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My 5th Giveaway!!!

Hello all.... is everyone still busy with their hari raya visiting?

In the spirit of Hari Raya I have decided to hold my 5th Giveaway.

This time I am giving away something that hopefully everybody can use (and everybody can enter!)... its a set of 4 MASTRAD stainless steel mixing bowls with lids.

What I like about these bowls is that they all have a rubber bottom. So when I place them on the counter for whisking, they dont slide around... The four sizes in this set are 13cm 0.7L, 17cm 1.4L, 21cm 2.8L and a 25cm 4.6L. Of course you can use them for much more than just baking; as salad bowl, serving food etc. The lids allow you to tightly seal and then place/stack them in the fridge.

In my online store this set retails for S$169.00.

OK... so for the VERY easy question:


In your reply IN THE COMMENTS BELOW, let me have:

1) Your answer.
2) Your name!!! (if no name, no game.. :)

NO MULTIPLE ENTRIES; No emails; and my decision is final.
Contest is open to all from everywhere...

I will close this GA on Wednesday 14th September at 7pm and will then randomly pick with


And the finalists are:

1) Edith Chong
2) Janine
4) Parameswari
5) Fauziah
6) Puan ApasH
7) Coolant Chin
8) Sumaiyyah
9) Mixue
10) Siti Khairiah
11) zarin
12) Dzuliyana Suleman
13) dee_diana
14) 3E
15) Zahara
16) ilah
17) Priti
18) afiqah
19) Julie.
20) Lyly
21) Nadia
22) ciketon fazya
23) Fazya
24) MIMI
25) Suri Izuati
26) Aim Aris
27) Ain
28) Azza (Kuching,Sarawak)
29) aini hayati
30) Laila zainal
32) Margaret Ong
33) Janice
34) edi
35) hidayah
36) Mel
37) Puan Ros
38) cik siti mansor
39) nurul
40) Ayu
41) Mimie Hamdan
42) Rafidah
43) Yat Maria
44) Noor Arina Binti Zainal Abidin
45) Khairunnisa
46) ManiSweeT
47) Ninazsyafinaz
48) Rabi'atul Adawiyyah Hj Hassan
49) Emma
50) Rini
51) Nina
52) hawa
53) Nurfaizah
54) ida rohaina binti moktar
55) NorZee
56) K.Nor
57) umiyumi
58) Siti Norasmah binti Mohtar
59) hidayah
60) Eiyta Zarieyta s.
61) myza
62) Aishamirafiq
63) Samantha
64) Rahmah
65) Ria
66) Rohana Sulaiman
68) Ezwin
69) Syazwina Alias
70) Mama Hannan
71) Nasha
72) Siti Laili
73) Sabaria
74) Ddah
75) Hasniza Penang
76) eni osman
77) elmi
78) Adhia Razak
79) nurul izzati
80) serena in bkk
81) me, myself and areen
82) Lina Wanshah
84) Pinky
85) mellymilly
86) Christina Tan
87) Zarinah Hood
88) Hani
89) hamim
90) Norhana Ahmad Singapore
91) sarimah ahmad
92) Annie Sim
93) Sri Yani
94) Ros Ab
96) Wirda Rasid
97) Lily & Auz Homemade Product
98) Elianna Osman
99) mr.F
100) Sim Sim
101) Little Lizzy - Nurliza
102) Raudhah Hashim
103) aca6 nisa
104) Ruby
106) Zahara Han
107) somuffins - CikSom
108) Teesilia
110) dottology - Maria
111) izan - Norizan
112) Farhana
113) Mohaini
114) nelly riani meha
115) Eileen
116) Reen
118) Yee Er Tang
119) Nuraini
120) Alice Prasetyo
121) Farah Abd Rahman
122) rasydah hamid
123) QeeZ - Eve
124) Nur Fathinatul Hudas
125) BEAUTY - wati
126) Hesti HH
127) Dzah - Faezah
128) yatiscloset - Nur Hilyati @ yatipruzz
129) Yanti Khairudin
130) ykristen
131) Asiah
132) Asiah Abdul Rahman
133) Amal Ahmad
134) Dee
135) Asfarina Asma Hj Mohamad
136) Lily Arif
137) chezzem - Shaleen
138) Azura Rahman
139) tOoth faiRy - Amilia
140) Zareene Saifuddin
141) Masza Masrupi
142) Tie - Norma Yahya
143) Hezrin Ahmad
144) Lin Haris
145) che zaid - zaida
146) Aqil
147) The Brownie Babe
149) Lim
150) Laila ZK
151) zakiah zainol
152) Azmah Arif - Shah Alam
153) Yuzmin
154) hamidah S
155) Angeline Teh
156) Siti - Kuching, Sarawak
157) Abang Musa - azharazwan
158) Uswani
159) rozi
160) sarah kalam - melaka
161) Yoa Ngadenin
162) Ayu
163) Lynn Sulaiman
164) Noriha
165) Theresa Lim
166) ctsal - ctsalwani
167) Kak Jalilah Hassan
168) Xiong
169) Yasmin
170) anna - rohana from selangor
171) Salwa - Miri, Sarawak
172) Fortuna Dolce
173) nash - woodlands
174) Hairmi - Brunei
175) juma_bee
176) Suhaila
177) hidayah ng
178) KakSal
179) aziah hussin - jordan
180) Hasnita binti Fazal Dad Khan
181) Liyana
182) printha
184) aini @ ummuabdullahsyaakir
185) Umiey
186) Lina Chin
187) Ribbon Clown
188) CT - intansiti
189) Nur Hidayah Amir
190) Emily
191) Amnah
192) CTZee
193) Ain - Norain Esman
194) Nuraien Zakaria
195) Syarina Mohd Idris
196) SARINAH @ suri
197) Khartini
198) Najmah
199) ezlina
200) Sister13
201) Lizzy - Hasliza Kiman
202) Salmi
203) Arlin
204) Angie
205) Liza Mohamed Noor
206) ewan - Langkawi Malaysia
207) Trisnowaty
208) Rohaida Salleh
209) CutegurL (JennyC)
210) Fatimah
211) dahlia talib
212) Rani Situmal Balani
213) Suriati Mohamad
214) Ray
215) Aishah
216) Noor
217) azizah - woodland
218) Vidya
219) illia
220) fauziah
221) Melanie - KL
222) Shah

