Femmy Cheese Button

Have u realised that in two months time we will be fasting again and bef u know it.. all of us will be busy baking for Eid again? err how time flies ey and the funny bit is that i didnt even realise until i received several emails inquiring abt my bakes for Eid..

Anyway.. I thought it wud be a good idea for me to try out several new cookie recipes bef Ramadhan so that i know what to bake for my mom and perhaps for both my sisters too if they are willing to come by and help me out this year .. "cough" "cough" ... helllooooooo!

325g butter
1 tbsp sugar
3 egg yolk
1 egg white
150g Edam cheese - grated (I used extra old cowhead cheddar cheese)
100g sago flour - sangrai (dont know what its called in english lol)
400g flour
Grated cheddar cheese for topping

For the icing:
275 Icing sugar
60g egg white
1/2 tsp of cream of tartar (optional)
Vanilla extract/ lemon extract

Whisk egg white with cream of tartar.. add in ur sifted icing sugar and continue to whisk till glossy.. if ur icing gets a little tough.. u may want to add more egg white to ur icing.. place a damp cloth over ur icing bowl while not in use to prevent it getting hard..

-Beat the butter and sugar until well blended. Add eggs, then cheese. Add in flour and followed by sago flour.. mix till combined
- Roll ur dough .. 2-5mm thick and use any round cutter or any other cookie cutter that u like.
- Spread icing on the surface of ur cookie and top it off with grated cheddar cheese.
- Bake in preheated oven of 150C for abt 20mins

This famous recipe is fm Femmy and after tasting it and munching on it non stop.. i now know why shes known as "Femmy Cheese Button" hahaha


ijayuji said...

Salam kak! ha ar kan kejap jerr pejam celik lg sebulan lebih nak puasa.. akak lerambik order buat kuih ke kak? eeeeeee... mcm nak buat jerrr sekut niii nanti free kita test2 kot2 terbekenan :D mesti punyer lah! ahahahaha...

Ria said...

bab2 yg cheese msti yummeh punye..meh sket kak for food testing..hehe..

Yan said...

Caner rase die? Crispy? Lemak? ishh meleleh ayaq lioq ni ha...

ady said...

Look delicious..blh buat untuk hari raya lah ni.. Gorgeous!!

Yat Maria said...


ai pat opis...sepuluh kali ai nyer comment kena tendang separuh jalan..fedappp ai...nak nyer posa lum abis ganti...haiz..hopefully next week leh posa arr..kejap jer kan time flies..aug dah start posa..badan still maintain....maintain over gebusss..heheh

Nuridah said...

Assalamualaikum Rima,

Betul tu Rima cepat masa berlalu...few mths from now dh nk sambut ramadhan...insyaAllah jika dizinkan Allah berjumpa kita dibulan suci itu.

Wah nice cookies nie...boleh cuba.Eh Sonia titun lagi ke?? Must be happy with her new ipad kan?

KG said...

ok sudah dua resepi utk raya ni, this and lemon poppy seed cake, tqs rima....muahs!am still not back on track, stiull got orders waitg!

Rima said...

When i received inquiry tu i was like.. ehhh rupenye dah nak raya lagi..lahhhh rasa macam it was yesterday yg kita semua sibuk sibuk buat kuih buat raya ,,

eh if u got time buat lah.. sedap cookie ni.. lemak berkrim.. bila gigit.. adehhh ade rasa gurih di luar cos of the icing.. lemak and lembut di dalam cos of the cheese and rasa lemon jugak cos of the lemon essence..

Rima said...

muahaha food testing? i hv to bake it myself for food testing hehe

Rima said...

Rasa dia macam makan cheesecake.. kahkahkah thats what my mom said bila dia makan itew biskut tak renti renti hehehe

Bila digigit rasa dia gurih cos of the icing sugar.. then came the melting moment bila its in ur mouth.. lemak cos of the cheese in it.. lemony cos of the lemon essence/extract

Rima said...

As Salam Ady
Memang boleh ajer.. also u get lots with this recipe.. maybe 150 pcs?? tak kira pulak

Rima said...

I think i can start next week .. bab nak bayar puasa kenapa lah ai macam gini.. dah last min baru terkedek kedek nak ganti posa..

Maybe u cannot b/w and leave comment when ur at work.. meka got teropong mamat kot hehe

Rima said...

Walaikumsalam KNur
Sonia tak tidor satu hari semalam cos my parent and sister and also my nieces came over.. ramai kat rumah semalam.. she gi swimming lah .. main lahh.. only slept at 10pm tu sebab tadi pagi dia bangun lambat.. 10am gitu..

Ah ah i cant wait for Ramadhan.. selalu macam ter over excited bila Ramadhan nak menjelma :o)

Rima said...

