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Lebaran Treats...

Salam to everyone.. i bet everybody is busy baking for Eid right now.. not long to go ey.. tick tock tick tock hehhe.. so how was the weekend?? we did lots and managed to get what we wanted.. mom shopped for curtains and since hb "prohibited" me fm using any sort of curtains in my kitchen fm the day we moved into this house... i decided to use blinds.. got home.. drilled em and voila.. i hv blinds in my kitchen! so why the need to use blinds in my kitchen? well i need some kinda of blockage.. my neighbours' maid loves to look down into my kitchen whenever she does her housework.. i, as u guys already know.. "sleep" in my kitchen so to hv someone looking down day in and day out can be pretty annoying!

Anyway for the past 2 days.. i hv baked 4 types of cookies for mom.. two of which were semprit cookies.. Sonia has been helping me with the "sprinkles" (as what she calls it) and looking at these pics makes me feel oh so blessed.. i hv always wanted a daughter after i got Hairi and now i hv Sonia.. :o)

Biscuit Dahlia recipe is fm the ever so famous CMG and Semprit Moka recipe is fm Sedap Khusus Pemula magazine .. love em both! And to my beloved mom.. yes yes i got the hint.. this biscuit dahlia was especially baked for u hehe

300g butter
160g icing sugar
2 egg yolks
1 tsp vanilla essence
240g flour *
100g corn flour *
160g custard powder * ( * mix and sifted )
Cherry red for garnish

Whisk butter and icing sugar until creamy, add egg yolk and vanilla essence until fluffy.
Reduce speed, add flour gradually. Dough will be soft when pressed.
Pipe batter into baking tray.. press red cherries in the center.
Bake in a preheated oven at 175C for 15-20 minutes.
Let cookies cool before storing in sealed containers.

100g margarine (I used scs butter)
100g cold butter (i used wisjman butter)
125g caster sugar
2 egg yolks
260g flour
20g corn flour
20g milk powder
1 tsp mocca super paste (i used toffieco mocca super)
50g white cooking chocolte for topping - melted (i didnt use)

Whisk both butter with sugar till creamy.. abt 3 mins
Add in egg yolk one at a time and continue to whisk
Add in mocca super paste
Add in sifted flour, corn flour and milk powder
Pipe ur batter onto ur baking tray
Bake it in preheated oven of 130C using bottom heat for abt 20mins
Once bake and cool pipe melted white chocolate onto it.. (i opted not to do this step)

These macs were ordered by Aisha for her daughter's bday.. she ordered it way bef my last KL trip.. tks dear and yep... i will get ur spekkeok delivered bef Eid.. tks!


somuffins said...

Salam to you too.. I baru bangun tidor, mata kelat2 lagi nihaa.. hehe..

Surely your own mom pun bertuah dpt anak 'dara' (& cucu dara), yg tangkas buat mcm2 biskut raya untuk dia. Anyway, I hope I'm rajin enough to make that SOMprit. Ooooh.. dah terasa 'perit' dah nih, hehe..

CTZee said...

awwww pandai & rajin Sonia tolong mama dia. Betul cakap you, ada anak perempuan memang best ...I secretly wanted a baby girl even though everyone kept guessing (by looking at my tummy's shape) I wld have a boy. Such blessings.

Sometimes I need to learn to be more patient including her in my cooking/baking routine. Kadang2 asyik nak cepat2 jer buat kerja, lupa she's just a kid. LOL. This kuih will be on my to-do list this Lebaran. Bila nak buat eh? Belum ada mood lagi. =(

Rima said...

Muakahkahkah cik som ni memang pandai buat kita ketawa.. harus rajin buat SOMprit cos kalau tak perit tak akan menjadi itew cookies atas dasar nama mu hahaha

Eh if bangun now bila nak tido balik tu? hehe

Rima said...

ur expecting??!!!! woahhhh congrats gf! when are u due for? woah kita pulak yg terexcited! hehe

May u hv a smooth pregnancy yah.. huhu teringat waktu preggie si sonia pulakkkk :op

Bake it if u rajin... if not suruh ur family antar kuih raya sudah hehe

CTZee said...

Relax. Relax. Bawak bertenang. kisah dolu2. If I'm expecting now, I know my lil girl will be jumping non-stop with excitement. LOL.

Kalau boleh memang nak suruh family antar jer. Tapi mesti hancur berderai. Makan abok Kuih Dahlia hari raya nanti. hahahaaa. tak nak tido eh?

Rima said...

Ya rabbi... hahahha tu dinama kan blur like sotong.. main hembus ajer but kan if ur expecting i tompang gumbira hehe

Nak tido of cos.. dah kat atas katil ni :op

KG said...

waduh ano hitam hitam si tmpok manis! rasa mcm tak nak buat samprit this year, but was thing of a mocca cookie, maybe i shld try this!
just finishd baking 300 rv cuppies for a function on wed, trrow buat ano 200 and the topping...akit pinggang!

