Wordless Monday?? NOT.. :op

Is there such thing as wordless Monday?? can i start the trend?? i remember when i first did wordless Wednesday during my first few months of blogging.. i thought to myself.. "already?? really? is blogging abt not knowing what to say eventho u hv tons of stories to tell?? I woke up today not knowing what to blog abt.. had wanted to blog last night but my body just gave way.. i fell asleep the moment i logged on to my lappy.. this couple of weeks hv been pretty hectic for me.. a few days ago i had very bad stomach flu.. my tummy still hurts but not as bad as a few days ago.. am feeling weak and i hate it.. now that everything is back to normal my body kinda slows down and by going to bed early every night really helps..

Anyway lets not talk abt me.. the KA sale was a little dissapointing.. i did go to the sale right after hb got home fm friday prayers..(he was on med leave as hes not feeling that well too).. got there and immediately i saw the KA heavy duty and KA artisan.. unlike last year.. this year they only hd 3 colours for artisan but unfortunately one colour ran out and they only had it in white and green.. the price was so so much different than the previous year.. they were selling at S$659 for both heavy duty and artisan.. (which doesnt make sense since heavy duty is much more expensive than the artisan one.. duhhh) their food processor was going for $488 which i think is ridiculous since u can get it at $498 in CK Tangs (i get points there).. so really,.. is it really worth waiting for their yearly annual sale? no.. yes.. maybe?? I will still go next yr tho.. just to see if they hv good bargains for KA attachments..

I went there again yesterday after Zohor to help to get two artisans and one heavy duty KA for my ladies but unfortunately all ran out.. the food processor, blender, coffee machine were still there tho.. so that makes me a one happy puppy cos i didnt make the wrong decision of not buying it on the first day of KA sale..

OK OK... lets move on.. yesterday i woke up as early as 5am (due to bad dream! yikes).. made this super yummylicious apom and shared it among my siblings.. they loved it so so much that one of my niece got the cheek to tell me to make it during her wedding day.. huh?? what?? ur only 18 girl and ur thinking abt marriage already?? gessshhhhh.... gatal eh muahahhaa

Thank you Hana for sharing this wonderful recipe with us.. lots hv tried it and am really glad i made it yesterday after i saw it again at Juns blog.. ty all!

3 cups rice flour
1 cup flour
2 cups granulated sugar
1 package baker's yeast mauripan @ (11gm)
2 cups cooked rice
3 cups water
1/2 grated coconut steamed and a pinch of salt

- Put all above ingredients except the cooked rice and water into the container. Mix well and set aside briefly
- Grind cooked rice with water until smooth.
- Pour rice and water mixture into flour mixture and stir till combined.
- Let it set for an hour. (use clingwrap to cover the top of ur container)
- Meanwhile.. heat ur steamer. Lightly oil the molds.
- Pipe in batter into each mold.. steamed it for abt 15 mins over medium heat..

So ok.. i hv to go now.. am planning to bake something as i hv to get rid of 40 eggs bef my KL trip..

See u guys later!


CS said...

RIMA = Rima Ingat Membaking Aje :-)

P/S: Model lelaki Melayu terakhir tu dapat upah jadi model tak? hehe..

Aishamirafiq said...

Yummy! must try .....
hungry just looking at those kuih... :)

KG said...

hmm rima...tak naklah apam ni...nak anak you you lagi manis (utk khadijah!)!

KG said...

chopchop...txt me or email me whn on wed kita coffee kay...c u!

Rima said...

Cik som
LOL power power.. i salute the way u do all the abbreviations hehehe

Tu model lelaki Melayu terakhir complain dia tak pernah jadi my model so i bagi dia chance lah.. of cos its FOC lah since he 'begged' me to put his face on here muahahha

Anonymous said...

love these. even more when you present them like that.

Rima said...

Try ok.. tak menyesal one.. sedap dimakan begitu saja :op

Rima said...

Muakahkahkah.. kita at that age yg tengah cari menantu untuk anak kita eh? bolehhhhh jgn tak jadi lah hehehe

Rima said...

Of cos .. of cos.. i will sms u when i get there.. eh u still want that nordic?? aduhhh punya lah pelupa dak Rima ni!! i hope i will hv the time to go to Totts bef wed! sorryyyyyy

Sizuka said...


The purple-ish snow white apam will definitely makes snow white go for more. comey model lelaki melayu terakhir tu :D

Rima said...

Actually kan i wanna keep it white but kan i feel like using purple and pink on my apam hehhe.. kononnye sweet looking lah tu hahaha

Tu lelaki melayu terakhir is a part time model of mine.. only comes home on weekend ahaksss

KG said...

rima no worries abt the nordic, you just come here babe!hehe

Wanieyra said...

suka singgah sini

zarin said...

dah lama janji ngan hasya want to make ths apam snow white tp tk buat2 lg. kalau nampak yg ni sure sia lg excited coz its purple and pink and some more snow white u... anak i tu masih kegilaaan pada princesss and errr jgn2 dia ingat itu prince tgh makan apam kot hihi

Anonymous said...

