Back in Kuala Lumpur!

Happy Monday peeps! we are back in KL and this time around its gonna be a week.. i still dont know if i will be doing anything big but one thing's for sure.. sis wati and family will be in KL for the weekend.. cant wait!

Sorry for not updating.. i hv been busy since last Wednesday trying to finish up my KL orders.. i enjoy baking and i hv no complaints.. i do it cos thats my passion.. baking got me to who i am right now.. i've learned how to be a much more patient mom to my kids and of cos to my dear hubs lol.. bless him but err not the case yesterday on our way up to KL.. too much traffic.. lots of stupid drivers .. lots of impatient drivers and that included my hubs.. i was nagging and at the same time got agitated every single time he stepped on his accelerator! grrr.. thank goodness mom and dad weren't in the car with us... u see they were supposed to come with us on this trip but yesterday morning at 5:30am.. mom called to say that she was down with fever.. so the best option was for her to see her doc and to hv plenty of home.. poor mom!

So anyway after stopping by at jb and ayer keroh to deliver my orders.. we got into KL safely.. not a whooping 2 and half drive to KL but a 4hrs drive instead.. Alhamdullilah...

Thank you to all lovelies who ordered.. to Juliana.. take it easy.. i know it must be tiring to clean up the unforeseen mess in ur kitchen.. to Amelia.... thank you for ordering two types of lapis legits and that briyani was super super delish!! cant thank you enough.. up till this morning.. my hubs was still talking abt it!! geeeshhh i think he will check out ur restaurant the next time we're in Melacca! to Fariha.. ty for ordering lapis legit and macs.. was nice to meet u and ur daughter! u got a pretty girl! to Nonie.. ty for ordering lapis legit and macs.. am so glad that u enjoyed it! to Suria.. ty for ordering Tish Boyles marble cake.. it was nice to see u and ur family again.. let me know when u guys in Sg yah.. to my regulars.. Rina, Puspa and Reen... ty girls for ordering lapis legits, macs and whoppie pies.. i will see u girls soon! to Anis who ordered macs.. see u tmrw.. Insyallah..

Last but not least.. this was the Briyani given to us by Amelia fm Ayer Keroh.. we didnt know that the big plastic that contained three types of briyani and murtabak was actually fm her family restaurant until we were half way done eating.. saw her namecard that she had placed in it.. super delish.. briyani rice wasnt dry.. and the sauce was to die for! Amelia.. i know u didnt ask to be advertised but i wanna share it with my readers.. do check it out if any of u peeps gonna go to Malacca this school hols.. restaurant is called..

Nasi Beriani Haji Tamby
No 69, Jalan PJ 1
Taman Pertam Jaya
(next to Hotel Sunflower and Pejabat Pos Padang Temu)

I know my hubs will definately visit ur restaurant the next time we're in Malacca.. his sentence.. "sedap giler"... i tak leh angs muahahaha (and it IS certainly better than what you can get in Singapore).


nonierahman said...

kak rima, macarons n kek lapis tue memang sedap!hari nie seharian nonie makan kek lapis,breakfast,minum petang n dinner.:P

x sabar tunggu kak rima dtg kl lagi,nak try lapis lengit pulak.nyuumm... :)

Unaizah said...

Traffic kat PLUS highway yesterday (Sunday) was out of the ordinary. Kami 1 famili nak balik Shah Alam after balik kampung for a few days. Oh my, the traffic was terrible!!! Started our journey from Alor Setar at about 6pm, at 11pm baru sampai Simpang Pulai. The kids were getting restless. Last-last, kami got off the highway, checked in into a hotel and spent the night in Ipoh.

Liza said...

Hi Kak Rima,
Kalau saya nak order kuih pun boleh ke?

FnF Simple Life said...

wah... balik melaka nnt sure nk singgah restoren nasi baryani tuuu...

last sunday FnF try kak rima nye kek lagiiii...sedaaaapppp...1 hari je licin...tq kak...esok sy post gamba2 kek nye...tq again 4 always sharing bombastic recipes...ngeee

Ramona Ramli said...

Kak..can i order for the whoopie pies next time u are in KL? Nasi beriani Melia tu memang sedap. Known her for very long time. Even my husband said it's the best!

Ramona Ramli said...

Kak..can i order for the whoopie pies next time u are in KL? Nasi beriani Melia tu memang sedap. Known her for very long time. Even my husband said it's the best!

Ramona Ramli said...

Kak..can i order for the whoopie pies next time u are in KL? Nasi beriani Melia tu memang sedap. Known her for very long time. Even my husband said it's the best!

Hairul said...


saya dan isteri merupakan pembaca setia blog anda.. terpesona dgn gambar2 masakan dan resepi2nya.
terima kasih kerana sharing.

berkenaan Nasi beriani Hj Tamby oleh Eucy dan family.. saya salah seorang pengunjung tetapnya..
boleh baca review saya di blog saya :

Mazidul dari Jom Libur juga ada buat review tentang restoran ni..

cuba2 laa singgah jika anda di melaka! makanan nya memang tidak menghampakan! sayang skali tak ada yg sesedap ini kt KL..(atau singapura.. :D)

selamat menjamu selera.

Hairul Nizam.

Ummu Madihah said...

Comelnya anak dara menjeling!!

Lady Windsor said...

Hi Rima, how are you? Still in KL ke? Thank you so much for the lovely session that day about Sonia? Hope she's doing well too.

Anyway, im waiting the pic from Rima ya. Kalau dah ada, Rima boleh email pada saya di


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