Special Edition.... Six years on....

We celebrated our  wedding anniversary today. Some days I still can’t believe I am married to him. I am past the stage in our relationship where I feel butterflies all the time. Where I can’t sleep when hes not in town (yes i will miss him but i  sure can sleep lol). Where he's not allowed to see me coz I had my facial cream on (poor boy.. such a scary sight). It’s still young enough that I try not to fart in front of him BUT when I am asleep all bets are off as I can’t control that hahaha.

I figure if the sound of my husband laughing fills me with happiness ... if the way he looks at me in the same way as when we were dating 9yrs ago makes me blush.. if he kisses me on my forehead and says I love you every single morning without fail gives me goosebumps... then i know we are still doing good... Happy Anniversary dear!!

So ok enough mushy mushy.. you guys up for some laughs?? muahahahaha... here goes...


The first time we were known as Mr and Mrs von der Aue :o)

Muahahahahahahhah... dont look at me... my super duper hb chose all of our wedding costumes!

Solemnisation and wedding dinner at Tepak Sireh Restaurant

Oh my goodness... call me a cougar.. i dont care lol... but yes.. I got married to a younger man.. looking back at our wedding photos.. it sure feels good that he looks much much more matured now ... thanks to the receding hairline hahahaha 


Yat Maria said...

happy anniversary dear!!! may you be blessed with many more wonderful happy years together, loving each other...

terkedu lihat pakaian pengantin u part nikah...chantek & very nostalgic gitu!!!! persis wanita melayu terakhir...he he...gorgeous babe!!!!

have a wonderful day :)

SurayaCoghlan said...

Happy Anniversary you two!!!!
Sungguh nostalgic gambar2 itu..
Tak kisah lah Rima, cougar ka, leopard ka, tiger ka,janji bahagia!! Congratulation dear.

lemongrass said...

Congratulations Rima n Hubby!!!!
May you have many many many more wonderful years ahead filled with laughter and happiness.
Gosh...looking at your wedding photos really reminded me of my wedding day because your hubby looked as young as mine when we got married, hahahahhahaha...
Thank goodness their looks have matured now :-).
Let's go cougars!!!!!

Rima said...

Ty gf and yes harus look nostalgic waktu nikah cos u know lah... Tepak Sireh Restaurant ni kan is an old mansion aka old Istana so my hb pilih that red baju ala ala in that era... aduhhh when he first pointed out that baju.. i went.. oh my godness... why red.. it will look good on u but it wont look good on my skin!!! lucky i pulled it off .. hehehe

Rima said...

LOL Sue..Tak kisah lah nyah.. janji dia lab sama kita hahahah

Rima said...

Ah ah seh.. can u imagine if they all still look the same now?? eeekkkk

Tks to the asian genes kita managed to look younger or look abt the same age :oP

Go cougers goooooo

SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said...

Oh wow you look so beautiful. I love the costumes :D.

Anyway, Happy Anniversary.

Rima said...

***blushing**** ty sjb.. Costumes all chosen by hb.. He nak sangat hold keris haha

CS said...

Rima, congratulations ..
Skerlah kita tengok gambar2 tu. Apa pun hubby memang untung dapat you, fullstop.

Now izinkan I lepaskan asap didada, haha. Was fuming then sebab dari semalam tak dapat masuk blog you. Mana boleh I pengomen no. corot kan?

Selamat berbahagia ... (my anniversary coming soon, hehe).

Rima said...

Ty ty.. kalau tak kerana i wanna post my wedding photos.. album tu tercerok aje kat almari.. then bila dah belek belek.. macam kelakar pulak tengok gambar gambar lama hhhehe

eh apasal u cannot load.. Internet slow ke or my blog banyak sangat gambar tak? hmmm

chiclesschia said...

Alhamdulillah and congrats. Cheers to many2 more :-)

pwincess D said...

happy belated anniversary :) slimnya you masa kawen dulu .. and still slim til now

Ayu said...

salam Rima,
Happy Anniversary to both of you
May all the joy and happiness will last forever...loving each other each single looked the same after 6 years!!..for me by the 6th year I was doubled the size..hehe..
pretty pictures too..

Unknown said...

Happy Anniversary to u both!!!
Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!! so sweeet sey!!!! ... hee hee i suke baju gold tu ... hee hee

Anonymous said...

salam Rima,

happy belated anniversary :o) n many many more to come....

Thanks for sharing your wedding pics. Awesome! u look beautiful n didnt change

take care n have a nice day!

p/s : i really like all your recipes n food pics. patut dibukukan :o) way to go, beb!

Rima said...

Ty for ur doas.. much appreciated

Ty.. Masa tu memang slim habis.. i think i lost like close to 20kg bef i got married to my hb.. sekarang nak slim macam gitu aduhhh punya lah susah..

Ty ty .. Look abt the same cuma not as kurus as bef.. maklum nak dapat kan si sonia ni punya lah susah.. tak habis habis kena inject hormones.. and i gained so so much over the years pasal clomid pills and injection tu.. last last we went thru IUI treatment.. nasib baik buat sekali terus menjadi kalau tidak .. kwang kwang kwang.. sure macam belon heheheh

Ty Ilah... the yellow baju also my fav.. yg merah mak ngah tu .. hmmm kira sagu hati lah hahaha

Ty Niat dihati begitu lah but kan sekali dah buat buku orang tak nak beli pulak hehehe

silcleo said...

Toto - the pictures.
wa lau .. so malu one.

make me larf..


seriously - congratulations.

Rima said...

LOL Sil... ty ty.. ur bro look so young.. no need to malu one cos he handsome what but ah.. he looks much more better now.. a grown up look hahaha

Anonymous said...


tak boleh angkats gambar kawin, kurus seh.. hahaha


Rima said...

Luv ur back lah sis! Muahahha kurus tu thanks to ur bro.. kalau tidak my body still macam kerbau kah kah kah

Anonymous said...

WHAAAAAAA My wife say I handsome!
It's ok.. I know....

Rima said...

Tweat. Tweat can u hear something like NOT !!! I was just being nice... Muahahaaaa

Beau Lotus 涟 said...

Good thing about being Asian is that you usually "look young" longer :-)

Which is why when you marry ang moh must choose a younger one! LOL

Beautiful wedding pictures, congratulations!

Rima said...

Ty Beau Lotus.. wedding photos usually turn out to be beautiful lol.. do it now and we end up looking like errr hahhha..

Z said...

K. Rima,

I'm having a blast reading through your blog.

Love it! That 6th photo....dua2 macam budak kecik... nak2 yr hb. Cute!!!!

Yr anniversary pulak happens to be my hb's birthday!

My College mascot....cougars. GOOOO COOOOGS!


Rima said...

LOL Z.. u took me back to this entry and it makes me smile pulak.. haizz almost a year since i posted all the buat malu pics hahahha..

Yg macam budak kecik adelah my hb hahaha.. so funny.. macam i culik dia fm school and then heret dia terus pi kawin kahkahkah

Sha said...

Sis rima, just browsing through ur blog n found this..u has such a Classic 50's Malay women face... Ade sedara dgn seniwati jln ampas ke...? Cantik..p/s admire ur baking skills..not to mention superb photos! :)

Rima said...

Hhehe adoi setiap kali my readers take me back sure i macam terkedu ahaks.. ty kira ade muka oldies lah kan hehe.. my mom side semua orang seniman.. yusuff latiff is my granduncle.. rahmah latiff is my grandmother.. mak dara adalah my grandfather punya sister.. ade ramai lagi but i tak ingat nama meka meka but me and my tok ngah (yusuff latiff) memang close

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