You can also get back on track if u let go of some.. i feel much better.. tak rasa macam sesak nafas bila dah try two new recipes hehe

Anonymous said...

Halo Rima,

May i know if you used the meringue powder (egg white) or the real fresh egg white?

Also, what butter did u use to make this buttons and how long approximately we could keep them once baked?


Rima said...

Halo Sally
I hv never try using meringue powder bef.. for this recipe i used fresh egg white..

I used salted Anchor brand for this recipe.. dont know how long u can keep em cos right now mine - none left lol

Anonymous said...

Amboi, cheq oi! Momentum baking is back. Baguih la tu. Cookies look sedap.

Eh, pose dah ganti ke lum, ari ni dah 6hb Rejab. Cepatnya masa berlalu.


Rima said...

hehehe belum ganti lagi.. ingat nak start this week.. then tak leh pulak.. so insyallah.. will be next week

Momentum is back and hopefully its gonna stay that way.. :o)

farrah said...

huhuhuh look tasty a k.rima hehehe..kene try ni...k.rima pernah try letak in tupaware or any container room temperature how long it can last tak..yela cheese ni kan xleh tana xsempat simpan lama dah abis lesap dalam perut masing2 kekekeke :D

Faeez said...

Memang betul kata u....good time to test recipes. Lagipun, cuti sekolahni my testers ade kat rumah, kuih pun cepat abis.:)

Shereen said...

Hi Rima,
First time commenting although I have tried numerous recipes from you.I must say this cookie is yummy.I've replaced some of the cheddar to parmesan,hence a stronger smelling and tasting cheesy cookies which my family much so that my 4 legged kids were looking at me with hopeful you for all the fab recipes.I really appreciate it.

Rima said...

Heheh tak tahu pulak.. ade orang buat kuih tart letak cheese .. i think can tahan agaknye cos we are not talking abt cheesecake kan..

This cookie kan tak sempat nak bernafas.. cepat ajer habis cos benda ni kecik kecik.. so laju lah bila makan hehe

Rima said...

Yep.. my house everyday ade guest.. so memang best if buat ape ape.. cepat hilang hehe

Rima said...

Yep.. cheddar and parmesan works well.. edam cheese is the best of cos if the price is right lol.. i decided to use old age cheddar simply bec i got a choke looking at the price tag of edam cheese muahahha.. next time i will use edam cheese lah.. wanna see if the taste is much stronger or not..

Memang yummy.. no doubt abt it!

Ayu said...

Assalam Rima,
u never fail made me drool with all your food....!!!!..termenung kejap tengok gambar cookies ni semua..
admiring the beauty of every details in it..suka tengok tau..speechless lah gitu..

Rima said...

Assalam Ayu
Eh i also the same bab bab tengok gambar makanan n dessert in ur hse.. Drooling sampai lecak hahaha.. Tak senonoh si Rima ni! Batal posa .. Err belum start pun! Ahaks

Shereen said...

Edam is not a strong tasting cheese.Rasa dia mild compared to other hard cheeses.I think your choice of cheddar is spot on.I am living in NZ,so Edam is pretty cheap here...come to think of it,so are other cheeses.After all NZ ni kan lebih lembu and biri-biri than manusia:)Have a great day.

Queenie said...

Salam Rima...

mintak izin copy resepi ya...
nak try bila free nanti...

Anne B. said...

hi rima...i already baked the lemon butter cake and like what u've said soo delicious! hehee :)

Anonymous said...

Salamz k.Rima...

Memang tekak ni asyik cari yg cheesy lately..
Kelmarin dah bikin ur marble cheese brownies.
tak lama.. Dah habis.
So this recipe is a calling.

Bab nak ramadhan memang best. Wah, biskut ni blh lah jdi antara yg tersedia waktu raya nanti. Ehehee..

Zee B. said...

Hi Rima,this babies looks delish.How long can the cheese buttons be kept for?tahan lama tak?The hubby is out at sea(navy)and he loves anything with cheese.Kalau boleh,i would like to try my hands on it and send it to him.

Ummi said...

Rima, rajinnya dah try cookies b4 Eid, kalau akak kan, buat masa ni dah rasa sume...nnt nak raya buat yg lain...xmo dah yg dah rasa...Molot ni asyik nak yg lain2 jee...Btw, your cookies look really tempting!!

Rima said...

Oh ye ker?? woahh lucky i tak spend my money on edam cheese.. the one i saw was S$11 gitu..

I cannot imagine how cheap it is there.. when i go to europe i will also bring back cheese.. dont know why i never think of taking home edam cheese.. err

Rima said...

be my guest dear! happy baking!

Rima said...

Anne B
U did?? woahhhh sedap kannnn heheh.. ku masih lagi boleh terasa kek itew hehe

Rima said...

