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Am a little frustrated with my other half.. hes outstation again.. dont u just love them even more when they travel practically every single week grrrr..the best part.. i dont even know his schedule anymore! ai ya ya..  i better not start blabbering .. too early for that! :oP

Had baked this cake yesterday simply bec everyone in my household loves mango mousse cake... in fact.. its one of my hubs fav but bec he has to travel again... he didnt get to taste it!

Mango Mousse
16g gelatine powder
50gg hot water
300g whipping cream
3 tbsp icing sugar
400g mango puree (if refrigerated, bring to room temperature)
140g diced mango

Mango Glaze
100g mango puree (bring to room temperature)
3g gelatin powder
3 tbsp boiling water

Cotton Cake
145g low protein flour - cake flour
15g corn flour
1 egg
5 egg yolks - whisk lightly with a fork
150g unsalted butter
65g fresh milk

5 egg white
100g castor sugar
1/4 tsp salt

Cotton Cake
1) Preheat oven 150C.. grease and line ur 7 baking pan.. wrap bottom of ur baking pan with aluminium.
2) Heat butter and milk till warmish.. do not let it boil ok.. switch off heat and add in sifted flour and corn flour.. mix using wooden spatula.
3) Transfer to a bigger bowl and add in ur eggs.. continue to mix till smooth.
4) In another bowl.. whisk egg white till frothy.. add in salt and add in sugar in 3 addition.. whisk till soft peak
5) Pour 1/3 of egg white mixture into ur egg/butter mixture.. fold in gently.. pour the rest and continue to mix gently.. (same manner as when ur baking chiffon cake.. cotton cheesecake)
6) Pour batter into baking pan and bake it au bain marie method for abt 45 mins.
7) Let the cake cool and slice horizontally 2 slices and trim them into 6 x 6 inch square.

Mango Mousse
1) In a mixing bowl, whip whipping cream with icing sugar to soft peak state. Refrigerate to chill.
2) In a small bowl, dissolve gelatine in hot water. When the gelatine is fully dissolved, add to mango puree. Mix well.
3) Add the mango mixture to whipped cream. Mix well until incorporated.
4) Use a 7 x 7 inch cake ring, place a layer of cake and pour in mango mousse, or use a large piping tip to pipe the mixture. Do take note of the corners. Add mango cubes and cover them with some mousse. Let it slighty set for about 10 minutes in the fridge.
5) Lay another cake layer and pour the remaining mousse. Let it set for 30 to 45 minutes in the fridge.

Mango Glaze
1) Dissolve gelatine in hot water. Mix in mango puree. Wait till the mousse is set and the topping is cooled, arrange sliced fruits, if using, pour in the topping carefully. Let the cake chill for at least 3 hours before removing the cake ring.

Cotton Cake recipe is fm Mbak Ricke.. i used the same cotton cake recipe for my strawberry shortcake 
Mango mousse recipe is fm Rei

Thank you ladies! This recipe also took me back to my old post where i first made mango mousse cake for my super duper hubs... blueekk


Lets continue...

Sorry for the shaky pic.. it was taken while we were on the motor/taxi.. i must admit that each time the driver did his "stunts" trying to squeeze in between a bus and a car.. i was like.. gulp!

Street where u can see many more Halal restaurants, butchers and also a mosque - its situated south of Nanjing East Road, ..

Nanjing Road (Shanghai)
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
"Nanjing Road" redirects here. For the street in Taipei, see Nanjing Road (Taipei).

Nanjing Road is one of the world's busiest shopping streets.[1]
Nanjing Road (Chinese: 南京路; pinyin: Nánjīng Lù) is the main shopping street of Shanghai, China, and is one of the world's busiest shopping streets.[1] Today's Nanjing Road comprises two sections, Nanjing Road East and Nanjing Road West. In some contexts, "Nanjing Road" refers only to what was pre-1945 Nanjing Road, today's Nanjing Road East, which is largely pedestrianised. Prior to 1949, the road's English name was rendered "Nanking Road" using the standard romanization of the time.

Along the busy street of Nanjing road u can see just abt any kinda street shows lol... u see ppl karaoke.. u see ppl dancing and of cos not forgetting u see those annoying ppl on skates trying to sell them to you :op

Unlike in Beijing... Shanghai offers many kinds of halal food and yes i didnt even hv to eat sushi every single day lol... our favs is on the seventh floor of the Bailian Shimao International Plaza.. food there was delish and affordable.. This is the tall building right at People's Square where you come out of the MRT station...

