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Venue: Dusseldorf
Weather: Hehehe.. snowing pretty heavily
Mood: Sehr Gut
Peak Agenda: Woot woot.. what da ya know.. i went on a hot date with hb today.. finally after so so long we get to walk in a park.. hand in hand just like the good old days.. phewweeettt muahahha..

Woke up pretty early.. half past 5 to be exact and nope i think i am so over the jet leg cos i slept thru.. yayyy.. i took a shower.. sholat and got to read all the comments.. hehhe i miss interacting with my blogger world friends.. funny isnt it.. how a few words in ur comment box will make u laugh and smile hehe.. ty guys.. i hope i will hv more time for blog walking while hb is at work but i guess thats not possible since i will be out and abt with my SIL and Sonia.. nevertheless i hope all of u guys are in good health..

So anyway back to my hot date.. today my SIL came over.. took Sonia off us and without further delay we were already walking hand in hand.. running.. singing.. hiding behind a tree in the park.. eekk hindustani film kah? Shahrukh Khan and Aishwarya Rai perhaps?? kahkahkah

We did our typical shopping.. went thru all the shops in town.. had our typical coffee break and only got home after a few hrs.. oh how time flies when u are having fun ahaksss.. we then decided to head back to the hotel when suddenly it started to snow heavily..

The snow has not stopped falling eversince..i guess this morning was the last day that we ever got to see the green grass in the park.. :o(

Hehhe getting ready for my big date..

Hmmmm babe.. whats with taking lots of pics fm the back?? hahaha

Ah huh Rima.. work it.. u can only do so when ur little Sonia is not around hahaha

Lots of ducks and swans by the lake... very lomentik lorrr haha

After Magrib.. it was time to take Sonia to the nearest market..

Earlier, where the grass was once green it is now covered in snow...

As always... typical Sonia.. and this time she didnt wanna to stop at just one ride.. she got to ride on it four times and still didnt wanna get down.. haizzz

Hehehe got to love this pic of me and Sonia.. its not always i get to take pic with my little princess..

Time: 09.42pm
Venue: Dusseldorf
Weather: Very very cold.. freezing.. yikes!
Mood: Not soo good.. not too impressed with the weather to be honest.. probably i dont even know what to talk abt on this post as i am having a brain freeze lol
Peak Agenda: Well yeah.. we got into Frankfurt safely yesterday.. flight was delayed fm Sg to KLIA.. flight fm KLIA was delayed to Frankfurt and bec of that we missed our train to Dusseldorf.. oh well.. typical.. expected. But to hv to pay like 170 euros on top of what we had already paid online is a little frustrating.. Scheisse ey..

Taking ICE train was Sonia's first experience.. we thought its the best way to get to Dusseldorf.. renting a car was not an option since hb doesnt need a car to get him to and fro to the exhibition center for the next few days.. anyway when we got into frankfurt it was snowing slightly but as soon as we passed Cologne area.. we noticed that the area was covered in snow at least 8cm deep!

Long story short.. when we finally got into Dusseldorf it was snowing lightly and Sonia was like in awe lol.. it was the same when i first got to touch snow 15yrs ago hehe

Hb's sis flew in fm Vienna to Dusseldorf the very same day and has been spending every little time with little Sonia eerr except when she sneaks out while we're putting Sonia to bed to head back to her hotel.

Below are some of the pics taken fm the time we were waiting to board on the ICE train till the time when we had enough of the cold weather for today lol

Brrr.. brrrr and brrrrr.. yikes!

We hv been to Dusseldorf three times so far and our first at the Melia Dusseldorf.. the room is 'spacious' for European standards.. big buffet spread which to me is important cos it means different kinds of bread that i can enjoy hehhe

A park that is right next to our hotel.. Sonia lovessss it! this morning we woke up to -3 degree temp and we still took her to the park after brekkie.. she was running around and wasnt complaining abt the weather at all... I on the other hand was feeling super cold eventho i had like a few pcs of clothing underneath my jacket.. maybe i shud be running around like her to make myself feel warm?? No?? err

Kissing under a mistletoe tree.. hehe

Oh yeahhhh Rima.... why of all the positions do u hv to bend down like that!! eewwww what a sight hahahaha

The Rhine River promenade. Lots of tourist boats and container barges. The Rhine is the most important transport method through Germany. A lot of goods are still sent up and down this river...