Phew! Finally I'm done...

Result will be announced tomorrow.... good luck peeps!


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Anonymous said...


Wow…these are what I wish for.

Please wish me luck to win these useful bowl.

I would like to use it for whisking my baking batter and for making sauces for my cooking.


~My name is Amnah~ said...

wow kak rima tq...


1. I will use it to fold in my cake batter and whisking the egg whites..

2. Amnah

TQ again kak rima..:D

CTZee said...

U know how to goda kitaorang.

So what will I use it for? Besides their typical uses, I'll definitely display them on my counter-top, polish them's my trophy I won from K. Rima, must keep it shiny coz so I value it sooo much. LOL.

I know what I won't do with this.
- I won't let my girl use it as a drum!

Ain said...

Assalamualaikum Rima,

I saw this post the other day, the gifts are awesome. I wanted to but couldn't think of a good reason to enter the contest.
Yesterday however, i taught my 3kids to make creme caramel. While my 7yr old stirred the mixture, the plastic bowl moved. Hampir tumpah mixture tu...I had to place a cloth on the table to prevent the bowl from swirling. These bowls will come in handy for my (11, 9 & 7yrs)kids when they are in the kitchen helping to stir or mix.
Owwhh i pon blum ada stainless steel bowls with cover. Boleh bt cairkan coklat, bt buttercream..tutup & simpan dlm fridge, bt adunan crepes..ttp & perap dlm fridge...senang kerja!:))

Norain Esman.

Anonymous said...

Salam Aidilfitri Kak Rima,

1)Sudah semestinya saya menggunakan mixing bowls ini untuk mencuba resipi2 menarik di blog Kak Rima, sebab Kak Rima adalah inspirasi saya..
Dan kek pertama yg sangat2 saya ingin cuba buat menggunakan mixing bowls baru saya (he..he..keep on dreamming) tentulah Mocha Steamed Chocolate Cake (entry on 12 Aug 2010)untuk my beloved hb upcomming birthday..just nice this cake need 4 mixing bowls :-)

2)Nuraien Zakaria

syarina said...

Hi Kak Rima,

If I win these gorgeous bowls, I'd bake everyday with a big smile on my face! :)

Syarina Mohd Idris

Anonymous said...

Hai Sis Rima

ANSWER: I will use it for whipping my first kek lapis surabaya, melting chocolate, whisk egg for my first macaron..hehehe


tinie said...

hi kak Rima.....

