Eid pics

Salam peeps.. do u guys somehow feel lazy today or is it just me hahaha.. i wasnt in the mood to bake.. huh?? hahaha.. yep.. i took out my butter.. after 2hrs i decided to put it back in my fridge.. whats up with that?? i hung out with Sonia.. we went to the indoor playground.. took her for a dip and only started cooking when she went to bed at half past 12.. I did my typical cleaning and ironing and went to do our groceries shopping after magrib..

Am pretty excited abt the giveaway and i cant wait till saturday.. do join in the fun cos honestly reading all the entries makes me smile.. somehow somewhere .. theres a story behind every post in their entry.. good stuff!

So ok.. tonight I decided bef its too late.. i better post pics of our Eid taken yesterday at my moms and my grandmama's place.. it was good to see everyone and to see my Nyai looks well is a blessing..

Mom.. mom.. yes yes.. ur one happy woman when u see us eating non stop :op

Sis Rita and Sis Wati.. ahaks.. u guys dont know how many times i had to take their pics.. gaya!! hahaha

At Nyai's place.. got to love pic of dad and Nyai.. and Yayan.. there u go.. Wak gv u the interframe that u wanted hahaha

Sonia didnt sleep the whole day and thank goodness she wasnt that fussy except she keeps on holding onto her "bantal"


Yat Maria said...


tu sumer yr sis ke? ai ada sorang jer sista...elder one..

ijayuji said...

Salam kak!!!! meriahhhh betullll raya kat sana ya kak? tgk jerrr ramai2 berkumpul mcm tu seronok n envy lah! nxt year raya siam ya wakakakaka.... kita kan sedara lain mak ayah kan kan kan ahahahaha.... geram betul tgk sonia! :D ayuuuuuuu mak akak patut pun akak pun ayuuuu jugak! sila sediakan kain kembang2 takut rabak kena puji wakakakaka...

zarin said...

everybody in your family does look young ok! even your mom pun...share la tips ek ;-)
btw, your raya celebration amat meriah ok compared to mine yg mkn n tidur je kat rumah :P

Rima said...

I hv two younger sister.. sis Rita is my cousin..shes a teacher in one of the secondary school.. we also panggil her cikgu Nasyita hahaha.. same umur as me.. both of us dah tua kerepot hahahha

Sis Wati is my second sis.. shes 40 and sis Lyn is my younger sister.. pic of a girl yg ade braiding on her hair.. tu dah 33yrs old.. dah tua kerepot too hahahha

Rima said...

Muakahkahkah Ijahhh.. kamu ni mana kamu tahu akak pakai kain kembang ala ala cerita hindustan.. baca betul2 ya.. cerita hindustan and not tamil movie hahahah

Yes memang meriah Raya dirumah Hjh and hj ni hahhaa.. my mom dah 64.. nampak ayu aje kan.. maklum .. as what she wud always say.. "kita ambon cina memang nampak young and ayu lorrrr muahahahha.. ye lerrrr mummyyy :op

Rima said...

Alhamdullilah.. kita2 nampak young aje outside.. but kenyataannye badan semua dah sakit2 hahahha

Yg makan and tido cuma our hb hb and my boy.. yg pompuan2 too busy berceloteh hehe

ijayuji said...

kak rima!!!! omg!!!! mcm tak cayerrrr! sume muda2 lagi! tk pdn dgn umurnyer! alaaaaaaaa.. kita jawa pun muda and ayu jugak kan? wakakakaka... eh? sis wati yg dtg siam ngan akak itu hari kan??? dah 40???????? nmpk mcm 30 an ajerrr tawww! wduhhhh..peluh2 tgk angka umur dgn tuannyer tak kena langsung! :D

Rima said...

Hahaha.. Ijah sabau sabau.. orang jawa of cos nampak muda and ayu or else my ic wont stated my race as javanese .. tu sebab nampak muda akak kau ni hahaha.. mom side.. ambon cina and siam.. my dad side.. nyai was born in jawa tengah.. kendal mari hehehe

Both my sis.. wati and lyn memang with me in bkk itu hari.. both pong sot dot macam kakak dia hahaha

Ribbon and Circus said...

Agree ng Zarin..seme Singaporean yg I jupe nampak muda.. byk makan sambal goreng kot ? hehe

Nuridah said...

Salam Rima,

whoa nice gathering...bila sesekali berjumpa gini mmg seronok kan rima..kak nur tak ader adik beradik tapi sesekali jumpa akak sepupu abg sepupu rasa dah mcm adik beradik gitu...tak mcm cousins hehe...kalo boleh mcm tak nak berpisah...tak rela uu...

what rima?? tua kerepot...buat knur ketawa besar ni...sis wati tu mcm early 30 gitu...yg sis rita tu ayu aje..pompan melayu terakhir gitu...hehehe.

Rima said...

Ribbon Clown
ohhh makan sambal goreng cake awet muda meh?? hehe

u anak tunggal ke?? woahhh just like Hairi dulu until I gave birth to Sonia haha

We are close to my cousins.. baik belah mak or bapak.. if dah jumpa.. gamat satu rumah hehe

Sis Wati is my 2nd sis.. yg 3rd sis early 30 but look like early 20.. sis Rita tu ahem.. dia suka tu if dia tahu orang kata dia macam ponpan melayu terakhir.. nasib baik u tak kata.. macam perempuan, isteri and dot dot dot muahahahah

Maya Marisa said...

meriah nyer rima dear! mcm raya puasa pulak. i bet it was an awesome get together with the ladies catching up with the latest gossip..hehehe
oh ya, how old is your nyai?

Rima said...

Ah ah lah.. musti ade latest gossip one.. without it mana shiok heheh

My nyai is 80 odd.. my dad dah hmm 65 ke 66yrs old gitew.. hai ape nak jadi.. age bapak pun tak ingat hahaha

Shirley @ Kokken69 said...

I went to Totts a couple of weeks ago. Indeed we can all go crazy there... The bundt pans are actually priced at the same price as US! However after making a couple of rounds around the shop, I start to see that actually options are still limited and expensive compared to US stores. So, I didn't come away with bags like yours :) but... I do have a shopping list for my next trip to US :) . By the way, I have to commend you on your beautiful blog... I only found out about your blog from Ellie's.

Rima said...

Hi Shirley..
Ty for dropping by and leaving footprints.. u hv a beautiful blog and u take good pics too! well done!

I've only been to ToTT once and that one time i took home 4 plastic bags lol.. nothing can compare to the US stores.. but at least its better to shop for a new bundt pan there compared to the place where i used to shop for my nordic pan.. sigh.. i miss shopping in the US..

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