This girl is slicing kway teow and mixing it with some spices.. it was served while we were waiting for our table.. i didnt try it but hubs said its spicy lol

They serve delicious roast mutton dishes and kebabs (lots of them), creamy Xinjiang milk tea and fresh, home made yogurt.

Wide selection of beef.. mutton.. camel.. vegetables.. fish and prawns.. no chicken was served on several occasions we were there due to the worry of bird flu..

Of cos a trip to somewhere will not be complete if i didnt get to go to a place where u can find all sorts of kitchenware..

Shanghai Kitchen Market

QiLong Jiu Dian Yong Pin Shi Chang
(Qilong Hotel Equipment Market)

185 Tong Chuan Lu, near Lan Gao Lu

Open 7 days
Closest metro: Line 7 Lan Gao Lu Station

You can read more abt this place fm here - i found my treasures in this shop hehe.. (no 120)

Ok thats it... my next destination will be KL and Hong Kong.. hopefully i can blog fm there :op



Where do i begin... what to tell.. shrug... i admit that i am a lazy blogger.. the spark that i once had seems to disappear huhu.. to me the best way to blog while travelling is to do it there and then... once ur back... ur lazyness kicks in and you are no longer interested to share ur experiences in the country that u were in :o(

Anyway we got back fm Shanghai 2 days ago.. i didnt do much there.. couldnt be bothered to even explore further than the area of our hotel... for some reason i find Shanghai has not changed a bit... the ppl... the place... the cleanliness .. the drivers... the rudeness.... can u imagine us having a quiet dinner and out of the blue some woman comes in off the streets and takes a pic of Sonia... at first i thought she was one of the hotel guests but when out of the blue another woman came who wanted to take Sonia's pic.. i knew straight away that these women were up to no good.. there are so many scams going on there and i cant help myself from being a little paranoid.. sigh.. didnt like it back then... dont like it now .. blahhhh

We got there on Saturday.. stayed at the Sofitel Hyland and fell in love with the room that we were put in.. the lounge area wasnt as impressive as the Mulia hotel in Jakarta but a beggar cannot be choosy ey.. anyway the staff there were helpful.. the choices of bread was superb..

Told ya! hehe

The dessert was ok.. i didnt try all... i like the butter cookies that was served tho

My days in Shanghai were pretty predictable... i would get up in the morning... hv brekkie with Sonia.. take her for a walk and back to the hotel... Sonia didnt wanna do much... she wanted to spend time with me.. playing.. studying.. chilling in the hotel room ... watching one movie after another lol..  am so glad that we did that cos lately i hv been a little busy in my kitchen.

.. and since hubs was busy during the week.. the only free time that he had was on Sunday... we started early that sunday.. took the train once and were on our feet most of the time! Sonia was complaining of just abt anything under the sun... too hot... too thirsty.. too tired.. well i wud too if i am a 5yrs old... i was tired too but since hubs had trained me to "walk if i wanna explore" ... i have kinda gotten used to the walking part :o)

Shanghai old Town..
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Old City of Shanghai with walls and seafront.
The Old City of Shanghai (Chinese: 上海古城; pinyin: Shànghăi Gùchéng) is the most ancient area of Shanghai. It is circular in shape even today, and used to be surrounded by a defensive wall. Notable features include the City God Temple which is located in the center of the Old City and is connected to the Yuyuan Garden. Today, most of the walls have been replaced by broad circular avenues, the Renmin Lu to the North and Zhonghua Lu to the South.

The old town streets are away from the Yu Garden bazaar, it is not frequented by many western travelers, but it is here where you will get to see the real shanghai..

You will find vendors making food from scratch and serving them hot and fresh - everything from bowls of wonton soup to green onion pancakes, deep fried chicken parts. There are vendors selling candied fruit on skewers, baked goods, crepes etc etc etc

Keep on walking and u will end up here.. i must admit that i was glad that we ended up walking around this area.. great place to take a stroll and immerse urself in what Shanghai used to be like.

Many side lanes.. took lots of pics of side lanes that i am thinking of framing some of them lol

A motor workshop along the main street..