You girls wanna know what she calls a maple leave?? hehe featherrrr.. why?? .. beats me.. and ahem bibik Silvia .. whats with that sexy look?? haha

Papa's little angel...

There are a few Christmas markets all around Dusseldorf.. The Christmas markets are spread throughout the City and feel very movie-like. The smell of spices and pine trees. A lot of people looking at Christmas souvenirs from hand blown glass ornaments, to paintings and wooden figurines. There are stalls selling Sausages, Crepes, Gluehwein (heated red wine with spices). There are shops selling tablecloth and bretzels. One of the Christmas markets even has a 450m2 ice skating rink. So more pictures of that in a few days time!

She went crazy over each and every merry-go-round she could see...Yep.. she will ride it at least twice..

Taking a short break.. its like a must just to get ur body to that warm state again bef u start to walk again..

Bro and sis.. dont u agree that they look alike.. err well except hb has lost a lot more hair eversince he got married into the Kassim family muahahha

Ok kids.. we really hv to get back to the hotel... Mama is freezinggggg

Its close to 11.10pm here and i am heading to bed now.. i dont even know how many times i will be waking up bef sholat subur.. nevertheless tmrw the temp is gonna be -6 deg.. OUCHHH

I did it!! I used up all my 30 eggs.. besides condensed milk pound cake, i made two steamed fruit cakes.. i made durian pudding for sis Wati and today I baked this layer cake.. I hv kept all my baking utensil and hv kept all my butter in my pantry fridge.. not gonna do anymore baking cos i am done! hehhe

Actually i fell sick late monday night and i was really down yesterday.. i had a terrible headache and at the same time i had this irritating flu.. was worried as we will be going to a snowy country and i dont want my flu to get any worse.. so after a day of resting.. i am feeling much better.. there is still sign of flu but it isnt as bad.. I had to finish up my ironing yesterday night cos after we come home fm France we will be heading to Penang and KL soo its not a matter of whether i hv any choice.. oh well.. its ok.. its all done now .. I hv packed our stuff and i am ready to go hehe

So ok back to this cake.. i decided on this cake simply cos it doesnt use much butter and eggs.. I must say that i was surprised to find out that this cake is full of flavor, soft and moist eventho the recipe only calls for 14 egg yolks.. ty Kak Wan for sharing this wonderful recipe which I adapted a bit.. now this is what u call.. lapis economy hehehe :o)

250g butter
150g sugar
14 egg yolks
5 tbsp condense milk

150g sugar
7 egg white
1/4 tsp cream of tartar

160g Hong Kong flour
40g horlick
1 tsp baking powder

a) 1/4 tsp yellow colouring + 1 tsp vanilla essence
b) 1 tbsp mocha emulco - I used mocha latte paste
c) 1/2 tbsp chocolate emulco (I used BF paste) + 2 tbsp cocoa powder (valrhona) + 3 tbsp hot water - mix everything into paste

Preheat oven 175C for 15 mins.. greased 8x8" pan

1. A : Whisk butter, sugar and condensed milk till white and creamy. Add in egg yolks one at a time and continue to whisk till well combined - set aside.
3. B : In another bowl.. whisk egg white with cream of tartar till bubbly.. add in sugar a little at a time till soft peak.
4. C : Fold in carefully sifted flour, horlicks and baking powder into A..
5. Once mixed add in B and mix till well blended.
6. Divide batter into 3 portions.. one part add in D(a).. Add in D(c) mixture into the 2nd portion and lastly add in D(b) into the last portion.
7. Every layer weigh 76g and takes 7 mins to bake using upper fire (grill).
8. You know the typical procedure right.. grill all the chocolate portion first.. each layer u hv to press it and brush it with melted butter. once ur done with chocolate portion u continue with mocha portion and lastly u use yellow portion..
9. Bake last layer using upper and lower fire for 15 mins.

