown
Vacation shiok.. vacation laundry no shiok.. if we gi australia.. i loike cos we normally stay kat service apartment and usually i will do my laundry on daily basis siap dgn gosok sekali so bila balik sg all i need to do is to hang our baju up.. :o)

Buat ah.. easy peasy aje brownie ni

3E said...

Kak Rima....
Gorjes brownies....wajib dicuba jugak ni...sbb lain skit brownies ni....tapi I nak diet....camne tu?

Rima said...

Art lover
Hehehe no choice lor.. i love housework but i hate ironing.. eh cannot think like that one.. must keep on saying.. ironing is as fun as baking.. ironing is as fun as ironing hahhaa

Gv this recipe a try if ur into chocolate, coffee and cheese .. err who doesnt ey :op

Rima said...

Nak diet?? ape tu?? hahaha.. sana sini orang sibuk berdiet.. akak kau ni tak habis habis membaking and testing each and every one of em..

U bake and makan sesuap for the sake of testing ah.. yg lain u kasi orang lain.. biar they all yg put on weight hahaha

cik cek said...

he he...tgk brownies...terliur nak buat...he he berdiet kononnya....susah oooo mahu berdiet....kita masak pas tu bagi org lain yang makan dan tambah berat bdn....boleh ke...he he...

Madam Sooyaree said...

Rima, yang chocolate tu semi sweet or unsweetened?

3E said...

Kak rima...u sibuk baking pun tak gemuks pun...malah maintain je I tengok...ok la...I diet lain kali la..baking dan testing the food lagi best ', nak tanya skit, resepi brownies ni...yang powdered sugar tu, icing sugar ke kak Rima? bukan castor sugar? terkonpius skit..dan yang cream cheese punya portion tu kena masukkan sekali ke dalam batter chocolate tu ker? Tq kak Rima

Yat Maria said...


ironing is as FUN as baking!!! it's so much fun that my kain baju bertimbun like gunung!!!!!! muahhaha..the cream cheese yg ai beli last time masih ada lagi, so harus ai wat this mabeles MEB kan..

Yan said...

Rimaaaa.... welcome back! rindu ur baking goods. Im not a big fan of brownies but they are ez to make. And im a coffee addict so maybe (jus maybe) i'll make this one. u ni memang ada power to seduce orang ah...

MANISAH said...

Rima... apasal ler coffee capsules tu termasuk dalam gambar... buat I rendu kat Nespresso saja... (only having Nescafe Gold this morning)

Anonymous said...

i don't quite fancy brownies till i found your blog and a handful others.

i should do more ironing to distract my selera :}

Bakericious said...

looks very tempting!

Rima said...

cik cek
Besok start diet boleh tak?? boleh kannn hahah.. memang susah but honestly its not that difficult to loose weight either.. pi stress kan diri sure u akan loose weight one hehe

Rima said...

Madam Sooyaree
70% cocoa unsweetened

CS said...

That Tiramisu I made guna 100% fresh whipping cream yang baru jer dibeli. Yg expired one kan dah mengalir dalam lubang sinki after I did the post mortem?


Rima said...

I am still overweight lah for my height.. if possible nak jugak hilang kan lemak lemak dibadan but kan macam susah gitew..

Yes icing sugar yg macam sugar powder tu and yes u letak cream cheese on top of ur chocolate batter.. swirl it and then u bake it ok..

Rima said...

Its so so much fun that today i masih lagi belum start start mengiron baju ku yg bertimbun.. haizz part ni lah i wish i hv a maid ..

Yes u shud.. sure budak mulat suka one..

Rima said...

seduce orang to bake tak pe.. jgn i ade power to seduce orang sua.. nahas tu haha

Rima said...

why rindu?? u run out of it ke?? got capsule pic cos i used it in my bake dahhh..

Rima said...

Ape kata u do mine?? cannn lahhhh.. u my frienddddd hehehe

Rima said...

Gv it a try ah if u hv the time ok..

Rima said...

Alamak... mintak ampunnnnn cik sommmmm... tobat tobat... ku tersalah baca kot... sowiiii... nak exchange also cannot cos brownie i semua i dah kasi owang.. tmrw we swap? plueaseeee

ma'chiks said...

salam, singgah ziarah n kenal tuan rumah...cantik brownies...sebelum ni penah buat tapi tak cantik...

Rima said...

Salam kenal ma'chiks
Oh u ever bake this?? u added the cream cheese too??

Tak cantik tak pe..janji sedap hehe

Anonymous said...

Hi Rima,

Am a silent reader of ur blog..I have to say u've made a lot of good stuff there..just wondering though, I can't help to notice the large number of eggs used in this recipe (5 for the brownie batter and 2 for the cream cheese). Would it not taste egg-gy? I've tried using 3 large eggs for vanilla cupcakes that use about 1.5 cups of flour in teh past and they tasted quite egg-gy. Just wondering.

Anyway, keep baking ..!

Rima said...

Hi Anonymous
Egg-gy?? nope.. probably cos the coffee and the chocolate taste in this brownie is strong thats why it didnt taste egg-gy at all.. anyway welcome to this humble blog of mine and ty for leaving footprints.. i wish i can adrs u by name tho :o(

Anonymous said...

Hi Rima,

for the milk powder, is it the special one used for baking or are you using the normal milk powder which we use for our coffee and tea?


Rima said...

Hi Sally
I bought my milk powder fm bakery supply shop.. sometimes i use Sonia's milk powder heheh.. the milk powder that u use for coffee and tea is creamer right?? i dont think u can use that but u can gv it a try .. just like when i try to use sonia's milk powder heheh.. it works too

Anonymous said...

Hi Rima,

Thanks for your clarification. I usually dont use creamer for my tea/coffee. I use the Nespray or Everyday full cream milk (agak sama with Sonia's milk probably) :) Hope to try this brownie later this evening.


Deeba PAB said...

These are sensational. I love your blog and baking! Can you tell I've been here too long? I', HUNGRY!!

Rima said...

How was it?? did it turned out good??

Deeba PAB
Heheh ty ty and yes i can see that u hv been hogging my blog hahaha... welcome welcome to this humble blog of mine.. hope ur here to stay! :o)

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