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Where do i begin... what to tell.. shrug... i admit that i am a lazy blogger.. the spark that i once had seems to disappear huhu.. to me the best way to blog while travelling is to do it there and then... once ur back... ur lazyness kicks in and you are no longer interested to share ur experiences in the country that u were in :o(

Anyway we got back fm Shanghai 2 days ago.. i didnt do much there.. couldnt be bothered to even explore further than the area of our hotel... for some reason i find Shanghai has not changed a bit... the ppl... the place... the cleanliness .. the drivers... the rudeness.... can u imagine us having a quiet dinner and out of the blue some woman comes in off the streets and takes a pic of Sonia... at first i thought she was one of the hotel guests but when out of the blue another woman came who wanted to take Sonia's pic.. i knew straight away that these women were up to no good.. there are so many scams going on there and i cant help myself from being a little paranoid.. sigh.. didnt like it back then... dont like it now .. blahhhh

We got there on Saturday.. stayed at the Sofitel Hyland and fell in love with the room that we were put in.. the lounge area wasnt as impressive as the Mulia hotel in Jakarta but a beggar cannot be choosy ey.. anyway the staff there were helpful.. the choices of bread was superb..

Told ya! hehe

The dessert was ok.. i didnt try all... i like the butter cookies that was served tho

My days in Shanghai were pretty predictable... i would get up in the morning... hv brekkie with Sonia.. take her for a walk and back to the hotel... Sonia didnt wanna do much... she wanted to spend time with me.. playing.. studying.. chilling in the hotel room ... watching one movie after another lol..  am so glad that we did that cos lately i hv been a little busy in my kitchen.

.. and since hubs was busy during the week.. the only free time that he had was on Sunday... we started early that sunday.. took the train once and were on our feet most of the time! Sonia was complaining of just abt anything under the sun... too hot... too thirsty.. too tired.. well i wud too if i am a 5yrs old... i was tired too but since hubs had trained me to "walk if i wanna explore" ... i have kinda gotten used to the walking part :o)

Shanghai old Town..
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Old City of Shanghai with walls and seafront.
The Old City of Shanghai (Chinese: 上海古城; pinyin: Shànghăi Gùchéng) is the most ancient area of Shanghai. It is circular in shape even today, and used to be surrounded by a defensive wall. Notable features include the City God Temple which is located in the center of the Old City and is connected to the Yuyuan Garden. Today, most of the walls have been replaced by broad circular avenues, the Renmin Lu to the North and Zhonghua Lu to the South.

The old town streets are away from the Yu Garden bazaar, it is not frequented by many western travelers, but it is here where you will get to see the real shanghai..

You will find vendors making food from scratch and serving them hot and fresh - everything from bowls of wonton soup to green onion pancakes, deep fried chicken parts. There are vendors selling candied fruit on skewers, baked goods, crepes etc etc etc

Keep on walking and u will end up here.. i must admit that i was glad that we ended up walking around this area.. great place to take a stroll and immerse urself in what Shanghai used to be like.

Many side lanes.. took lots of pics of side lanes that i am thinking of framing some of them lol

A motor workshop along the main street..

After a long walk we ended up on this street where we found a shop that sells Halal food..

.. wud u wanna eat here? errr 

After a couple of hrs walking... Sonia was beginning to ask hubs to carry her.. hubs decided to take the motor/taxi ride and it was just fab.. all of us had fun... Sonia was a one happy girl of cos..

Will continue tmrw ok... zai zien!

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