Opera Cake

I have been wanting to bake Opera cake for as long as I can remember.. it looks complicated and to be honest if it wasnt cos I am in this state of mind.. I wouldnt even wanna attempt baking it... Am i glad that I finally did it?? ahuh... eventho I am at my lowest .. the thing is.. I think alot of ppl work well under pressure... and I am one of those ppl..

Opera cake... Classic indeed ey.... The first time I had a slice... it was 8 yrs ago when we were in Vietnam.. HCM city to be exact.. hb took me to this classy French-style cafe by the Opera theatre (opposite the Continental Hotel) .. I hv to admit at first I was a little apprehensive when he chose opera cake as our desert.. but I sure underestimated it.. little did I know that I was gonna get one spoonful of surprises in my mouth.

It was ohhhh so so good... you would think that the cake is just gonna be ok.. but then.. oh wow! Up to now I still cant find the match to that cake.. not even when I had a slice fm my last trip to Europe.. Anyway long story short.. this is the product of what I baked last night..

Jaconde Cake:
200 g ground almond
150 g caster sugar
6 eggs
50 g butter, melted
60 g flour
4 egg whites (160g)
60 g powdered/confectioners sugar
Strong brewed coffee to brush the cake layers

Coffee syrup
I used double shot espresso
100g of sugar to make 100ml of coffee syrup

Chocolate Ganache:
250g Dark Cooking Chocolate, chopped (I used Manner couverture)
250ml whipping cream (I used double cream)

Coffee Ganache
250g White Cooking Chocolate (I used Manner couverture)
250ml whipping cream (I used double cream)
10g instant coffee

Chocolate Ganache:
Heat the cream just until boiling point, turn off the heat. Stir in dark cooking chocolate until melted and makes a smooth and shiny ganache.
Let cool and keep it in the fridge for a night. Before using it, take out from the fridge and mix/whip until fluffy and easy to spread. (I heat cream and pour it over my chocolate till melted and makes a smooth and shiny ganache.. dont hv the patience to keep it overnight.. only chill it for 3hrs)

Coffee Ganache
Heat the cream till boiling point, turn off heat and add instant coffee bef pouring it over white cooking chocolate)

Beat ground almond, caster sugar and 3 eggs with electric mixer for about 10 minutes.
Beat in the remaining 3 eggs while continue beating for about 10 minutes more.
Drop 2 big spoons of this batter into melted butter, stir until blended, set aside.
Mix the flour with ground almond batter.
Beat the egg whites until frothy, beat in powdered/confectioners sugar while continue beating until it forms soft peaks.
Fold this egg whites into almond batter. Fold in the melted butter that has been mixed with a little almond batter until well blended. (I added 1/3 egg white into almond batter bef pouring the rest of almond batter into egg white)
Divide the batter into 6 pans (22 x 22 cm each), bake 10 minutes in 200 degree Celcius. Let cool on a wire rack. (I suggest u do 2 pan at one go that way ur batter is not expose far too long)

Take one layer, brush it with strong coffee. Spread coffee ganache onto the layer.
Put another cake layer on top of the first layer, brush it with strong coffee. Spread chocolate ganache onto this second layer.
Repeat this process until all layers has been assembled. Put the assembled cake in refrigerator for about 20 minutes to firm the structure.
Pour melted chocolate or remaining ganache if any (reheat if necessary) over the cooled cake. Set aside in the refrigerator just until the chocolate topping is firm (about 1 hour).
Cut the crust sides of the cake with a long thin knife that’s just been dipped into hot water and wiped.

You can also replaced coffee ganache with coffee buttercream
100g of unsalted butter
100g of soft cream (Hollman brand)
100g of sweetened condensed milk
1 tbsp instant coffee, dissolve it with 2 tablespoons hot water

Mixed instant coffee with sweetened condensed milk, set aside
Whisk butter and soft cream till white.
Add sweetened condensed milk and continue to beat until blended.

Oh bef I go.. I would like to thank all for ur concern, prayers and messages.. I hope that my prob will blow over soon. Insya'Allah

Source: Ningnong


CS said...

Tak tercapai akalku untuk membuat kueh nih Rima.. let alone pasang niat. It looks so out of this world (sambil sapu mulut dgn serviette konon2 baru habis makan kek itew).

