Strawberry Ice Cream Layer Cake

Ok i hv to admit that this time round its different... it took me a couple of days to go thru my jet lag.. Sonia was a lot more worse than me.. she would sleep at 3pm and when i tried waking her up at 6pm.. she would get agitated and head back back to bed.. sh then finally woke up at 10pm and would only fall asleep again close to 2am.. guess what time she got up?? blahhh 4am! yes to her the 2am sleep was like taking a nap in the afternoon arghhh!!

The last two days was better... we managed to make her not go to sleep at 3pm and by 8pm she was telling us that she wanted to lie down... she would then sleep thru till 7am... and me? since i am officially on "hols" and dont hv to get up at 6:30am to perform my prayers.. will then sleep till 10am... ahhhh this is life ey hehehe

So alrighty.. this cake was baked a day after i got home fm Germany.. i had actually wanted to bake something else but while going thru my fridge.. i found 2 packets of ice cream powder which were abt to expire.. so with a full tray of eggs in hand and a can of Wisjman butter which i had in my freezer.. i decided to bake this strawberry ice cream layer cake.. and then I forgot the ice cream.. So i ran out to the petrol station and all they had was... Haagen Dazs... argghh! $14.90 just for ice cream!!!

450g butter - i used Wisjman butter
1 tsp vanilla essence

24 egg yolk
5 egg white
280g fine sugar
80g self-raising flour
1 tbsp ovelette

130g milk powder - i used vanilla ice cream powder and milk powder
1 tsp vanilla essence

170g strawberry ice-cream powder - i added strawberry paste for making ice cream
150g strawberry ice-cream (softened) - i use Haagen Dazs :op
pink colouring - pink gel

Preheat oven at 160 deg C. Use top heat only.
Cream A until softened & mixed thoroughly.
Combine B in a mixing bowl & beat on high speed for about 7 minutes until thick .
Add A & mix thoroughly.
Divide mixture into 2 parts.
Add C into 1 part & mix thoroughly.
Add D into another part & mix thoroughly.
Pour 2 ladles of plain batter into a 10x7" lined & greased baking pan (Grease & line bottom of pan only). Grill until cook & golden brown for about one & a half to two minutes.
Repeat no 8.
Then pour 2 ladles of strawberry batter into pan & grill. Repeat.
Bake 2 layers of plain followed by 2 layers of strawberry batter until finish.
Lastly, baked the whole cake using top & bottom heat at 200 deg C for about 10 minutes.
Remove from pan and allow to cool before storing.

Recipe i got fm Bitter Sweet Spicy blog.. ty Faeez for sharing this wonderful recipe.. u were right.. the cake is moist and delish..

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...oh and guess what.. while in Colmar.. i got something for my readers.. nothing fancy but i think u will love it.. wait up! :)

Original recipe is fm Mdm Hawa Ismail


Unknown said...

Salam perkenalan dr Melaka.....
Saya suka sgt tgk resepi2 dlm blog nie, gambo pun cantik2 belaka.....kredit utk Rima

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Rima. I understand what you are going thru coz I amgoing thru right now. I left Lax on sunday arrive here on tuesday and back to work on thursday? Haish!!!! Anyway when I was there they were having black friday sale and I saw kitchen aid mixer selling at usd179 for white or 199 for other colours however the staff advise me not to buy due to voltage difference as theirs is 120 n ours is 240 so it could cause a strain on the motor..Cobaan

milena said...

sempre tutto perfetto!

Anonymous said...

Rima,sori I lupa nak leave my name for my comment re my trip to Lax,it is me, Sabaria. Jetlag punya pasal lah sampai still can't think straight

Nisa-mom said...

welcome home! home always become a nice place after long trip :D
Pretty layer cake as always Rima , btw, how many luggage u bring home this time LOL

Kniedaz said...

Nampak cantik dan sedap kek tu...rajin Rima buat kek...

inahar ali said...


Faeez said...

Welcome home Rima... as usual your lapis looks sooo perfect. Yes, this cake is indeed very moist & delic... apalagi dicampur Haagen Dazs ice-cream...mintak ampon sedapnya!!

Nana said...

Hy kak Rima...dis cake look so is my fav color..i bet it taste gr8 as well...ambik order area jb tk

Rima said...

Ty for visiting Khairiah.. hope u are here to stay and pls do try out some of the recipes in my blog yah..

dah ok? hehe.. memang cheap kat sana .. u can buy but u hv to get transformer.. cost money lagi lah but in definately lagi cheaper cuma nak berangkut tu yg susah.. nanti kena excess baggage pulak

Rima said...

Ty Milena

hehehe i good girl tau.. no matter what i will try not to hv excess baggage.. the last trip sampai excess.. this time round eventho bag ku beranak.. i make sure yg i check in are not heavy ones.. i handcarry 3 bags tho .. ouch hehehe

Rima said...

ishhh kalau dah teringin cam gitu lahhh hehe

Doc! dont pengsan.. pi buat besok hehe

ty for sharing.. my mom suka banget.. raya tahun depan sure dia suruh i bake this again.. nanti if senang i nak try buat ur kek kukus ah..

i do but unfortunately bila i turun jb selalu memang tak di plan .. insyallah if u are interested.. do email me and bila i hv to naik KL.. i will notify u.. tks

Shahidah said...

Salam. I intend to serve this icecream layercake on sunday, with other cakes n cupcakes. I would like to know how many days in advance can I bake the cake yet able to retain its freshness? & should I keep it in the fridge or sufficient to place it in a 16°C aircon room. Thank u in advance. Shahidah.

Rima said...

sorry i was away... u can bake it a few days in advance... u can keep it in fridge and take it out a couple of hrs bef u wanna serve em..

Anonymous said...

Hi, How long do we need to mix together mixture A and B?

Many thanks!


Rima said...

I didnt time myself Faizah.. just until blended..

erain said...

Hi rima, I lurve your website!!!! Am a huge fan!!!
Thot I try this recipe fr raya. May I ask, can we sub the strawberry ice cream powder with the vanilla one? The store seems to be sold out of it

Rima said...

Hi Erain
yes u can sub it with vanilla or even chocolate

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