Aishamirafiq said...

Rima..... Thanks a lot.....
My doter luv those mac.... Terperanjat dia when she found out that i ordered those mac from u....
In fact now tinggal 10 pcs je.... Sedap sekali... My son pun jealous.. So oct nie boleh repeat tk? Special tau.... Org potong cake but my kid potong mac.. Hehehe...

Aishamirafiq said...

Rima..... Thanks a lot.....
My doter luv those mac.... Terperanjat dia when she found out that i ordered those mac from u....
In fact now tinggal 10 pcs je.... Sedap sekali... My son pun jealous.. So oct nie boleh repeat tk? Special tau.... Org potong cake but my kid potong mac.. Hehehe...

Rima said...

Ishhh mana tak sakit pinggang.. baik i sambung.. biar hitam dipandang manisss hahaha

Eh buat ah.. jgn lupa.. temp nye only 130 and u hv to use api bawah sahaja ok.. remember not to bake lama nanti jadi macam si sables tu hehe

Rima said...

i am sure she sure terperanjak kodok hehehe.. alhamdullilah I'm glad she liked it..

bday potong mac? keeelasss gitu hahaha.. ok ok.. insyallah .. email me ajer.. tks dear!

zarin said...

wahhh! rajin rajin si anak dara tu duduk bersimpuh tolong mama buat cookies....

lemongrass said...

please oh please tiup2 your angin rajin buat kuih raya this way especially the angin buat kuih semprit tu :-).
I know I have to start soon but feeling so malaaaaassss still.
Maybe I should start playing lagu raya, baru naik semangat right??? ;-)

Yat Maria said...


kuih dahlia memang kuih hari raya..very nostalgic gitew..memang bestkan ada doter yg tulun kita pi wat kuihku nak saiko makcik perut mulat pi tolong...tapikan nanti dia plak complain bau kuih kasik dia rasa laparrrr...:)

or else, i akan berdrama wat punya penat sambil macam berlinangan sket ayer mata pelesu..sure dudan no. 2 akan terkedu and offer his help..kalo nak tunggu no.1 budak2 dah umur 18 thn ke atas..if nampak ai berdrama cam tu, agaknya tissue jer yg dihulurkan, tulun nyer tak..sebab dia dah mahir drama ayaq mata pelesu mama dia ni..hahahaha..k..nak think of a way to saiko makcik perut mulat tu arr...

Alessandra said...

What a beautiful cookies!

Rima said...

Hehehe lebih serak dari tolong but kan kira boleh lahhh.. she memang suka letak sprinkles :o)

Belly Good Cooking said...

Beautiful cookies. I always see these cookies in every Malay household during Raya. It's like a must have cookie besides kek lapis issit?

Rima said...

You know i got started when i first heard lagu raya kat radio.. kat sini they play 10 days into ramadhan.. lepas dgr lagu raya terus i keluar kan butter hahaha..

Go on that cd raya .. sure semangat berkobar kobar!

Rima said...

Anak lelaki ni memang no ferasan one.. just like hairi.. dia buat dak ajer.. si sonia memang suka buat kerja kerja cam ni.. hopefully sampai besar boleh tolong mama dia kat dapur..

Rima said...

Ty Alassandra! Dahlia is one of the "must" have cookies during Eid.. i hardly bake em but mom wants it so i baked it for her :op

Rima said...

Its a must hv but i guess not anymore.. for some reason mom mentioned it the other day so i took it that she wants it so i baked it for her..

Lapis is a must hv in every household during eid.. dont know why.. in fact lapis is a must hv in my household all year round hahaha

Ayu said...

Assalam Rima,
wah dah banyak cookies yang you buat..kita ni masih baru nak survey2 cookies yang mana nak buat..bahan2 lagi lah belum beli lagi..heheh..kita kan last minute queen .. ..pandai pulak sonia tolong u buat kuih..kalau my marsya..tolong kasi kita double work adalah..hehe

PatinPasta said...

Kak Rima,
It's 4.40am and I'm drooling looking at your cookies. Haha!

Hmm.. a question? What can I use to substitute the custard powder? Coz it's a bit difficult to find in this lil town. Can I simply use cornflour? Thanks.

ninazsyafinaz said...

Whoaa...kita salin resepi semprit tuh yer..:)

Nurfaizah said...

Alahai, cutenye Sonia tolong kakak... Nampak mcm dah budak besar. Tersenyum sendiri.
My kids pun rajin nak jdi helper.. Kakaknya sibuk nak tolong apa2 je.. The boy jaga oven, tak de org blh dekat.
"Cepi.. Cepi.. Panas". Den check dlm oven lg & say "Waahhh!!" wit a big eyes & smile. Heee

Rima said...