After a long walk we ended up on this street where we found a shop that sells Halal food..

.. wud u wanna eat here? errr 

After a couple of hrs walking... Sonia was beginning to ask hubs to carry her.. hubs decided to take the motor/taxi ride and it was just fab.. all of us had fun... Sonia was a one happy girl of cos..

Will continue tmrw ok... zai zien!


Glued to ur seats? No? err the "No" part .. thats me lol.. the big event that took place in Malaysia today got my hubs glued to his seats lol... i remember when i had to go thru the same exercise voting for my fav party.. he wud keep on telling me of the pro and cons of a certain party and when the day came for me to go to the voting center... he wud again remind me on who to vote and wud anxiously ask whom i had voted for and my answer wud always be... "my vote is secret"! hahaha... by the way he cant vote cos hes an alien.. muahahaha

My dear hubs is addicted to news... any kinda of news... u see him reading all sort of news fm all over the world... he watches news on telly.. he read news on his phone... he listen to news when hes driving... news news news... i read news on paper too.. i read abt ppl getting murdered... abt accidents... abt scandals... abt fashion hahaha

Anyway.. enough on that.. i am counting the days down bef my Shanghai trip.. am really looking forward to this trip.. its not bec i am going to Shanghai itself... its more abt me flying to somewhere lol.. the last time i was in Shanghai was in 2007.. i didnt like it there but that doesnt mean i will not fly there anymore... so we will see.. i will be flying with hubs and will fly back on my own since Sonia and I hv to be back early.. her annual concert will be held the very next day and my girl is gonna perform for us again.. so  excited!! I will definitely be taking lots of pics and will be updating my blog fm Shanghai.. so keep a look out yah.. and and.. theres more hahaha... we will be in KL first week of June and will be flying to Hong Kong right after the KL trip.. Sonia still doesnt know where we will be taking her during her school hols but a trip to HK Disney will definitely make my girl go ga ga and me go gu gu since I will hv hubs all to myself.. no Blackberry... no business calls... cant wait for a real holiday!! yahooooo

Okies... enough excitement lol..  this banana foster cake was baked this morning.. the first time i had a bite was when i met my blogger buddies in KL.. Shidah had baked each of us this cake and the moment i had a bite... i knew that i will be baking for my family.. so since i had like a few bananas lying helplessly in my kitchen.. i decided to gv this wonderful recipe a try.. the cake is super moist.. not overly sweet and the topping... the crunchy caramelized topping.. uh la laaaa... am not ashamed to admit that i did the unthinkable of scraping all the topping in my bundt pan and munching it away...I hate wastage.. u see!! hahaha

2 Cups all purpose flour
1 Teaspoon baking powder
1 Teaspoon baking soda
1/2 Teaspoon salt
1 Stick unsalted butter, at room temperature (I used 150gram)
1/2 Stick unsalted butter, melted
1 1/2 Cups light brown sugar, divided
2 Teaspoons vanilla 2 Eggs
1 Cup buttermilk
2 Banana, peeled and sliced
3 Bananas, mashed
1/4 Cup walnuts, chopped (I substituted with chopped almond)

Butter and flour a 12 cup bundt pan. Pour the melted butter into the bottom, sprinkle on 1/2 cup of the sugar, layer on the sliced banana and top with the chopped nuts.

In a bowl, combine the flour, baking powder, baking soda and salt.

In a mixing bowl, beat together the remaining sugar and room temperature butter. Add eggs and beat until well incorporated. Mix in the mashed bananas and vanilla. Beat in the flour mixture, alternately with buttermilk in 2 addition. Mix for another 2 minutes until everything is fully incorporated.

Pour the batter over the walnuts in the bundt pan and bake in pre-heated 350 degree oven for 45 minutes or until a toothpick comes out clean. Cool thoroughly in the pan (allow a couple of hours) before turning the cake out onto a plate or stand.

Recipe is fm Hungry Couple
Source: Shidah

Oh my.. has it been this long?? geesshh my mojo goes fm 10 to 1 in a blink of an eye.. so sorry dearies... again.. time time time.. we hv been so busy that i find its impossible for me to keep on doing what i used to do on daily basis.. how on earth did i do that back then.. perhaps i had too much free time on my hand?? err not really cos Sonia was younger back then and not old enough to keep herself busy.. anyway here i am again... to be honest i hv a few recipes that i wud love to share and i will try to bake it again cos sometimes my mojo to take pics of my bakes using all the fancy-pancy equipment is zilch... so pardon me if u see something on my fb wall but not in my blog.. will hv to bake it again and share the recipe..