Dear Rima

Thank you. Curiousity kills the cat. Yr post on 6-2-11 and today is about the same thing. My question is, can the sugar turn into sugar syrup?
This is because my blender is small, I find it difficult to blend rice follow by sugar. So if I make it into sugar syrup the process is less.

Sifu, can do or not like this?


p/s: I did apam salju semalam, MIL kata sedap habis 2 loyang kami makan 13 orang during tea time. Nasib baik jadi, pes taim try U.

Jun said...

eh..hairi sudah enterprem..lepas ni ramai la mintak wat calon, ekekeke...kok, dipegang aje...nggak mau dicoba? apam pepel tu dah cukup menggoda kalau hairi suka, ramai ibu2 yg ada anak dara pandai buat apam tu..hhaaahhaaaaahaaaa

Rima said...

Ok babe!! see u soon!

Ty dear for coming to this humble blog of mine!

Rima said...

Muahahah tak leh angs bila baca "jgn my dotter ingat tu prince charming tengah makan apam" ahakss.. tak sangka prince pun pandai makan apam hahaha

Eh i am pretty sure she will like it if u colour em pakai purple and pink.. use wilton gel ok and u will get a pretty purple colour :o)

Rima said...

First off.. congrats!! menjadi pun walaupun first time buat apam hehe

Hmmm i dont understand when u say blend sugar.. tak yah blend sugar pong actually cos ur sugar u masuk kan together dgn tepung in a big bowl.

U add all the dry stuff first in a big bowl.. let it aside.. u blend rice and water together in ur blender (if ur blender small u do it sikit sikit ok) once dah halus mulus baru lah u add to ur dry ingredients.. stir it till semua sebati.. diam kan sejam and once dah berkembang biak baru lah u masuk kan dalam acuan u..

MANISAH said...

Rima...hehe jgn kena badi warehouse sales udah ler ya. Memamng betul harga kat Robinson pun lagi rumah dari their published retail price before discount. Too bad I went on Sat afternoon (zoommm terus ke Changi selepas habis some biznis) if not boleh laga2 pipi lagi kan? hehehe. Berapa lama di KL? Nanti boleh meet up.

Unknown said...

its soooo pweety and its WDA corporate colour hahahah ...
I ask my uncle to chop for me purple cake mixer ... he said i was too late =( ... a few year ago my hubby bought for my mom colour macam grey-ish gitu ade texture ... i oso waaaaaaaaaaaaant haiyah ... totally forgot abt the sale ...

Anie said...


Hope u r feeling better now ;) Tgh popular betol arh apam...sana sini dkt my blog list org buat apam....ahakksss. I masih tak terror jaga api takut lah tak jadi kalau buat...huhuhu.

bubble and squeak said...

Hi Rima,

You have a beautiful baking blog. I have a red cake aversion and the red crumbs terrify me but you do your Red Velvet so well. I'm almost converted.

I'm with you regarding the not-so-cheap-afterall problem with these Kitchen Aid Sales in our region. I am wanting my first stand mixer so badly and have been shopping around but prices in Singapore and Malaysia are painful. I actually think they are worse in Malaysia.

The Americans pay almost nothing for theirs (granted, it's manufactured there but still!) and have all the coolest colours and attachments. I have a serious desire to move Stateside because of my baking hobby. It's really the best place in the world for baking enthusiasts. I could live at NY Cake.

Anyway, I just want to let you know that all my research led me to a few USA websites selling Kitchen Aids at 220-240V for the overseas market. I am seriously considering getting my 'Aid' this way even with postage it seems a bit more reasonable than paying 2.5 times the price of it locally.
I'm just hoping that they are legit. Any thoughts or advice for a Kitchen Aid virgin?

Rima said...

Sometimes i dont know why some of my comments lambat masuk.. grrr.. anyway i also like apam.. especially this one.. u shud see how my hb makan.. tak renti renti weiii.. sampai kena warning fm us hahaha

Rima said...

Muahaha tak semua anak dara kat sg pandai buat kuih tau.. unlike anak dara kat malaysia.. semua pandai buat kuih muih eh.. if possible i want to hv menantu yg pandai kat dapur lah .. boleh mama dia relax one corner for a change hehehe

Rima said...

I will there for 4 days aje this time round.. tak leh lama.. next week going somewhere else.. drop me an email ok..

Rima said...

Mother and daughter can share share what.. why not u offer ur mom that u will do all the baking fm now on and let u hv her mixer kahkahkah..