So ok ladies.. i am not too sure if i hv the time to post anything bef our late night flight.. hope everyone stays healthy.. hv a good weekend and see u ladies in Dusseldorf, Germany..

Note: Oh bef i forget.. I am sorry if i hv missed anyones' email or even comments on my old post.. will try to answer em bef i leave..


7 eggs down.. 23 eggs to go lol.. I had wanted to bake layer cake this morning cos honestly.. thats the only way for me to get rid of all my eggs in one go.. but i realised later that i hv to use a few eggs to make steamed fruit cakes for someone in Europe soooo.. the quest to finish up my eggs will starts today hehhe.. First cake.. Condensed milk pound cake.. i first saw it in baking fiends unite! and fell in love with the cake.. knew its gonna be delish and I was right.. after i took it out of my oven and ate a slice.. the taste of this cake was just superb..

Dont u just love a cake that turns out the way u want it to be? this cake turned out perfect.. just like the sicilian orange cake.. nothing can go wrong if u follow this super easy recipe to the T.. the sweetness is just right.. the texture is fine and moist.. i love it.. i love it.. i love it!!

240g good quality butter
90g sugar
1/2 tsp salt
1 cup (304g) condensed milk
3 tsp vanilla paste
240g cake flour
1 1/2 tsp baking powder - I used double acting
4 large eggs

- Sift cake flour and baking powder together. Set aside.
- Cream butter and sugar together till light and fluffy.
- Add in salt and vanilla paste and cream well.
- Pour in condensed milk and cream till well combined.
- Using the mixer on low speed, add in flour in 3 additions. Mix till batter is smooth.
- Add in eggs one at a time. Make sure it's well mixed and smooth.
- Bake at 175 degrees for 1 hour - I baked mine at 170C for 45 mins

I know .. I know.. coffee and cakes.. not healthy at all but hey what can i say.. i need both to get me going hehehe


Time flies even faster as year end is approaching.. every weekend is like super precious to me cos i hv been counting the weeks down bef year 2010 ends; since like October.. so many things happened this year and i am not gonna dwell on it.. things happen for a reason and i'm blessed to hv my loved ones around me.. I'm thankful to God for all the sweet things in our life.. am thankful to God that i was given the chance to get to know more ppl thru blogger world :o)

For the next few days I might not be able to blog every day as i hv to settle a few things bef our trip nevertheless i will probably be posting a few recipes as i hv to use up a tray of eggs :op.. so ok.. heres pic taken today..

Every morning without fail, bef showering.. Sonia will dance and sing on our bed.. shes so so into Hi5 now.. thank goodness! hahaha.. oh oh guess what.. her all time fav song is December by Norah Jones.. she even memorised some of the words in that song hehe..

My weekend desert.. Longan konnyaku jelly.. simple and nice..

While preparing it this morning.. i recalled what Anie and Yat had commented on my creme brulee entry.. oh how true.. the simple things in life are the best things of all time.. i hear ya babes :o

Out and abt with Hairi and sis Lyn&Co...


I am not gonna get all mushy and stuff.. but i am going to thank u guys for being great and for stopping by and visiting my humble blog.. sob sob.. anyone crying yet?? muahahha... thank you to all participants.. u guys rock.. unfortunately i only hv one winner.. and the winner is....

To the winner.. CONGRATS!!!.. Please email me ur adrs so that i can send it to ur doorstep hahahha no no so that the postman can send it to ur doorstep..(click on the "Kontactr me" button at the top right hand corner of my blog to email me)

Have fun baking with Nordic bundt pan.. they're awesome!


Tick Tock Tick Tock.. time is ticking.. catch it while u can lol.. once again.. good luck ladies!!

I dont really remember when was the last time i flipped thru Dorie Greenspan baking book that hb bought me a year ago on mothers day.. I hv always enjoyed her recipes cos all her recipes are good and well received by others..