Hope u r feeling much better.

Rima said...

Cik Su..
Kalau tak kerana my hb .. i dont think i wud wanna even pasang niat tu.. he said i hv to try and bake something that is not that easy.. that way i can pertingkat kan my skill.. heheh skill konon!

I am feeling alright.. just not in the mood to talk.. and i am not trying to dwell over it either.. its just that until i know for sure.. i macam tak keharuan gitew.. anyway ty for ur concern.. much appreciated dear :o)

Hanis MY said...

Hi kak rima..caner eh akak buat gambar tu private property ingt nak apply at my blog..thanks akak.. btw really love ur blog with all those recipes..yummy, tpi yang ni confirm tak jadi kalau nk buat hehe...wanna a pro like u...

hana said...

rimmm... aku udah kangen sama kek2 lapismu iteww! tp yang nih ngak pakai telur yg banyak seperti legit kan? yaaaa aku bisa buat.. yang penting hubbyku bisa goreng telur dadar lagik! kikikiki

Yan said...

Heyy! Welcome home Rima... Im glad u r back with ur baking goodies. Im fasting today and am practically droooooling over this cake. Can i have a slice? ha ha... im dizzy just by looking at ur bahan2. How on earth can i get double shot espresso and Manner couverture! *sigh* u r a one blessed woman. Hope everything will be A OK again really really soon. Take care!

Rima said...

Ty .. buat akak tersenyum aje.. nanti when my hb balik work i will ask him how he did it ok :o)

Rima said...

LOL Hana.. yg ini bisa aja tapi kan cake ini rasa nya jauh berbeda dari lapis legit kok.. cuba kamu baca betul betul.. cake ni pakey almond powder .. nahhhh sudah pasti kamu suka sama kek ini apa lagi suami mu kerna dia dapat 2 in 1 bundle gitew.. telur dadar dah opera cake hahaha

Rima said...

Awwww Yan... tahan ok.. tu dizzy bukan ape.. maklum.. kan sedang berpuasa.. macam p ramlee kata.. cobaaaannn hehe

Ty dear.. hmmm if u tak de double shot espresso u pakai instant coffee pun boleh cuma tak kick sikit ah.. u use dalam 15g gitew..

Bab chocolate tu.. u can use any kind of DCC if u dont hv Manner couverture.. insyallah menjadi one

KG said...

arrgghhh...this and sacher...i have been wanting to try..but bilaaa!!

good to hear you are feeling better...wheels of life cam tulah...coming from someone yang nak setengah abad umur :-)

Rima said...

Hehehe sacher and opera cake.. both kegemaran my hb.. now he dah tak leh complain that i tak berani attempt cake cake cam ni.. nahhh ambik kau :op

KG.. sometimes kita ingat bila dah mature our wheels of life kurang happening.. tapi thats not the case ey.. makin mature makin lagi mencabar :o(

Hanis MY said...

okies.thanks a lot..haish silap typing da it was supposed to be "wanna be a pro like u" hehe...akak tak nak bukak rest ke boleh saya makan dishes2, cakes2 yang akak buat tu..sanggup transit s'pore..

Yat Maria said...


out of adjectives nak describe ke-delish-iaan yr bakes...this one especially..

on another note..hope whatever u r going thru..dah setlle nicely ya..

take care friend..

Rima said...

Open up restaurant?? err bukan tak nak but kan if ade restaurant cam mana nak merayap? nanti kang stress akak dibuat nye hehe

My hb said he downloaded it fm one website.. he lupa pulak ape website nye.. nanti if he ingat i will deliver it straight to ur house ok..

Rima said...

Ty dear.. nak kata settle .. far fm it.. I am just trying not to think abt it.. but how kan?? makin dah matured makin susah nak buat2 lupa.. mandi tak basah.. tido tak lena.. makan err makan tetap lalu.. hehhe

To be honest.. I am glad that I hv all my blog friends to make me smile :o)

Ty once again for ur concern.. macam terharu gitew..

StarAnise said...

sedapnyer....kek tu, wallah.

Rima said...

Memang sedap StarAnise.. tak jelak and a slice will make u feel satisfied :o)

Food For Tots said...