So ok.. we were in KL last weekend and stayed there for a couple of days... were supposed to stay there till wed but unfortunately hubs was called back for an urgent meeting in Zurich... i had so many plans with sonia for Tuesday that it frustrated me big time... didnt get to do my massage.. didnt get to spend time aka shopping with my lill girl .. oh well... work is work right.. we drove home Tuesday afternoon and the moment we got home.. hubs packed his luggage and off he went to the airport.. i on the other hand.. decided to take in orders to fill up my time huhu..

While in KL i also managed to meet up with a few baking buddies.. ty ladies for taking the time to meet up... Lemongrass aka Mynn fm Perth hehe... Asilah... Zarin and also Shidah.. i had a great time talking and laughing and of cos.. munching together :oPP ... and to KG aka Yani tks so much for helping me distribute some of my bakes which I couldnt do due to the rush back home... 

Basically thats it - ever since i last blogged... i was busy the whole week baking for my KL orders.. was in KL for a couple of days.. got home.. baked again for my orders.. hubs got home fm Zurich after three days and my routine started again.. doing what i love.. baking for my family and orders.. blueekkk hahahaha But the best is to come next weekend: We're off to Shanghai for a week!!

Alrighty... lets get on with the recipe.. its fm Peggy Porschen - Boutiquue Baking.. bought this book last weekend and i cant wait to bake more of her recipes!

Adapted from Peggy Porschen's Banoffee Cupcakes
Makes 24 cupcakes - i only managed to get 18 cuppies

For the sponge
200g unsalted butter at room temp
200g caster sugar
pinch of salt
seeds of 1 vanilla pod
4 medium eggs at room temp
200g Self raising flour
70g plain chocolate,chopped - min 53% cocoa solid (i used chocolate chip hahaha)

For the sugar syrup
150g caster sugar
150ml water
Scraped vanilla pod

For the filling
200f of dulce de leche
1 large ripe banana

For the frosting
500g icing sugar
200g full fat cream cheese, at room temp
200g unsalted butter, softened
1 vanilla pod or 1 tsp vanilla extract
50g banana puree - i wud not add this the next time as it makes my frosting a little runny huhu

To make the cuppies
Preheat the oven to 170C
Cream the butter, sugar and 1 vanilla pod until pale and fluffy.
Beat the eggs lightly in another bowl and slowly add to the butter mixture while whisking quickly. If the mixture starts to separate or curdle, stop adding the egg and beat in 2 or 3 spoons of flour. This will rebind the batter.
Once all the egg has been incorporated into the butter mixture, sift in the remaining flour and stir until the batter is just combined. This will ensure the sponges stay light and fluffy. Fold the chopped chocolate thru the batter using a rubber spatula.
Fill each cupcake liner, distributing the batter evenly. To get a flat top, only fill the batter two thirds full.
Bake for 12-15 minutes.

Whilst the cupcakes are baking, prepare the sugar syrup. Pour the water, scraped vanilla pod, and the sugar into a medium-small saucepan and let simmer on a medium heat until the sugar has dissolved. Set aside.

Take the cakes out of the oven and place on a wire rack, brush each cake with the syrup and then wrap the cuppies in cling film and then chill it for an hr or until the sponge feels firm to the touch. 

To make frosting
Place the cream cheese in a mixing bowl and beat until smooth and creamy. In another bowl, cream the butter and icing sugar till very pale and fluffy. Add the cream cheese a little at a time to the butter mixture and mix at medium high speed until the frosting is combined. Add the banana puree. Chill until set.

To add the filling
Take the cakes out of the fridge .. cut a small well in the middle of the cake (i used an apple corer).

Mash the banana in a small bowl with a fork and then add in the dulche de leche, mix together till smooth. Place the banoffee mixture into a plastic piping bag and fill the scooped out holes of the cuppies

Frost ur cuppies with cream cheese frosting..

Please be warned that these cuppies are on the sweet side... am pretty sure those that have tried or baked banoffee pie will know exactly how sweet this dessert is... enjoy it cos hubs was one happy bunny when he ate these cuppies lol

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