Last night after we got home fm dinner (yep my lazy mode is still very much ON the dot and at the same time i felt like eating japanese food.. excuses excuses hehe) i decided to prepare this desert which has been on my mind for several weeks now. .. was always a little intimidated by it and bec i dont own a chef's torch the idea of preparing hb's fav desert was put on the shelf..what i didnt know is that u can do it under the broiler of an oven but where's the fun in doing that.. right.. right?? heheh excuses excuses

Anyway two days ago.. hb got me a chef's torch.. dont know where he got it fm but i was smiling fm ear to ear when he gave it to me.. So last night without further ado..I made up my mind that I was gonna do it..

The taste is amazing. The best part of this dessert is cracking into it with a spoon and getting a mouthful of crunchy sugar with some creamy custard with it.. yummehhh babyyyyy

1 1/4 cups heavy cream - I used double cream
1/2 cup whole milk
3 large egg yolks
1/3 cup sugar
2 tsp pure vanilla extract - I used Madagascar

About 6 tablespoons sugar or sifted light brown sugar, for topping

Center a rack in the oven and preheat the oven to 200ºF/ 93ºC.(This wasn't nearly long enough to bake the custards. I checked them after 50 minutes and they weren't anywhere near done. I had to bake a further 10mins). Put the six baking dishes (see Note below) on a baking sheet lined with parchment or a silicone mat.

Bring the cream and milk just to a boil.

In a 1 or 2-quart glass measuring cup or in a medium bowl, whisk the egg yolks, sugar and vanilla together until well blended but not airy. Still whisking, drizzle in about one quarter of the hot liquid---this will temper, or warm, the yolks so they won’t curdle. Whisking all the while, slowly pour in the remainder of the cream and milk. Give the bowl a good rap against the counter to de-bubble the custard, then strain it into the baking dishes.

Bake the custards for 50 to 60 minutes or until the centers are set---tap the sides of the dishes, and the custards should hold firm. Lift the dishes onto a cooling rack and let the custards cool until they reach room temperature.
Cover each custard with plastic wrap and refrigerate for at least 3 hours, preferably longer. (The custards can be kept covered in the refrigerator for up to 2 days.) For the sugar to be successfully caramelized, the custards need to be thoroughly chilled.

Makes 6 servings.

Serve the crème brûlée when the crème is really cold and the brûlée is still warm. You can serve the whole dessert chilled, but the sugar topping won’t have its characteristic crackle. And while I think crème brûlée should be served with nothing more then a spoon, you could offer berries and cookies as accompaniments.

The custard for crème brûlée must be made ahead so it has plenty of time to chill, but once you’ve caramelized the sugar on top, your storage time is over if your want the sugar to have crunch.

The most efficient way to caramelize the sugar topping is to use a blowtorch (see page 475 of Baking: From My Home to Yours). If you don’t have a torch, you can chill the custards very, very well, then set them in an ice-cube-filled roasting pan and run them under the broiler. You won’t get as even a coating with the broiler as you would with the torch, but you’ll still get the flavor and the pleasure of a crackly sugar crust over cream custard.

The best baking dishes for crème brûlée are shallow, ideally just an inch (2,5 cm) high, about 4 inches (10 cm) in diameter and holding about ¾ cup of liquid. Porcelain, pottery or glass gratin or baking dishes are perfect, but if you don’t have them, you can use ramekins or even disposable aluminum foil pans, an unglamorous but effective solution.

All in all this was a great recipe and I will definitely make it again. Cause If I don't what else am I going to use that nifty little chef's torch for? hahaha

Source: Baking from my home to yours by Dorie Greenspan

I was super excited yesterday when hb told me that he will take me to ToTT bef driving to moms for dinner.. when we got there this was the exact words which he said to me..

HB: Eh they hv supermarket trollies
Me: Huh?? really?? must be big ah the place
HB: Its huge

The moment we stepped into ToTT.. i was like... geesshhh..