Tak pernah nampak purple on sale.. last year yg cost $499 only in torques and orange.. next yr around the same time sure they all buat sale again.. if u really nak u hv to go early ok

K.Nor said...

ensemnyer model tu.. dah berpunya kan.. aritu tengok dia bawak girl utk makan2 :)

sweet ler apam kaler purple hehe

rima, sebenarnya gambar hana 3 keping jer yg kena, k.nor 7kpg!! dasat kan :)

Yat Maria said...


waduh2 hairi nampak kemachoan nya..hehe..dah ROD lom?auntie ada anak sedara cun punya, lagik single kingle muehehehe..

last weekend sedeh sey tak dapat satu menda pong kat that warehouse sale...trus ai pi KC sedekah duit sket, ai ingat nak go MC carik that mango puree, tapi memandangkan malam lagi hot, tak jadi..ku takut kena cam tu ari, no parking space and then kemarin lagik sket tergelek tu india mari..dah lah malam gulap, dia pakai itam, ku tak ferasan baik tak tersondol..

pi kl joli sakan, ingat2 disini arrr..yg lagik patah hati bulan tak jatuh2 kat riba.. :(

fara dean said...

Alamak kak cute lah!!
ada 1 soalan dr hubby sy..akak guna lens apa ye??
dia suka tgk foto2 akak..akak guna mode Manual ke?

Rima said...

Buat aje ah.. tak cuba tak tahu.. api u control sikit.. if api besar dia senyum..if api sedang dia jadi mulat kat atas.. try ok.. die die must try this apam.. sodap tau

Rima said...

Bubble and Squeak
Ty for ur kind compliments.. glad to hv u onboard :o)

To be honest i think the same way too abt the US and their baking stuff.. its like u pay to nothing compare to here.. but having said that.. when it comes to electrical goods i wud usually hv some reservations.. the only worry is the warranty.. what happens if the machine breaks down? but probably any repair wud be cheaper than having to pay a big chunk out of our pocket? shrug..

I got mine last year after using kenwood chef for more than 15yrs.. a big change of cos.. sleek and nice.. my kenwood chef is still in good condition and now taking a long break in my pantry..

Rima said...

That girl actually his ex school mate.. they kawan kawan aje.. still young lah KNor nak ade mat tahir.. pokkk nanti hahahha

Ya rabbi! ape lah si Tamin ni.. tak baik kan buat macam gini.. did they apologise to u girls??

Rima said...

LMAO babe! memang ye pong.. i really dont know lah they all ni.. jalan macam dia yg punya.. kita yg tengah drive yg harus berhati hati.. dah gulap dah tu pakai itam.. cam mana kita nak nampak.. eh u pi on sat lah.. kurang sikit orang.. tapi tetap penuh sesak.. if u go MC to look for the mango puree.. u go to the new wing ok.. tak de orang pong kat situ.. shiok beli barang cam gitu

Itew lelaki melayu terakhir ROD bulan september.. tengah menunggu aje sekarang ni.. dah tu this few weeks he kena keluar masuk hutan aje.. this week kena masuk hutan 4 days and tak leh balik on weekend.. nasib lah nak oiiii :op

Rima said...

Am using canon F1.8.. 50mm

Sometimes i use manual.. most time i use auto ahaksss

Bintangjauh said...

Salam Rima, semoga perutnya segar baik seperti biasa ya. Iya, Ratna pun gitu sering kali terseliuh itu ilham, sebenarnya terlalu banyak yang ingin dipaparkan lagi-lagi perihal gaya hidup orang Peranchis disini. Tapi bila difikir, blog Ratna ini bukannya Café Bistrot ya ampun kekadang boleh pusing jadinya.

Walaubagaimanapun, itu apam naik halus lagi gebu teramatlah berkenan, mahu cubai namun tidak punyai itu "proper steamer" gimana tu Rima? Bravo! tes photos sont magnifiques et superbes!
Salam manis manis madu.

Melissa Imran said...

Salam Kak Rima,

I have a question about the KA. I found out that the KA artisan is about $299 here is States, planning to buy one, but I can't find any information about the voltage usage of the KA. The only thing said on the box is, max watts = 350. Most of the electronic items produced for US markets have voltage around 120V, which is half of Malaysian's, hence I am concern if I buy one, I can't use it in Malaysia. Do you have any idea? Many thanks!

Rima said...

Salam Malissa
Sorry for my late reply.. baru now i ade time to check my comments yg terlepas.. regarding ur question.. i heard u can get the ones that is meant for asian use in the US.. i think u can refer to my KA sale post.. u hv to get it fm some KA supplier if i tak silap.. another thing that u hv to fikir kan ialah warranty... just now i went to pavillion and i saw they are selling it at M$2799.. so so much more expensive than in singapore even..

Rima said...

Oppss how come i termissed ur comment pulak.. next time u balik kampung u beli lah satu steamer.. berguna tau steamer old timer ni.. yg those pakai electric one too small but ok lah kan untuk buat segala macam apam.. i think i wanna buy a much bigger one lah.. i already hv two kat my pantry

Anonymous said...

Thumbs up....luv ya baking pics...what kinda mould did ya use for the Apam Snow White". Urs looks tempting...i wanna give it a try but i need the kind of mould you use...:-)

Rima said...

Are u in sg? i got mine fm Bagus in KL... its the same mould that use to make lompang or kasui kuih.. its plastic and red in colour..

Anonymous said...

oops sori for the delayed reply....yes i'm a local and i'm amazed at ur luv for baking....thumbs up gal! N thank u for the ans above:-)

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