Kalau menang bowl tu.... semestinya akan mengunakan bila membuat kek, cairkan coklat dan sebagai nyer.. .


Anonymous said...

Hi Kak Rima. Salam lebaran to you & Family! I am Najmah and we have communicated briefly via email. Hope you still remember me. Firstly, allow me to commend on your generosity.
My answer: I will use those stainless steel beauties for my daily cooking n baking. Yup, like you, I cook and bake daily for my family. I will also ensure that I keep the beauties in pristine condition so that I can hand them down to my daughter. Just like how my mum handed down her ceramic mixing bowl to me. Thanks so much Kak Rima!

ezlin said...

hmmm..lets see
1. to whip cream..currently i dont have a bowl as bigh as this and the cream keep splashing out of my bowl.
2. whisk egg whites to make macarons
3. salad..again i dont have a big bowl to mix it.
4.mixing cakes and cookies batter
5. sifting flour and storing it before use
5. storing fruits

thanks rima,


Sister13 said...

I know it is close to impossible for me to win this..But I would be a happy baker if I could replaced my old 11 yrs plastic wares.. I never had any mixing bowls like such before. I wish everyone here the best of luck. The lucky winner will be extremely happy to receive this gorgeous set from Kak Rima. I wish the gift will be beneficial to the receipient and in return May Allah Bless Kak Rima for her kindness..

Lizzy said...

Hi Kak Rima,
i would use this for my cake making adventure.

For now, I'll mix the cake batter in a pot with my hand mixer :-)

Hasliza Kiman

Anonymous said...

Assalam Kak Rima...

Kalau saya menang mixer bowl ni,of course saya akan gunakan utk apa saja kegunaannya...:))

Salmi -

Arlin said...

Hi Rima,

Thought i'd try my luck and join in the fun too :)

Will definitely use these bowls for baking...and cooking and serving...oh and I could probably use it as a fruit bowl place on the kitchen counter.

Angie said...

There are so many things that I could do with these bowls. I can use them as a salad serving bowl, a cake mixing bowl, to whip up egg whites, sponge cakes, to mix sauses etc etc.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kak Rima,
I am moving to a new house soon...would love to win these! Would be great to use something new in a new kitchen!! Hope i am the lucky one!! :)

Best regards,
Liza Mohamed Noor

Anonymous said...

Hye Sis..
It’s ewan from Langkawi Malaysia. First and foremost, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri..
I saw your post on GA and I have to say that I am really excited to try my luck! Hehe
Well Sis, if I were to have the opportunity winning this GA, first thing first, I will definitely be so grateful to be picked. The next thing I would do is, naming this set as “my precious gift from Temasik’s neighbour”.
I started to bake since I was discovered your marvellous blog/site. So, my first bake soon by using those bowls (InsyaAllah) is to try your latest recipe you uploading with more elegant. I watched a lot of cooking programmes and they also used these types of bowls. I am pretty sure the feel will be different as now I don’t have enough tools to bake.
I love to bake for family and friends. They are my juries and always give feedbacks towards my cooking. I am flattered to have them and now they admired my cooking especially cakes and I am proud to tell that those recipes are taken from your blog!! Tq Sis!!
Ewan~~ Langkawi

My Journey said...

Hi, thank you before for this good giveaway :)

1. If I win this, I would love to use them to bake more cakes, breads, and cookies. I can even put it on my oven and rise my bread dough while the oven is running low heat :)
2. My name is Trisnowaty.

Thank you, hope can win them :)

aida said...

Hi Rima,
Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir & Batin

Kalau la I dapat itew mastrad, confirm I akan menggunakannya hingga lunyai.... hehehehe. Tak kira membaking ke, cooking ke, whisking ke, boiling ke, what ever la, yg pastinya all the activity di dapur will use that mastrad.

with love
Rohaida Salleh

JennyC said...

I would use one of them as a fish bowl if they were transparent, sitting in the kitchen watching me..... watching them while whipping up a storm. LOL

Honestly if i win I'll definitely use them for infinite uses and one of which will be of coz eating directly from the bowl after mixing rice, kimchi & vege the korean way. Wooooohoooo. Nothing taste as good than having your meals directly from a sexy steel bowl. Many thank in advance Kak Rima LOL LOL LOL *chuckles*

CutegurL (JennyC)

Fatimah said...