Me: ok why dont u take Sonia to the play area near their cafe.. i call u .. hahaha
HB: Ummmpphh err ok.. take what u want
Me: err really?? yahoooooooooooooo

2 hrs later.. the damage.. 4 big ToTTs plastic bags muahahha

Heheh a Nordicware box can fit 6 of their bundt pans :))

This morning i baked my all time fav sicilian orange cake for my Nyai in one of the bundt pans which i got yesterday.. pretty isnt it? :o)

Anyway yesterday while picking up a few bundt pans, I saw a bundt pan that i was aiming for a few months ago and when i saw it there i thought to myself.. hey i am soo soo gonna get that one too and since i was in la la land anyway i thought what harm is there to get the same one to give away to a blogger who bakes.. yep yep.. how abt that !! yayyyyyy

You guys hv been fun and so encouranging and also put a smile on my face every single day.. So heres a little gift to show my appreciation :o)

Enter for a chance to win :op
1. Leave me a comment on this post and show me a link to YOUR BEST BAKING POST in your blog and tell me "WHY DO YOU THINK THAT IS YOUR BEST POST".. as easy as that hehehe

2. Deadline to enter is Saturday, 20th of November 2010, 8pm Singapore time (TIME'S UP KIDS! Winner will be announced tmrw.. ty everyone... it was good fun!)

3. Choosing the winner will be done randomly using

4. Winner will be announced on Sunday, 21st November in the evening and since Nordicware bundt pan is one heavy pan.. i will hand carry it if u live in M'sia or if u live in Europe (ahem.. since we are flying there next week) and if not.. I will hv to post it.. boo hoo

So ok .. good luck kids!

1. Umiyumi
i think it is my best post because i really enjoy baking apple pie since it's my son's favourite.. and that's the reason why the post is so detailed with step by step pics ;)

2. KG
why: it kick-started the baking in me, my first order came soon after that class, the class was conducted by saf whose french baking technique i really admire, met my std one friend zura after all this years...and of course that baking class make me want to bake and got me to where i am now!

3. RIA
the reason why:
Baking tuk celebrate besday my daughter..ank sulung ktekn..excited sgt nk baking tuk Amani..n bcoz of this cake dpt order kek yg sme dr ofismate..hehehe

4. Anie
Its my best post bcos.....
Its my 1st attempt at making the cake. I was so stoked that it turned out rite and yummilicous. I even got positive feedbacks frm friends and hubby ;)...I was so happy with the success of the cake lapis that I decided to create a blog to share my joy.....hehehez

5. Blu4sky
to me this is my best post because this was my first attempt in baking, my first baking first cuppies for my lil adam 4th starting point where i got my confidence to venture in baking

6. Izahdaut
Walaupun kek ni bukan my own recipy, tapi this cake is one of my best post sebab..for me sangat tak terjangka difikiran boleh dikombinasikan caremel dengan kek span. Kepada owner resepi kek ni, bagi saya dia genius menghasilkan kek yang sedap for dessert.Dan saya juga tak sangka dapat baking juga kek yang pada saya sangat cantik dan menjadi dan yummy.

7. Lendanuar
pada lenda...bila buat & makan roti pain-au-lait ni mengingatkan lenda pada masakan ibu lenda..dulu ibu lenda selalu buatkan roti begini pada kami( adik beradik) ketika kami kecil lagi buat makan2 ketika minum petang..oh alangkah manisnyer kenangan itu....makan roti ni bersama dgn susu pekat memang sedap terasa...lebih2 lagi bila menjamu selera bersama orang tersayang & anak2....

8. Ribbon Clown
the reason why;
Hmm..My little boy is a picky eater, and I baked everything I could baked for him, but he refused to eat.. hehe But vice versa for this muffin, he ate it lots!! maybe because the taste of this muffin was different from others that I've ever baked..

9. Edi
this got to be my fav cupcakes of all! i did this for my cousin who celebrates divali.. i day dream about the design wayyyyyy before the attempt. it is special coz the design includes the bangle that my late grandma always wear. i miss her so much.

