Coconut Crunch Cookies

Lately i feel heavy.. the sole of my feet is killing me.. probably bec i've gained a little weight.. well 2wks ago i weighed 3kg more... that is alot if u were to ask me.. i guess the daily Caramel Latte at Starbucks is taking a toll on my weight.. maybe i shud sub my latte with low fat milk? yikes!

So my hubs is out of town.. the plan to bake and bake didnt happened.. i did however bake pandan chiffon cake for my grandma and will be baking it one more time so that i can share the recipe with my dearies..

Yesterday i spend a good 3hrs cleaning our place.. my 4wks old Myanmar helper came by to finish up where i left.. lots of ironing to do that she had to come back tdy to iron all my fitted sheets, quilt cover and also pillow cases.. thank goodness shes efficient and yes i hv learnt my lesson well when it comes to helpers.. an expensive lesson i must add :o(

Anyway today right after Sonia took her nap.. i managed to bake this drop cookies.. there are a few recipes in this book that i hv bookmarked while flipping it on the plane.. will try to bake cookies more often so that by the time we are in the month of Ramadhan.. i know exactly which one to bake for Eid.. so heres to an early preparation bef Eid hahaha

100g margarin
75g unsalted butter - cold - i used 175g of unsalted butter and omit margarin
1/4 tsp salt
100g powder sugar
2 egg yolks
1 tbsp instant coconut milk - i used KARA
50g desiccated coconut - grind - i cant be bother hehe
180g cake flour
25g corn flour
1/2 tsp baking powder
75g coco crunch - crush a little
75g chocolate chip

Preheat oven 150C
Whisk butter, salt and powder sugar for abt 2 mins
Add in egg yolk and coconut milk and continue to whisk till combined
Add in desiccated coconut with ur wooden spoon
Add in sifted flour/baking powder
Add in coco crunch also chocolate chip
Bake using bottom heat for half an hr - i used top and bottom heat and bake it for 20mins.

Ok thats it.. i hv taken out my cream cheese and am planning to bake something to welcome hubs home.. blueekk! i will be sending out mac sheets tmrw and am now opening pre order for my next mac sheets shipment HERE... those that wanted to be notified.. i will try to finish doing it by tonight.. cheerios!

Source: Ragam Kue Kering Kreatif - Sedap


Miss Cool said...

kak rima, ganti posa da habis ke blom? hahaha cookies tu rekomen tak? ada santan kan x pnh buat cookies cmtu.

Rima said...

muahahaha dont play play wokey.. tinggal satu hari ajer lepas tu insyallah akan ku terus kan juga sampai ku kurus balik blueekk

Belum try cos tadi puasa.. nanti kejap lagi mak buat coffee and testing ok but kan tadi sonia makan tiga keping. hairi and also my helper kata sedap.. :o)

Hesti HH. said...

Owwwww...Kak Rima kukisnya mengundang sekali. Serasa pingin menggigitnya *krauk krauk* kalau pakai kelapa pastilah enak. Apalagi ada choco chipsnya. Manalah tahan...

Aida Jelita said...

yummy!! Famous Amos cookies like

Alice said...

this sounds nice, RIma
thks for sharing :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Rima how are you

I'm Haiyu and I just want to let you know i've shared this amazing oreo brownie recipe on my fb page -linked it to your blog hope you dont mind. Did this recipe twice and big hit with the guys in work :-) Going to make this again next weekend for a friend's birthday.

I've also tried your buttermilk scones and apparently its REALLY good according to my elevensees-scone-brigade in work. See, i only bake them but i hardly eat or taste them hehehe.. so if me mates think they are good, im sure they are!

Anyways, love your blog.. the pictures, recipes that make you just want to go home straight to the kitchen. Thanks for sharing and look forward to more yummies. Have a nice day.

Haiyu, Dublin

Rima said...

uisshhh.. oleh kerna lemak dibadan sudah bertambah.. i had to stop eating at 2pcs.. rasa kelapa kering.. rasa lemak.. rasa coco crunch.. rasa chocolate chip.. pokoknya kukis yg satu ini enak banget deh

Rima said...

krap krup krap krup.. enak.. famous amos with coconut perhaps?? hehe

Rima said...

yes it was.. no wonder hairi ate lots

Rima said...

Hi Haiyu
oh myyyy.. am so so glad to hear that u hv tried some of the recipes in my blog.. am happy that u/they liked it as much as we did.. well done! the best part abt baking is to see others munching on it hehe

Unknown said...

ohh i am so wanna try this..can i substitute coconut milk with fresh milk? what do u think?


Anonymous said...

Salam Rima, Starbucks should have tea? I could understand sitting at Starbucks (been there and done that with you) is zen.

Suggestion if I could - Zumba class nearby Sonia school. Killing 2 birds with one stone.

Rima said...

I think it shud be ok cuma I think rasa dia tak lemak berkrim hehe.. no harm trying

Rima said...

Is that u Rosnani? Hehehe.. Am not a tea drinker.. The last time I was force to drink teh o pekat was when I was 14yrs old.. After that no more hot tea.. The only tea yg I minum is the bottle ice lemon tea tu pun baru baru ni

Zumba class tu hmmm errr part nak kena exercise tu yg Sungguh weak.. I dah live in my place 3yrs.. Sekali pun I tak pernah masuk.. Swimming pool pun ku tak pernah swim.. Sigh

Nadia said...

ok fine, lapar tgk cookies akak ni :)

Unknown said...

Yay! Can't wait to received my mac sheets. :)

By the way, your cookies nampak soooooo sedap. Can't wait to try it myself.

ogyep yummy mellow said...

They look really crunchy to me... look yummy also..

Anonymous said...

Salam Rima, recipe stated that you used cold butter... cold as in from the fridge or slightly soft but still cold? Sorrylah, budak baru belajar ni macam2 kena tanya.


Anonymous said...

Salam Kak Rima. Macam mana nak buat cookies tu tahan crunchienya eh? Sebab kalau I buat cookies mesti lepas bakar saja dia crunchie. Lepas tu terus jadi macam soft cookies. Keciwa betul :( Hehe. Thank you Kak Rima :)

Nab from Dublin

Rima said...

cold butter as in still sejuk.. jgn pulak yg keras macam batu.. habis mixer mu..if u pakai cold butter it will elak kan ur cookies dari merebak and dont mix it too long cos that one also punca ur cookies melebar

Rima said...

it cant be.. usually after its out of oven dia lembek sikit right.. and then u sejuk kan dia baru u masuk kan dalam air tight container.. usually my cookies will not turn soft pulak.. hmm

Rima said...

insyallah.. am sending it berperingkat.. sabar menanti ok..

Rima said...

yes it was.. we all loved it to bits!

Fiszah_pjo said...

kak rima..cookies ni mesti rangup nak try la untuk raya nanti :) tq share resepi :)

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