I'm so inspired with your creation. I must say that you're such a talented person. Your shots are gorgeous too! Love it! ;)

Rima said...

Ty foodfortots.. Looking at ur blog sure is inspiring too.. I still hv a long way to go and so much more to learn.. :o)

Unknown said...

Hi Kak Rima,

Thank you so much!!! my mom suffer from sugar rush ... hahahh she was so excited ... was so happy sey ...

power!! ... its rich colour wa... wa...wa... i can see my mom smiling and enjoying herself its like her first time eating magnum ... camtu ah tersengih2 ...

ah the Opera cake power say it taste so diff from Starbucks punye ...

lastly ... i would like to say May Allah Bless you ... I noe that u have been down lately... hope everything is ok soon eh ... ape2 pun i doa kan yg terbaik untuk u eh ...


Rima said...

Hi Ilah
Alhandullilah.. I am glad the TCCC put a smile on ur mom's face.. nothing compares to seeing a smile dari orang tua kita kan.. shukran dear.. may Allah bless u and ur family too..

I am not a Starbucks fan so I tak tahu what kinda desert they hv at their cafe.. to us a cafe must serve good coffee and when we do eat the cakes it must be made fm good quality chocolate but kan if u do go to Baviamo kat tanglin mall.. u order their sticky date pudding.. aduhhhhh tak leh angsss hehehe

Anyway ty dear!

Anonymous said...

salam rima, shiok betol laa tgk kek tu..u bukak klas la, bole kiter belajar buat kek2 yg best gilers mcm nie...btw i hope everything wil be fine 4 u n mesti ader hikmah di sebalek setiap ujian Allah...misah..

Rima said...

Salam Misah
Macam mana nak bukak klas.. kita pun masih student lagi.. nak jadi cikgu tak de cert pulak hehehe..

Ty for ur doas.. alhamdullilah

Unknown said...

salam sis.. your opera cake is soooo amazing!!! sungguh menggiurkan! am practically drooling tgh2 mlm ni.. i salute you! btw, with ramadhan coming up.. i hope you'll be in better condition.. may Allah bless you & your family.. ramadhan mubarak!!

Rima said...

Ty mrs plain-june.. this year especially rasa nye macam tak sabar nak Ramadhan..

Nasib baik i bake it sebelum puasa.. imagine if i bake it .. then post it.. then i look at the pic.. tak ke buat I tertunggu tunggu waktu berbuka hehehe

Ribbon and Circus said...

Hi sis Rima, tempting sgt2 nak try wat kek ni.. jadik tak jadik, blakang kire hahaha

Rima said...

Hehehe.. cuba lah.. tak cuba tak tahu kan.. dah cuba and especially menjadi sure hidung kembang kuncup bila ur other half memuji hehehe

Ribbon and Circus said...

hehe.. klu tak jadik, diam2 masuk mr tong eh hahaha..

anyway, i google2 resepi kek, terjupe kek ni and method dia ala2 opera cake gak.. tp ingredients lain..

as cake sifu, sure jadik klu you buat kek ni ;)

ni link kek ala2 opera kek..

Zarida said...

Salam..rima..i'm new to ur blog. Terkenang kek opera ni dan google. Ur blog among the try. Kalau tk jadi nanti...will ask u q..k?

Rima said...

Sure.. gv it a try ok and let me know if u need some help.. good luck dear!

frizzkiss said...

Kak rima, valrhona chocolate izzit conveture chocolate?? I bougth yg big blog tu..

Rima said...

Valrhona chocolate is not chocolate couverture.. i used valrhona in everything that calls for dark chocolate.. when i do use couverture its bec i use it for glazing ..

couverture chocolate is the highest grade in chocolate..

U dah beli ker?? best ones are button types.. senang nak melt .. tak yah nak cut ur block of chocolate

frizzkiss said...

Yes kak rima, i dah beli. I nak juba glazingkan kek i ni.. ntah tau tau jadi ke tidak ni..u rasa okey tak untuk buat glazing dgn dark chocolate?? Takot tak kilat mcm kak rima punyer.. hheheheh.. any suggestion kak rima?? nak beli yang buttons punyer dah takde time..

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