10. Aqil
Devil's Food Chocolate Cake resepi, saya simpan in my list to do for birthday my son 1year old last raya aritu hu2.Coz bila tgk kek kt blog sis meleleh air liur ku kih2...lebih2 lg sis pro amik pic food and admire all the pic in ur blog....Memang sgt2 berbaloi to try it coz sedap sgt..hu3 TQ sis ;D

11. Jun
not dat special by its look..but special bcoz it has it's own stories behind..yg x pernah i lupa punye. dat time, my hubby had n operation so banyaklah we all dpt buah tangan especially fruits..just imagine..berbakul2..smpai rumah dh jd mcm kedai jual bunga n buah. x larat nak mkn, i pon buatlah ape yg boleh..salah satu, of courselah kek epel..dat month alone, tried mcm2 apple cake recipes...this one i hidang pada some of my hbby's staff yg dtg..all boys! nak jd crita, one of d boys tu big size..masa duduk on my of d kaki sofa tu trus patah, this apple cake still diorang makan dlm keadaan malu2, keh3. n d next day..they told my hbby..dat cake was sgt sedap..hati i berbunga2..d compliment came from boys! even my hbby pon x mkn, x kesahlah kna tukar sofa lepas tu..hehhe..

12. Naomemandeflores
Four recipes in one post, that's gotta be amazing, right?

13. Sizuka
I fell in love with this cake when my childhood friend Anitra brought it to my house. This cake made me believe that it's possible to bake a cake without fail. My daughters love it so much! :)

14. K Nor
k.nor suka dgn rupa paras kek chiffon ni, walau tak perfect, bg k.nor cukup memuaskan hati.

15. Masni
Ini resepi yang pertama saya cuba dari blog akak, dan memang menjadi,saya suka... sedap sangat. thanks akak, share resepi ini.

16. Lisa H
Why: my first time trying out to bake a gingerbread house... it takes patient and precision (to ensure all sides fit) ... to sum it all.. it was a joy and triumph to have one on display during Xmas..

17. T
The post reminds me of the great time I had with my best friend creating beautiful cookies for to celebrate her new life.

18. Norliza
This post is special because its me starting to get re-acquainted with my oven and start baking for family and friends....simple pleasures of the heart!

19. Moklong
ianya special sbb 1st time wak kek coklat. mjadi plk tu. lps tu terus bminat nk mcuba pelbagai resepi. sampai hubby ckp. bbaloi jgk dia belikan oven utk ina. :)

20. Idaman Hati
This is my first time buat kek chiffon dari resipi CMG...memang sedap dan gebu...hope everybody like it.

21. DG
This post was special because I was able to fulfill my children the cake they requested. Although not perfect, they were very happy and they are already talking about their next birthday cake ….. :D

Salam peeps.. do u guys somehow feel lazy today or is it just me hahaha.. i wasnt in the mood to bake.. huh?? hahaha.. yep.. i took out my butter.. after 2hrs i decided to put it back in my fridge.. whats up with that?? i hung out with Sonia.. we went to the indoor playground.. took her for a dip and only started cooking when she went to bed at half past 12.. I did my typical cleaning and ironing and went to do our groceries shopping after magrib..

Am pretty excited abt the giveaway and i cant wait till saturday.. do join in the fun cos honestly reading all the entries makes me smile.. somehow somewhere .. theres a story behind every post in their entry.. good stuff!

So ok.. tonight I decided bef its too late.. i better post pics of our Eid taken yesterday at my moms and my grandmama's place.. it was good to see everyone and to see my Nyai looks well is a blessing..

Mom.. mom.. yes yes.. ur one happy woman when u see us eating non stop :op

Sis Rita and Sis Wati.. ahaks.. u guys dont know how many times i had to take their pics.. gaya!! hahaha

At Nyai's place.. got to love pic of dad and Nyai.. and Yayan.. there u go.. Wak gv u the interframe that u wanted hahaha

Sonia didnt sleep the whole day and thank goodness she wasnt that fussy except she keeps on holding onto her "bantal"

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Hi.. I am a SAHM to 2 kiddoes..19yr old boy n 2 year old girl.. met my Austrian hubby here in Singapore and hv been living here all my life... my love for baking started when i was 6mths preggie to my daughter, Sonia... my addiction to baking has not stop eversince.. I hope to learn as much as i can abt baking and decorating and then share it with u along the way..