If I were to win these bowls, I'll definitely use them for whisking, as I'm currently using my soup bowl and the whisk had left a stain in them. And these bowlswould be great for marinating meats/seafood especially those with chilli and tumeric cos I'm sure the coulour of the spices would not stain the bowls unlike plastic ones.

Anonymous said...

assalamualaikum w.t.h...

saya silent reader blog rima , resepi dan gambar sangat menggiurkan , sonia pon kiut , comel sangat ...

saya admire MASTRAD bowls tu ... kalau ada rezeki saya boleh la semangat membaking kembali . cantik betul bowls tu ... kalau la saya dapat memilikinya ... senyum sampai ke telinga lalalalalala ...

dahlia talib

Rani said...

Hi Rima
Selamat Hari Raya
You are so generous...I would be very happy if I was picked as the winner.Besides looking handsome on my stainlessteel counter top next to my black KA..have 1001 uses for them...from food storage.. to going on picnics..for barbecuing... to baking.Ohh its endless. Dear Rima pls oh pls pick me..Hehehe

My name is Rani Situmal Balani

suriamohd said...

As-Salam k.Rima,
I'm also one of ur silent reader fr Rawang Selangor, bisousatoi is a must visit everytime i'm online, this is my 1st time i leave a comment on ur blog (of coz bcoz of that adorable gift, hehehe..)
If win this, i would use them for my baking lah, since all this while i only used plastic bowl..duhh!
ok..tq for ur generosity
My name is Suriati Mohamad

Ray said...

Hi Rima

My wife loves to bake & always getting inspiration from your blog...she showed me this giveaway & hoping she can win...since I can't afford to buy her the set...I quietly try my luck here, hoping to win & surprise her with it....I'm very sure she has a lot of uses for these stainless steel bowls...saw her having different kinds of plastic & glass bowls for her baking preparation...thought these stainless steel ones will be cool for her baking....

Aishah said...

What I would do with these? Well, since I currently have only one mixing bowl, winning these would definitely help me in baking cakes, macarons etc.. as well as cooking actually. And I can use the bowls to proof my bread dough. :D

I really hope I could win this


Noor said...

Hi Aunty Rima

My mum is very excited over your giveaway...she was showing the family how cool these stainless steel bowls are....currently she is using all kinds of bowls available for her baking & cooking...hope to win these for her so that I can ensure of a cold bowl of salad in this stainless steel when I come home from school & I can borrow the small bowl to store my cookies & chips :))

Anonymous said...

hi rima
salam perkenalan

syok nya kalau dapat....rasa canggih sikit ..kan kan kan bila akak gunakan your ga di dapur ....semakin bersemangat akak nak mencoba resepi2x rima


Anonymous said...

Hi Kak Rima,

Aahhh its so stylish!! Having those would inspire me to bake and enhance my baking skills as i never owned one before. Since it comes with lid, its an added advantage for food storage.


illia said...

Hi K.Rima,

I never leave a comment before..tis time i guess y not try my luck..hehehhe..

neway, i just start will of course use it for baking!hopefully..=)


Anonymous said...

hi rima

using your ga macam... release kan booster akak dari dalam untuk mencuba pelbagai resepi untuk keluarga akak di rumah ...if only i gets to win... yahoo


Anonymous said...

hi kak rima,

this MASTRAD stainless steel mixing bowls is perfect to add to my virgin kitchen!!! and it will definitely be a good companion my never-ending journey in my kitchen...


Shah said...

Salam, saya mahukan kesemuanya untuk suri hati saya ( minat dan keghairahan dalam bidang bakeri sentiasa membuatkan saya kagum.Sebagai hadiah dan kasih sepenuh hati saya.

Anonymous said...

Macam2 kegunaannya....nak double boil chocolate, whisk egg, and yg paling best bila nak buat kek yg ada 3 each bekas dapat satu colour...tak payahlah susah2 nak cari mangkuk lauk...hehehe...


SU said...

salam..xpenah terfikir ada bowl semahal ni..kalu dpt,sure leh guna utk mcm2 esp 4 baking..nama pon mangkuk..ape2 pn boleh buat

Muhammad Haikal Hassani said...

Dear Ms Rima

If I were to win these mixing bowls, I would use it constantly to practice my baking and cooking skills, especially the Hollandaise sauce or the Buerre Blanc at my culinary school and at home which most of them are dented! And of course, use it to make your awesome Macaroons!

Yours truly
Muhammad Haikal Hassani

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