Ramadhan Al Mubarak - Apam Pumpkin

Ramadhan Kareem to all muslims out there... today marks the first day of Ramadhan.. well err its actually gonna be the 2nd day.. its past midnight and both hubs and I are still wide awake.. we are looking thru at some houses that might be of interest.. its been 3yrs since we moved here and honestly? as much as i love the kitchen in this house.. i think i need a bigger one.. i love our old house.. a two story bungalow.. no facilities and there was not one time where i cud hear my parents saying.. "haishhh rumah kau ni nak naik tangga tinggi lahhhh" hehe.. i hated the kitchen in our old house tho.. it was small and dark and there was no oven!! i used to bake in my 18yrs old convention microwave oven.. was not fussy back then and i made do.. now that i am baking on a daily basis.. i need a kitchen that has a work station.. a kitchen that has an attachment so that i can hv my baking pantry right next to it.. anyway since i am used to my current white simple kitchen.. i wud love to find a place with a modern kitchen.. u know the one that has all the equipment attached to it.. my dream kitchen wud be the one that has built-in oven, microwave and espresso machine all in a row.. huhu a woman can only dream..... anywayyyyy am a little excited abt the whole idea.. i hope that we will find something that all of us will feel comfy. :o)

So as per usual.. our first iftar was at moms. every single year without fail mom will cook nasi rawon for all of us.. i will be in charge of desserts while others will buy something fm outside.. its like a tradition for us.. the start of ramadhan is at moms and the end of ramadhan will be at moms.. Alhamdullilah.. love u many many mom! i will load pics tmrw ok as am too tired to go thru it .. for now i just wanna post a recipe of this Apam.. the pink and purple ones are requested by Sonia.. she calls it Apam purple which is actually apam snow white.. the yellow ones that u see here are actually Apam pumpkin.. its true what Yat says.. this apam is really really nice.. the texture is soft and yep it tastes even nicer if u eat it with steamed grated coconut.. ty dear Yat for sharing this wonderful recipe.. my dad who is not a dessert/ kuih person ate 4 in one sitting hehehe

2 tsp instant yeast
1 tsp castor sugar
3 Tbsp warm water

230 gm pumpkin (boiled with skin and then scoop the flesh & weigh)
150 gm sugar
1 egg
150 ml thick coconut milk

C (sifted together)
200 gm multi purpose flour
1 1/2 tsp baking powder

Mix well Ingredients A. Set aside for about 5 -10 minutes.
Blend Ingredients B till smooth & fine. Pour into a large bowl.
Mix Ingredients C into B and blend bit by bit until fine. Mix well.
Pour Ingredients A into the mixture & mix well. Set aside batter for about 1 hour - i used clingwrap to cover the top of my bowl.
Heat steamer on high fire. Pour batter into smaller cups and steamed it for about 15- 18 minutes. Grease the cups with some oil before pouring the batter. I used medium fire as I do not want the apam to 'blossomed'.
Serve with steamed grated coconut mixed with a pinch of salt.

Ok folks.. i better get some sleep.. i hv to get up again in 3hrs time to prepare sahur.. once again.. hv a blessed Ramadhan and selamat bersahur...


sha said...

Salam Ramadhan kak rima. Loveeee your blog

Alina said...

Mniam mniam... Today is very sweet view on your blog:)

Aziah.Jordan said...

Ramadhan Mubarak 2 u n ur family Rima !Alhamdullillah ,it's already 2nd day fr us here in Jordan.Btw ,it's my 11th ramadhan away frm ,whenever u makan sambal belacan n co ,do think of me ' kay !Selamat berpuasa .

Yat Maria said...

Babe!!! Apam pumpkin my fav!!! I think I can beat yr dad lah when eating apam pumpkin nih! 6 pong bule ku ngap...hehehe...really! moi love it very3x much ahakss! Ada balance pumpkin semalam ku TERbuat something else plak...bila dah buat ku masih teringatkan si apam ini..ishhhh...meleleh ayaq lioq! Harus pi cari si pumpkin nih jugak!

Anie said...

Selamat pagi Rima....

Waahhh pagi2 lagi dah ada entry hehehez. Nasi rawon & breaking fast together with family sounds so awesome....sgt jeles kita kat sini *sobs*

Rajinnya u bgn masak for sahur. I mkn jer the leftovers hehehez. Happy house hunting kakak ku ;)

Rima said...

awww ty many many.. i love my readers.. ramadhan kareem to u too dear!

Rima said...

Ty ty.. Ramadhan blog post is all abt sweet stuff hehe

Rima said...

akan ku ingat akan dikau.. lahhh kesian nye.. semalam ku baru makan nasi rawon complete dgn telur asin, sambal belacan and all the kawan kawan.. lain kali i will eat cam gini..

satu suap untuk ku
satu suap untuk mu
satu suap untuk ku.. untuk ku and untuk ku hehehe

Ramadhan kareem to u and family.. dah 11yrs? alhamdullilah.. memang rindu tanahair kan bila duduk diperantauan :o(

Err there no belacan ker? hmmm

Rima said...

Alamak babe.. i know lah thats ur fav cos u promote it selalu.. i asal nak buat pi terbuat si bingka apam .. i think its bec i malas nak mengapam.. if buat bingka apam .. u just bancuh and terus masak dalam loyang.. yg ini u hv to keep on kukus but kan oleh kerana ku baru beli kukusan yg byk besattt.. ku tak payah lah ber round round mengukus apam lagi..

U know this pumpkin ai dah simpan dari time ai pi cameron.. waktu tu ai pi beli pumpkin kat sana hahaha

Rima said...
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Rima said...

Pagi Anie
Alamak ANie.. tadi ku macam terkejut sehhh.. my alarm clock didnt go off!! arghhhh.. alih alih bangun dah lepas subuh.. grrrrrr.. i really dont know whats going on my with phone alarm tau nowadays.. tonight harus lah ku pakai two phones for alarm.. stresss!! kesian lah my hubs and Hairi huhu

Yep iftar with family members memang shiok .. this time round not as shiok lah but as always.. i make do

Thank you dear Anie.. house hunting memang an exciting moment.. nak pack dia yg tak exciting sangat hehehe .. ish byk tu yg nak dipack

Unknown said...

They look so cute! :)

I've checked out most of your recipes already.

I think my mission is to try out that lemon tart of yours. :)

ummiaisyah said...

slmt berpuasa rima...tak sabo plak nk try apam labu tu..kalo chef kata sedap sgt!

Munie said...

Ramadhan kareem to u & family k.rima!! really enjoy reading ur blog.keep it up k.rima :)

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