As salam Ayu
Sama lah dgn sonia but kan what to do.. dah dinama kan budak.. if i wanna tunggu time tido dia bila nak game.. ni i am almost done with cookies.. tinggal nak finish buat kek kukus and next week baru start with kek lapis orders..

Rima said...

Hehe sabau sabau ok..

i think u can use corn flour with a dash of vanilla..

Rima said...

Sure with satu syarat.. harus bake ok this semprit :oP

Rima said...

Budak budak memang cute kan.. part they all naughty macam nak jotos ajer.. part they all macam angel tu .. kita rasa nak peluk peluk anak kita hehe

ninazsyafinaz said...

I will bake this samperit..tapi selalu konfius..ader yang panggil bunga dahlia ader yang panggil samperit kan..For me..kalau bentuk munga2 tuh Dahlia lah..kalau panjang2 leper tuh..samperit lah..haha..boleh gituh..:)

Rina NAR said...

wa tak terkejar i ngn ur i tgh nak habiskan order my last 9 bekas German cookies...then br bole re-stock cookies for my PIl yg dah nak habis tu...tak sempat raya dah nk habis :D

Nasha said...

Alahai sis...kenape recipe lambat post, baru je order samprit nak kena try je bake mocha samprit ni one fine day..

Anyway right now i'm gonna start baking your famous amos cookies hopefully the outlook turns out better than my 1st attempt.

Rima, kalau ada recipe guna peanut butter post laa satu ye.

Rima said...

Hantam lah labu.. kat indon they are all called semprit cos pakai si semprit punya tools :o)

Rima said...

harus kejar cepat cepat or else tertinggal.. am so glad u buat jualan si german cookies.. semalam i buat 4 batches for my mom.. memang sedap cookies tu.. senang and tak byk ragam

Rima said...

Tak pe.. there is no harm in baking a batch of semprit mocca for eid :o)

I dah baked pun itew famous amos cookies.. i did 2 batch and dapat byk cos buat small small.. senang nak masuk mulut hehe

I think i hv one.. eh yes i do hv one recipe yg pakai peanut butter.. heres the link

I remember senang nak buat cookies ni and sedap too

Anonymous said...

warna nya sungguh menarik .. pasti rasa nya juga sedap .

Anonymous said...

Hi Rima,
Thanks for your recipe collection.
I will show this to my daughters.

Have a good and happy Lebaran with your family!

Ichin Lie from Sydney.

Rima said...

Both hv diff taste.. one pakai tepung kastard tu sebab dia kekuningan.. yg satu rasa moka tu sebab warna nye macam coffee.. if ur into coffee why dont u try out this recipe.. u might like it :op

Rima said...

Ichin Lie
No worries.. hopefully u will be able to try out some of the recipes that i hv posted.. cheers!

Ummi said...

Salam Rima....waaah sakan baking...cantik la kukis samperit coklat tu ha...adeei terbau2 jek kukis tu... Hehe..dpt maid jiran suka intai camtu..padah laa kita dibuatnya kan...kena tulis sign "NOT FOR YOUR EYES" kat tingkat la Rima...hahahhahaha.. Btw, happy cooking eh! Akak ni harapkan wiken jek, tu pun kalau byk hal kat luar, x dan byk2 jenis...huhu

Anawahid said...

assalamualaikum kak rima, bnyaknya resipi yg menarik2 kat sini, kukis pon dah banyakkkk... comel je ank dara tolong buat kukis tu.. hehehe

Muna said...

Salam Rima,
Just made a batch of Viennese Choc Sables and they turned out delicious eventho mine looked more like doggy-poo compare to your awesome looking cookies!
Anywayss, thanks for sharing.

ijayuji said...

Salam kak! Biskut bunga cina ni pun sedap! sume suke!!! tak tahu nak buat yg mana satu rasanyer nak cuba sume sekut2 yg ada ni ha! hihihi....

Christine said...

Hi kak Rima,

Yr cookies looks so tempting, can advise where to buy wijsman butter that was fav in yr cookies? Would like to try them too. Many tks.


Yan said...

Rima, in this post Sonia nampak macam dah beso ler... dah macam anak dara.

..:: WiRdA ::.. said...

nk tanya, when u make macarons, u lapik atas paper ape? i put on kertas putih tu, but melekat la..i saw u mcm guna pelapik lain.. where to find it?

Rima said...

U cant get it here.. i bought it in jakarta .. maybe u can replace it with scs or maybe even golden churn

Rima said...

For macs i am using either Silpat mat or Mastrad mac sheets.. u can get it fm my online store.. just click on my store and u will see it there.. happy shopping!

Azima said...

K. Rima, bleh tak kalau guna 200 grm butter/ margerin instead of butter and margerine?

Rima said...

Yes of cos.. i am not a big fan of margarine anyway.. pls use all butter to get good result

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