Good and Bad...

WHATSUP with blogger.. whatsup with ppl nowadays.. where are their manners.. if u need something.. be courteous.. if u leave a comment and dont get a reply within a day.. be patient.. we are not always free to answer to ur questions.. grrr.. am feeling frustrated and i cant believe it actually bothers me.. arghhh.. for heavens' sake!.. let me upload my baking pics already!!

There i said it.. am sorry peeps.. i hv to get it off my chest.. anyway.. my baking mac sheets have finally arrived and guess what i found out?? instead of sending me 30pcs .. they sent me 54pcs of mastrad sheets.. not just that.. they also sent me some piping bags and mac sheets for big I have updated my store with the latest stock...and for those who have been so patient, your goods will go out tomorrow!

In addition, I have also now stocked the Chocolate Black Forest Paste and some other items under "Ingredients".


CTZee said...

Sabar...sabar...I feel yr frustration K. Rima. Some people memang macam gituk, wasting our energy jer. Ok u better tido.

Rima said...

LOL sabar boleh sabar but kita ni bukan lah free all the time.. nak reply email pun terkedek kedek ape lagi comments.. haizz nak tido lah kahkahkah

ijayuji said...

Batu api dtg niii wakakakaka... mana yg tak sabar tu layanan tidak akn diterima :D kita phm kak, kita ni ajerrr yg tak de kerja kdg terlepas atau tak terbalas email mana yg hantar :D kita ni tak tido lagi baru abis menggosok huh! mata pun mcm tak nak tido jerr nii akakakaka..padan muka! tu nak panggil apa eak? giant macaron hihihi...

Rima said...

Eh eh rupenye belum tido tido lagi dak Ija ni.. if i am there and if mr bean bukak 24hrs macam muhammad mustaffa kat sini .. boleh kita minum minum kopi.. biar lagi tak leh tido sampai besok pagi hahahaha..

Pi tido! kahkahkah

K.Nor said...

sabar jer la rima.. mmg payah nak puaskan hati semua org kan..

uishhh besarnya mac tu..

lemongrass said...

I think people nowadays are always in a hurry and they tend to think the world revolves around them thus the 'give me now' attitude :-( as though they are the only important people in the world.
It's good though you buat luahan perasaan ni so hopefully these people will understand you pun ada life outside the blog, hehehe.
Kalau I jadi you, lagi lambat I reply their emails ;-)

mariah said...

Those extra baking macs sheets and extras tu at extra cost to you or FOC to make up for their blunder? Kalau FOC.. syiok gitew.. rezeki..

Anonymous said...

Hi Rima, I am interested to place order for the chocolate black forest paste, tapi macam mana yea since I am in JB. Thanks Rima

Rima said...

Memang susah.. if tanya dgn sopan tak pe.. dah lah tak tahu cakap dgn baik then bila lambat dijawab dia sindir kita pulak.. bila kita kena kan balik.. tak terima pulak .. haishhh

Rima said...

Tu lah.. kita kan ade family.. ade tanggungjawab.. nak update blog pun harus tunggu nak midnight baru ade time.. bila tiba tiba dapat comment yg sindir kita and kata kita like "kau tak nak jawab but kau publish" adehhh.. darah kita ade up sikit baca comment macam gitu.. lahhh u asked me a question less than 24hrs ago and u expect i answer straight away ker.. fensan .. mana manners orang orang ni eh.. heran heran.. dah lah sign off as anonymous.. sigh

After i finally jawab her soalan.. u know what dia kata dgn i.. i translate kan lah "ah kan bagus if in the first place kau jawab soalan aku" ish ish .. sungguh laser mulut owang itu n continue tanya i one more question which i think u know lah what i did kan .. sila tekan butang ... :op

Rima said...

Muahahha where got anything free.. i still kena bayar the extra sheets lah hahaha..

They gave me a little present which i will gv it out to all my customers which had to wait close to 3wks for my sheets.

KG said...

laling also going through the same...what's wrong wt pple, and blogger also asyik buat perangai....hmm confirm order, but just bcos i lambat call to discuss the cake design...order cancelled haish...anyway am not hardup for theo rder...kalau iye pun cakaplah kalau nak cancel order....kita manusia...ada hari tak sihat dllkan kan! cant wait ti use my mastrad!

fqa said...

hi sis

ader gak org cam gitu kan..huhu bo layan jer la..

Rima said...

tu lah.. boleh fengsan lah kerenah orang orang.. u pasal order.. mine dia nak tanya i pakai ape untuk my cake.. lahhh lambat jawab pun i kena sindir.. sometimes ppl expect too much dari kita.. dah lah service kita foc hahaha

Rima said...

Anonymous.. i wud appreciate if u cud sign off with ur name.. ty dear!

U can order it thru my store and we will mail it to u.. tks!

Rima said...

what to do kan.. susah nak please semua orang.. :o(

cekrokiah said...

Salam & Selamat Pagi
Semuga Rima yg baik hati dan tak lokek ilmu dah 'cool' secool pagi yg indah ini (Tampines hujan lah)
Kadang2 miscomm (atau tak reti?) ataupun terkobar2 sakan kita 'ter'lupa the person on the other end.
Sabar Rima ye.

hazeleyed lady said...

just passing by to say...Ass-Salam
Keep well dik

Rima said...

Dah cool pun.. hujan membawa rahmat.. aminnn

I know.. but sometimes bila terkena button macam tak leh angs pun ader.. ish

Rima said...

Hazeleyed lady
As salam kak and ty.. :o)

Anonymous said...

Strange these people behaving this way. Some people just do not have basic courtesy and they think we are at their beck and call 24/7. Maybe they are too lonely and have nothing better to do, so keep waiting at their pc for a reply. lolz.

strange people, strange behaviour, weird people, weird behaviour exists all over. each time we encounter them, we become stronger through experience.

so, maybe you shd just relax and be cool and just take it as a learning experience - learning how to ignore irritating, annoying people, who can get on our nerves.

just a joke - maybe u shd consider install a cctv in yr kitchen and make it live on yr blog, so that these ppl know that u are working in the kitchen and aint have the time to reply to them yet.

lolz. lol.


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