Salam err Anonymous..

wud be nice if i can adrs u by ur name :o).. yes u shud bake this for eid.. sure laku one hehe

Rima said...

I think can tahan agaknye.. dont know how long boleh tahan cos hari tu buat.. hari tu jugak ku bagi bagi kan.. when asked.. semua kata dah lesap lol.. maybe it can last long enough to reach ur hb?? hes in the navy? teringat kat seseorang.. her ex hb is in the navy too.. :o)

Rima said...

kadang tu kita merancang.. dah tiba masa boleh jadi malas tau nak buat cookies cookies.. tak tahu apasal.. maybe posa pun ye jugak.. i will definately be baking this cookie cos my mom suka..

Nurfaizah said...

Ia tak ia.. Ku lupa tulis nama.

zan_shila said...

hmmm...wiil definitely try this..luv cheese..!

Love2cook Malaysia said...

Me too waiting for Eid. Know why??? For the Ramadhan Bazaar! Hehehe...:)

Scrumptious cookies over there! :)

Rima said...

Zan Shila
U shud!

Rima said...

heheh of cos! the best part.. u actually can loose weight.. err only for a couple of days lah.. lepas raya .. u gain balik cos during Eid u will be eating like theres no tomorrow hahahha

AzLiN said...

Kak Rima, what is sangrai? is it to cook the sago flour dlm kuali (kering-kering)? Berapa lama? sampai brownish ke?

Looks delish.. Is it the buttery, "melt in your mouth" type? 'cos it sure does look like it...

Yummz, yummz....

Shal said...

Rima tepung sago tue di sangan smpai bila, i mean how do i knw when its done?

I tgh menyalin resepi u ni, semangat sakan raya i tahun ni. Siap ckp kt en.hb rumah kita punya biskut x akan terdapat d umh org lain hahhaks.

Rima said...

Aduhhhh macam mana boleh tak jawab pulak soalan mu.. mintak ampun buk! hehe

Sangrai.. mengoreng tanpa minyak.. sampai kering.. abt 10 mins maybe.. ?

Rima said...

Harus ade kelainan kan baru laku kuih kita.. thats what i tell my mom every year.. ku sibuk buat macam macam jenis kek and cookies waktu nak dekat raya semua untuk dia cos rumah kita orang datang one week after raya..

Sangrai sampai ringgan.. abt 10mins gitu..

Shal said...

I g baking supplier yesterday. I couldnt find tepung sago. They said dah lm x supply that tepung. I went to giant also tarak. How huh? Maybe ur klrian fans/blogger know where i can find it.

Rima said...

Tepung sago u can get it fm supermarket.. i got mine fm our local supermarket and not fm bakery supply shop..

aida said...

Salam kak rima,

Nak tnya cheese button ni supposed to be crunchy ke? Mine agaknya tebal so dia cam lembap kat dlm and very soft and fragile.
Tapi toppingnya dah garing.
Apa problem agaknya ye?

Besides oven saya x de indicate temperature..dia pakai nombor 1 sampai x dpt nak agak 150 deg C tu..

Rima said...

Salam Aida
as far as i can remember.. its not too bad.. not that super fragile.. ia rapuh and macam will melt in ur mouth..

max oven temp usually 240C kan? err.. maybe u shud use nbr 3 or 4? play around with ur oven ok

ira-meare said...

salam kakrima,
nmpk sedap la cookies tu.nk kena g cari tepung sagu la nnt,hehehe...emm,nk tnya kalu xder tepung sagu tu bleh replace ng tepung lain tak?

Rima said...

I think tepong sago is an important factor in this cookies.. cuba cari kat supermarket sure hv one..

Anonymous said...

Hi Rima,

I tried this yesterday night, but mine did not turn out like yours. This morning was reading all the comments and found that I did not sangrai the sago flour. Initially when I saw the recipe I thought Sago Flour is called sangrai in Indonesian language.

The cookie was too soft and looked like uncooked. I think this cookie is not my cup of tea :) I am going to try your banana-chocolate muffin tonite :)


Anonymous said...

I also had the same problem as Aida, topping already getting burnt, but the inside was till soft and uncooked like.


Rima said...

I am sorry to hear that it didnt turned out the way it shud be.. u hv to sangrai/fry w/o oil ur flour till dry.. baru u add to ur other ingredients.. mine also turned out a little burn but thats cos of the sugar.. maybe try to lower the oven temp so that it can bake nicely..

Rima said...

Oh no.. different oven.. different temperamental.. maybe next time u can lower the temp..

Rima said...

I found out something this morning... some of the indon blogger used tapioca flour instead of sago flour so maybe to those that has difficulties finding sago flour.. u can change it to tapioca flour..

Anonymous said...

Hi Rima,

No worries about that. Everything is trial and error process :)


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