Ohhhhh we had fun...

Time: 23:04pm
Venua: Vienna
Weather: Sunny and cooling
Mood: Tired - been out and abt the whole day today by foot- I think we walked like 5km today.. phewwww
Peak Agenda: Factory Outlet and Vienna Prater - All the photos were taken on Friday.. we spent like a good 5hrs at the factory outlet... it was so cold and windy in the morning but by lunch we no longer had to use any pullover or jackets... Hb later took us to the Prater - which i later found out its actually an amusement park hehehe (hb said this place used to be a hunting ground ... hmmmm interesting)
Infor: The Vienna Prater is a large park in the 2nd District. Its actually an amusement park since 1766 (the Viennese sure know how to have fun!). In 1873 it was the site of the world expo and like any amusement park it has many rides and also Horror Houses, Carousels and Mirror Cabinets. The main icon of the Prater is the 64.75m high ferris wheel built in 1897.... It was built to commemorate Kaiser Franz Joseph's Golden Jubilee (Errr dear... what will I get for our Golden Jubilee hahaha).
Oh by the way.. Originally the Ferris Wheel had 30 gondolas but it was used as target practice by the allied air forces - so it now only has 15 gondolas left.

Anyway so much abt the history and infor.. we had lots of fun and went on an old Slide as well which Sonia loved... she kept on saying.. "I likeeeeee" after we walked out of the Prater... enjoy the photos peeps cos tmrw there will more photos of today!

Mac Arthur Glen Factory Outlet - Parndorf

Munching on Fish and Chips

Sonia was scolded by papa for playing with Tartare sauce and look at the way she walks with her head down... haha

The Wiener Prater and its famous Ferris Wheel (originally it had double the amount of Gondolas - so now there is a wide gap between each gondola)

Let's play some games!

Lots of different rides for young and old

Another Ferris Wheel at the Prater (but newer)

Sonia taking her first ride by herself - and LOVING IT!

The old Slide (riding down on guni sacks)...

Sonia went down TWICE! She wanted it!

Well ok... I am gonna go to bed now... cheers!


Yat Maria said...


That antique ferris wheel was built in 1897 & is still in running order?? hmmm, & masih boleh naik lagi, ingin montot ku rasa naik benda antique nih!!! & be part of history la..

terketawa tgk foto Sonia walking with her head down after kena marah..drama mama jugak eh..and LOL tgk beads dia, pegi park pun masih bergaya ngan beads ya..ha ha..boleh tahan Sonia ni..

CS said...

Rima, dari smlm susah betul nak masuk 'rumah' you nih. Penat I menunggu sampai meleleh2 dot3 dpn skrin, heheh.

Sonia sulks in style kekdahnya.. cute plak tu. You pernah sulk kat hb cam tu tak? ahaks.

SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said...

She so cute.

Rima said...

Ah ah the old ferris wheel masih bergerak.. that slide pun one of the oldies... masih solid lagi... so kira tak dapat beli antique.. dapat merasa benda antique jadi ah.. heheh

Haiz.. si Sonia ni memang drama mama.. macam mama dia jugak kah kah kah.. dah tu bila siap aje dia mesti nak pakai rantai and gelang dia cos dia ikut ape kita buat depan mirror.. gaya gaya

Rima said...

Agaknye pasal gambar banyak sangat tu sebab susah bangat nak load u in.. sabau aje lah hehehe

Eh mama kalau sulking lagi burukzz tau.. sampai hentak hentak kaki lagi hahahha.. dia macam gitu.. kalau kena marah sure she will start by walking slowly with head down.. dah tu boleh toleh belakang to see if kita tengah tengok dia.. dah tu will continue walking with head down again hehehe

Rima said...

LOL not all the time cos bila dia got attitude... sure akan kena marah one :o)

Anonymous said...

I tot i did post something here.. Hmmm... where did it go toooo!! M not ur stalker.... hehehehe... *grinning* Li-Lin

Rima said...

Dont know what happened.. the other time sekali masuk berlambak.. dah tu senyap.. tweet tweet hehehe

Anonymous said...

Anyway, Sonia can wear the same leggings with Bibik Li-Lin back here in Singapura ok...
Seee you guys soooooon!!

Rima said...

That legging for winter lah bibik Li-lin.. panas terbakau kalau pakai kat sg hahaha..

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