You know that ur in Jakarta when u can hear Azan(prayer time) clearly.. well so far i hv stayed in 3 different hotels and every single hotel that i hv stayed in i cud hear Azan.. soothing and nice and at the same time it makes u feel guilty if u dont go and pray right after each Azan  hahahha

Weather is pretty good.. i think its gonna rain anytime soon cos i can hear thunder and even tho we are staying on the 31st floor.. i can hear the sound of drums and can see a lot of ppl walking up and down/ marching down the road in orange t-shirt... hmmmmmm wonder whats going on today... 

So here I am in Jakarta once again... first time in this hotel and loving it!! unlike the Shangri-La and and our all time fav, Aryaduta Hotel.. this hotel is much much more "happening".. quite a number of restaurants and cafes and also while checking in.. I saw theres a huge chocolate boutique in the basement... cant wait to check it out later!! The only one complaint i hv is that the room is not that soundproof so i can hear all the vacuuming and all sort of sounds coming fm the doorway... (sonia is sleeping and shes moving far too much with all the vacuuming going on right now!) other than that.. everything else is superb... incredibly friendly staff and lovely spacious room! Oh another plus point is that my fav Bakso Noodle restaurant is just opp this hotel.... wooohoooo :o)

Todate: We hv since moved to the executive floor (38th floor).. we didnt know that we were booked on this floor.. hahahha... no more noisy vacuum .. i hope! lol


Yat Maria said...


I thought you're gonna say..."u know you are in Jakarta when you see the roads macet terus"..;)

Chocolate boutique...yes!!!!! check it out la...:)


SJB aka SUELYN J-B. said...

Never been Jakarta yet. Maybe oneday (^_^).

Rima said...

Ibu Yat
Bisa diatur bu.. esok akan ku tunaikan hasrat mu ituuu hahaha

Someday u will go to Jakarta and experience the macet too hehehe

CS said...

Hi Rima, tengoklah I nih, pagi2 or rather subuh2 buta dah merayap rumah orang, hehe.

When I read your latest entry, I still haven't got an idea where you are until I read the next entry .. OMG! was I in shock when I saw 'Batavia'.

Apa taknya cos on the same date (3Feb) I wrote just the word 'Batavia' in my entry.. Upon checking on the dates of our entries, am happy to note that my entry came before you, hehehe (cam PI pencen aje I menginvestigate kan?).

What I'm trying to tell you is that I'm so happy of this 'coincidential mystery', muahahaaaa... love it! Happy holiday..

Rima said...

Sorry lah somuffins... i sampai tak sempat nak kasi u drink espresso when u datang rumah i tadi heheh

Ty and err well not really a holiday lah.. my hb usually work fm morning till night.. so instead of exploring the country.. (which i used to do bef sonia was born) i just chill kat hotel area and go to the malls... just relax and tak yah pikir nak kemas and masak heheh

Rima said...
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Rima said...

Lahhh baru hahis baca ur entry... jadi ni... somuffins neng jawo eh... i am too.. identity card stated javanese as my race cos kita orang jawa tengah.. Semarang bu! I tak pernah balik kampung pun.. only my parent aje yg balik.. tu pun not all the time.. my grandparent fm my mom side orang siam and ambon.. so u see lah mixture i ni.. thats why ppl always think i pinoy hehehe

CS said...

Hehe.. thanks for the espresso, gulp!

U pinoy? I plak cinoy = cina. Maybe bcoz turun temurun dari my nenek Jemi kot.. matanya sepet bangat bu.. haha.

Rima said...

aduhhhh bu.. asyikkkk sekali kalau matanya sepet bangat! ayu gitu hahaha

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